Loudoun County Tennis Academy

Loudoun County Tennis Academy


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I have an 11 year old daughter who wants to play...Is it too late to get her involved for fall lessons?
Does anyone want to join an adult tennis class in South Riding? Luis is trying to get enough interested for a class at Riding Commons.

Youth and adult group classes, tournaments, skill clinics, spring and summer camps. Our focus is to

LCTA offers group classes and private tennis lessons for all ages. Classes available for beginner, intermediate, or advanced players. We focus on skill refinement as well as practice and match play to develop consistent, well-rounded tennis players. Lessons include proper grips, footwork, strokes, volleys and serves during a series of drills in a fun and dynamic way. We strive to constantly provide you with the knowledge to help grow your game and confidence to new heights.

Operating as usual


Don’t miss your chance to take part in Loudoun County’s PRCS Inaugural Fall Tennis tournament for individuals 18 or older. Use the link below for more information. If you have any questions, contact [email protected]
LLoudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services



Middle School League is for both girls and boys and serves as a bridge from middle school to high school tennis while maintaining a competitive level. Everyone enrolled will be placed on a team according to their level.

Orange Ball players will be grouped according to their level and will play round-robin matches. Players should be able to hit on their own, know how to serve the ball, and have some matchplay experience.

Additional info: https://lctacademy.net/



Best of luck to everyone who are returning to school today!

Home Schoolers' Tennis Program Interest Form 08/23/2022

Home Schoolers' Tennis Program Interest Form

We have been asked for group classes during the week in the morning for kids who are homeschooled. Now that we have found a great coach who will be available to coach, we would like to reach out and connect with those families.

Please help us to connect with them, by sharing this form with those families and if you are one, please complete it so we can best coordinate the classes to accommodate you.


Home Schoolers' Tennis Program Interest Form We are creating weekly morning group classes for children that are being home schooled. Based on the interest we will form these classes for all ages. These will be morning classes before noon. Start date will be determined after we collect enough interest.


🎾Last Day of Summer Camp!
We had an amazing summer, it went by too fast!
Our 8 week group classes - session 4 started this week. Our middle and elementary school league la start Sept 12. More details and registration at


Spots are limited!

Hello, Brambleton!

Luis Rosado Tennis Academy offers multiple opportunities to grow and develop as a tennis player! Session 4 Weekly Group lessons begin this Sunday, August 14, and the final week of Summer Camps begins Monday, August 15. Also, the Middle School Tennis League for all skill levels begins on Sunday, September 18. Visit www.luistennis.net for registration links and more information.

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🎾🇲🇽 It was a family affair this week at the courts. Special visit from Coach Luis’ brother Coach Alejandro who runs his tennis academy in Merida, Mexico.


There are only a few weeks left of Summer Break! Our sponsor, Loudoun County Tennis Academy ( ) has EXACTLY 3 weeks of SUMMER CAMP left for your athlete to participate in! Go ahead - check them out and register at
👉🏼 www.Luistennis.net

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3 more weeks of Summer Camp!
Can’t believe is going so fast!


🎾Me: Colin what should the caption be?
🎾Colin: FAMILY. ☺️
🛡Spartans Tennis Representing!

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🎾Tennis friends make great doubles partners. 👯‍♂️
🎾 Monday evening matches for the win!


Q: What’s better than playing tennis at tennis camp? 🎾
A: Making a new tennis friend.🤗👯‍♀️

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Super fun day at tennis camp with friends! 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️


🎾🍕😎 Tennis, pizza, & fun!
🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July weekend!

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😎 Summer camp fun!
🎾 Slots still available
👉🏼 Sign up at www.LuisTennis.net

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🎾 The journey to states… Regional finals for singles & doubles.
🏆Regional Singles Champion .deluise (Independence HS)
🏆Doubles Regional Champions
M. Tran & L. Linderman (Riverside HS) .linderman
🥈Runner-ups B. DeLuise & V. Jujuru (Independence HS)

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Our camps fill up fast! Reserve your slot at Luistennis.net

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🎾 Bram 1 vs Bram 2 🎾
🙌🏼 Congrats to both teams!
🏆 Brambleton 1 earns the victory for the 2022 LCTA Spring League.
🥈 Brambleton 2 runner ups.

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😃 Happy to support our local high school tennis teams.
Riverside, Broadrun, Freedom, County and Indy! 🐏🦅⚔️🪖🐯
🙏🏽 Thank you to all the coaches for everything you do!
💪🏼 Best of luck in the post season!



🎾👑👏🏼The girls line wins!!!

(thank you for the video🤗)

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🚨Proud Sponsor Alert🚨

🎾LRTA & LCTA, grateful to sponsor our local little league team. 🙂


Posted •
girls go back to back nights with wins. 8-1 over BWHS tonight!


🎾 Future tennis ⭐️ Miss Penny 😎


🎾 Perfect start to a Sunday morning! Tennis with friends.🤗

🎾 Sunday:
Adult class 8:30-10am
Red & Orange 10-11am
Green ball 11-12pm
👉🏽 www.LuisTennis.net

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🎾 For the love of Tennis… have your kids play & try different sports.🏀🏈⚾️🥍🏊🏼‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️🩰

🏐Posted• Shoutout to my friend for sending this gem.
This is systematic review and meta-analysis that considered 71 studies, with 262 international athlete samples and a total sample size of 9241 athletes from local to Olympic competition level from diverse sports between 1998 and 2020.
Early specialization is not good. PERIOD.
“Excess childhood/adolescent specialized practice may hinder athlete’s long-term development through overuse injury, burnout, suboptimal athlete-sport match, and limiting long-term learning capital. By contrast, adult world-class athletes’ childhood/adolescent multi-sport practice with reduced main-sport practice implied a relatively resource-preserving, cost-reducing, and risk-buffering pattern that yielded greater long-ter sustainability and practice efficiency.
If early sports specialization is not good, imagine specializing a child in one position within one sport. It’s the specialization’s specialization.


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🏐 Taking a page out of Coach vast repertoire of athletic performance.
Besides the fact that there are too many fun sports to learn, play, and enjoy, early athletic development should never to limited to just one.


🎾 Registration is OPEN!!!

🎾 Video from 2019… all holds true. 🏐🥍⚾️🏀


🎾💡Do you know the answer?


🎾Tennis is one of the loneliest sports.
Great explanation. If you know, you know. 💡

Excellence is lonely. If you plan to be a winner…get used to it.

Winners make decisions alone, and they deal with the backlash alone. They worry alone. They work alone. And they feel alone, even when they’re surrounded by millions.

Mental isolation, silence, solitude…that’s your time to think, to plan, to escape the noise and chaos and demands of the outside world.

If you have a problem being alone, we need to change that.

Because no matter how many people will contribute to your wins, in the end it’s all about you. Your preparation. Your confidence. Your commitment. Your grip on your emotions. Your partnership with the voices in your head.

If any of those things falters, most likely so will you.


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🎾👑👏🏼The girls line wins!!! @melcorcoran72 (thank you for the video🤗) #loudountennis #luisrosadotennis  #luistennisacadem...
🎾 Future tennis ⭐️ Miss Penny 😎#loudountennis #luisrosadotennis #luistennisacademy #ashburnfarm #loveloudoun #thisisloud...
🎾 Registration is OPEN!!! 🎾 Video from 2019… all holds true. 🏐🥍⚾️🏀 #loudountennis #luistennisacademy #luisrosadotennis #...
🎾💡Do you know the answer? #loudountennis #luisrosadotennis #tenniskids #tennisfamily
Eagle Ridge MS Tennis Team
Max interviewing tennis player 🇮🇹J. Sinner
We have 2 free Citi open tickets for today’s session to who ever replies to this post. First come first serve. Pm is you...
1st week summer camp is FULL  Ks
💥We offer racket stringing💥$30 strings provided $20 you provide strings *next day service *local *new grip included upon...





23070 Learning Cir
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Monday 9am - 1pm
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Sunday 8am - 1pm

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