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Onelife Fitness - Brambleton


We ❤️ Bob Lewis 💪
Yasssssssssss we are half way freeee!! Ggyyyymmmtiiimmmeeeeee what’s the update.
Thank u fitness Jesus!
This page says you're open
Now that we are entering phase one Would bringing half of the gym out to the parking lot during regulated hours be a option? I mean we have huge parking lot next the gym on both sides. We have another one across the street for parking? Home Depot sells covers that can be use to protect the equipment? I’m so despertar for a gym anything will work. Thoughts?
Any idea as to when you will be opening up?

Cmmmooon May 15 I miss u guys so much!
Does anyone know if La Toria, the zumba instructor, has a page or is teaching any online classes during the quarantine? She's my absolute favorite!
Is anyone looking to sell their Pelaton bike or treadmill b/c it's just sitting there collecting dust?
Don't laugh!! Figured it was worth asking! 😁
PM me!
As part of the posting, can you put the name of the class, please?
I’m soooo grateful. I did my first at home (although modified) body pump class today!!
Thank you, Onelife Fitness - Brambleton
🍀 thanks, Onelife Fitness - Brambleton!
Found out parents night out was cancelled when we went to do drop off tonight. What was that?
For those of you who have not taken Bob Lewis classes. Please join him. The dedication and drive he brings is contagious. He will motivate and inspire you to be your best.

Offering the best in fitness, training and customer service Discover swimming pools, camps for kids, yoga classes, massage and more at Brambleton Sport&Health Club in Brambleton Town Center near Ashburn, Virginia.

Operating as usual


Stretching is vital to keep your muscles loose and ready for your next workout.

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Happy Tax Day💰 This year, reinvest to become the best version of yourself. Personal training is the best way to surpass your fitness goals!
📸: @victorylappt on IG


New release Launch Schedule
*Wednesday- April 20- Sprint 9:30am & 5:15pm
*Thursday- April 21- 5:30am BodyPump, 8:30am BodyCombat, 9:30am BodyStep, 10:35am BodyPump, 4:30pm GRIT, 5:00pm BodyFlow, 6:30pm BodyPump
*Friday-April 22-8:30am GRIT, 9:00am BodyFlow, 9:30am BodyPump, 4:30pm BodyPump
April 23- 7:30am BodyPump, 9:30am BodyCombat, 10:30am BodyPump
Bring a friend and get a Onelife T-shirt!
Register your guest here-


Our favorite part about going on vacation is taking our favorite workout classes with us on the Onelife Anywhere App. Where are you going next?

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Hoppy early Easter! Please see the link below to check your club's holiday hours.


Follow these tips to help perfect your snatch next time you make it into the club!

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(Fill in the blank) I find cardio to be easiest when _________.
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Do you love spending time at the gym? Why not turn your passion into a career? For more information, email [email protected].


Meet Ayesha, she is currently one of our cycling instructors who is beating breast cancer. She is our biggest inspiration! Tag you biggest inspiration below.


In case you missed it, we want to give Josh a huge congratulations for losing over 150 pounds while training with our incredible explosive performance team at Stafford! Keep up the incredible work Josh. We are so proud of you!


Building your posterior chain is crucial to activities like jumping, running, and most athletic movements. Try the kettlebell clean and snatch for your next workout!


As the weather warms up, take your favorite workouts outdoors💪 By perfecting each workout in our clubs, it'll make your outdoor workouts even better!

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Find a group of friends who have the same goals as you💪🏽⁠
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The cherry blossoms are in bloom and so are our outdoor workouts. What is your go to workout as the weather warms up?

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Join us on Saturday for our complimentary PT Clinic. Experience the benefits of foam rolling from our elite staff or personal trainers. We will address major trouble spots like your calves, quads and back, to help you reduce pain, increase flexibility, and improve your recovery. See link below to register!

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Come for the workout. Stay for the fun. Try a new Group Fitness class you haven't this week💪🏾
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JoAnne Briggs, our Signature Class and Group Fitness Director at Stafford visited the Fox 5 television studio this weekend to help give their viewers some fitness and nutrition tips for running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler this weekend. Good luck to anyone running this weekend or in any upcoming races! We are so proud of you!!

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Nothing beats crushing your favorite group fitness class with you best friend💪🏽 What is your favorite class to get a good sweat in?
📸: @tarif_lee on IG

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Exercise is essential to building a long and healthy life💪🏽
✅ Exercise builds immunity
✅ Exercise builds emotional & physical health
✅ Exercise builds confidence and decreases stress
✅ Vaccines are found to be more effective in people who exercise
✅ Exercise Ignites prevention
✅ Exercise improves mental health, mood & memory
✅ Exercise builds strength, flexibility balance and coordination
✅ Exercise strengthen bones & muscles
✅ Exercise increases happiness (SMILE)
Change your life today! See link in below for more information.
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It hurts, but one day it will be your warm up💪🏽
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You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great💪🏽


Do you want to learn how to dunk like your favorite NCAA team? Try out these exercises to help your dunk. What March Madness team are you rooting for to win it all?

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Make the most of your vacations with our Onelife Anywhere app. Get your favorite workouts on days you can't make it into the club. Where is your next vacation?
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Make the most of your day today💪🏽

Today's workout:
3 sets x 10 barbell row
3 sets x 12 bent over row
3 sets x 10 bicep curls
3 sets x 10 hammer curls
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Saturdays are for the boys and upper body workouts💪🏽 What're your go to upper body workouts?
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Become the person you knew you could always be💪🏽
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Happy St. Patricks Day🍀 Celebrate this year with a workout at your favorite club. What's your favorite part about St. Patrick's Day?
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Rise and grind💪🏽

Today's workout:
3 sets x 6 deadlifts
3 sets x 8 squats
3 sets x 10 lunges
📸: @lifting.with.linds on IG


Struggle with having a sweet tooth? We're here to show you how you can still enjoy your sweet treats while hitting your goals everyday! What is your favorite dessert?


Looking for a healthier recipe for the beloved Shamrock Shake? Try out this lower sugar higher protein option for this Saint Patrick's Day☘️


Enjoying sweet treats should be guilt free and enjoyable. Next time you're craving something sweet try eating a balanced meal first to still hit all of your goals.

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Are you really best friends if you don't have matching gym bags? What are your gym bag essentials?⁠
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Working out is more fun when you have your favorite people by your side! Join us with your favorite workout buddies on March 15th for Member Appreciation Day by bringing a guest on us and win prizes, watch fitness demos, and fun for all! ! See link below for more information!
📸: @malisanguyen⁠ on IG


Due to the inclement weather, the 11am Slow Flow Yoga class will be cancelled today.
At this time all other classes will be held.



We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Onelife Fitness means simply that. You have One Life. Onelife Fitness is here because it's time, time for a fitness company to inspire people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Onelife Fitness is setting the standard for the world’s best fitness centers. Our clubs offer vast amenities and are innovative, community-focused, convenient, friendly and affordable with the ongoing commitment to deliver unparalleled service to our members, and the results they’re looking for.

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