Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts, Brambleton, Brambleton, VA Video April 19, 2019, 6:22pm

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Summer camp!!!

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Summer Camp!!! Now enrolling!!!

Summer camp!!!

After school - Intermediate & Advanced Taekwondo class Let's warming up together :)

Summer camp! Today is one of our camper's birth day! Thank you for sharing cup cakes!! Happy birth day!!

Summer camp - Taekwondo class Introduce time :) See their confidence!

Summer camp - Taekwondo class They learn not only punch and kick, also discipline!!!!

Little Dragon(4-6 years old) Taekwondo class - Captain game! Please watch this video! The boy who is in front of all kids is just 5 years old! Have you ever imagined that 5 years old kid lead the group?! :)


Summer camp - Taekwondo class, Captain Game! They are having fun in the class with this game. And they can also improve their confidence and leadership even they are in beginner now. Masters are very proud of them! Good job kids!!!!! :)

Great and educational story!

After School Beginner Taekwondo Class. We called this game . Besides learning Taekwondo skill, they learn confidence and leadership from having fun!!

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