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Explosive Performance • #1 Athlete training company in DMV/Loudoun County. • NFLPA Recommended. • Helped TeamUSA achieve 28 medals past 2 Olympics.

Thank you to Dan Harris for the interview!!! During this time we all must work together and stay strong! If you have any questions about real estate, please don't hesitate to seek his help as he is extremely knowledgeable in the field!

Is there such a thing as 5 minute abs? What are the best exercises that everyone can do at home? How do you lose weight? Would you listen to someone who trained Katie Ledecky, Ryan Kerrigan, the USA Women's Soccer Team, Ryan Lochte and many others? I would. Check out my short interview with Rhys Gully from Explosive Performance - Brambleton! https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/vpctIbz5-2g3EoHAtQSDVPdxW9XrK_-s0iRN_KYLy0ywUCIHN1CnZOBHMOCAcPpqVebmO7UfUkoEU-QK?autoplay=true

Amazing pizza for lunch today from our local @pizzeriarubinos !!!! Teamwork makes the dream work at TeamBR! #supportyourlocalbusiness #ashburn #brambleton

Maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying quarantined! Personal trainer @michongstrong of Brambleton is delivering high quality virtual training for her clients! Let’s find ways to be creative so you can still reach your goals! #movebetterfeelbetter #onelifefitnessbrambleton #gotyourback #facetime @ Brambleton, Virginia

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Here we have swimmer @carolinebentz of @ncap_swim performing the birddog row exercise in preparation for Olympic Trials this summer. This is great for training pelvic tilt, core and glute strength which are needed for maintaining a tight streamline in the pool. #TeamEP #trainwiththebest #swimming #olympictrials #onelifebrambleton #roadtoomaha2020

Huge congrats to @tatumwalll who recently went a personal best in the 100 free (49.66) and broke the 3A state record in 100 free and in the 400 free relay. Not only that she also won the 200 free!!! THREE STATE CHAMP EVENTS # TeamEP #trainwiththebest #ncap #swimming #beastmode #wallballsout @ Onelife Fitness - Brambleton

Congrats to @allisonkopac on her commitment to @ndswimdive !!! She’s been working hard over the past 5 years!! We are so proud of you ! #TeamEP #trainwiththebest @ Onelife Fitness - Brambleton

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Pictured first:
Depth Drop - Landing is one of the most important and overlooked components of jumping and performance. Depth drops are a good way to practice landing technique to prepare for more advanced plyometrics. Keys here: land soft, hips back to absorb the impact with the glutes, and chest up to maintain posture. The final position should leave you ready for any other athletic movement that might follow.

Pictured second:
Box Jump - A great plyometric for both beginners and more advanced athletes. The purpose of the box is to reduce impact from the landing of the jump. Regardless of the height of the box, the goal is to jump as high as possible and then land with proper technique. The box should be set to a height where you can land with your knees at 90-degrees or more. A great overall exercise for developing explosive power and jumping ability.
First variation shown is a Non-Countermovement Jump (NCM), which involves a pause before the jump to improve starting strength and overall power. The second variation is a Countermovement Jump (CM), which involves a quick drop followed immediately by the jump to improve reactiveness and explosiveness.

Hamstrings are an important muscle group for all sports because of their function to stabilize the knee along with acceleration and deceleration.

The Yoga Ball Leg Curl is a great exercise to hammer the hamstrings because it works them though a full range of motion along with using your core for stability

Perform by driving arms across into the ground and keep hips locked the entire rep as you curl the ball back and fourth

Perform 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps as an auxiliary exercise after your main lower body lifts. #TeamEP #trainwiththebest #freetip #ashburn #brambleton

DM to get started!!!!! Stay ahead of the game and go back faster, stronger and more conditioned than the rest of your teammates!! Stand out!!!!

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It’s official finally!! Congrats to @hanprender on her commitment to @uvavolleyball ! Can’t believe it’s been 6 years of hard work, time flies!!!! But there is more to come! #TeamEP #trainwiththebest #ashburn

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Congrats to LCHS Girls socccer - @27bbell @brookekirstein @sydneyschnell22 @devonbalac . It’s a privilege being part of the the program for pre season and in season training over the last 6 years counting! The culture established and work ethic explains why they are consistently giving girls the opportunity to live their dreams @ms_mackey13 ! ##TeamEP #trainwiththebest #culture

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Congrats to @schae.groton on her commitment to @fordhamwsoccer !! Early mornings, hardwork and determination are paying off! #TeamEP #trainwiththebest #soccer

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Congrats to @abby.harter on her commitment to @uvaswimdive !!! Her accountability, consistently and determination to be the best are unmatched! Proud to be part of this journey and future success at UVA!!! #TeamEP #trainwiththebest #swimming

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Congrats to my man @noel.cafe for his commitment go @gw_mbb !!! To see his growth, improvement and work ethic from 4 years ago to today is amazing! Him and @duval_simmonds are in the gym everyday working on his craft and it has truly paid off. #teamep #trainwiththebest #basketball #onelife #earnednotgiven #trusttheprocess #freemoney #scholarship

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Go Hokies!!!!! Congrats to @carolinebentz on her commitment to @hokiesswimdive !!! This just the start and I am excited to see what happens over this next year! #TeamEP #trainwiththebest #Hokies #ashburn #swimming

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Congrats to @denver_dawn on her commitment to @csub.athletics volleyball! She comes and just gets the job done day after day! She works with @ep_brambleton and @ep_mclean this past off season! #TeamEP #trainwiththebest #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #onelifebrambleton

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Congrats to my man @aidan_clark2 on his commitment to Virginia Tech Track and Field. Can’t believe it’s been 9 years already, and did I mention he can ball??!!! 🏀 #teamEP #onelifebrambleton #trainwiththebest

Congrats to @jacobconway19 on his commitment to @pc_swim_dive !! He has been in our program for 4 + years! He shows up and works hard; he has been a pleasure to work with and look forward to our future working with him at the next level! #TeamEP #trainwiththebest #ncap #onelifefitness

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Wednesday and Thursdays are multi direction days.

Working on deceleration can be one of the best ways to train injury prevention.

Drills shown emphasize stabilizing on single leg while moving laterally, incorporating movement pattern and resistance.

#onelifebrambleton #explosiveperformance #agilitytraining #speedtraining

For all my runners out there!
Single leg work helps improve muscular endurance, strength, and balance in order to increase performance for runners.
🔻hip hinge 🔻maintain posture 🔻knees slightly bent 🔻chest & hips parallel to the floor

Congrats to @abbyhurst and Redford Women’s Soccer for winning the conference ! #TeamEP #trainwiththebest #soccer #loco

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Congratulations to Drew Johnson on being named CAC player of the Week!

EXplosive Performance E-Coach

Forward Lunges💪🏻💪🏻

A great unilateral exercise for all sports especially wreslting -mimicking single leg shots-


* Stand feet shoulder width apart
* Bracing your core and maintaining an upright torso drive your knee forward stepping out
* *In the bottom position your whole foot should be on the ground, knees over your toes, and your back thigh should be perpendicular to the ground*
* Pick your back leg up squeezing your glutes and quads to return to the starting position


* Best used as a supplementally lift done after your main lower body lift
* Do 3-4 sets of 10-15yards with moderate weight

Before we can squat with weight, we have to be able squat properly. Body weight squats are one of the most foundational piece of a strength and conditioning program. Master the basic pattern of a squat before you load it.

3 simple cues
- Big Chest
- Hips Back
- Knees over the toes

Recently I had the pleasure of training Abdul and his Iyan are soccer players looking to elevate their performance on and off the field.

Since they only come to America every 2 years, I will be programming for them overseas! Together we will be working on:
• Correcting lower back pain (Abdul)
• Increasing speed and endurance
• Increasing kicking strength (Iyan)
• Power and Balance

Here at EP we can help you reach your goals no matter where you are in life! Even if it’s on the other side of the world!

@explosiveperformance @ep_brambleton

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This high-tech massage therapy tool, we all know as The Hypervolt, helps everyday athletes recover and increase performance. ▫️increases range of motion ▫️relieves muscle pain ▫️relieves stiffness and soreness ▫️increases blood flow and circulation

RFESS - Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

Great alternative to a lunge or reverse lunge. Requires some balance but not as much as a walking lunge or a reverse lunge. Excellent way to build single leg strength, and overall strength and power.

• Shift weight forward slightly
• Keep weight in the middle of the foot
• Working knee stays steady and over the foot
• Stand all the way up to get the most out of it

Always remember to keep raising the weight by small increments to keep improving.

It’s a perfect exercise for athletes looking to improve their vertical jump and overall speed, but also great for anyone looking to improve overall fitness. #funfactfriday #trainwiththebest #ashburn #brambleton #basketball #soccer @explosiveperformance @onelifefit

Explosive Performance Brambleton is hiring qualified coaches!!
- Undergrad/Masters - CSCS/NASM/ACSM Certs Be part of the family and continually learn from the best in the world inside and outside the company! DM or email [email protected] for inquiries!


Check out Onelife Brambleton's team fundraising page for Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington

Please help support us with our annual charity fundraiser for Boys and Girls Club!!! https://www.classy.org/team/226731

classy.org A fundraising team benefiting Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington

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S/O to @trainerjwtt for creating a mindset of WINNERS! Loudoun County Crew @lchscrew made their pre season/winter conditioning a high priority after a meeting with returning athletes where the most agreed upon sentiment was “we are tired of coming in last.” A few months later both the BOYS and GIRLS finished first w/fastest times ever in the seasons opening regatta!! #TeamEP #trainwithpurpose #trainwiththebest #jointhemovement

Explosive Performance

Speed, strength, and power with the best strength coaches in the country SMARTER Team Training Reach Your Potential Training Rhys Gully Performance @trainer_dj Onelife Fitness Sport&Health #trainwithpurpose #jointhemovement

Loudoun Times-Mirror

Let’s go!!!

Ashburn native Nigel Johnson is officially a professional basketball player, having signed a contract with the Capital City Go-Go of the NBA G-League.

“YOU DONT TAKE THE LAMBO TO JIFFY LUBE” Look out for @kaitlynnimmerr !!!! She’s been working hard this offseason with our EP trainer Abby Lenderman!! #trainwithpurpose #trainwiththebest #jointhemovement #ashburn

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We appreciate the vision and dedication Explosive Performance at OneLife Fitness in Ashburn, VA supports with their sports performance programming.
Listen in as Rhys Gully Performance explains how he uses the VertiMax Training Solutions to get his athletes move more efficient with higher quality movements.
Keep inspiring those athletes that enter your doors!

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S/O to @jordan_wenner21 on her commitment to @ecuswimdive !! We look forward to seeing you continued success! #TeamEP #trainwithbest #trainwithpurpose #swimming

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