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I work with horses and riders in every discipline to create a solid foundation for their individual sports. Right now I am building my business, so I do not have a facility at my home to take on horses for training. However, I do travel to train at your house, if the environment allows. Services:
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-Baby basic ground manners - haltering, tying, clipping,

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We have posted quite a few heat related tips already last month including anhidrosis (not sweating), sunburn, trailering in hot weather, etc. If you have any concerns about how your horse is handling the extreme heat, please don't hesitate to call us!

Timeline photos 05/04/2018

Timeline photos

Refresh your knowledge of the intricacies of the gastrointestinal system of equids: https://mrkmnls.co/2HKiZNK


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Those Darn Diagonals: Getting Them Right the First Time with Carla Wennberg - GoHorseShow 12/13/2017

Those Darn Diagonals: Getting Them Right the First Time with Carla Wennberg - GoHorseShow

Those Darn Diagonals: Getting Them Right the First Time with Carla Wennberg - GoHorseShow Watching an almost flawless English equitation pattern may make one in awe of how quickly an accomplished rider picks up their diagonals correctly without looking. However, one missed beat, and it can be death to a high score. To the bane of many judges and inexperienced riders, missing the correct?...


How was your weekend? Did you manage to try out some of our exercise suggestions? Let us know how it went :-)

Here is another one for today:

16 witches hats, buckets, whatever comes handy to mark your orientation points - and voila, there is the perfect set up for a training unit, including bending, long and short distances and never boring :-)

Lilo Fore: 10 Tips for Dressage Training 10/28/2017

Lilo Fore: 10 Tips for Dressage Training

Lilo Fore: 10 Tips for Dressage Training I was ready for my clinic with Lilo Fore. I had spent a month in intense preparation since receiving the exciting news that I had been selected as a demo rider for the U.S. Dressage Federation's Region 9 Adult Clinic with master clinician Lilo Fore.

We All Have Leg Position Challenges. Here’s how to fix them. 10/10/2017

We All Have Leg Position Challenges. Here’s how to fix them.

We All Have Leg Position Challenges. Here’s how to fix them. Dr. Beth Glosten earned her medical degree from the University of Washington and practiced as an academic anesthesiologist. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and operates RiderPilates from the Pacific Northwest. Her background and focus on Pilates training laid a foundation for her uniquely...


It's our equestrian rebel hahaha :D
credits: Back on Track


Science – melanomas in grey horses
German scientists developed a plant derived substance that seems to shrink melanomas

First trials with this substance showed very promising results.

For years scientists in cancer research have been focusing on properties of betulinic acid. Tests have shown that this secondary plant substance actively fights cancer cells by directly entering the mitochondria (the power houses of cells) and destroying them.
Once it has entered the tumor cell, betulinic acid causes the death of the cell, the apoptosis.

The advantage of this substance derived from the bark of birch trees and plane tree is that different from common treatments of cancer like radiation and chemo, betulinic acid has impact on cancerous cells only and does not effect healthy cells at all.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Paschke (Matin Luther University Halle, Germany) had been contacted by the owner of a grey horse which suffered the dreaded melanomas – she had read his studies upon melanoma treatments in dogs supported with betulinic acid- this initiated Prod. Dr. Paschke and his colleagues to look into the impact of this secondary plant substance on 2 individual types of equine cell melanomas under laboratory conditions.

The scientists tested treatment with betulinic acid and with 2 artificially manufactured derivatives. All 3 products led to the dying of the melanoma cells, most of the time within 24 to 48 hours.

The derivative NVX-207 showed the most promising results, so was followed up by a tolerance study to find out whether this betulinic derivative was not just effective against cancer cells but also safe for horses.

In this study NVX-207 was injected directly into the tumor cells of 2 grey mares (13 and 18 yo) over a period of 19 weeks, injected once per week.

Regular blood tests and observations under clinical conditions proved the treatment to be well tolerated by the horses, none has shown any negative side effects of the treatment. However, the weekly injections straight into the tumorous cells became very uncomfortable for the mares and proved to be a very stressful experience for the horses. “Using cremes or ointments would be the better alternative”, so Prof. Dr. Paschke, “but neither are available yet”.

Despite of the stress caused by the weekly injections, the advantages of this treatment with NVX-207 are clear as even if tumors might stay benign for long periods, they can turn into cancerous cells at any time. Often mechanical stress (e.g. rubbing) or stressful situations can activate a benign tumour and turn it into a cancer.

Once metastases are built, cancer cells separate from the original tumor and start to spread into other parts of the body – often along the lymphatic channels, the pleura, the peritoneum, lymph knots of inner organs, liver, lung and spleen where they create new metastases.
Malignant tumors shorten the life expectancy of horses dramatically. Even if the initial tumor and surrounding lymph knots are removed survival rate is only just 3-5 years.

Traditional therapies, especially chemo or with cisplatin show limited success rates and also bear risks for the horse owner or the treating vet when they handle the medications. Side effects of traditional cancer treatments are nausea, vomiting and can even create myelosuppression and kidney problems.

“Local chemo therapy, treatment with cisplatin have proven to be successful only with smaller tumors and given that so many grey horses are affected and the risks involved with administering cisplatin, new treatment methods must be found”, says Prof. Dr. Paschke.

Whether betulinic acid will provide a breakthrough in the treatment of equine melanoma remains to be seen. The next step has to be a larger study with horses suffering equine melanoma treated with NVX-207.

The study "In vitro anticancer activity of betulinic acid and derivatives thereof on equine melanoma cell lines from grey horses and in vivo safety assessment of the compound NVX-207 in two horses" has been published in the science journal Chemico-Biological Interactions


More Than Meets The Eye 08/04/2017

More Than Meets The Eye

More Than Meets The Eye I’ve heard people say that the hunters are uninteresting. That all the rounds look the same, or that the courses are uninspired. Outside, diagonal, outside diagonal; ad nauseum. It’s true that a highly polished, nuanced hunter round can make ...

UC Davis Uses Software to Map Equine Pain 07/27/2017

UC Davis Uses Software to Map Equine Pain

UC Davis Uses Software to Map Equine Pain Collaboration at UC Davis creates a system to assess the connection between horses’ facial expressions and their condition.

Timeline photos 07/20/2017

Timeline photos

Improve the "steering" and laterals, control speed and collection, a controlled and collected canter rather than a wild gallop - a nice exercise to fine-tune :-)

Timeline photos 07/20/2017

Timeline photos

Nuchal ligament, is a large elastic structure in the dorsal neck region, that supports the horse's head and the neck. It consist of about 80% of elastin fibres (it is yellow in colour) and some of collagen fibres.
It has two parts: a cord-like funicular part (funiculus nuchae) and lamellar part (lamina nuchae). Both parts are paired (left and right connected by connective tissue).
Funiculus nuchae attaches to the skull (external occipital protuberance) and the spinous processes of cranial thoracic vertebrae. Lamina nuchae attaches to spinous processes of C2-C6 (C6 is very weak) and caudally is interwoven with the funicular part.
Elastic strain energy stored in the nuchal ligament contributes 55% of the work of moving the head and neck at the walk and 33% and the trot and 31% in a canter.

Timeline photos 07/08/2017

Timeline photos

Hats: The cherry on top, your crowning glory, and it needs to look fab for the judge! Suzi's new article: http://bit.ly/2t9MDDe

Photos from 4DimensionDressage international's post 06/25/2017

Photos from 4DimensionDressage international's post

Timeline photos 06/10/2017

Timeline photos

About Serotonin – what is it and how does it affect horses?

I have been speaking a lot about horses with anxiety, nervous tension , spookiness, inability to focus, irrational behavior and the correlation with serotonin and L-tryptophane in our product NervoMag. But what is serotonin? What is it good for? Where does the body get it from and what are signs of deficiency?

Having received many messages with questions like these I thought it might be a good thing to answer these questions in a post so anyone interested can have a read.

Serotonin , also known as 5-Hydroxyttryptamin (5-HT) or Enteramin, is an hormone and neuro-transmitter which can be found in the central nervous system, the intestinal nervous system, cardio-vascular system and in the blood. Serotonin is the part of the blood serum which regulates the tonus (tension) of blood vessels; it also affects the intestinal activity as well as the transmission of signals in the central nervous system.
Serotonin is directly or indirectly involved in all brain functions such as control and influence of perception, sleep/wake rhythm, body temperature, senses, perception of pain and ability to deal with pain, appetite and much more.

Serotonin is mostly known for its influence on mood, it creates relaxation, contentment and calmness and it eases a variety of nervous emotions, especially conditions of fear, aggressiveness, willfulness, sadness and anxiety. Such conditions are often linked to a deficiency in L-tryptophane which is needed to produce Serotonin.
By stimulating parts of the cerebral cortex which are responsible for regulation of emotions serotonin slows down and eliminates irrational impulsive and aggressive behavior patterns.
Due to its positive influence on moods Serotonin is often nicknamed “The Happiness Hormone”. Unfortunately consuming serotonin rich foods like bananas does not help to lift the serotonin levels in the body since this transmitter can’t pass via the blood into the brain. Hence regular delivery of L-tryptophane is needed to enable the body to produce the serotonin needed.

If you suspect your horse's behavior, nervousness, tenseness or lack of focus and motivation (e.g. due to high adrenalin levels at all times) might be related to higher needs of L-tryptophane, Magnesium, Vitamin B , E , Zinc etc which all can have tremendous effects on the ability to cope with stress or new situations/surroundings we recommend BioCina NervoMag which is an all natural highly efficient and absolutely doping free supplement to support horses with these issues.

NervoMag comes without cheap fillers and delivers food grade tryptophan (which the body needs to produce serotonin), Food grade magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate help muscles to relax and to stay flexible, magnesium also reduces the adrenaline output, Vitamin B builds a protective coat around the nerves so they are not as easily irritable anymore and tryptophan helps the body to produce serotonin which is important for correct signals to the brain and correct processing in the brain (so that a tree leaf doesn’t appear to be predator in the horse’s perception). NervoMag also contains fossil algae-silica from Northern Germany’s Lueneburger Heide .

NervoMag's unique formula is patented.

Please check out the reviews on our page where customers shared their horses' journeys with NervoMag.

NervoMag comes in 925g tubs for A$ 135.00 incl GST and should be started with a booster dosage of 45g/day. The first tub lasts for about 4-6 weeks including the booster period of the first 5-7 days, tubs thereafter usually last for 6-8 weeks (depending on the individual horse and issues). It can be ordered via our website www.sonovet-equine-therapy.com or -if you prefer a direct deposit invoice- by messaging SonoVet with the order and shipping address. Postage is A$ 13.80 (express 16.65) to any australian postal address (for international orders and postage to the USA, Canada, Singapore and NZ please inbox us at SonoVet)

Timeline photos 06/09/2017

Timeline photos

How good is your body control? Can you guide your horse using your leg- and weight aids only ? This is a lovely training set up, with all the bending and changes in direction really good for your horse's lower back and a wonderful tool for the rider to improve seat and posture, body control :-)

Sacroiliac Joint Pain in Horses 06/02/2017

Sacroiliac Joint Pain in Horses

Sacroiliac Joint Pain in Horses Sacroiliac disease can affect any horse, potentially limiting performance abilities.

Timeline photos 05/16/2017

Timeline photos

Nice training grid - and something different from the jumping arena. Horses too can become bored and sour having the same kind of training day in day out!

Sarcoid Tumors: On Alert! 05/14/2017

Sarcoid Tumors: On Alert!

Sarcoid Tumors: On Alert! Learn how to recognize these common skin tumors, and what steps you should take if you suspect you’ve found a sarcoid on your horse.

Timeline photos 04/25/2017

Hi Everyone, here is the 2017 Show Schedule we will be attending- LMK for definite if you're attending with group:

Show Schedule

Brookfield - BRDA

June 17- 9am
Entries close June 10
Dressage Schooling Show
Choice of USDA or Western

July 9 - 8am
Madison County Fair Open Hunter/Western Show
July 29 -
Open Hunter/Western Show Series
September 30
Open Hunter/Western Show Series

Barneveld - BHA
Prize list and Entry Forms:

June 3rd - Open Show
June 18 - Hunter Show
July 23 - Hunter Show
September 17 - Hunter Show

Oriskany Creek - Clinton, NY
July 9 - Hunter Show
September 10 - Hunter Show


Pie Most Fun Pony in the Whole World


Instantly Improve Your Horse's Lope

Get your butt up and ride better!

Timeline photos 03/22/2017

Timeline photos

This is a pretty cool idea, isn't it?

found at Rodeo Outlet

Counter-Bend Drill 03/22/2017

Counter-Bend Drill

Counter-Bend Drill Gain precision and control with this maneuver, and feel your horse’s turnarounds flow.

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