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An Open Letter to my Daughter’s Teacher
- by Angie Mitchell

Today my 7 yr old daughter came home from school a bit sad. When I asked why, she said you told her that if she kept missing days, she would get bad grades. I understand where you are coming from, I’m sure it’s frustrating for you when she’s gone, but she’s missed 3 Fridays since the beginning of the year to compete in something that at 7 years old she’s found to be her true passion, Eventing. And so you know, there are not many 7 year olds that event. It’s difficult. It’s mentally and physically demanding. And she works harder than any kid I know her age because she enjoys it, and loves her pony, at a level beyond words.

It was interesting you told her that today, because in her backpack she had her report card with 6 A’s and 1 B. She also had her standardized test scores, where she scored above her peers in every category. But most interesting was the sheet of paper you also sent home, listing out what I should expect of my second grader, what I should work with her on. And as I read it all I could think is how much my daughter is benefiting from all the hours she’s spending at the barn preparing for her competitions. How much she is learning from all the hours, day in and day out, she practices. And finally, how my expectations of her are so much higher than yours, because of her riding.

Under the “Life Skills” portion it states she should be zipping zippers. She can put on a pair of leather half chaps by herself. Zipper level: Expert. It states she should be able to snap snaps and button buttons. She can put on her show shirt and jacket, a stock tie, breeches and her helmet. She can also tack up her pony by herself and apply bell boots, open front jump boots and brushing boots, and she knows which ones to use when.

It says she should know how to wash and dry her hands. Not only can she do that, but she knows how to clean and condition her boots, bridle and saddle, bathe her pony, pick his feet and apply hoof polish, organize a tack trunk and shovel and sweep manure from the grooming bays.

She’s supposed to know one parent’s phone number, and her parents names. She knows the names of the 30+ horses at the barn. She knows what size girth to use, and when to use a running martingale. She knows what hole to put the jump cups for a 2’ course, or a 2’6 course. She also knows how to change her diagonal, turn down centerline, make a 20 meter circle and how to ride a transition.

There was a section for “Following Directions” where it says she needs to be a good listener. She listens to her trainer give her a jump course consisting of 10+ fences, which she has to immediately remember, and then jump. It says she has to remember multiple directions at a time “such as brushing your teeth, putting on your shoes and moving your backpack.” She can remember and ride a dressage test, cross country course and show jump course in one day.

It says I should play “Mother May I” with her. Everything her pony does, is because she’s asked and she knows she has to ask correctly. She weighs 50 lbs. He weighs 700. She has spent hours learning how to not only ask, but listen, when she wants something from him.

It says she should have responsibilities, such as packing her lunch. She can not only feed herself, but knows how to feed and care for a pony. She can groom him, put on his blanket, braid his mane and brush his tail. She can scoop his feed, throw his hay, fill his water buckets and lug all 5 gallons 100 feet from the hose to his stall (though I do have to help her hang them.) She knows he always comes first, even when she’s hot and tired or it’s cold and raining.

But most of all, she’s learning about hard work. She’s learning how to succeed, and how to fail. She’s learning patience and compassion and best of all Love. Love for her pony, Love for her sport, Love for learning.

Dear Teacher, while I know school is important, I also know there is more to life than what can be learned in a classroom. These experiences aren’t just teaching her the things that come from a book, but things that are making her a better human being. When she looks back on her life, she won’t remember missing those 3 days of school. She will remember her last show on her beloved pony Champ, her first ribbon at a USEA show, and how she and her Best Friend spent 3 days in the rain together doing the thing they love the most, being Eventers.


The proud mom of a horse loving little girl

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Not sure if I should use this 😂 or this 😭!

Naturally Axel

When you dismount in the winter and feels like you broke your legs 😂

Head Space

Ah, grit and feeling your silly feelings. That's a tough one, especially for equestrians.

Great read! When Danny first got sick, it was one in a series of disasters for me. I had a string of personal and professional challenges, all in a row, and unrelenting. I normally err on the side of optimism, to a sometimes annoying degree, but it got harder an...

In Memoriam - KWPN Foundation Stallion Jazz Passed Away | Horses Daily

😢 KWPN foundation stallion Jazz, the most significant sire for dressage breeding in the KWPN studbook, has passed away. He was 29 years old.

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𝙒𝙚 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙮𝙤𝙪'𝙧𝙚 𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚! 𝙈𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙞𝙩 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬𝙣👍!

Laura Graves

It is with both a heavy heart and a grateful mind that today, I announce the retirement of my great friend, Diddy. I've always promised that I would do my best to listen and make the right choice for him when this time came. It became clear in recent weeks that he was not going to be able to return to his usual top form in 2020.

While nothing makes me happier than watching him play in his field and take him for hacks, it is still a very new and very sad realization for me that this journey has reached its end.

This horse not only achieved every goal we ever set, but he fulfilled dreams that I never knew I had. Not always the easiest, it was his generous heart and incredible sense of loyalty that made him one of a kind. Every time I sit in his saddle, I continue to feel honored and humble that he allowed me to be his person. We have travelled the world together, many times over and cut our teeth at some the world's greatest competitions.

While it will not be the same loading up the trailer without him, I am very much looking forward to the next chapter of my career with a stable full of young horses.

I would like to express a deep love and appreciation for so many people, without whom, this horse would never had made his way to the world stage. My family, especially my mom, who selected Diddy with her keen eye and supported us even when everyone said we were crazy. My soon to be husband, Curt who is always my biggest fan and never questions my need to care for our animals. Debbie McDonald who gave us time when no one else would and believed in our ability to be great. Betsy Juliano who has been by my side through the ups and downs of this rollercoaster and made so much possible for me. Emmalie Clapp my amazing groom who always cares for my horses like her own. Our talented and dedicated team of veterinarians and farriers who kept this boy in top shape for so many years. Robert Dover, Hallye Griffin, US Equestrian and the USET for giving us the opportunity to represent the USA. Lastly, the biggest thank you to Verdades, Diddy, Diddyman, Bugs, my buddy for the joy you have brought to so many.


Skimping on Shavings? New Study Says You Might Not Want To! If you’ve ever carted wheelbarrow loads of soiled bedding to the manure bin, you’ve probably wondered, at one time or another, if your horses really need all t


I thought it would be appropriate to write about Balagur today. He died yesterday, December 10th, with Monica Theodorescu and his current student rider at his side in his stall in Germany. He was 29 years old. His final ride was last Friday....Nikolaus Day.

He was an unlikely dressage horse....a Russian Orlov Trotter, bred for racing and driving. Not particularly fast, he ended up at three years old as a police horse. While the years passed he learned some dressage exercises taught to him on the job in Russia, and was occasionally noticed by knowledgeable horsemen visiting or sharing the riding facility where he was stabled. Finally, when he was 12 years old, Russian dressage rider Alexandra Korelova found herself in need of a new horse to replace a lame one. She had known Balagur for years, sharing the same equestrian facility, but was dismissive about his suitability as a dressage competition horse. After all...he was an Orlov Trotter police horse. She sent a video to mentor Georg Theodorescu in Germany. Within three weeks Balagur was in training there. That was the beginning of Balagur’s Cinderella story. Loved dearly by Theodorescu, the horse managed to compete in the World Equestrian Games in Jerez with Alexandra Korelova only months later. They went on to compete in multiple Olympics, World Championships, and European Championships together....with highlights of fifth place in Hong Kong (2008) and third in CDIO Aachen the same year. Balagur’s last competition was the 2009 European Championships when he was 19.

Totally fit and healthy as is characteristic of his breed, Balagur outlived his devoted Georg Theodorescu but was cared for by his daughter Monica at her family stable until his death yesterday, teaching multiple students the feeling of “10” for piaffe throughout his retirement years.

He brought audiences to their feet, and his loved ones to their knees with his joy of life and willingness to be his best. This little white horse with his pink nose should never be forgotten 🦄
Elizabeth Felgendreher

In the Stirrups



Lol! This the amazing work of Polly Hackett Holabird ,

FEI Adopts Protective Headgear Requirement for All Riders as of 2021

This is great! Dressage riders must wear protective headgear at all times, in the show ring and out, at FEI events as of January 1, 2021. Delegates from national federations voted favorably today for the general rule change affecting all ridden disciplines, during the annual General Assembly of the Fédération Eq...

[09/04/19]   I'll be in Iowa and available for lessons September 20-24. Feel free to contact me to set something up or with any questions.

Reveille Morgan Farm

This is a farm where I just started teaching when I'm in PA. They do amazing things! Grab a shirt/donate if you can!

Leg Up Farm Benefit Horse Show t-shirts are available to purchase online: Adult and youth sizes are available.

I would use this all the time!


[06/09/19]   I'm super excited to announce that I am now available for lessons and training in VT! If you know someone in the area looking for a dressage instructor, please send them my way! Can't wait to get to know more of the awesome horse people in the area! Feel free to contact me for more info.

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FEI Makes Snaffle Optional Up to CDI 2* Level as of 2019 Little noise has been given to an important rule change that the FEI put in place as of 1 January 2019 until a watchful eye at Pferderevue in Austria spotted the alteration in the FEI rule book! As of 2019 riders competing up to 2* level will have the choice to compete their horses in a snaffle or d...

Hey, hey, Iowa peeps! I'll be in town March 2-6 and available for some lessons in Dallas Center. Please contact me or Alex if you would like to schedule something. See you soon!!!

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List of available stalls for Harvey's evacuees Private Barn Darlene Sharp 2 stalls/pasture Hockley, TX 713-203-8981 Private Barn Sarah Smith Fenced pasture with hay and supplies and PRIVATE LODGING for horse owners. Can accommodate up to 2-3 horses or other livestock. Austin, Texas (512)799-7087 WV Dressage Jody DeStefani...

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The best ride I have seen from Laura Graves! Winning the GPS in Aachen with 81.8%!

Click here to support Derith's Fund for Carolyn organized by Katherine Wilson Derith's beloved Carolyn was involved in a freak accident on Sunday, July 16th.  The accident was pretty significant, lots of skin and tendon missing.  The prognois for return to competition is poor.  Thankfully, there is some hope she may still enjoy some trail rides with Derith in the future.  ...

German Federation Reminds Members Not to Trim Whiskers and Ears | eurodressage German Dressage News, Imke Lubeseder, secretary-general of the German Equestrian Federation (FN), has sent a reminder to the members of the FN that trimming whiskers and ears is against animal welfare and forbidden in Germany., German Federation Reminds Members Not to Trim Whiskers and Ears

Instagram post by Tessla Calvert • Apr 19, 2017 at 2:07pm UTC

Hi everyone! Get in touch with Tessla Kae Calvert , 641-750-0977, to schedule an appointment for equine massage to get your season started off right! 0 Likes, 1 Comments - Tessla Calvert (@tessla242) on Instagram: “💥💥Calling all my horse friends 💥💥 With it being spring and everyone is starting to get there ponies…”

The Million Euro Coup In Horse Breeding - Spectacular Gaits vs. Health

Interesting! Thoughts?

Using examples from the 2015 stallion licensing in Verden Germany it is shown how the wrong selection in Warmblood horses for thrust and mobility affects not...

For all of you that have been asking...I will have more availability for lessons in April! There is a possibility of one or two training or sale horse spots opening up as well! Feel free to call/text, email at [email protected] or message me here.

For everyone who didn't know, I have been going to school to become a massage therapist since August. I start clinics this Wednesday, February 1! I'm super excited to use massage to help my students, riders and everyone in the horse world! Give Body Wisdom a call and come and see me! I have found it helps a ton with riding. See you soon!

[07/18/16]   Had a great weekend teaching and riding in Iowa! Redford is super happy in his temporary home and getting to see his kid all the time. I am so excited that the next time I'm there, I'll be there for good! I'll be available for lessons and training on a regular basis in just a couple of weeks - See you all soon!

[06/27/16]   Exciting news - I am moving back to Iowa August 1! I will be available for lessons and training by mid August, if not sooner. Feel free to contact me to set something up or with any questions. I can't wait to be back!

RIP Lloyd


It is with broken hearts that we report to you that longtime Region 4 Director Lloyd Landkamer and beloved icon in the dressage community lost his battle with cancer last evening.

His passion, guidance, and leadership were unsurpassed. Thank you Lloyd for being a friend to so many, making shows fun and being a positive force in the dressage community.

Our deepest sympathies to Lloyd's family and friends. May you be lifted up by those around you and find joy in the beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing him with us.

[07/14/15]   I just finished my first show weekend as part of the To the Max team! I have to say, it will be hard to beat. We were in a beautiful setting in Flagstaff, surrounded by tall pines, with perfect weather, and everyone did a great job!
First, a huge thank you to Michele and Alex Super for having me ride Bella. She is such a good girl and made such huge improvements from one day to the next, I can't wait to see what her future holds!
Big congrats to Cyndi(on Risky and both of the client horses she rode), Alex (Michelle's, not mine:-)) Kay, Naima, The Miller Family, and Carol! You and your horses rocked it!
Last, but not least, a huge thank you to the Millers who were the best hosts ever! Thank you for everything!
I can't wait for the next one with even more of the team!

Five-Second Rules And Sleeping In Breeches: True Confessions Of Horse People

Fallen asleep in show shirt, white breeches, and dress boots on a couch, hay bale, in a stall?
Eaten food off the barn, trailer, tack room, stall floor?
Used my horse's grooming/bathing supplies on myself, or my kid?
Ingested wormer, bute, banamine, gastrogard?
Poked myself with needles that contain drugs I don't want?
Done everything in flip flops?
Shared possibly every food ever with a horse?
Eaten, without washing my hands, after having them in a horse's, everywhere?
Check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check.
What have you done? It’s safe to say that most people who spend long days at the barn have sipped water out of the hose, washed up in the wash stall, dunked their shirts in troughs or buckets before putting them back on, and napped on tack trunks while wrapped in coolers or quarter sheets.

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