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Congratulations Donavan on your commitment!!


Congratulations Dylan Gaston in your commitment! OPHS Baseball Firecracker Baseball Perfect Game High School Coastal Virginia Baseball Tournaments


Congratulations John Galeano on your commitment to Penn State - New Kensington! Proud of all the hard work you’ve put in!


Contrary to popular belief…the best players play. So your goal must be to become one of the best 9 or a P.O. that starts, relieves, or closes. If you are not in the starting 9, be ready (every single day) for your opportunity…and when it comes, take full advantage of it. Until then, treat every practice like your game.


Another Commitment announcement coming for NOVA Elite Baseball soon!!


Thank you to everyone who purchased squares. Here are the final numbers. Good Luck!
NOVA Elite Baseball
Between The Lines Baseball Foundation


Another one off the board! Congrats on your commitment Zach Rhodes! Unity Reed High School Mary Baldwin University


NOVA Elite Baseball is holding supplemental tryouts for our 11U and 13U teams for the spring.

We are also holding tryouts for our 14U, 15U, 16U and 17U Summer Competitive Showcase Teams. Summer Teams will compete in Firecracker Sports, Perfect Game and Net Elite Tournaments and Showcases.

If you are interested in trying out, contact Coach Duncan at [email protected]


The breakdown of truth….


Took this from Baseball Dudes. So much truth in this!

Indoor Training Facilities...

Personally I've trained in, rented from, been part owner and owned a facility for for the last 20 years. Anyone who has been apart of the financial side understands the difficulties of it. Here's a list of things facility owners have to manage to keep it looking professional and the doors open...

1. Rent. No matter the time of year, rent is always there (just like your home mortgage). When the weather is uncomfortable, the phone rings but when it's great to be outside, revenue slows.

2. Equipment. From baseball's/softball's to turf to seating to batting tees to netting wear and tear is real especially in busy facilities filled with the public. With this in mind facility use rates should be at a figure to help cover this and set money aside for future repair and replacement.

3. Cleaning. For those that care, keeping the place clean is always on their mind and is a task in its own. Kids tend to be messy, lost and found is often over flowing, dust builds and bathrooms left unattended can get nasty pretty quick.

4. Schedule. During the busy months keeping everyone on schedule is a must. Sometimes renters lose track of time but there needs to be someone on site to keep the ball rolling.

5. Fee changes. It's never comfortable but with rent increases by landlords, increases in utility bills, insurance rates or maybe a new high end product/service offered, fee changes are often necessary. Owners tend to lose customers at these moments but it's a part of business.

With all this said, facility owners have to be mentally ready to take that all on. They must have many areas of revenue generating services (people renting space alone will rarely be enough) throughout the year to not get caught in the trap of the slow months. They must have good people skills and be trustworthy. They must be organized and they have to be creative.

So the next time you walk into one of these amazing facilities out there, know there is someone/a family/a staff who has put a lot of time and effort into making that place what it is. Please respect the space, clean up after yourself and spread the word.


NOVA Elite Baseball is looking for a few players to fill out our 10U team for the spring 2023 season and beyond. If you are interested in trying out, please email Coach Duncan at [email protected].

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Congratulations Jacob Jenkins for playing in the All American Games in Texas! Keep up the hard work!!


Congratulations to our 13U - Ruz on winning the Tri-County Fall Bash tournament.

Way to go boys! Go NOVA!


Congrats John English! Looking forward to following you in the next chapter!


Losing by 2, last inning, 2 outs 2 strikes, triple that empty the bases from Tiernan Sanders for a walk off win. What a game!


Losing by 2, last inning, 2 outs 2 strikes, triple that empty the bases from Tiernan Sanders for a walk off win. What a game!

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Great weekend at the Ripken experience! nova 12U finish second on the silver bracket! We are very proud of this group of kids! Go Nova!


Firecracker Columbus Day Bash in Norwich, CT Game 1 starts at 1:30pm vs Ocean State Outlaws. Logan Day gets the start for NOVA Elite Baseball.

Timeline photos 10/04/2022



NOVA Elite Baseball is looking for a few players to round out our teams for the Spring/Summer 2023 Teams. Our programs designed to push players out of their comfort zone to maximize their talents. This is NOT a casual baseball program. Players participate in skill clinics, athletic performance classes as well as team practice and games. If you are interested in serious growth as baseball players, register at:

10-14U Register at

15-18U Register at


You don’t run from challenges, you rise to the challenge and then crush it! Obstacles are there to make you stronger. If you avoid them or run from them you remain weak. Iron sharpens Iron!


Congrats 12u! First tournament of the fall finishing runner up! All that hard work paying off!

Photos from NOVA Elite Baseball's post 09/21/2022

Looking forward to a great weekend!


Great advice!

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