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Welcome to your friendly neighborhood gym in Brooksville! Whether you're a beginner or fitness fanatic, Anytime Fitness will help you get to a healthier place!

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The 25-Minute Bodyweight Workout You Can Do On Your Lunch Break | Anytime Fitness

You'll love this workout because you can finish in 25 minutes and you'll keep coming back again and again because it can be done literally ANYWHERE! Head to Coach. Care. Connect. and get moving! 💪🏼💜 Picture this: you set your alarm for 5am to make sure you have enough time to fit in a workout before work, but when your alarm goes off, you continuously hit the snooze button and tell yourself that you’ll do it at the end of the day. You pack your gym bag and throw it in the car, only to bring i...

We Hope Everyone had a Great Thanksgiving. Don't forget to come into your local Anytime Fitness For our Black Friday Special..

NO MEMBERSHIP DUES UNTIL 2021! That's right, you just pay one time key fee of $29 and receive the rest of the year FREE! This promotion ends Saturday, November 28 at 2 pm!

Today we're thankful for two things: you and this recipe for an incredible pumpkin-infused chai latte.

[11/25/20]   It's still fall if we say it is... and we say it is which means you still have time to give this incredible and nutritious quinoa salad a go. It's loaded with your favorite fall flavors while packing a protein punch, thanks to the quinoa. Add your favorite protein and you've got an easy (and quick) meal!

Whether you're #teampumpkiepie or not, chances are you'll love this mini twist on the classic dessert! Who's giving these a try this week? 🙋🏻‍♀️🥧

Happy Thanksgiving week! Looking to still make healthy happen this year? Boost your immune system, lose weight, gain strength, and increase energy when you gobble up these BIG Thanksgiving week savings at Anytime Fitness Ridge Manor!

We've got some exciting membership specials going on starting NOW through this weekend for Black Friday! You have two options to take advantage of major savings...

Black Friday Special: NO MEMBERSHIP DUES UNTIL 2021! That's right, you just pay one time key fee of $29 and receive the rest of the year FREE! This promotion ends Saturday, November 28 at 2 pm!

Can't make it in before Saturday? No problem! We also have our

Cyber Monday Special which is $398 + tax for a one year paid in full membership (that's like receiving 4 months free!). This promotion is one day only and can be purchased online as well as in the gym!

All memberships grant you 24 hour access to this facility as well as 4500+ gyms world wide! No matter what your goal, we at Anytime Fitness Ridge Manor can help you achieve the health and fitness level you have been wanting. We offer nutrition coaching, personal training, and small group training with some of the best coaches in Ridge Manor!

Stop in and see us to take advantage of these awesome deals..

How to Build Your Own HIIT Routine at the Gym | Anytime Fitness

Creating a HIIT workout doesn't have to be hard! We've got all the tools and tips you'll need to create a workout that is fun and effective. Don't miss out! 💪🏼 It’s not easy for everyone to find the time to work out. Social commitments, busy workdays, and friends and family members can all fill up our schedules, making it hard to get a workout in. That’s why we love high-intensity interval training, or HIIT workouts. They’re a fast, effective way to ...

Fall isn’t over until we say it is! 😉

Put those leftover, hand-picked apples to use with this simple Apple Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie recipe:

Sleep or Exercise: Which Is More Important? | Anytime Fitness

Sleep > exercise, or exercise > sleep? 🤷

Not sure which one you should choose? Head to Coach. Care. Connect. to learn when you should hit the hay instead of hitting the gym! We all know what the doctor says… regular exercise and getting adequate sleep are crucial elements of a healthy lifestyle. But for most of us, trying to balance both can seem impossible. Between jobs, children, chores, and a handful of other things, it just doesn’t always seem like there’s eno...

A Full-Body Circuit Workout That Benefits Every Muscle | Anytime Fitness

Raise your hand if you want a workout that builds muscle while also burning fat! 🙋

Okay, put your hand down and head on over to Coach. Care. Connect. for a full-body workout that you don't want to miss. You know that large, often brightly colored ball you see around the gym, that’s somewhere between knee and thigh height? That’s a stability, or Swiss, ball.

We’re here to tell you that not all healthy foods will break the bank!

Learn how to make healthier choices, while still keeping your budget on track with these helpful tips over on Coach. Care. Connect:

No Equipment Necessary: The At-Home Circuit Workout You Can Do Anywhere | Anytime Fitness

Can’t make it to the gym today? Don’t sweat it. Well actually, still sweat, but with this full-body circuit workout that you can do right from living room instead! 😉 Question: What’s your favorite type of workout? Are you a runner, weight lifter, yogi, etc.? Do you prefer to mix things up now and then, or do you stick to your routine? If you like mixing things up, you’re going to love circuit training workouts, which is what we’re talking about today!

🍌🥞 It's banana pancake time! 🥞🍌

Head into the weekend with this recipe ready to go for weekend brunch. We love these pancakes because they're packed with protein and you'll love them because they come together in a snap. Enjoy!

Recovery is a crucial element in any wellness journey as it provides your body with the ability to restore and renew. Without it, burnout and muscle fatigue set in and set you back from meeting your goals! But hold on, if the word "recovery" means a Netflix binge on the couch, think again and head to Coach. Care. Connect. to learn more about how to actively help your body recover so you can continue to make healthy happen: 💜💪🏼

Thanksgiving is around the corner and if you're looking for a healthy twist on a classic, don't miss this better-for-you recipe packed with the traditional flavors of pumpkin pie, made bite-size! We recommend making a double batch. 😉

Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Shake | Anytime Fitness

Five words: double-chocolate-chunk-protein-shake. Enough said. Head to Coach. Care. Connect. for the recipe! Grab your blender and chocolate protein powder because we’re making a smoothie you and your family are going to love!

Forget Crunches! Strengthen Your Core the Right Way | Anytime Fitness

#AFfamily: just say NO to crunches and check out this article on Coach. Care. Connect, instead, that will teach you all about strengthening your core effectively. You know that large, often brightly colored ball you see around the gym, that’s somewhere between knee and thigh height? That’s a stability, or Swiss, ball.

How to Make Super Tasty Kale Chips | Anytime Fitness

If you've been burned by bad kale chips in the past, we see you–but just trust us on this one. Give our step-by-step kale chip recipe a shot and let us change your mind about this crunchy, nutritious snack. Biking is a great workout - so great that people have been doing it for centuries, believe it or not. The first bicycle was invented in the 1800s!

Small changes can make a BIG impact on your daily life and today, we're focusing on 5 simple ways you can improve your wellbeing and day-to-day life without overhauling your habits. Head over to Coach. Care. Connect and check it out: 💜

The Risks and Rewards of Protein Bars | Anytime Fitness

When you're on the go, a protein bar can be a great option for fueling up without derailing your fitness goals. However, some protein bars are a lot more like candy bars so we're sharing a few tips that will help you make the most out of your protein bar snacking and avoid running on E. ⛽️ Staying fueled for whatever lifestyle you have is really important, and if you’re rushing somewhere before or after your workout, thinking about protein matters, too. Protein bars might seem like the solution to your problem: they’re prepackaged, easy to find at the grocery store, usually delici...

Train Like a Boxer with This Endurance Workout | Anytime Fitness

No gloves required for the full-body, boxing-inspired workout. 🥊 Boxers train for endurance, strength and coordination and this workout hits on all three! This workout is mainly focused on body weight training, so whether you're in your living room, the park or the gym–you'll be able to train like a pro. 💪🏼 Boxing has existed since the dawn of history, first introduced to the ancient Olympic games in the 7th century B.C. It is arguably the oldest sport, and includes some of the greatest athletes in the world: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, just to name a few.

How to Make the Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Bowl of Your Dreams | Anytime Fitness

We’re here to tell you that the hype about smoothie bowls IS what it’s made up to be. 🙌

While these beautiful and colorful bowls may seem more like a piece of art than a nutritious breakfast, they’re actually simple to make—and even better to eat! In just a few steps, you’ll be making picture-worthy smoothie bowls like the best of ‘em.

Planning on giving it a try? Share a photo of your creation with us in the comments! When you discover a good thing, it can be hard not to dive in headfirst! Tell everyone you know, and eat, eat, eat. We fell into this trap after discovering irresistible smoothie bowls. You may have seen them on your Instagram feeds in all their fruity, colorful glory and now you can enjoy one from....

Okay, we’ll admit it. We’re obsessed with kettlebells, but we promise you will be too after this full-body kettlebell session! Get the full workout here: 💪

Oats: Steel-Cut Vs. Rolled, Which Is Best? | Anytime Fitness

We’ve put steel-cut and rolled oats head-to-head to see which is the better breakfast option. Think you know which one comes out on top? Head on over to Coach. Care. Connect to find out!

What’s your go-to: steel-cut or rolled oats? Old-fashioned oats, instant, rolled, steel-cut, quick, müesli, ground, steamed, Scottish, Irish? What do they all mean? So many oats, so little time. Since many of our recipes feature this heart-healthy super grain, let’s break down all of our oat options. Steel-cut oats have been in the spotligh...

Exercise for Beginners: A Beginners Guide to Working Out | Anytime Fitness

So, you’ve decided you’re ready to make healthy happen. Great job! That can be the hardest part. If you’re not sure what happens next, head over to Coach. Care. Connect for helpful tips on getting your fitness journey started. 💜 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Exercise for Beginners New to working out? Whether you’re dusting

Warm-Up Stretching 101: Best Stretches to Do Before Your Workout | Anytime Fitness

🚨 PSA: never skip your warm-up! 🚨

It may seem like a waste of time, but trust us, warming up is crucial to your success on (and off!) the purple turf. Before your next sweat-sesh, check out these stretches that will get you ready to tackle your workout ahead. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Table of Contents If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a

Easy Chicken Fried Cauliflower Rice | Anytime Fitness

Put down the takeout menus! We've got an irrisistible chicken fried rice recipe for you that subs starch for cauliflower! It comes together in a snap, making it the perfect option for when you're short on time and convenience is key. Bon appetit! Prep5 MinutesCook15 MinutesTotal20 MinutesServings 5 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Skip the

Mini No-Bake Protein Cookie Dough Bites | Anytime Fitness

This no-bake alternative to a chocolate chip cookie is a triple threat: simple, delicious and packed with protein to fuel your day! Make a batch (or two) and snack your way to a healthier you! 🍪 It’s safe to say that we’ve all been caught eating raw cookie dough straight from the bowl or fridge. However, it’s quite risky and it can compromise your health goals. You see, most people assume that the warning to not consume raw cookie dough is primarily to avoid the foodborne illness salm...

This no-bake alternative to a chocolate chip cookie is a triple threat: simple, delicious and packed with protein to fuel your day! Make a batch (or two) and snack your way to a healthier you! 🍪

Don't Forget About our Yoga class with Amelia tonight at 6:30P.M. We Hope to see you guys there,:)

9 Easy Ways to Burn Calories at Your Desk | Anytime Fitness

Whether you're in the office or working from home these days, chances are your 9-5 isn't keeping you as active as you'd like. Check out our 9 tips for burning calories that can be done virtually anywhere! Sitting behind a desk all day can be taxing on both mind and body. And, finding time to schedule a workout when you’re working full-time can be just as challenging. Our goal is to put the “work” back in “workout” by providing you with some quick and easy calorie burners to do during your w...

From bananas to protein shakes and (almost) everything in between, we're breaking down the foods that make the best pre-workout options to boost your workouts. Head to Coach. Care. Connect. to learn what to eat and when to eat it before you hit the purple turf:

Kid-Friendly Banana Nutella® Ice Cream | Anytime Fitness

We're going to be honest, this is not a recipe for actual ice cream—but it is the next-best thing! Don't miss this nearly-perfect dupe for traditional ice cream with our tasty recipe over on Coach. Care. Connect: 🍌🍦 Did you know you can make “ice cream” with just frozen bananas?! Ok, yes, technically this means it’s not really ice cream. But you’ll be amazed at how similar the consistency is without any dairy, and how quickly it comes together.

21 Day Challenge

Are you ready to transform your life in 21 days?

Anytime Fitness Ridge Manor is holding a 21 day transformation challenge that will take your fitness goals to the next level!

21 Day Transformation starts October 19th and includes:
-6 Small Group Training sessions
-Meal plan and recipe e-book
-Before and after body composition scan
-Personalized coaching
-Supportive and fun workouts

Register now to reserve your spot, this program is only $179!
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Goos, Chews, And Blocks: Breaking Down The Running Fuels | Anytime Fitness

New to the world of fitness gels and blocks? Check out our article on Coach. Care. Connect that breaks down the difference between these popular energy-boosting pick-me-ups for your endurance efforts. 💥

Already a fan? Are you team #goos, #chews, or #blocks? If you’re new to long distance running, you might have heard that you need to refuel your glycogen stores mid-run. But what does that even mean?


We are the area's 24/7 fitness club, striving to help you reach your goals and get to a healthier place 24/7/365! Convenience + Coaching = RESULTS!

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21 Day Challenge
I miss you guys! Stay Strong AF!💪🏼💜-Trainer Julia




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Welcome to your friendly neighborhood gym in Brooksville! Whether you're a beginner or fitness fanatic, Anytime Fitness will help you get to a healthier place!

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