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Hey Stephany.... want to give you huge kudos. While in Spain I took an equitation class( she did let me keep my stirrups longer because of my dressage background)Instructor spoke no English but we were able to communicate because horse language is horse language. We then went riding for two hours in the mountains. At the end through Google translate she commented on what wonderful training I’ve had....And That I had very serious training. That complement all goes to you
Who has fear?!? Not me! Well, my latest blog and see if you can relate!
I am unable to message you for some reason. I would like to attend the clinic at Fannin Hill on June 4th. please let me know what I need to do next. Thanks!

We offer lessons, horse training, and clinics that help riders and horses reach their full potential. By combining classical training tenets, a deep understanding of biomechanics, and a life-long love for horses, we help you ride with joy!

Serendipity Dressage offers lessons, horse training, and clinics that help riders and horses reach their full potential. By combining classical training tenets, a deep understanding of biomechanics, and a life-long love for horses, we provide a positive learning environment where horses and riders thrive.

At Serendipity Dressage, we are dedicated to the art of Dressage; our passion is teaching riders to be their personal best and training horses towards excellence. Whether you are a beginner or an Advanced rider, we offer customized training programs to help you achieve your goals, as well as improve communication between you and your horse. Using a combination of theory, innovative visualization and demonstration, Stephany teaches to a variety of learning styles, helping each rider reach their full potential.

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Serendipity Dressage

Kudos are always appreciated, but it’s the ability to help people get here that makes me feel the best!! 💗🦄💪🏻

We offer lessons, horse training, and clinics that help riders and horses reach their full potential. By combining classical training tenets, a deep understanding of biomechanics, and a life-long love for horses, we help you ride with joy!

Join the Serendipity Family // Our Show Savvy Training Board package is a 60-day program for select dressage riders seeking a competitive edge. From mindset coaching to biomechanics, show planning to mock competitions, you'll be able to perform at your best.

Call Stephany at (561) 262-0807 to discuss whether this program is the right fit for you!

Join the Serendipity Family // Our Foundations Training Board package is a 90-day program that gives your young horse a solid foundation and invaluable confidence. Space is limited, so call (561) 262-0807 to enroll today.

Join the Serendipity Family // Our Partial Training Board package is designed for equestrians on a tighter budget. Space is limited, so call (561) 262-0807 discuss whether this program is right for you!

Join the Serendipity Family // Our Full Training Board package combines the highest quality horse care and consistent ridden instruction for you and your horse. Space is limited, so call (561) 262-0807 to discuss & snag a spot!

The only thing better than living your dream is helping OTHERS live theirs :) That's why we're so excited to unveil our 2020 Training Board packages. Now you and your horse can benefit from our proven training method, beautiful new facility, and biomechanics expertise.

Call or message to discuss! (***Space is limited.***)

(561) 262-0807
[email protected]

Progress is incremental, but it's always great to see forward motion. Check out some of our barn improvements!

Here are a few pictures from our Ride-A-Test this month - keep your eyes peeled for our July date!

I so enjoy training the trainers - we all need to keep refilling our “trainer bucket”, to be the best for our students! Great job, Michelle Klettke!!

All smiles for our lesson last Thursday with Stephany Fish Crossman of Serendipity Dressage. The main takeaway was to own the downbeat of the trot on my mare. My focus lately has been on teaching instead of training and I loved being back in a lesson setting. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been riding, reliable eyes on the ground is always helpful!

I truly can’t say enough great things about this boy, the fabulous Sultano MC! At his very first show he was brave, he was flashy, and he worked so well for me in the ring! We came away with a 65.+% for the day at Training Level Test 3, with a 7 on gaits and comments about how lovely he was! (High score for the show was 66.+%, to give a reference) As wonderful as he is, he has got to go to his next home! Enjoy the little clip of the show below (of course there were technical difficulties so we don’t have the whole test!) and please visit his ad for more info about him. We will be posting new video soon, as you can see how much he has matured since the sales video in April! Who wants to take this handsome young man home?!

See the ad at:

Virtual Biomechanics Review #2 — Serendipity Dressage

Our second virtual biomechanics review is up! Really enjoyed studying this lovely pair :)

Have a photo you'd like me to review? Message it to me with a short description of what you're doing in the moment! Virtual biomechanics review for a dressage rider

It’s nap time at Serendipity Dressage!

When Good Riding Instruction Becomes Great

For my fellow instructors and trainers, here is something for us, as horse professionals, to take a moment and review about ourselves.

Do we take the time to teach at each rider's level, or do we use one exercise and try to make it fit all riders that day? Can we break down the basics, which are the most important moments of training, to help our riders understand not only THAT they should be doing something, but WHAT the goal/outcome/result should be, HOW it is done, and WHY it is going to be good for the future?

Now, while we all have a little more time on our hands than we might prefer, let's take a moment or two each day to review our past and present students. Have you had a student that you just couldn't get through to?

Read this article, and see if you can find where YOU could have improved the educating. You might not get that student again, but the same scenario will arise if you don't work to round out your teaching and speaking skills.

Good luck, and remember we can all be better! Great instructors repeatedly show characteristics that make positive effects on their students. They are the ones that make a difference in their riders in one single ride. What are these traits?

We had beautiful (if a little hotter than expected) weather for our first Serendipity Ride-A-Test last Saturday at the farm! We had some great rides, some even better AHA moments following the rides, and I think everyone walked away with something to work on before their next show.

Some feedback from the day includes:
“Thank you so much for a great day. I had fun and learned a lot. You really, really helped me. I have been told that I was crooked but you described how to fix it. Also, we worked on it and you didn’t move on to 50 other things.” 
“ that was a great experience yesterday! You are a wonderful teacher!… Everyone is looking forward to the next one.”

We are estimating our next Ride-A-Test to be in July (we usually have a lovely breeze all day at the farm); so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

Pictures will be coming, but here are a few of Michaela Z riding her Training 2 test with On My Que!

Wishing all you 'horse moms' a happy mother's day :) Here's a little throwback to Satori and me after our demo ride for ERAF, a local rescue foundation in Palm Beach!

How Gratitude Can Take Your Riding to the Next Level

Another great one for the times we are in! With horse shows, clinics and most trail riding shut down, it is easy to get into a funk, stop riding, and start sulking.

While down time is important for growth, when you DO get back in the saddle, take a moment to be grateful for the opportunity to be there.

Your horse will feel it, your body will feel it, and I guarantee you'll have a better ride! What are you grateful for? That might seem like a strange question to ask a rider in a performance article, but it’s one well worth exploring. Research shows that the emotion of gratitude has been linked to better overall physical and mental health, as well as sounder sleep, reduced anxiety and l...

[05/07/20]   The schedule is out for our May 9th Ride-A-Test! While we are not promoting this event as a spectator event to keep in line with the current health regulations, we encourage everyone to keep their eyes on our page for fun updates about the day and photos of our riders!

9:00 Cheryl Resch – Go Weapons Hot – Training Level Test 2
9:30 Tracy Ramirez – Casper 7 – First Level Test 3
10:00 Michele Russell – Urussui Interagro – Second Level Test 3
10:30 Gail Aylward – Rainey – Intro Level Test B
11:00 Justine Griffin – Magic Mike – First Level Test 1
11:30 Barbara Van Winkle – Pepper – WD Intro Test 4
12:30 Mary Ann Giandonoto – Guiness Stout – Beginner Novice Test B
1:00 Dina Jones – Peter – Intro Level Test C
1:30 Pam Scott – Rotweltia – Training Level Test 3
2:00 Michaela Zuercher – On My Que – Training Level Test 2 TWICE

THIS.... check out this amazing example of how much our bodies lead our horses' bodies. I have had similar experiences working with Mary on a seemingly esoteric body part that leads to unbelievable change in the horse, and in working with my own students.

What we carry in our bodies carries over...

A number of years ago I had an interesting lesson with a student. The rider was struggling with getting a constant contact with her horse. After watch both of them move around the arena for a while and seeing the mare, chomp, and fiddle with her tongue and bit I asked the rider “where is your tongue sitting in your mouth? To this the rider stopped the horse and said ” how the hell did you know that” so it turns out that this rider has a gap in-between one of her upper molars and she has a habit of twisting her tongue to place the tongue in the gap.

When I asked her to place her tongue softly onto the top of her mouth the horse became quite in its contact and as the lesson went on the horse began to move freer in the shoulders, the rider’s tonal quality of her arms into her hand and fingers became a soft tone.

So why is this so, I asked myself, and did some research.

Why would the riders tongue affect the horses tongue so much?

Well from what I have researched the hyoid bone is part of the tongue movement apparatuses as the omohyoid muscle origin site at the superior border of the scapula and can vary in location and in size, and at times the muscle also originates from the superior transverse scapular ligament. The attachment of the central tendon can be only to the clavicle or to the clavicle and the first rib.

Wow I thought so when her tongue curls up a whole tension goes from her tongue down to her shoulder which must create a tension down her whole arm to her hand. This in turn puts a tension onto the rein and bit which travels onto the horse’s tongue, so guess what this also affects the horses hyoid bone and his omohyoid muscle into the shoulder causing the tight steps and fussy mouth. It’s a circle of tension.

Along with this is the TMJ joint of both parties again the hyoid bone, which is located in the throat latch area in the horse and upper throat of the human comes into play, as the hyoid connects to the larynx, pharynx and tongue and articulates with the temporal bone.

With the horse it’s more complex as the TMJ also has the ear movement involved so mouthy horses, head shakers or sensitivity in this area could be a having tension in this area, if the rider is tight in the hyoid or TMJ it should be checked out. If a rider is constantly clamping the jaw I often get them to chew gum to help prevent this.

I was so fascinated by this I asked Sharon May Davies to show me the hyoid of the horse on my last course with her. I was amazed how big it was and yet frail it was.

And so when the rider asked me “how did I know that”, it was a simple answer “the horse told me” but I did tell them the next day exactly why it was affecting her mare after doing some research. It’s all part of looking outside the box, to find a solution which works for the horse and can carefully guide the rider into a better place.

Sometimes the rider makes the coach look deeper as to the why something worked. Your gut feel can’t always be enough information for the rider. Also by having hard facts it takes away the mystical element of the lesson.

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Sultano MC sales video

Sultano MC ("Sully") is one of my favorite horses around the barn. That's why I'm looking for the *perfect* home for this talented young Lusitano gelding!

Check out his sale video:

Lovely young Spanish horse with 3 elastic gaits, sure to be a show stopper in the competition ring!

Virtual Biomechanics Review #1 — Serendipity Dressage

A picture is worth a 1,000 words! Excited to share our first virtual biomechanics review for a lovely barrel racer I met through 4-H. (Yes, all disciplines are welcome!)

Learn how this rider can help her horse turn with better balance and cross the finish line faster :)

Have a photo you'd like me to review? Message it to me with a short description of what you're doing in the moment! Check out our virtual biomechanics review for a barrel racer!

Searching for that perfect combination of an in-your-pocket pony and look-at-my-horse show star? Look no further than Sultano MC!

Affectionately known as Sully, this lovely young Lusitano gelding is looking for the right person to bring him up the levels.

At 16.1 1/2 hh and just coming 5, Sully has a wonderful walk and canter, complemented by an easy-to-sit trot.

Learn More:

A Celebration of Firsts — Serendipity Dressage

New blog alert! It's time we start celebrating all the "firsts" along the way. Click to see why this has been on my mind so much lately: Why not celebrate our firsts as much as we celebrate our later successes?

Florida has our heart, and it's sure to capture yours when you visit. The new Serendipity Dressage HQ is designed with our students and horses top-of-mind

Building a barn is hard work. Sometimes you have to take a break to remember your "why"... from horseback, of course! #dressage #horsebarn #serendipitydressage

We thought you'd enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes of our barn building adventure. Creating a safe, comfortable horsey home base was our top priority. Check out some fun nighttime progress pics!

[Insert happy tears] This was my first ride in our beautiful new outdoor arena. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and talents to bring this to life :)

Come see it for yourself! (We're now in Brooksville, Florida.)

Looking more like the arena we envisioned every day! Thinking about all the milestone lessons, big breakthroughs, and everyday little victories that will happen here keeps us going :) #dreambig #dressage #serendipitydressage

We may ride alone, but this is still a team sport! Message us a photo of you riding (any discipline and level) for a free mini biomechanics analysis. Fresh eyes, real progress :)


It’s a beautiful day for a clinic! We are excited to welcome back Stephany Fish of Serendipity Dressage for a 3-day biomechanics clinic at Haku Baldwin Center. Lots of great moments already this morning on Day 1.

Photo (L-R):
Loretta on Budwiser, Michele on Freedrick, trainer Ann Lentz, clinician Stephany Fish (far right)

Adults love playing in the dirt, too! Here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse as we began working on our new outdoor arena. (P.S. Now it's ready to ride!) #dreambig #dressage #serendipitydressage

It's easy to feel paralyzed by BIG dreams. The key is to chip away at them one small step at a time. When we saw this property a year ago, we saw our future. Now, we're making it a reality! #dreambig #dressage #serendipitydressage

Hard to believe, but we're celebrating our first anniversary at the new Serendipity Dressage HQ today!!! Watch our page this month to see how our new barn and arena have come to life :)

It's never too early to get on the schedule for 2020 :)

Fear and the Fake-It-Until-You-Make-It Phenomenon — Serendipity Dressage

If fear is holding you (or your horse) back, it's time to get help. Start with my favorite tips: Fear can keep you (and your horse) from reaching your full potential — but it doesn’t have to. Get actionable tips for anxious horses and riders in my blog about fear.

Dressage Solutions: Keep Your Head Up and Your Body Aligned

A little throwback to my Dressage Today training tip: Try this tip from Stephany Fish.

About Us

Stephany Fish Crossman combines teaching and training into one harmonious package. She blends years of classical dressage training and a deep knowledge of biomechanics to produce horse and rider partnerships who are confident, competitive, athletic, and happy to do their jobs day-in, day-out.

And, by instilling proper horsemanship fundamentals and customized groundwork and mounted exercises, she ensures every rider she teaches and every horse she trains emerges one (or many!) step closer to their goals.

Learn more or book a clinic at

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