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It’s been too long: F**k your couch!
If you any of you guys and gals were at The event last week please take a moment to fill out. Thanks you
Hello Dear Sir/Madam. we are manufacturer of gym waitlifting and crossfit accessories with your own logo if any enquiries or contact on whatsapp +92 322 730 5507
***SPONSOR ANNOUNCEMENT*** The 2017 Buffalo Fitness Expo on September 9th at the Buffalo Convention Center is Proud to introduce Iron & Stone as one of our Featured Sponsors! "Iron & Stone is for the people that choose a different path. For the people with crass implements in dusty garages, musty basements, rainy backyards, and chalk filled training facilities. We're for those who choose work over complacency, that sacrifice sweat, blood, and comfort to answer the primal calling to lift iron and stone." Stop by booth #181, check out their amazing fitness apparel and meet Eric Cedrone and the rest of their great team, Visit them on Facebook and their website at: [email protected] Get Your Tickets Now at:

Dedicated to quality, strength, and community. We are lifters of Iron & Stone.

Operating as usual

The I&S Tack Shirt *PREORDER* *** THESE WILL BE AVAILABLE PREORDER ONLY, PREORDER ENDS SUN 11/8, SHIPPING APPROX 3 WEEKS LATER *** Our goal was to create a grip shirt that is functional during training or competition that still looks good on the street. After running a few prototypes and thoroughly testing them, we decided they....

For 3 years now, our grip shirts have been used in training and competitions around the world.
They are available now on our site and after this week, they're gone.
Throwback to @the_ludus_strongman_gym at last year's GLSM in beautiful Traverse City!

Put the politics aside and go move weight.⁣

Lifter hoodie available preorder only, ends Sunday. ⁣⁣

No matter who wins today, we can agree on one thing.
The Lifter Hoodie is rad.
Preorder only, ends Sunday!

Grip shirt preorder is LIVE!
Over the last 3 years this shirt has been battle tested by some of the strongest all over the world. These will be available PREORDER ONLY until 11/8

Happy Monday all!
Grip shirts and Lifter hoodie preorder going live tonight!

Weekly crew meeting.

The only thing that makes comps a success is the athletes, the volunteers, and the venue, and today all 3 were amazing. I forgot how much I missed losing my voice yelling at friends as they crush weights.
PRs were made.
Static Monsters Buffalo was a great success! Thank you to all that made it happen.

This year has thrown some rocks in our path but we ain't stopping. This weekend we're hosting Static Monsters Buffalo and coming soon is a Lifter hoodie reboot!
Also, it's been too long since we've made beanies. Time to get working on some.
Let's go!

Thank you.
All orders going out today!
Local pickup will be at HQ tonight after work.
Next preorder be on Lifter Hoodies?

Proud to be part of this year's Static Monsters Worldwide.
This will be really fun. We're holding it in a secret location and capped it at 25. A big difference from 100 competitors and 5 platforms, this will be a fun day of friends maxing out on log and axle dead.
Who knows, maybe NCS will be secret location too so we can run it the way we want to without worries of covid shutdowns and venue issues.

It's becoming hoodie szn.
Every year we do the Lifter hoodie. Change it up or don't screw with everyone's favorite hoodie?

When I say "we" when referring to I/S, I really am just referring to myself.
Every poorly folded shirt, every edit on the website, every email over every social media channel, every post is made by some dude named Eric who gets help from his wife, Allie, on shows. We've travelled all over the Northeast sponsoring comps of all sizes. We have somehow set up booths in crazy wind, rain, mud, sleet, convention centers, and packed gyms, many times with the whole family. You'll always find free ammonia caps, pain killers, and Immodium for athletes as well as some homemade cookies.
We run a few USS shows a year aside from this year and I'm the one usually running around like an insane person enjoying a flask towards the end.
So why the hell do we do this? Because we wanted to make rad sh*t and support a community that we love. We've met so many awesome people at shows and look forward to a more normal comp season next year.
I'm just a normal guy that likes to deadlift and has small calves. I work a day job and all of I/S happens between 430am-6am or 7pm or later. I screw up. I sometimes miss emails regarding wrong size being ordered, shipping address change, site troubles, etc.
If you ever have an issue go to the contact us part of the site and shoot me a text.
Thank you for all the support. Pumped to get these preorders rolling!

Growth mindset for life.
Preorder ends today.
We will NOT be printing any additional.
Printed in Buffalo on the best fitting tees on the planet.

The reason we named the brand Iron and Stone is that when you strip away fitness trends, social media likes, name brand sleeves/belts/straps/shoes all you're left with is you vs Iron and Stone. ⁣

We don't have fancy retargeting programs, click funnels, and SEO plans yet people around the world have found us. ⁣

Our gear is printed right here in Buffalo NY. Our canopy and die cut stickers also came from Buffalo friends. Here's the handpainted sign from our first show by my man Mike and a collab with @mt.garner whose also a Buffalo native. ⁣

We support strength sports locally by hosting comps and sponsoring comps all over the NE. ⁣

We're more than just some company marketing to lifters. If you're ever in Buffalo, hit us up and come train. I look forward to getting back to business and continuing to do what we set out to do including hosting a @static_monsters comp Oct 24th!⁣

Thank you to all those that preordered our new tee! Preorder only lasts through this weekend and will be the ONLY way to get the tee. We won't be printing extras!⁣

Stay real.⁣

When they said that 96% of covid deaths involved a comorbidity, only one thing came to mind.
Weakness is never a strength.
I know not all comorbidities can be avoided but I sure as hell ain't gonna sit on my ass and wait for death.

Printed in Buffalo on the best fitting tee on the planet.
Preorder is LIVE!
We will not be printing any extras so now's the time.
We now have a free local delivery and pickup option!

You're either growing, moving forward, and progressing or you're going backwards.
Growth mindset for life.

Tag is in your quarantine set ups!
@obese_to_fckn_beast picking up stuff and putting em back down in our Deadlift Tee.

Sometimes you gotta self audit.
I'm always all in. My friends know me as anything other than moderate.
While that mentality benefits me, it sometimes doesn't. My focus has been 100% but not on I/A.
Time to get back to where we started. We'll be doing some charity, lifting not only weights but others, and putting out some new stuff.
We're going to start things off with monthly preorder only releases never to be printed again. News on new gear coming this weekend!

Throwback to loading up the 4Runner for shows, traveling 100s of miles to set up a booth and chill with people.
My kids got so used to traveling that they just recently asked when we'll be at a hotel next.
Scrolling through old pics of shows and the beginning days of I/S reminded me of what the brand became. For many, it's never been tshirts (even though they fit the best), it's a community, a crew with common goals.
Looking forward to the next release, and looking forward to getting back on track by supporting the sport through sponsoring shows.

It's never too late.
We're getting this thing back up and running.
Stay tuned for a limited release.
It will be preorder only, there will be no stock outside of preorders, no reprints, no on demand.

I miss sponsoring shows and meeting lots of people.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't regret running the brand into the ground. I was looking for some big turnouts at shows that we were promoting to undig the ditch that I/S dug when I tried to trade my 9-5 for doing this full time.
It's still been an amazing last few years. It's been wild to show up at The Arnold and be known by people from all over, to see orders come from all over the world, to be represented in a Rogue video, big names in the sport rocking us, and the ability to help some charities and help the sport grow.
We did it the way we wanted. To be at shows, support the sport on a grassroots level and sponsor resources that help grow the sport. We collaborated with athletes and artists that we believed in and put out the highest quality product we can. We put out a grip shirt that didn't make you look like a sequined power ranger at a price point that didn't break the bank.
I/S is still very alive on a local level and who knows, maybe we'll get new releases one day after we clear debts. For now, there's a handful of tees for $10 and sweatshirts for $15 on our site along with a Threadless store of some of our past releases, with new styles including kids stuff.
Thank you for all the support you've given us.
Stay strong everyone.
- Eric

Throwback to 2017, the first pic we were tagged in with our Deadlift tee by one of the OG's: @gingerback_gorilla.
I've been seeing other brands make PHub tees, some even saying Deadlift. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
These are available in tanks, tees, and hoodies!

People forget that barbells were designed to make lifting weights easier.

Anybody want a souvenir from a show they did? I have some left over flyers from shows we promoted. If you're local, let me know and we'll meet up. If not, hot me up. I can figure out shipping and get it out for like $5

Some of our designs now available in products/colors we never had for men, women, and kids!

Heard this on a program and it struck me as something I should post immediately. Excuses, no matter how valid, understandable, or true, won't change your condition. The world is full of examples of people that had excuses bigger than yours but didn't pay attention to them and overcame. Get over yourself and take action to move you in a direction of progress, whatever that may look like to you.

I think of what happened to the brand and have mixed feelings. One one side, I'm amped that I got to travel all over and meet tons of people. I'm still shocked that we somehow went from 25 tees in a trunk to Japan, Thailand, Germany, UK, Australia, Netherlands, and every state in the US. I feel that we were able to add to the sport. We supported many comps, hosted our own, sponsored resources, were represented by a pro, and gave a bunch to charity.
On the other hand, I resent the brand or at least what happened to it. I tried to make the jump from employee to employer and ran it into the ground, all the while growing debt.
Aside from a print on demand store through Threadless, maybe 10 tees, and a gym that's closed due to covid, we're generally dead. I like that though. I work best from the bottom, clawing to the top, armed with lessons learned.
We're still here, and we're not done.

If you want to seriously improve your life, make it a priority to be positive.
Control that internal voice, control outside influence, and make it a priority to stay positive no matter what and see how quickly things change.

Here's a picture from our last crew event day two months ago.
Looking forward to things being back soon

It's Monday. Time to hustle.
Pick up something heavy, push a car, find a rock or log in some woods, anything.

501KG Deadlift - Hafthor Bjornsson

Amazing! 501kg deadlift!

History made. @thorbjornsson pulls a massive 501kg / 1,104lbs deadlift. #ryourogue

Full Live Stream | Hafthor Bjornsson 501KG Deadlift Attempt

Live in 5 hours Complete live stream of Hafthor Bjornson’s 501KG Deadlift attempt from Reykjavik, Iceland. Tune in May 2, 2020 at 12:00PM ET. Follow @roguefitness on Instagr...

I haven't put much content out here, and haven't done much with the brand for the last few months, which sucks. ⁣

In a few years, we grew this thing from a small tote in a trunk, to a worldwide brand with people rocking our stuff around the globe. It's been amazing and we've met so many great people. We had a ball traveling all over the northeast, sponsoring contests and meeting all sorts of people. We had fun at the Arnold with my bum leg and plenty of day drinking. ⁣

To be honest though, the model of spending every dime to support contests and put out more hear wasn't sustainable. Me trying to make a living at this only overstrained the company and put us in debt. Thankfully, I landed an awesome job in January, so I can go back to I&S as a fun sidegig. ⁣

We won't be doing any drops soon, won't be sponsoring contests for a bit, and we are uncertain on when our gym can reopen. We do have a bit of gear left at a serious discount though. We also have a large percentage of our designs on our print on demand store, which still supports us the same.⁣

Our plans for 2020 has been put on hold a bit, but still remain. Nickel City's Strongest will continue, although we are unsure if it will be pushed back. Static Monsters in October and Festivus this winter will still be a go. Our gym will hopefully reopen shortly and we have a few upgrades planned. As far as gear goes, we will keep the Threadless site going with some new designs, we plan on continuing what a friend of mine started with his product he sold as American Oak, and an annual drop of super premium hoodies and jackets. ⁣

Iron & Stone never dies.⁣
- Eric⁣

Our Story

In June of 2017, with goals of promoting strength sports and giving back to the community through charity, Iron & Stone was born. We started with 25 t-shirts sold mostly to our home strongman crew.

Fast forward to 2019, we have a strongman gym in Buffalo, NY, can be found in countries across the globe, and on the backs of some of the strongest in the world.

We continue to run our company small, with only the two of us managing social media and shipping. All apparel is printed locally on the highest quality products we can find.

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