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Coach- Helping you Unleash your Badass power, feel strong and confident in your body.

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“I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me “

SWIPE ➡️ for some real classy photoshoot Pics . It’s how I roll😂

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Happy Saturday 💛

Ask me about my online programs currently on sale - tailored 1:1 and group programs available💥💪🏼🎉

🎉Fearless Warrior starts on Monday Jan 1st !! Limited spaces remain .

Let’s gooo🔥💪🏼

Grab it for $249 for the final time before my prices increase.

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I’m all about us thriving not just surviving through these rocky few years !

Spanning from late 30’s for peri menopause (can vary ) all the way through menopause (where u haven’t seen a period in over a year ) to post menopause- the remainder of your life .

Each and every one of us is different. We all have different needs , goals , signs and symptoms during these years. Some women are lucky and don’t seem to be affected all that much , while others struggle with a myriad of things such as

Weight gain
Sleep issues
Night sweats
Pelvic floor issues
Balance issues

Plus not to mention bone and muscle loss

Are u struggling with any of these ?

There needs to be more emphasis on our physical - emotional - mental wellbeing during these times.

Please like and share with all the beautiful women who are in their late 30’s -60 and beyond who are ready to kick some ass and prioritize themselves🔥💪🏼

Here’s to thriving girl



“The world needs strong women who lift and build others , who will love and be loved.
Women who live bravely , both tender and fierce.
Women of indomitable will. “


🔥Ready take the leap girl ? Ask me about my Thriving in Menopause Beta online program! 5 women will receive $500 off !

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“Embrace the discomfort of growth, for in that space, you’ll discover the true extent of your power.”


1 2 or 3 ?



⭐️Currently in peri menopause/ menopause
⭐️Looking to gain strength
⭐️Lose fat
⭐️Gain control of their eating habits while still having a life
⭐️Increase their energy
⭐️Help reduce / mitigate associated menopause symptoms
⭐️Improve sleep/ stress levels
⭐️Ready to take control over your health and wellbeing so you can THRIVE during this stage of your life and really step into your power.

I am running a Beta program "THRIVING IN MENOPAUSE" where I will be offering 50% OFF my 12 week online coaching program for JUST 5 ladies ONLY until Dec.

If you sign up before Dec 9th, not only will you save 50% you will also receive -

🎉FREE Bonus
🎉1 MONTH FREE extra coaching with me and text support over the Holidays.

This program starts January 8th 2024

⭐️Are you interested in learning more ? Please send me a message or comment "THIRVE" below for more info!

Let's get you thriving girl 💪🏻🥳


📣BIGGEST sale of the year is here on my online coaching programs.🥳

🎉SAVE UP TO $500 ( £400) on my online private coaching program ( 3 or 6 months ).

🎉FREE BONUS and LOCK IN your price FOREVER when you hop on to Fearless Warrior group coaching program ( starts Dec 4th)

🎉1 MONTH FREE coaching support over the Holidays when you save your spot on my 1;1 online coaching program to start January

🎉BETA program 50% OFF! when you sign up for my Thriving in Menopause program starting in Jan.

DM me or comment " WARRIOR" for info !

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BLACK FRIDAY sales all week long girls! 🎉🎉🎉

All the way through to Cyber Monday I’ll be offering discounts / bonuses and special sign up deals on my online coaching packages !

Would love you to be 10 steps ahead come the new year with your health and fitness goals💛👊🏻

🎉supporting you through the holidays while STILL enjoying your food

🎉Accountability and support

🎉Coaching schedule / videos

🎉Nutrition guide

🎉FREE BONUS holiday survival guide including recipes

🎉Unlimited text support (1:1 coaching )

Not sure if you can commit to start before January ? No probs ! Sign up this week and LOCK in current price FOREVER on my group and private online coaching 🎉

DM me with “THRIVE” to learn more and save your spot !


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Photos from Ceri Lucey- Coaching's post 11/14/2023

“She stood in the storm , and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails “ 💛


Swipe ➡️ which one is your favorite ?



“After 40, she’s not reclaiming ; she’s a Badass Warrior conquering new frontiers of self love and resilience “🔥

Thank you to my dear friend and incredible photographer
for capturing me.

Ready to unleash your inner badass warrior girl ? DM me for info on my online coaching offers I’m currently running . Save $$ and FREE BONUSES included.

Photos from Ceri Lucey- Coaching's post 11/10/2023

“After 40, she’s not reclaiming ; she’s a badass warrior , conquering new frontiers of self love and resilience “ 🔥💛

A huge thank you to my dear friend and incredible photographer for capturing me.

Which one is your fave ?

🔥If you’re looking to unleash your inner badass warrior , DM me for my current online coaching offers !

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Black Friday sales are starting today and will run all month long !

For my 12 week online group coaching program “Fearless Warrior” - this starts next Monday November 6th.

There is only space for 10 ladies in this group , so be quick !

Comment “ WARRIOR” and I’ll send you over the details 💪🏼🔥

Make sure you keep an eye out for more deals over the coming weeks

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Happy Halloween 💀

Swipe for some serious trick or treating 😅

Not that you can see my costume (not that it’s a costume at all)

Just call me a tired AF zombie mom during the Holidays ? 😂💀

Hope u all have a great one


Why do I want you to start your health and fitness journey NOW , and not the New Year ??

Think back to last Thanksgiving and Christmas for a sec ..

Did you find yourself so busy rallying around everyone else, your own self care was not a priority ?

-Maybe you ate way too much
-Drank too much
-Had a longer break off work and found yourself on the couch munching on candies and leftovers a little too much ?

I know for me - a few days of eating and drinking like an as***le - and I feel depressed and super low energy and even MORE unmotivated to do anything.

What if you started NOW?

How would you feel if you were able to get a great balance of fun over the festive period , while still being on the right track to meet your goals?

It’s not about avoiding the tempting treats , and over doing crazy workouts.

It’s about putting a few little things in place, having SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY.

I promise you will still have a great time, but make progress along the way !

So when January rolls around you’re gonna be 10 steps ahead already !!

You’re always gonna be busy
There is never gonna be the right time to start anything.
New things will come into your life

When it comes to your health and wellbeing though - I want you to be one step ahead !

With that being said - I’ve opened up 10 more spots to start my November - fearless warrior group program 🔥💪🏼

We start Nov 6th !! That’s gonna give you almost 2 full months head start before the Christmas period to really make progress and put habits in place.
- lock in current price before it goes up !
- 12 weeks of online coaching
- group support
-free bonus included
- nutrition guide

Message me “warrior “ for details and I’ll save your spot !

Let’s get it girl



As we age, muscle loss is inevitable.

Several factors influence the rate of muscle loss in individuals, including genetics, lifestyle, physical activity, nutrition, and hormonal changes.

Women, in general, tend to experience a gradual decline in muscle mass over the age of 30.

So many of my female clients come to me for glute training.

It also takes TIME to build a bum ⏰🍑

It’s important to share the major benefits of building an ass that you can crack walnuts with, that’s not just about aesthetics.

These are some of the HUGE benefits in building strong glutes for everyone , esp for women.

🍑Helps reduce the risk of injury to knees , back and hips . Having strong glutes help reduce stress on your knees.

🍑Helps improve lower back pain

🍑Better posture (again due to improving low back pain too).

🍑Improved Athletics: Strong glutes boost power, speed, and agility in sports- running /jumping to

🍑Better hip mobility

🍑Pelvic Floor health - improve function

🍑Metabolism boost- think- big muscles burn more cals :)

🍑Core stability and balance

🍑Balance- reducing risk of falling as we get older

🍑Aesthetics- because body confidence matters :)

🍑Functional health and movement- keeps you agile, making everyday tasks easier and keeps you active ! So important as we age


Now go build a bum . Happy Saturday 💛

🎉Send me a DM for info on how you can work with me in November 💪🏼



Just over here creating some content for my online clients 🤓💪🏼

It makes me so happy to be able to help so many women with their health and fitness journeys.

We are all so unique , with different bodies , needs, goals and circumstances.

Im here to help you THRIVE girl , through pivotal moments in your life 💪🏼🔥👊🏻

F**k yeah !

🥳If you are looking to prioritize YOU, set new goals, and ready to say 🖕🖕to thinking you can’t become a badass , thriving , strong ass warrior in your 40’s - shoot me a DM with “ THRIVE” and I can send you info on how you can work with me ! 👊🏻💛


Photos from Ceri Lucey- Coaching's post 10/18/2023

She believed she could, so she did 💛💪🏼

Drop a 💛 in the comments if this resonates with you.

🥳 send me a message for ways you can work with me ! Special Holiday offers are brewing for you



Hope you’re having a great Monday

💛Been feeling stuck in a rut ?
💛You “want” to change , but feel it’s going to take too long or it’s just too hard ?
💛You lack discipline , or so you tell yourself anyway
💛You’ve tried so many ways to get fit , lose weight , but nothing “works”
💛You feel so short on time , between work, kids , appts and LIFE- you can’t possibly find time to get yourself in great shape too !

I hear you. I’m also hear to tell it all starts with your 🧠

“She believed she could , so she did “ - R. S Grey 💛

Here are some mindset shifts you can try when the s**t hits the fan , and you feel like you can’t !

🧠Prioritize self care. See it as a necessity NOT a luxury. Your own well being matters just as much as your family and work commitments! This time you invest into yourself will make u better equipped to handle other 💩in life 👊🏻💪🏼

🧠Shift that mindset girl that workouts need to be time consuming to be effective. They DONT,

🧠Plan and schedule your workout , walks, self care stuff just like you would with a work meeting. Same for meal prep if you want to do this. Seeing all this on a calendar makes it soooo much easier to tackle.

🧠Multi task your day ! Busy day at the office ? On a bunch of calls / meetings ? Take a walking meeting , invest in a walking pad at home. Do some stretches at the desk . Got a quick 20 mins workout in your lunch break . You might not think it’s much but over time - it ALL adds up💪🏼

🧠Delegate and lean on your support network. It’s important to ask for help ! Don’t try to do everything yourself. Same goes for home life.

The 🔑 is to be realistic and flexible !
By making these little mindset shifts , you can 100% fit your fitness and self care into your life without sacrificing other commitments

🥳I thrive on helping women through pivotal moments in their lives with my 1:1 online coaching program.
I want YOU to prioritize your health and wellbeing.

Ready to get started ?
DM me “IM READY” for ways you can work with me.

You got this girl. I’m with you every step of the way 🥳💪🏼

Photos from Ceri Lucey- Coaching's post 10/10/2023

Hey guys 💛

Exciting things in the works

🥳New program coming
🥳Holiday offers on their way
🥳Some collabs

Which pic ?😂



“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
-Henry David Thoreau

Have a great Sunday .

Let’s prepare today for an incredible week ahead 🔥

You got this 💪🏼

Photos from Ceri Lucey- Coaching's post 10/03/2023

Carving out self care time with Sean in tow.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to get ALONE time. I just make the most of it.

I get my steps in. I aim for 10k a day
We both get outside.
We chat about what we see and it’s nice bonding time for us.

I also have a podcast in one ear so I can work on myself 🤓💪🏼

So never tell me you don’t have time mama, we MAKE time , right ?

What are you doing today to fill your cup ?

Swipe to the last one to see Mr cheeky 😂

If you’re looking for some guidance with your health and fitness journey, I would love to help !

I help you create a schedule that works FOR you.

I can show you how to create sustainable habits for life without giving up too much of your time or your fave foods.

Send me a DM with any questions regarding my online coaching methods 💪🏼💛


📣Now is the perfect time to start !

When January rolls around , you’re already gonna be steps ahead 💪🏼

Final 4 days left to sign up for my new Fearless Warrior group program !🔥

🥳Monday October 2nd we start !

Would love to support you

What more info ? DM me

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“Being challenged in life is inevitable . Being defeated is optional “ 💪🏼💛

🚨 I opened up a NEW additional group for my Fearless Warrior 12 week group program - get started October 2nd ! 🔥🥳💪🏼

I have space for 10 girls.

Not sure how it works or if it’s for you ? No probs - just drop me a DM with “WARRIOR” and I’ll give you all the info 💪🏼🔥💛

Photos from Ceri Lucey- Coaching's post 09/24/2023

Tapping into my Fearless Warrior Energy 🤓🔥

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another.
We should raise each other up”

SWIPE ➡️ for reality 😂

Which one is your fave ? 1-2-3

📣If you are ready to step up and want to become one of my Fearless Warrior gals - I would LOVE for you to join my 12 week online group coaching program 💪🏼🍑💛

I have opened a new group to start October 2nd 🥳💪🏼🔥

This will take you girls right up to Christmas, ready for the holiday 🎄

DM me if you want to learn more and to save your spot . I only have space for 10 in this one



Can you guess what I’m wishing for ?😂

My fave shirt thanks to and 😘
Happy Friday 🥰

🚨⏰Psst! Brand new group opening for my October girls. Fearless warrior 12 week program 🔥👊🏻💪🏼🥳
Limited spots on this one so grab your spot quick!
You can DM me WARRIOR for the information and save your spot





I want to give you the tools and all the support to help you succeed. 💛💪🏼

📣My 12 week private coaching offer ends on Monday! 👊🏻🥳

Listen I get it .
As a busy AF working mom, it’s very hard to find ( make ) time for you to do you !!🫠💪🏼

I can help take the headache out of it and give you the best chance to THRIVE and kick butt !

If you would like to learn more about how I can support you to reach your goals please send me a message today.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Burbank?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Empowering Women to become Strong, Pain Free and Confident through Pregnancy and Beyond.

As a pre/post natal corrective exercise specialist, coach and nutrition consultant, I am passionate about taking care of you and your baby during pregnancy, and help you recover and heal after birth. Guiding you through the healthiest pregnancy possible to feel energized, fit and strong, reduce pain and help heal your body, ensuring a smooth recovery.

Whether its core weakness, pelvic floor issues, pain or losing the excess weight postpartum, you do not have to do this alone.

I know how difficult it can be to take care of a baby and yourself, Ive been through it 3 times, and also dealt with some pretty bad pregnancy and postpartum issues.

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot become a Badass Mama!! Putting your health and fitness as a priority is ensuring you are better able to care for your little ones. Healthy body and mind, right?

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