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Thank you to Northwest School of Karate for presenting a self-defense workshop to the families in our transitional housing program! Greg and Linnaea worked with the families and staff to feel empowered and safe!
SPONSORED: Connect to your inner power at Northwest School of Karate:
We really enjoy this quality time together.
Thank you all so much for the bo. I absolutely love it!!!!
This young student almost had her Papa in hot waite for it.. Thank you Northwest School of Karate for your work with my daughter. We are both enjoying your class.

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Operating as usual

Empowering Survivors Program, organized by Greg Sommers-Herivel 04/12/2022

Empowering Survivors Program, organized by Greg Sommers-Herivel

Since we reopened in 2016, we have been teaching survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault for free. We are now looking to expand the number of students we can include in this program. Please support our program:

Empowering Survivors Program, organized by Greg Sommers-Herivel The Northwest School of Karate’s Empowering Survivors Program is a martial arts sch… Greg Sommers-Herivel needs your support for Empowering Survivors Program

Empowering Survivors Program, organized by Greg Sommers-Herivel 04/11/2022

Empowering Survivors Program, organized by Greg Sommers-Herivel

Please donate and share our fundraiser!

Empowering Survivors Program, organized by Greg Sommers-Herivel The Northwest School of Karate’s Empowering Survivors Program is a martial arts sch… Greg Sommers-Herivel needs your support for Empowering Survivors Program


Video introduction to the Empowering Survivors Program. More info:


How have you shown compassion to others this week? How about to yourself?


We may have to try this.




Thank you to all who cleaned the dojo this morning!

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Richard Humbert on TikTok

Winning isn't beating others.

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Never take your eyes off your opponent.

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Girls' Confidence Plummets Starting at Age 8: Here's How to Keep Her Confidence Strong 11/25/2021

Girls' Confidence Plummets Starting at Age 8: Here's How to Keep Her Confidence Strong

Martial arts is a great way to build and maintain confidence. The dojo is a community that encourages growth. As a student advances, they also learn to teach and mentor others, which is powerful tool for self esteem.

Girls' Confidence Plummets Starting at Age 8: Here's How to Keep Her Confidence Strong The authors of the bestselling confidence guide for girls share advice for parents on how to stop the steep drop in confidence common among tween girls.


This is why we teach survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault for free. If you know anyone who could use an additional path for healing send them our way.

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Re-sharing my recent opinion piece which explains in detail why I believe martial arts could have a powerful role in helping change the story. 🥋🧡


Support local business and give the gift of fitness and self confidence! Gift certificates available here:


Sensei to sensei, sensei to senpai, senpai to kohai, kohai to the person who walked into the dojo for the first time...

And it gains greater light in the world. Keep lighting those candles, folks!

🗓 Ends Oct 24 | Celebrate 2021 10/20/2021

🗓 Ends Oct 24 | Celebrate 2021

We are proud to continue to support Lighthouse NW in their mission to end the cycle of domestic violence. Visit their auction site and you will see our contribution of 3 months of instruction, as well as offers from many other local companies.

🗓 Ends Oct 24 | Celebrate 2021 Thanks for helping families break the cycle of domestic abuse! You are providing housing and hope for families to create lives they love! Share this link with your friends to share Lighthouse

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NorseForged on TikTok

It is important to be honest about your martial arts heritage. As always skill is the important factor.

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Much Respect TRAD video 📹mag page 📹oss 📹🙏

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Congratulations Ryo!

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While there is natural ability, it can only achieve it's potential through training.

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MORNING karate classes starting in July!
Mondays and Wednesdays
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Northwest School of Karate updated their business hours. 06/28/2021

Northwest School of Karate updated their business hours.

Northwest School of Karate updated their business hours.


Advice to parents:

What I notice often is parents showing anxiety around their child's behavior and ability in class. Understand this - learning karate is a very unique and personal journey. It can often be overwhelming and is designed to push a person, whether adult or child, out of their comfort zone. Because of this, your child might behave in ways you are not used to. They may get shy, they may act out. This is normal. It is not a poor reflection of your child or you as a parent. Sometimes they will struggle with following directions. Often times they will do things wrong. This is okay, and is expected. The other children you see who are not showing this struggle now, had their own struggles to get past to get to where they are now. Be patient.

Very few just get it from the beginning. Natural ability is in no way an indicator of success in karate.

So my advice is this. Relax and simply enjoy this time. Be patient with yourself and your student. Allow them to struggle and be supportive of their journey. Tell them they can overcome the challenges they are facing. Sympathize with their frustration, while encouraging them to stick with it. It is the sensei's job to tell them the corrections they need to make. You get to take a break from telling your child what to do and instead you can share the journey with them. This gives you an opportunity to experience your child's growth in a different way. Take advantage of that. It will not only promote your child's journey, it will expand your relationship with your child.

I respect this can be a difficult process, but both you and your child will be rewarded by this.

You can always talk to your sensei about your concerns. We are here for your student, to support them and push them to grow. Karate isn't simply a physical discipline. It promotes one's emotional and mental development as well.


6:00 AM - 7:00 AM weekdays! Get your workout in before work.


Please support Lighthouse NW in their mission to break the cycle of domestic violence!

It’s the final hours for #GiveBIG! Have you donated to us during #GiveBIG today? Make sure to let your friends know how you #dogood and where you are giving! #WashingtonGives


The humble warrior is the least dangerous to confront, the most dangerous to fight.


With April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I wanted to rebroadcast our standing offer to teach anyone who has been sexually assaulted for free. This includes having been stalked.

We recognize the long term impacts that the trauma of sexual assault can have. Shame is a common feeling. One can feel disconnected from their body. Constant anxiety as well as self isolating can happen.

Martial arts can help with all of these. At the core of learning martial arts is self respect and self compassion. Through the journey of martial arts a student learns to have patience with themselves and honor their growth. It mirrors the journey one takes healing from trauma. It is done as an individual, but surrounded with those who are on similar journeys. You are not alone, and have support from your fellow students

To take advantage of this offer just email me at [email protected]. You do not need to tell your story. You are in control of that.


The easing of restrictions means more socially distanced in-person classes are available! Your first class is always free. Please message us. Schedules and more here:

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Demo at Awesome Kids Day 2018!




1421 S. 192nd St. #5A
Burien, WA

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 7am
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