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Rainbow Guide Service

Another great day on the Cumberland River Striper fishing with Capt Johnny Rush and Rainbow Guide Service 270 433 7674

Mutt E. Waters River Rentals LLC

It is time to hit the river!

Mutt E. Waters River Rentals LLC
So What are ya waiting for!!?
C'mon out and get ya "PAUSE" wet!!

Ky.-Tn. Trophy Fishing Guides

Great start yesterday morning striper fishing!!! Thanks to Greg Cary and Dylon Wright for coming to the rescue after our lower unit went out.

Jackson Hollow

Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce

Greetings from Burkesville!

The beautiful new postcard mural is complete! Stop by while you’re at the post office to take a look, or have your picture made with the new mural to share our beautiful town across social media!

Thanks to Partners With Pride for making this happen and to our talented local artists Charlotte Cash and Pat Ritter for creating and painting! Be watching for more new murals happening downtown soon! #greetingsfromburkesville

Cumberland County 4-H

Come out to the Cumberland County Farmer's Market and support our local 4-H members who are growing flowers and vegetables that will make you happy and healthy. 🍀🌸🍉🍅

Cumberland County 4-H

Come out to the Cumberland County Farmer's Market and support our local 4-H members who are growing flowers and vegetables that will make you happy and healthy. 🍀🌸🍉🍅

Kentucky officials stock cutthroat trout in Cumberland River The agency says the fish came from a hatchery in Arkansas, at no cost.

8 Holcombs Landing, Burkesville, KY 42717 (For Sale MyStateMLS Listing #10458244) For Sale Land 4.05 Acres in Burkesville, KY

Cumberland County Public Library

#HillStreetArtBeat #CCPLCreativeCafe #CCPL

The Bait Shop

Announcing new owners
Ernest & Tammy Anderson!
Ernest & Tammy invite you to join them
Friday, March 29th from 3-5PM
FREE SHAVED ICE (select flavors)

Annie Ruby's Cafe

Breakfast for Thursday, March 14
from 7am-10am. Take out or dine in. Phone: 270-864-2664

Country Ham Plate
Country Ham and Biscuit
Pancake Stack
Breakfast wraps- choice of bacon or sausage with eggs, cheese and hot sauce on request
Oatmeal- plain or maple & brown sugar
Omelets- made to order and served with a biscuit or toast
Chocolate Gravy and biscuits
Sausage gravy and biscuits
Sausage or bacon biscuit- optional to add cheese and/or eggs
Sausage, bacon or ham croissant- add cheese and/or eggs
Breakfast plate- served with 2 biscuits, 2 eggs cooked to order, two sausage patties or bacon and choice of grits or hash browns

The Bait Shop

New sign coming to The Bait Shop! Come see us in the morning for breakfast!

Cumberland County Cooperative Extension Service

This sweet puppy showed up at the Cumberland County Extension Office. Please share so we can get her back home!

Sulphur Creek Resort, Inc

Don’t know about y’all but we are sick and tired of the rain! Help us get over the winter blues by giving away a free pontoon rental for summer 2019! Just follow the steps below!Winner announced Friday, March 1!

Lake Cumberland District Health Department

Safety Guidelines for flood cleanup:

Commonwealth of Kentucky
Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Contact: Barbara Fox
502-564-6786, ext. 3102

Beth Fisher
502-564-6786, ext.3101

Public Health Issues Guidelines Related to Severe Flooding
Flooding can create health, safety concerns

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 25, 2019) - The Department for Public Health (DPH), within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), reminds Kentuckians to follow safety guidelines following severe flooding and water run-off events from recent rainfall across the state.

“We urge Kentuckians to use caution in flooded areas, and once floodwaters recede and the clean-up begins, to keep yourself and your family safe,” said Dr. Jeff Howard, DPH Commissioner. “Taking the time to follow safety guidelines related to food safety, mold removal and other issues helps prevent unnecessary injury and illness.”

The following precautions are recommended by DPH:

Flood Waters

During flood cleanup, the risk of incurring wounds may be increased. For this reason, cleanup workers should be sure that they are up-to-date with tetanus vaccination, ideally before starting cleanup activities. Adults need a tetanus booster shot every 10 years. Td or Tdap can be used; getting the Tdap instead of Td for one tetanus booster during adulthood is recommended to maintain protection against pertussis. Being up-to-date for tetanus vaccine can greatly simplify the treatment for any wound that might occur. Contact your regular health care provider or your local health department if you believe you may need a tetanus shot.
Flood-related drowning is also a danger, and often occurs when people become trapped by rising flood waters or when they voluntarily enter flooded areas. Never enter flood waters unless you are escaping immediate danger. Do not attempt to drive a vehicle through flood waters. Carefully monitor the weather conditions and water levels to avoid becoming surrounded by water.
Floods can damage utilities, leading to downed power lines and a risk of electrocution. Stay clear of damaged power lines. Natural gas and propane systems can produce dangerous gas leaks. If you smell gas, open doors and windows and evacuate the area.
Home Clean-up and Mold Removal

Use caution during clean-up activities. Wear proper safety equipment, such as work gloves, boots, helmets, eye and ear protection, and chainsaw chaps when operating power tools or machinery. Ensure all electrical tools are properly grounded and use ground fault interrupters (GFI) if available. Never use electrically powered tools in or near standing water.
Homeowners whose homes sustained water damage are urged to follow recommendations to limit mold growth. Mold fungi can be found indoors and outside and can accumulate in homes affected by flood/water damage. Mold grows best in warm, damp and humid conditions.
Signs of mold include discolored walls possibly showing water damage, or green or black spots apparent on walls. Mold also has a musty, earthy smell or a foul stench. Allergy sufferers tend to be most affected by mold exposure.
If mold is growing in your home, you will need to clean up the mold and fix the moisture problem. Mold growth can be removed from hard surfaces with commercial products, soap and water, or a bleach solution of no more than 1 cup of bleach in 1 gallon of water. Severe mold cases may require an expert to clean up.
DPH recommends that doors and windows be open while cleaning affected areas. Use protective glasses or goggles, rubber boots and waterproof gloves and wash clothing afterwards. If there is heavy mold growth, use a respirator or suitable mask to prevent breathing the mold. Remove all wet items that have been wet for more than 48 hours and cannot be cleaned and dried.
Food Safety

DPH also cautions people to think about food safety if they have been affected by power outages. This includes keeping freezers closed to maintain the proper temperature for frozen foods. A freezer will hold its appropriate temperature for approximately 48 hours when full and for 24 hours when half full. If you have power outages, it is best to keep freezers closed to help keep frozen food from going bad.
Refrigerated foods should be safe as long as power is out for no more than four hours. Throw away any perishable food in your refrigerator, such as meat, poultry, lunchmeats, fish, dairy products, eggs and any prepared or cooked foods that have been above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours.
For more information about public health issues related to flooding, visit or


The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is home to most of the state's human services and healthcare programs, including the Department for Medicaid Services, the Department for Community Based Services the Department for Public Health, the Department for Aging and Independent Living and the Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities. CHFS is one of the largest agencies in state government, with nearly 8,000 full- and part-time employees located across the Commonwealth focused on improving the lives and health of Kentuckians.

Cumberland County Kentucky Emergency Management

To the Citizens of Burkesville and Cumberland County.

Due to the amount of rainfall, and the water being released from Wolf Creek Dam, we are experiencing flooding in many areas of the county. The rain may have stopped, but the river is expected to rise to historic levels. And this may not happen until tonight, tomorrow, or the next day.

Roads and bridges either closed or that will possibly be closed are as follows;

Scott’s Ferry Road

Garmon’s Ferry Road

Goose Creek Road

Lawson’s Bottom Road which is Hwy 912

704 at the 4 mile marker from 61N

Cumberland Drive between the Housing Authority and Cliff Street

Gary Morgan Road at 61N

Jackson Hollow Road

Goose Creek Bridge is closed

Otter Creek Bridge is closed but you can gain access by the hill to Hwy 449

Garmon’s Ferry Bridge is closed

State Bridge in Lawson’s Bottom is closed

Crocus Creek Bridge at Bakerton will be closed later

As will the bridge on Leslie. Due to flooding in the Arat community, when this bridge closes there will be no access to areas of Leslie below the bridge.

Other areas that are affected, or possibly will be, are basically anywhere that you have seen backwater from the Cumberland River.

If you live in one of these areas areas, or another that you have concern about, we ask that you SERIOUSLY CONSIDER going to a friend or family members home in a safe area if possible. We will be opening at least one Receiving Center for those people that have no other choice of where to go. But we would like to stress that if you can stay with someone until the threat has subsided, please do so, so that we may accommodate those with serious need and nowhere else to go first.

To make sure we know where everyone is we will need to document your information at the receiving centers. So, an ID will be required to stay. For our record keeping and your safety.

PLEASE be aware of your surroundings and give yourself time to leave your home safely if you think the water might get to your home.

We need to make it clear that this water will NOT recede quickly. The water may not go down for up to a week. With the dam releasing 60,000 cubic feet per second today, we have no knowledge of what that will look like. The river could rise a couple more feet or 10 or 15 feet, we just don’t know.

If you have an emergency please call 911.

We have given you all the information we have at this point. But if you need to talk to someone you can call Emergency Management Director Greg Cary at 270-406-2923, or County Judge Executive John Phelps at 270-459-0241, or Burkesille Mayor Billy Guffey at 270-406-0189.

Thank you all and please use your heads and stay safe.

Nashville District

Nashville District Lake Cumberland Pool of record set in May 1984 at 751.69 is broken. The Lake is at elevation 751.70 and rising. Currently releasing at Wolf Creek Dam. (USACE Video by Mark Rankin) #WaterManagement #USACE

The Cumberland River - Burkesville KY - February 24th - 8:46 AM - 2019

Nashville District

New territory! Nashville District Lake Cumberland Pool of record set in May 1984 at 751.69 is broken. The Lake is at elevation 751.70 and rising. #WaterManagement #USACE

Cumberland County Kentucky Emergency Management

Nashville District

JAMESTOWN, Ky. (Feb. 23, 2019) – Officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District announce that releases at Wolf Creek Dam are increasing to 45,000 cubic feet per second this afternoon, and releases are expected to increase to 60,000 cfs by noon Sunday, Feb. 24.

Cumberland County Kentucky Emergency Management

Wolf Creek Dam Release Update

The following information is provided by LRN Water Management

LRN Water Management have seen rainfall totals above which were forecasted yesterday and the NWS is forecasting continued rainfall for up to the next 24 hours. This is causing pool forecasts at Wolf Creek to rise higher than what we were forecasting yesterday. Based upon this information, we are making the decision to expedite our release schedule that we previously described. Our current plan is to increase discharges at noon today (23 February) to 45K cfs and our plan moving forward is to increase releases to 60K cfs tomorrow (24 February) at noon. For awareness, the highest historical discharge from Wolf Creek is 40K cfs and channel capacity downstream is 60K cfs.

To be clear, this is our current plan. As conditions change and we gain additional clarity on what the rainfall totals will be in the Wolf Creek basin, we will adjust our operations as needed. At this time higher releases above the 60K cfs cannot be ruled out.

Cumberland County Kentucky Emergency Management

The widespread morning rain is not as heavy as previously expected, but moderate to occasionally heavy rain across south-central Kentucky could still cause some nuisance flooding in low-lying areas.

Then our attention turns to strong to severe storms this evening. There is still a risk for locally damaging winds and brief spin-up tornadoes, as well as additional flooding. The wind and tornado threats are still limited by whether or not instability is realized, but we won't need much.

Cumberland County Kentucky Emergency Management

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Input requested from our friends at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources


In response to substantial and growing interest in crossbow hunting, the Department is proposing for the 2019-20 hunting seasons to:
1) Open crossbow deer season on the third Saturday in September, then close on the third Monday in January (same closing date as archery).
2) Allow youths 15 and younger to use crossbows the entire deer season (fully concurrent with archery season), like seniors age 65+ can already.

Official public comments are being received thru Feb. 28:
*Email to: [email protected]
*Mail to: Public Comments c/o Mark Cramer, Kentucky Fish & Wildlife, 1 Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601

Photo credit: Hollis Bennett |

I'm No Stranger To The Rain

What a fitting song for our current situation. WARNING - this video may cause you to hum this song for at least a 24 hour period. Proceed with caution.

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment I'm No Stranger To The Rain · Keith Whitley Greatest Hits ℗ 1988 BMG Music Composer, Lyricist: Sonny Curtis C...

Nashville District

‪The Nashville District shared info on water management of Cumberland River Basin today with Alan Frio WSMV for his report tonight on WSMV News 4, Nashville ‬

Cumberland County Kentucky Emergency Management

Still looks to be an active stretch of weather this upcoming week.

* Wintry weather tonight transitioning to rain Wednesday morning.

* Winter Weather Advisory Issued for area along and north of I-64 in southern Indian and portions of northern Kentucky from 900 PM EST tonight through 400 AM EST Wednesday Morning.

* Potential flooding for the mid-late week period.

* Another round of moderate to heavy rainfall Friday through Sunday morning. A few strong to severe thunderstorms are possible late Saturday night.

Ben Childers

Extreme flooding at Cumberland Falls.


NR 19-005: Wolf Creek Dam increasing releases to drawdown Lake Cumberl NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 15, 2019) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District plans to increase releases at Wolf Creek Dam in Jamestown, Ky., as soon as conditions allow in an effort to

Hendricks Creek Resort

Our booth is set up and we are anxiously awaiting 1:00 pm tomorrow to see you ALL! Remember we have moved our booth location and are now up by the door as you enter Champions Pavilion. Simply look to the right as you come in the door and look for our Pop-Up banner!

Ky.-Tn. Trophy Fishing Guides

Spring is right around the corner! Book a trip on the mighty Cumberland River for some big striper and trout or lock in your date for some Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass on the beautiful Dale Hollow Lake! Call 270-459-3193 to grab a date!

Cumberland River Bluegrass Festival

Mark your calendar for this year’s 23rd Annual Cumberland River Bluegrass Festival!!

Ky.-Tn. Trophy Fishing Guides

Great winter day on beautiful Dale Hollow Lake !!!
#smallmouth #dalehollowlake #greatoutdoors

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155 Main St
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I exclusively offer striper guide services on the Cumberland River. I only use large bait to target the biggest striper in the river.

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1140 Celina Rd
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We are a family owned business, located in the area of Dale Hollow and Lake Cumberland since 1991. The best quality and price.

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Fish Dale Hollow Lake with Pat Smith Spring, Summer, or Fall! I've been fishing Dale Hollow Lake for 25 years. Book your Trip with me today. Call (270) 459-1580 or Email [email protected]

Cumberland County 4-H Cumberland County 4-H
90 Smith Grove Rd
Burkesville, 42717

The goal of the Cumberland County 4-H program is to promote positive youth development,facilitate learning, and engage youth in the work of the University of Kentucky and USDA

Ky.-Tn. Trophy Fishing Guides Ky.-Tn. Trophy Fishing Guides
357 Park Rd.
Burkesville, 42717

Hidden Cave RV Rental Hidden Cave RV Rental
4580 Modoc Rd.
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41 ft. 5th wheel Camper. $205 per night. 38 ft. 5th wheel Camper. $175 per night. 39 ft. and 40ft 5th wheel Camper. $195 per night. We deliver and setup.