Hendricks Creek Resort, Burkesville, KY Video June 5, 2019, 3:27pm

Videos by Hendricks Creek Resort in Burkesville. Our cottages are available year round for those who like to fish or just get away for a few days. Give us a call to see what's available. 270-433-7172 Visit our website www.hendrickscreekresort.com for more information

Turns out turtles can be pretty fast.

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Free car wash at Dale Hollow Lake! #HCR #DHL #HendricksCreekResort #DaleHollowLake

Turns out turtles can be pretty fast.

Fish are out to play again today

The fish came out to say hi!

Look at all those fish, just under the surface.

A new 720 camera and a whole new world of photos and videos to take!

LOWER VOLUME: wind was blowing right into the microphone. Tried to shoot a live video earlier but the internet connection got too weak after I left the main building. The rain just kicked up even harder only a few moments ago.

Feathered Friends

Currently we’ve got hail falling! Edit correction it’s sleet

Ever see a duck fish?
Too late in the year to go fishing? Not for this duck it isn't! Shouldnt be for you either #HendricksCreekResort #DaleHollowLake #JustDuckThings #Duck #LakeLife #DontGiveADuck #DuckLife #Fishing

Quack quack! #DaleHollowLake Friendly Neighborhood Duck reminds us all its still not to late to enjoy the lake!




Rainbow! 🌈

Free carwash down at Dale Hollow Lake and Hendricks Creek Resort! Come on down while its hot! Rain is predicted to continue into the night.

We’re keeping the report short today! It’s raining! Temperatures at a high of 83 and low of 69! Strong winds blowing toward the southwest! Bring a life jacket! #HendricksCreekResort #HendricksCreekReport #DaleHollowLake #DHL #HCR #Wednesday #RainyDays

The beauty we wake to every morning!

Free car wash at Hendricks Creek Resort and Dale Hollow Lake! 🤣 Get it while it lasts! #HendricksCreekResort #DaleHollowLake #RainyDays

Been awhile since we posted one of these.

Weather update; We’re seeing light rain and hearing thunder at the lake.


Sun shine and waves

Fishing for boat parts.

Weather Radar 6-26 12:57
According to the radar, it's just barely grazing us! Those of you who are affected however, please becareful and be safe! That extends to everyone on the roads going through those areas. #WeatherRadar #HendricksCreekResort #DaleHollowLake

Make up your mind!
storm or no storm

Early morning rain
Theres something peaceful about watching the rain on the lake.

So many tiny fish!
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

The water today sure looks pretty!

Just a little extra water to fill up the lake!
Remember to take extra caution and stay safe if you absolutely must go out in this weather, friends! Weather like this a big hazard for hydroplaning! (as well as lightning)

Nice morning weather for heading to the lake.

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