Idaho Regatta

Idaho Regatta


Seriously, you should make the course in front of the island. Much like the course at the Long Beach Sprint Nationals. I understand tradition, but it is quite boring for the spectators to sit there for 10 seconds watching nothing while the boats are on the backside of the course. After-all the boats are described as "sprint" boats, do they not? Your course is a marathon course in reality. Shorten the course and make it a sprint boat course! If you do, I'll bring my boat to race!
I would love Kenny Manwill yessss to be posted ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Does anyone have video of CooCoos nest top fuel hydro run? I think he has the record top speed at Burley.
A great weekend of racing at the 44th Annual Idaho Regatta/Don Moyle Memorial Race! A big Thank You to the entire Burely Regatta Staff, Officials, Rescue and all the Volunteers who made it such a success! Thanks to all the sponsors and all those who donated to the various classes throughout the weekend! Congratulations to all the winners and all the teams that came out to support this great event Can't wait until June 26, 27, 28 2020!! Results for the 2019 Idaho Regatta Faulkner Cup- #717 Timmy Hoffman - GPS 100 -97.64% Idaho Cup - #40 Dustin Daily, Jacksonville, FL- SE โ€“ 97.12% Governorโ€™s Cup - #511 Vance Lund- Comp Jet โ€“ 95.64% 2019 Idaho Regatta Gran Prix Shoot Out Powered by A-1 Heating & Air 1st- K777 Duff Daily (KRR) 2nd- #151 Mike Purczynski (SE) 3rd - #130 Kip Brown (SE) 4th- #501 Jeff Mclachlan (GPS 100) 5th- #K16 Jay Hart (KRR) 6th- #55 Dale Baker (UBF) 7th- #155 Joe Catanzarite (GPS 100) 8th- #801 Paul Reid (UBF) Overall Results By Class: Jr. Hydro 1st- #55 Sean Davison, Long Beach, CA 2nd- #27 Karly Hearne, Boise, ID 3rd- #51 Garrett Tepper, Boise, ID Sportsman A Hydro 1st- #55 Sean Davison, Long Beach, CA 2nd- #27 Karly Hearne, Boise, ID 3rd- #51 Garrett Tepper, Boise, ID Nostalgia Jet 1st- #717 Joe Dilworth, Rexburg, ID 2nd- #171 Randall Dilworth, Powell, WY 3rd- #501 Craig Bisseger, Syracuse, UT 4th- #357 Scott Dayley, Paul, ID 5th- #22 Barth Rovig, Murtaugh, ID Comp Jet 1st- #511 Vance Lund, Mentone, CA 2nd - #171 Randall Dilworth, Powell, WY 3rd - #501 Craig Bisseger, Syracuse, UT 4th- #717 Scott Dayley, Paul, ID 5th- #203 Mark Moyle, Burley, ID 6th - #22 Barth Rovig, Murtaugh, ID SS 1st- #75 James Gregory, Draper, UT 2nd- #15 Jeff Doidge, Meridian, ID 3rd- #55 Dale Baker, Ferndale, WA 4th- #74 Charley Hamill, Kalispell, MT SE 1st- #151 Mike Purcyznski, Hemet, CA 2nd- #40 Dustin Daily, Jacksonville, FL 3rd- #01 Jamey Tavares, Seal Beach, CA 4th- #357 Scott Andrews/Jay Hart, Lake Havasu City, AZ 5th- #130 Kip Brown, Preston, WA 6th- #500 Jason Purcell, Clinton, UT 7th- #61 Jasper MacDonald, Valley Center, CA 8th- #17 Nate Brown, Preston, WA 9th- #717 Casey Hoffman, Mesa, AZ 10th- #155 Logan Kelsey, Temecula, CA 11th- #13 Walter Brown, Hanesville, WA 12th- #63 Samantha MacDonald, Valley Center, CA GPS 100 1st- #501 Jeff McLachlan, West Jordan, UT 2nd- #717 Timmy Hoffman, Mesa, AZ 3rd- #55 Danny Bement, Ontario, OR 4th- #61 Jasper MacDonald, Valley Center, CA 5th- #757 Don Dunster, Discovery Bay, CA 6th- #500 Austin Pauli, Syracuse, UT 7th- #155 Joe Catanzarite, Stage Coach, NV 8th- #13 Kenny Manwill, Idaho Falls, ID 9th- #63 Nick Nebeker, Valley Center, CA 10th-#333 Mike Stock, Boise, ID UBF 1st- #80 Ty Newton, Goodyear, AZ 2nd- #741 Tyler Roth, Concord, NC 3rd- #13 Kenny Manwill, Idaho Falls, ID 4th- #801 Paul Reid, Amherst, NY 5th- #56 Jim Lawrence, Phoenix, AZ KRR 1st- #777 Duff Daily, Stewart, FL 2nd- #500 Jason Purcell, Clinton, UT 3rd- #16 Jay Hart, Lake Havasu City, AZ
Gotta say I feel the same way when they fly by!
K boat final, awesome race!
Do they take credit and debit cards at the gate or is it cash only?
May have to check this out
Race Teams and Fans: The Idaho Regatta will have a vendor set up at the Rupert Square for the Thursday evening Show & Shine. The name of the vendor is โ€œ The Picnic Tableโ€, it is a bright orange trailer. They are replacing the Fish Fry vendor and we ask that everyone support them for us. This is their first time working with the Regatta and we would like for you to show them how we support our people. Here is the menu; BBQ Pork Ribs 6pcs $12 Pulled Pork Sandwich $7 Steak Sandwich $9 Side Baked Beans $2 Pasta Salad $ 2
If you want to see some of Saturdays racing action you can find it here. I had a great time.
A great weekend of racing at the 43rd Annual Idaho Regatta! Congratulations to all the competitors, Regatta Committee and a big THANK YOU to the fans!! Results UBF Place Boat# Driver Hometown Owner Hometown 1 80 Ty Newton Goodyear, AZ Dave Rankin Hacienda Heights, CA 2 70 Tim Hoffman Mesa, AZ Bill Faulkner Provo, UT 3 21 Paul Visser Caldwell, ID 4 38 Cory Ferguson Bellflower, CA Jim Mobley Paramount, CA 5 501 Hal Jones Layton, UT Ray Pauli Huntsville, UT 6 24 Paul Fitzgerald Concord, NC Mike Smith Carvel Beach, MD 7 640 Greg Duff Newport Beach, CA John Grijalva San Clemente, CA 8 56 Jim Lawrence Phoenix, AZ 9 55 Dale Baker Ferndale, WA Dustin Millard Ontario, OR CJ Place Boat# Driver Hometown Owner Hometown 1 511 Vance Lund Valley Center, CA 2 501 Craig Bisseger 3 702 Billy Mason Phoenix, AZ 4 203 Mark Moyle Burley, ID 5 22 Gabe Guardino Burley, ID Mark Moyle Burley, ID 6 357 Randall Dilworth Powell, WY 7 171 Glen Dilworth Burley, ID SE Place Boat# Driver Hometown Owner Hometown 1 717 Tim Hoffman Mesa, AZ 2 155 Jasper Macdonald Valley Center, CA David Tilley Valley Center, CA 3 40 Duff Daily Stuart, FL 4 130 Kip Brown Preston, WA 5 151 Mike Purcyznski Hemet, CA 6 63 Samantha Macdonald Valley Center, CA Greg Macdonald Valley Center, CA 7 15 Jeff Doidge Meridian, ID 8 125 Pat McClure Tacoma, WA 9 56 Steve Coletta Lake Havasu City, AZ Rich Hallett Lake Havasu City, AZ KRR Place Boat# Driver Hometown Owner Hometown 1 777 Duff Daily Stuart, FL Mike Stock Boise, ID 2 401 Tyler Roth Concord, NC Doug Lindsay Sandy, OR 3 55 Charley Hamill Salt Lake City, UT Dustin Millard Ontario, OR 4 500 Jason Purcell Clinton, UT Jason Purcell Clinton, UT 5 999 Ty Newton Goodyear, AZ Mike Stock Boise, ID GPS 100 Place Boat# Driver Hometown Owner Hometown 1 38 Cory Ferguson Bellflower, CA Jim Mobley Paramount, CA 2 63 Nicholas Nebeker Valley Center, CA Greg Macdonald Valley Center, CA 3 501 Jeff McLachlan West Jordan, UT Ray Pauli Huntsville, UT 4 155 Joe Catanzarite Stage Coach, NV David Tilley Valley Center, CA 5 56 Steve Coletta Lake Havasu City, UT Rich Hallett Lake Havasu City, AZ SS Place Boat# Driver Hometown Owner Hometown 1 75 James Gregory Draper, UT 2 500 Jason Purcell Clinton, UT 3 89 Mike Wotton Lower Hutt Wellington, New Zealand Codey Wotton Lower Hutt Wellington, New Zealand
Here is the link to Saturdays action

44th Annual IDAHO REGATTA ~ June 28, 29 & 30, 2019

The IDAHO REGATTA is held annually the end of June, on the beautiful Snake River in Burley, Idaho. Three days of the Fastest Inboard Circle Boat Racing in the United States. The event includes: K Racing Runabouts, Super Stocks, Pro Stocks, Crackerboxes, Comp Jets, Grand Nationals, Sportsman E, GPS 100, Un-Blown Flats. We will have Amateur Flatbottom and Nostalgia Jet boat classes for new racers to try the racing experience.

Mission: Providing the fastest circle sprint boat racing on the Snake River and in Idaho. Idahos PREMIERE boat race.Good family fun for all. It will be the best 3 days you spend on the Snake.


Sorry for the inconvenience but we are NOT doing online ticket sales this year as we can not find a vendor that does not charge an outrageous fee for their service.
We will be doing at the gate/ON-site sales only this year, good news is we lowered the ticket prices to help our spectators economically this year due to the virus issue.
Ticket prices this year at the gate will be as follows, $30 for weekend pass and $15 for a single day ticket.
Credit Card fees/service charges and taxes will still apply at the gate if you want to use a credit card.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience but we are trying to do everything in our power to keep this event cost effective for all our friends and family of the regatta. We greatly appreciate each and every one of you.

Thank You, Idaho Regatta Staff.

[05/29/20]   Good Day Everyone. REGARDING RV SPOTS !!!!!


We still have some OFF SITE spots at the Fairgrounds.
if you still need a spot send an email to the address listed, if you don't email this address we will NOT know about it. Email; [email protected]

Thank You Regatta staff

[05/17/20]   Hello Everyone, We apologize for the delay in the announcement of the 45th Annual Idaho Regatta. The race will be held on it's regularly scheduled weekend of June 25th - 28th. All events connected with the event will be held as usual also. This includes the Show & Shine on Thursday evening, the Parade on Friday along with our full schedule of racing on Sat and Sun.

We will keep everyone informed of what protocols for the CV-19 will be in place at the time of the event. Currently there will not be any drastic measures that we are aware of. The state of Idaho has a 4 stage plan in place for reopening the state and getting back to business as usual. The ending date of the 4th stage is the day of our event June 26th.

We are also asking all our fans and racers to please try and comply with any of their state regulations as we are not familiar with every state's protocol. We will do everything in our power to make this a safe and successful event for everyone.

Due to the short time frame to put on the event, there will be changes made in the over all functions of the race. Most of the changes will be announced as we make those changes. Please bear with us as we work through making all the changes and getting all the information posted to our website and to pages. Some information will be sent out via email through us and through SCSC as it concerns the racers more than the general public.

Once again we appreciate each and every one of our Fans and Racers, without you there would be no Idaho Regatta. Thank You from the Burley Regatta Committee.

[04/24/20]   Join our New Burley IDAHO REGATTA FAN Group!!
(See photo in comments how to join Group)
๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ


Hello Everyone,

The Burley Idaho Regatta Committee has been hard at it to determine the best solution for everyone involved with our event. We are taking into consideration all aspects of the event. Our first and foremost concern is the economic impact that this shut down has caused for our Sponsors, Spectators/Fans and Racers. We do not want to contribute to the hardships being face by our racing families, our loyal Spectators/Fans and last but not least our amazing Sponsors that continue to support us every year. With out these three groups this race would not be possible.
We are working hard to sift through all the requirements and government protocol that is effecting our decision on whether we will will be holding the 45th annual Burley Idaho Regatta. According to Governor Brad Little the state of Idaho will be reopening in 4 stages. The stages are outlined on their website link at the bottom if you would like to see what we are dealing with. In addition to this we are attempting to get answers from the South Central Idaho Heath District as to the requirements we would have to meet in order to hold the event.

Given the current guidelines published today it is going to be a very tough call to make by the May 20th deadline that we have set for ourselves. If there are any setbacks at all in the stages laid out in the guidelines we will not be able to have the race. If everything goes as planed we will still be very close to not being able to meet the requirements set forth in the guide lines.

The good new in all this is that as of right now we are still planing to have a race. We are more than likely going to have to make some severe cuts to the program to do it. Due to the lack of sponsorship money and the economic hard ship that everyone is experiencing there may not be a possibility of Tow Money for this years event. We should be able to provide trophies and dinner. We will be able to provide our upmost respect and a appreciation for our Racers if the Tow Money is not able to be provided.

We hope that everything will work out for the best. We also hope that everyone will understand our situation and accept the out come of whatever happens. We have the greatest Fans, Racers, Sponsors and Family members that any group could ask for.

May 20th will be our final decision, if it is not made before that date.

Thank You Everyone
Burley Idaho Regatta Committee

Guideline link;

[04/01/20]   PLEASE READ, VERY IMPORTANT !!!!!

Good Day to Everyone,,,

As you know today is the start of making your "On-site" or "Off-site" RV reservations. Due to the current situation with the CV-19 virus we are making a change to or process for this year 2020. We are asking those of you that wish to make a reservation to " GO AHEAD" and make your reservation. We are asking that you "DO NOT" send payment until after May 1st. This will allow us to reach the April 20th deadline to see if the US and the State of Idaho is going to remove the "Stay at Home" order and let things return to normal. We will be in contact with those that make reservations also as they are made with Dan or Louis. We are hoping that we will be able to have this years event with as few issues as possible. We thank all of our loyal fans and supporters for bearing with us through this crisis.


We are pushing forward as of right now to have the race this year. This does not mean that things will not change in the next 30 days. A lot will depend on the status of the "STAY AT HOME" orders and the progress/reduction of the current situation. We figure by the end of April is our last chance to make a decision on whether to proceed forward or not with the race. Weโ€™ve been in contact with numerous entities and are staying in constant contact with them to fully evaluate the situation. Please make your reservations/plans as planned and advise other friends, racers, and interested parties, weโ€™re doing our best to make it happen. There is no certainty in the current situation and we are concerned with the economic impact that the current crisis is having or will have on the whole Regatta Family. Proceed as usual and we will keep everyone updated as we move forward at this time. Thank You for your support.

Burley Idaho Regatta Staff

Idaho Regatta's cover photo

โœจMark your calendars!!!! ๐Ÿ—“โœ”๏ธโœจ

June 26, 27 & 28 2020

Visit our website for more information.

[02/21/20]   ATTENTION RACERS !!!!!

Now available on our web site is the 2020 Entry Form and Race Circular for the 2020 Burley Idaho Regatta. โ€œPLEASE READ โ€œ the circular carefully as there have been some changes to some of the requirements for inspections and other small items. Also due to this years potential larger boat count, there will be โ€œ NO EXCEPTIONSโ€ to โ€œPIT PASSESโ€ fo the weekend. If you have any questions at all please feel free to call the Chairman of the Event. Louis Schindler, Cell 760-831-2325 or Email is at [email protected]. We will be glad to assist you in anyway. Thank you. Burley Idaho Regatta Staff.

[02/13/20]   Hello Racing Fans VOTE for your favorite boat class Photo to update our Cover photo.
Vote your favorite in the comments below โฌ‡๏ธ

We entered a Christmas Tree into the festival of trees this year. Special thanks to Kamille and Ken Mort for supplying the tree and ornaments. Special thanks to Glen Dilworth for the amazing topper. The tree will be auctioned off at the dinner Wednesday.


After taking all the event stuff down Yesterday and talking to Golf Course Officials there was only one "complaint" from them. Thanks to some "disrespectful" fan/fans the restrooms were damaged. Someone carved profanity into the stall partition in the bathroom located by our T-shirt trailer and the bathroom that was located by the family section someone busted the partition between the urinals completely of the wall. Both incident occurred in the men's rooms. Due to the damage the restroom will locked next year and will not be able to be used. Not only is this an expense to the golf course for the damage, but it will cost the regatta money also as now we will have to increase the amount of porta-potties for the weekend. The Idaho Regatta would like to express it gratitude to the individual or people responsible for this action. If any one knows who these people are please thank them in person for us.
This is a spectacular event and we do not wish to have this kind of behavior at this event. Thank You Regatta Staff.

They have group rate that is unbeatable this weekend. Check them out and tell them you are here for the Idaho Boat Regatta!!

Budget Motel

Hello Regatta Racers & Fans! ๐Ÿ
We're giving a shout out to the Budget Motel Burley for being a Sponsor this year!

Rooms are available starting at $110 for a single King. Rooms updated with new beds and all have a microwave & mini fridge.

Guests receive 10% off at Perkins Restaurant and 10% off at The Spud Cellar Lounge.

Give them a call today and don't forget to give them a like! ๐Ÿ‘

A budget-friendly Motel with free wifi, microwaves and refrigerators in all rooms, new beds, pool, BBQ area, grab-and-go breakfast, ample parking with truck turn-around. CLEAN, COMFORTABLE, AFFORDABLE.

[06/26/19]   The 2019 Ultimate Idaho Regatta Winner is......................

Denis Jeffs

Announcing the Hampton Inn Burley is open!!! Rates starting at $154 or $174 with a riverview. Give them a call today!!

Thank you Corporate Image for our AMAZING shirts for the 2019 Idaho Regatta.


Here is a screen shot off of Hampton Innโ€™s website. Now accepting reservations for June 25th arrival. Thatโ€™s Tuesday before the Idaho Regatta. Book now if your still looking for a Hotel. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

And last but not least the ladies hat ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

Weather is looking just spectacular for race weekend. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Just a little shout out to El Caporal for showing us some support you guys are awesome. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

The third hat in our selection for sale at the 2019 Idaho Regatta ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š. Thank you Corporate Image

Another one of our hats that will be for sale at this years 2019 Idaho Regatta

Good Morning everyone. Here is a little info to help one of our sponsors out. Best Western Plus Burley Inn & Convention Center is hosting a couple after parties at the hotel, for racers and fans.
โœจRegatta After-party BBQ!! Friday June 28th 7pm-12am
โœจRegatta After-party LUAU!! Saturday June 29th 7pm-12am
Please join them at these events to show our support. Thank You.

Good afternoon everyone. Just thought we would post up the view of the river from inside some of the rooms and the windows at the end of the hallways inside the new Hampton Inn here in Burley. It is going to be great working with them in the future. Please check their web page for their opening date. It is just around the corner. They are accepting reservations online. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

WIN the 2019 Ultimate Idaho Regatta Giveaway
- 4 Adult Weekend Passes -
- 2 night stay at the Budget Motel courtesy of Best Western Plus Burley Inn & Convention Center - 2Q Room
- Idaho Welcome Basket from Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce -
- $25 Gift Certificate at Edith's Cafe -
- $100 Gift Certificate at Idaho Water Sports (Burley) -
- Ozark Trail Awning & 4 Ozark Trail folding chairs from Walmart Burley -
- Rubbermaid Cooler from C-A-L Ranch Stores -

โœจEdited to ADDโœจ
- Fun in the Sun gift Basket from Hampton Inn Burley

Here's HOW to ENTER to Win

1. LIKE this post = 1 ENTRY
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You MUST do ONE or ALL listed above to be eligible to enter the Giveaway. (up to 6 ENTRIES!!)

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โžกWATCH ๐Ÿ‘€ for BONUS Facebook/Instagram POSTS for extra chances to ENTER!! โฌ…๏ธ

One winner will be chosen at random and posted to our IDAHO REGATTA page on TUESDAY JUNE 25 at 7 p.m. MST.

***This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.***

*** Winner MUST BE ABLE TO ATTEND this year's 2019 IDAHO REGATTA & provide name, address, email, and phone number to be eligible. If 1st Winner is unable to attend the Idaho Regatta Committee reserves the right to select another entry to be drawn and so on. ***

Thank You Shari Hodge at Corporate Image for our new hats for the 2019 Regatta. I know there are more to come. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜€



Sprint Nationals speedboat race permit denied over safety concerns after death at last year's race โ€ข Long Beach Post

This is sad news for our racing family. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข
This has "NO" effect on the IDAHO REGATTA. Long Beach Fire Department Assistant Chief Matthew Gruneisen, cited safety concerns for the Sprint National's permit denial.

Compliment of Chris Kenner, Security Race Products - too bad the race isnโ€™t today. It is gorgeous ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Š


Todayโ€™s water level. Looking good for a race at the end of the month. Forecast are looking good also. May have a little high water but there should not be any flooding. So letโ€™s all make this years race a positive thing. Really looking forward to it.

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