T2 Softball Training

T2 Softball Training is a small business that started with a dream to help young women who aspire to play collegiate softball. We are here for you!

T2 Softball Training was started by twin sisters, Miranda Ervin and Shaina Dabbs in order to help young women achieve their dreams to play collegiate softball. We want to help these young women with the recruiting process, learning the fundamental skills of softball, and preparing them for what it takes to succeed at the next level. We have a high level of experience through playing and coaching at the collegiate and professional level. Let us help you!

Mission: To inspire, educate, and teach young women through the game of softball.

We are having a facility rental special for November, December, and January! 👋😀🥎🥎Rent the entire facility for $100 for a 2 hour time slot! Email [email protected] if interested! Winter is the perfect time to train! #chasingdreams located in Burlington!

Our Winter Clinics are here! See the flyer below! You MUST sign up using this form: https://forms.gle/s3WxvdJ6HEunVy4B6!

Each clinic is open to 12 girls only! Come learn with us and take your skills to the next level! 🥎🥎🥎#chasingdreams #pleaseshare

Forgot to add this... Oliver sure has some mighty strong ladies to look up too! He enjoyed watching practice too! 💕💕💙💙

Live day = catcher/hitter dinner! Sometimes all you have to do is slow down and enjoy the moments! #proudcoach

We laughed, we worked hard, we got better.... and we kept #chasingdreams! part of the reason I love working with these girls is their heart, determination, and respect for the game... and also their want to come and get better and commitment to the ups and downs... and I know we’ve got each other’s back no matter what!

First homerun for this girl!!! So proud... actually proud doesn’t do her justice! She has worked tirelessly and came after games and came after practices even with being sore and has never complained (okay very rarely!) I am so so proud Kara! Bill Alday #chasingdreams

Celebrating T2 12U season with our annual sleepover! Making memories on and off the field! #funtimes #chasingdreams #together

I cherish these days always! #trusttheprocess #chasingdreams

They could have slept in... but they decided they wanted to get better instead! These ladies pushed, were dripping sweat, and got better! Keep #chasingdreams! #proudcoach

[09/01/19]   ‪September 1... what a wonderful day for many 2021’s... remember today is just a day in this journey! whether you got your call or you didn’t...all— it’s the same— keep working.. keep grinding.. keep #chasingdreams and you call your favorite schools, email them, show them why your the difference maker! Be YOU!

To those who are unsure exactly what they want— that’s okay!!

Make sure:

1- the school you choose has your major
2- you can be there for 4/5 years regardless of who coaches
3- it’s a place you can thrive academically, athletically, socially, and emotionally
4- you are proud to make a difference in that program!

Go be GREAT!

Happy birthday Mason! Watching you grow over the last year has been so rewarding! I am proud of you everyday! Keep #chasingdreams 💕😜🥳🥳

[08/16/19]   T2 Softball 14u is looking for a pitcher and middle infielder for fall season! Contact [email protected] for more information. Looking for athletes who want to get playing time and develop throughout the fall! #chasingdreams

You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!

Jenna your journey with us has been one we are so proud of... seeing your work ethic, improvement and respect/love for the game has been such a blessing. As you head to start your freshman year at Presbyterian.. just know your in the midst of #chasingdreams!

Big thanks to Kara for catching today.. she has only been catching 6 months, is an 8th grader and was encouraged, pushed, and grateful for the experience to catch Jenna!

#teamworkmakesthedreamwork #proudcoaches

Jennifer Greene Bill Alday

You know it’s a good tryout when you see Coach Shaina not just competing but hitting!! She’s still got it! Great day today as we continue on our journey to our fall 14U all star team! Keep #chasing dreams! 🥎❤️🥎❤️ if you’re interested in trying you... email [email protected]!

[08/07/19]   Today’s tryout will be at our facility due to rain. 1808 Anthony Rd, #104, Burlington NC 27215

Reminder about tryouts tomorrow! We hope to see you there so we can start #chasingdreams together!! #pleaseshare

Happy birthday Coach Pierce! For those who may not know, last year, we promoted Emily to our Director of Operations and she has continued to work so hard for T2 and the girls that make up our organization. She always shows up, is one of the most loyal people we know, and she loves #chasingdreams with us! Thank you Emily for all you do! Have a wonderful birthday! You deserve to be celebrated! 💕💕🎊🎊🎉 ps. Idk who is more nervous, you or Oliver!! Emily Pierce

Announcement time! We have finalized our 14u tryout schedule!! Please spread the word! Be sure to email us if your interested! See info below! #chasingdreams

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come! -Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Great work this morning ladies! You made each other better! Keep #chasingdreams

We are super excited to announce that T2 Softball will have a fall 14U all-star team. We are calling it an all-star team because we are looking for the athletes who want to learn, grow, develop, have fun, and we want the chance to show you how that’s done. Tough practices, competitive tournaments, earning playing time, game IQ, participating in strength and conditioning each practice, proper warm up and the list continues. We are only taking 12 girls for this fall team. After season, we will consider what summer could look like. We are eager and enthusiastic and would love to see who is interested! Spread the word!

The coaches will be T2 Owners Miranda and Shaina. Open tryout stay tentatively set for August 7 (location TBD).

-Practices- Burlington, NC
-Tournaments- 5 fall tournaments (USA Softball or USSSA)
-# of players- 12
-Limited travel for fall

On the week of our birthday... We are reminded where the last 33 years have brought us.. from being three years old and throwing a ball back and forth.. to be being 15 and traveling hours for pitching lessons... to being 18 and signing our NLI to start N.C. States softball program... to being 19 and learning what it was like to fail and get back up and do it all over again.. to be 22 and saying goodbye to college softball.. and getting our first coaching job.... and playing professionally over in Italy... to being 25 (Miranda) and getting my first head coaching job...to being 27 (Sha) and chasing another dream to be a college professor... to getting married at 29 (Sha)...to being 30 and moving to the same place... giving up one dream to chase another, which was FAMILY and T2... to being 31 and getting married (Miranda) and opening our own facility.. 31, 32,and 33 and welcomed three beautiful baby boys all while helping over 150 girls learn and love the game, helping girls make their middle or high school team or being there as 7 of our athletes made commitments to play at the collegiate level. What we realize... is our dreams over the last 33 years have changed... but all we needed to have was the courage to chase them. Thank you to all the parents, athletes, coaches, and most importantly, our families for helping us continue to chase this dream of spreading positivity, love, and greatness thru the game we started to fall in love with when we were three. #chasingdreams

If you will, for our birthday, comment what softball, T2, or one of us has meant to you!

It’s never too early to get better! Waking these ladies up with a softball workout is the best way to wake up! #chasingdreams #alwaysroomtoimprove 🌟🌟🥎🥎

T2 Softball Training's cover photo

We have been overwhelmed with the amount of interest and support in our fall 14U travel team. We have 10/12U who have bought into our visions.

Please see the following details for more information. Long but DEFINITELY WORTH THE READ (thanks Jill for putting into words what our heart has said for years).

The new model of travel ball is killing the game. What we mean by “the new model” is this: your daughter plays every weekend, by the end of the summer she has played 100 games in 100 days. For a lot of these girls, they haven’t had much technical skill development. After 100 games of throwing with poor mechanics, or swinging inefficiently, these mechanics become ingrained in them. We would be willing to bet she spends little time playing other sports because she has NO time and she has done little to no recovery work for her body. Fast forward 5 years -500+ games -5,000+ swings -15,000 pitches - she is playing in a showcase tournament. In today’s showcase tournaments, there is little competition. Sometimes the score is not even kept. Sometimes a hitter will hit 3 times in a row just because a college coach wants to see them hit again.

As a staff with over 10 years of NCAA Division I, 4 years Division II, 2 years Division III coaching and have spent much of our time at showcase tournaments. When we see a player with a bad throw- she was off our list. A throw is something you develop at a young age, and by the time you are headed to college, there is no time for your college coach to “fix” it. You are stuck with it. Many people have ideas of what they think a college practice is like, but I truly think you would be shocked to know. Over the past several years we have spent much of our time teaching basic baserunning skills, working on different types of throws (flips, slot throws, long hop), hitting different targets when throwing (a cutoff, a tag, a force out), and talking about softball IQ (Does your daughter actually know what it means to hit behind the runner? Does she know what pitch she is hunting in a 3-1 count?)

Games are rarely won and lost by blowout scores and grand slams. They are won and lost on the little things- throwing and receiving, bunting, making the play, knowing where to go with the ball, baserunning, a good tag, a great slide. The amount of players that arrive at the collegiate level and are experts at the skills is slim to none. The amount of players that arrive on campus and have a very high game IQ is slim to none. The amount of players that are ready to truly compete for 7 innings and know how to win is even smaller. This is what travel ball & showcase tournaments has done to our game. And this is why we are following a different model of travel ball.

So while many of you have reached out to us, concerned about what level of softball we are playing, and the lack of tournaments we will be participating in, we understand why. You don’t know what travel ball used to be like, before kids were committing to college in 6th grade. As a staff who played Division I and Division II softball, coached both Division I and Division II and has instituted and international program within T2. We know that a college coach will find talent no matter what team they play for. It’s not too late, but it is far more important to build the foundation- both their softball skills foundation and character-building skills.

Our goal is to create a safe space for the girls to build a love and passion for the game. For them to be challenged, but have a good time. For them to build confidence because they know they have put in the work, and that they have the support of their coaches, parents, and teammates. For them to learn the importance of respecting the game and playing the game hard every single time they step on the field.

Practice location- Burlington NC (2x/week)- practice is mandatory
Tournaments- schedule not determined yet
Speed and agility at every practice
Indoor facility to use
Cost- not determined yet
After fall, we will evaluate moving into a summer team with the goal to grow the team together to get ready for the recruiting process. #chasingdreams

Contact us [email protected] if interested. We will put you on our email list to give more information.

Today we celebrated and said goodbye to Beatriz and Maria! In their time with T2... they made long lasting friendships, were immersed in a new culture, became independent young girls, and learned new skills and life lessons. All of this was possible thru the sport we love so much! They have left forever memories in our heart. 💕💕

Thank you to our host families- Crite family, Browning family, and Spire family for opening your heart, home, and life to these young ladies.. you are the true heros! ❤️❤️

Thank you to our coaches for pushing them, loving them, and teaching them all you know! 🌟🌟

Lastly, thank you T2 Softball 12U athletes and parents for the hospitality, hugs, laughter, and openness in giving these ladies a chance to keep #chasingdreams! 🥰🥰

Congratulations T2 Softball girls for such an outstanding HS season! You all have dedicated hours to your craft... made sacrifices... and ultimately became leaders! It’s never easy to be uncomfortable... but you continued to push with grace, confidence, and commitment! Keep up the good work and keep #chasingdreams

🤩 Kenna Raye Dark, Pitcher, Eastern Alamance, UNC Sandia Degraffenreidt Dark
3A NC Softball State Champions
3A All-State
3A West Pitcher of the Year
3A Mid State All-Conference
3A Mid State Pitcher of the Year
3A Mid State All-Academic
3A Mid State Champions
3A All-District Pitcher of the Year
3A All-District Region 5
Silver Medal Powerade State Games

🤩 Hailey Batista, Catcher, Eastern Alamance, Committed to NCCU Melissa Spire
3A NC Softball State Champions
3A Mid State All-Conference
3A Mid State All-District
3A Mid State All-State
3A Mid State Champions
3A Region 5 Player of the Year
Silver Medal Powerade State Games

🤩 Jenna Green, Pitcher, Marlboro Academy, Presbyterian College, Jennifer Greene
2A SCISA Softball State Champions
2A SCISA Player of the Year
2A SCISA All-Region
2A SCISA Scholar-Athlete

🤩 Taylor Walton, Pitchers/1B, West Rowan, Kim Morgan Walton
Rowan County Player of the Year
All-County Team
All-District Team
All-State Team

🤩 Jordan Daniels, Outfield, Southern Alamance Celeste Southern Park
Most improved player

🤩 Ally Coker, MI/C, Northwood HS
Signed at Guilford College
Best Defensive Player

What’s the best way to celebrate your 17th birthday?? Getting better and eating yummy lunch The Village Grill! Hailey- I hope you have the best year yet! Remember to enjoy the little moments.. soak in friendships.. thank the people in your life who continue to love and inspire you.. and have fun, laugh, and help impact others! It has been such an amazing journey thus far. I remember 3.5 years ago.. promising you that no matter what you needed, I would be there for you.... that promise remains! 💕🎉🎊😍💕#chasingdreams Melissa Spire

Congratulations to 3 of our former Brazilian athletes for making the roster for the Pan American Games!! We are so proud ladies.. Keep #chasingdreams Beatriz Theodoro Beatriz Narazaki Fernanda Miyashiro Yamamoto Cristhian Fernanda Yamamoto

Today....we had lots of T2 girls getting after it and #chasingdreams! It takes constant work to be great.. always be a student of the game.. always want to learn.. and always thrive to push yourself 1% better each day! Today... was a great day!



🥎🥎🥎🥎 champs!!

thetimesnews.com Eastern Alamance wins first softball state championship in school history

Pure heart! ❤️🥎❤️🥎

Congratulations to the Eastern Alamance Eagles for bringing home the NCHSAA 3A state softball championship with a 4-2 extra-inning victory over Central Cabarrus.........Kenna Rae Dark pitched a heroic 22 innings over the weekend, while Morgan Lawson had a legendary final at-bat as an Eagle.............After fouling off pitch after pitch after pitch, the senior center fielder belted a 2-run homer over the right field fence to lift EA to the state title in her final game................Lawson was named the series MVP (she also had a brilliant diving catch in the left field gap earlier in the game). Congratulations to the state champion Eagles. Much more to come at MebaneEnterprise.com.

Congratulations to the Eastern Alamance High School softball team as they captured the @NCHSAA 3A Softball State Championship! It was awesome softball and our girls Kenna Raye and Hailey Batista really fought til the end! These are memories and experiences that will last a lifetime! We are so proud of the grit you showed and how together you were #chasingdreams for an entire community! ❤️💕❤️🥎🥎🥎 Melissa Spire Sandia Degraffenreidt Dark special thanks to Shaina and Cathy Prince for the play by play during the championship game #sickasadog

I may be on the road... but you can guarantee softball is on! NCAA Softball #wcws #bestofthebest #studentofthegame


NFL Wide Receiver: Women Need More Pro Softball Opportunities

It’s about time people recognize how amazing this game is and how much hard work it takes to be the best at your craft! No different from baseball, football, or any professional sport! As a former professional player and coach... I have seen the 14 hour bus rides to games, the minor league baseball stadiums with break away fences, the per diem to eat on the road... all of which we can improve and grow! These women just want a chance and they are too darn good not to get it! I hope by the time our T2 girls graduate college... each @mlb team has a women’s professional softball team attached to it! Can you imagine?? Now that’s, #CHASINGDREAMS

softballamerica.com The former Oklahoma football star voiced his support and desire to see more pro softball options via Twitter this weekend.

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