T2 Softball Training, Burlington, NC Video July 29, 2019, 4:26pm

Videos by T2 Softball Training in Burlington. T2 Softball Training is a small business that started with a dream to help young women who aspire to play collegiate softball. We are here for you!

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come! -Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Great work this morning ladies! You made each other better! Keep #chasingdreams

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2 games = 2 homerun a 🥎🥎💥🎉🥰🥳❤️ keep working hard!! Proud is an understatement #chasingdreams

Screaming over here with excitement! 🥎🎉😍❤️Claire just hit her first collegiate homerun with the Peace Pacers!! Hard work really pays off when you work when no one is watching. When you stay patient and continue to train like a champion! I am so proud of you Claire! #keepchasingdreams Michele Kennon Boaz

Whoo hoo! Hailey’s college signing day! So proud of you! #chasingdreams

Tryout Alert - 12/15 at 2:00 pm 🎉👌Join the T2 Family! Looking for all positions 12u and 14u for the 2020 season 🥳💥 Email [email protected] if interested!!

It’s the start of winter - get in shape - reach our goals ! Excited to use these next three months to really push outside our comfort zones and make significant strides towards what personal goals these ladies have! Keep #chasingdreams! The best part is doing it together! #itsfunlearninghere #notpicturesj&m

Live day = catcher/hitter dinner! Sometimes all you have to do is slow down and enjoy the moments! #proudcoach

We laughed, we worked hard, we got better.... and we kept #chasingdreams! part of the reason I love working with these girls is their heart, determination, and respect for the game... and also their want to come and get better and commitment to the ups and downs... and I know we’ve got each other’s back no matter what!

I cherish these days always! #trusttheprocess #chasingdreams

They could have slept in... but they decided they wanted to get better instead! These ladies pushed, were dripping sweat, and got better! Keep #chasingdreams! #proudcoach

You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way! Jenna your journey with us has been one we are so proud of... seeing your work ethic, improvement and respect/love for the game has been such a blessing. As you head to start your freshman year at Presbyterian.. just know your in the midst of #chasingdreams! Big thanks to Kara for catching today.. she has only been catching 6 months, is an 8th grader and was encouraged, pushed, and grateful for the experience to catch Jenna! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #proudcoaches Jennifer Greene Bill Alday

You know it’s a good tryout when you see Coach Shaina not just competing but hitting!! She’s still got it! Great day today as we continue on our journey to our fall 14U all star team! Keep #chasing dreams! 🥎❤️🥎❤️ if you’re interested in trying you... email [email protected]!

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come! -Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Great work this morning ladies! You made each other better! Keep #chasingdreams

It’s never too early to get better! Waking these ladies up with a softball workout is the best way to wake up! #chasingdreams #alwaysroomtoimprove 🌟🌟🥎🥎

What’s the best way to celebrate your 17th birthday?? Getting better and eating yummy lunch The Village Grill! Hailey- I hope you have the best year yet! Remember to enjoy the little moments.. soak in friendships.. thank the people in your life who continue to love and inspire you.. and have fun, laugh, and help impact others! It has been such an amazing journey thus far. I remember 3.5 years ago.. promising you that no matter what you needed, I would be there for you.... that promise remains! 💕🎉🎊😍💕#chasingdreams Melissa Spire

Today....we had lots of T2 girls getting after it and #chasingdreams! It takes constant work to be great.. always be a student of the game.. always want to learn.. and always thrive to push yourself 1% better each day! Today... was a great day!

Congratulations to the Eastern Alamance High School softball team as they captured the @NCHSAA 3A Softball State Championship! It was awesome softball and our girls Kenna Raye and Hailey Batista really fought til the end! These are memories and experiences that will last a lifetime! We are so proud of the grit you showed and how together you were #chasingdreams for an entire community! ❤️💕❤️🥎🥎🥎 Melissa Spire Sandia Degraffenreidt Dark special thanks to Shaina and Cathy Prince for the play by play during the championship game #sickasadog

If your not having fun... why even play?? Congrats to the Eastern Alamance softball team and Kenna and Hailey for showing up and pushing hard to advance to the final four in the 3A HS State Playoffs!! Keep #chasingdreams this is only the beginning! ❤️❤️!! Sandia Degraffenreidt Dark Melissa Spire

Crazy Dreams
Show them what crazy dreams you can reach!! Nothing is impossible!! #chasingdreams

Valentine’s Day = T2 softball practice... and celebrating with teammates! Love this teams heart and excitement! #chasingdreams

Great first 12U practice of the year!! Love their energy, excitement and eagerness to learn! Ladies, this is only the beginning! #chasingdreams

We’ve got 4 generations of NC State Softball players proud to represent the red and black! So great catching up and learning together! What a wonderful hitting clinic this morning with over 50 talented ladies looking to get better! Thank you William Peace University Athletics for another great weekend! #chasingdreams

Great night at the facility!! Remember... The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately! Keep working ladies! #chasingdreams

Lessons on Labor Day... why not! Keep #chasingdreams ladies!! You are unstoppable!

The excitement can’t be contained!! Uniforms just arrived and we can’t wait to get on the dirt!! #chasingdreams

When you work together towards a common goal... the only option is success!#chasingdreams

We are looking to finalize our rosters for 12, 14, and 16/18! If you are interested in your daughters learning from coaches who have collegiate experience, if you want a competitive schedule to challenge your daughter, if you want strong female mentors.... then we would love to meet you! We are dedicated to the growth of your child and excited to see them learn and develop! Spread the word! #chasingdreams email [email protected] if you want to try out!

NC Softball Coaches Association Clinic! #chasingdreams

Soooo... our 10U is so excited for the championship game! #chasingdreams

Our 10u and 12u teams working hard together!! They are so much fun to coach! #chasingdreams #greatcoachestoo

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