The Funny Farm Come for Fun, Work and/or Rejuvenation! Gardens, goats and chickens. A small, learning farm.

We use no chemicals, follow permaculture practices as closely as possible and welcome all visitors. We want you to have fun, relax, work, play, ask questions or just observe.

Operating as usual


Clasped weft weaving. This is a scarf that was given as a Christmas present.


Silk warp, mohair, alpaca blend and recycled sari silk weft.

Handwoven and Knitted Items 10/08/2016

Handwoven and Knitted Items 10/06/2016

Researchers Say Tiny House Villages Are the Next Big Housing Trend

I could see setting up a Tiny House Village here on The Funny Farm. Plenty of room for 5 or 6 like this. People could garden and have animals and all work together! A tribe of teeny houses may be headed to your neighborhood.


Butler colors!


Decided to practice a bigger piece using some Red Heart yarn that I got at Walmart before I attempt to warp up the loom with the expensive stuff. Here's my first real project and I'm pretty happy with it. Right now it's finished off as a scarf, but I'm thinking that I could cut this piece in half and make a couple of bags out of it. :D


New "toy" for The Funny Farm! It's a 32" rigid heddle loom. I already have some special yarn to make some awesome things out of. I see LOTS of fun in my future. :D


Handwoven and Knitted Items

Handwoven and Knitted Items 08/20/2016

Handwoven and Knitted Items


Newest rug


Moss Mimic Stick Insect, Trychopeplus sp.

Nature is awesome!

Photos at from the Sumaco Volcano expedition in Ecuador with herpetologists Alejandro Arteaga, Konrad Mebert...


Blues, greens, lavender and a bit of burgundy


Rugs and Quilts




Rag rug made on a twining loom.


The Funny Farm now has peaches! :D


Homemade Ginger Soda and Starter

I've been making water kefir, using the special kefir grains, but I'm going to try this now also. Since I have a ton of frozen strawberries (and other fruit) in my freezer, I'm going to try flavoring some with those also.

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Can You Build a House With Hemp?

Growing industrial hemp was illegal in the United States after 1970 because the industrial plant and marijuana were considered to be the same, when in fact t...



As I've said before, we do NOT have a "production" problem when it comes to being able to raise enough food for people. We have a distribution and WASTE problem. In many parts of the country - and in many other countries, having enough food for everyone is more of an economic issue. Meaning that the food is there but the majority can't afford it. :(

This startup is selling “ugly” food that would otherwise go in the garbage


This is the 4th year for my Hansen cherry bushes. Only a few their second year and I didn't know what to expect so I think I missed them and/or the birds got them. Last year, there were quite a few more but I tried one and thought it was nasty. This year they are LOADED and taste great! So I went out and picked the smallest bush clean last night. There are at least 4 times this many left on the other two bushes. Can't wait to make some jam and see how it tastes!


Baby Rex rabbits. They were 2 weeks old yesterday. 06/09/2016

Why You Should Be Eating More Rabbit (Recipes Included) This unsung meat is high in calcium and low in cholesterol, fat and sodium. 06/06/2016

Take Action Against Rat Poisons – WildCare

I will NOT use poisons on my place. There are too many unintended effects. Other animals could be needlessly harmed because of poisons. Someone on a FB page that I am a member of lost a beloved pet because of rat poisons. :'( Learn more about how rat poisons (rodenticides) impact wildlife, and WildCare's work to combat their use...


More babies! These are Rex, out of an opal doe and a black otter buck.


My very first litter hit 6 weeks of age on Sunday. They all seem to be doing well, getting big and making their mom's life miserable. LOL I rearranged everyone and sexed the kits. It appears that I have 4 bucks and 5 does. Mom looks MUCH more relaxed now and the kids are exploring the new living quarters. These are NZ/Rex crosses. 05/18/2016

Dogs Absorb Lawn Chemicals : DNews

:'( Dogs are ingesting, inhaling and otherwise being exposed to garden and lawn chemicals that have been associated with bladder cancer.


The Funny Farm's cover photo


The Funny Farm


Second litter, now that they are 8 days old. 6 brokens, 2 steel and the other dark one might be black.


I did a quick inventory last night on what I've planted here since I moved onto my place in 2012. Here's the count so far. This is what is still "alive" at this point. ;-) Some of the newer plants may not make it but I'll just plant more next year and keep trying until they do (like the Beautyberry and Witch Hazel bushes):

Redbud tree
Smoke bush
4 Pussywillows
2 Lilacs
5 Cherry bushes
Maple tree
20 fruit trees (apple, pear, peach, cherry, crabapple, paw paw)
10 Beautyberry bushes
10 Witch Hazel bushes
10 Persimmon trees
8 Elderberries started in pots to replant
4 Currant bushes
2 Chokeberry bushes
2 Hazelnut bushes
2 Snowball bushes
4 Hardy Kiwi vines

Remember, this place was mostly a bare field with only fescue and various weeds when I first moved here. The west half especially. There are some quite large oak trees, lots and LOTS of cedar trees and hedge trees of various sizes on the east half.


Nobbi, the first-time momma who was "stashing" the other day, has a beautiful nest all ready! :D

Meat Rabbits 04/25/2016

Meat Rabbits


Baby rabbits. They will be 3 weeks old tomorrow (Sunday)


I have baby apples! There are also baby peaches but I didn't take any pictures of those.

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He/she did not want to stick around for more photos.
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Just a "few" of my hummingbirds.  FYI - I had just filled this feeder earlier today and it's already half gone.   All th...



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