Crankenstien Bicycles

We do repairs, custom work, parts location, rebuilding, maintainence, and basket case rebuilds too. Will offer knowledge free of charge.

A little shop that produces smiles, and educated customers. I look foward to serving you.

This was the bike a Dyno VFR frame with some huge brake levers, 4 pegs , specialized wheel set, some additional Dyno, Haro, and Mongoose parts in the mix too. The video is on my wifes (Melissa Gasaway) FB page with me tagged in it.

This is from earlier this year a old friend Theron Hutson challenged me saying I WAS TO OLD TO BE DOING TRICKS ON A BIKE. Well I proved him wrong and luckily I didn't break anything in the process. Next year around the end of May I will post a better trick video hopefully with some new tricks but with the old one done smoother too..... : )

Took a little quiet time in the shop today while everyone else was napping to start work on the Yamaha Moto bikes. Chose the one with the American bottom bracket to attack first. It's going to be alot of work but will be well worth it.

Tis' the season , give a bicycle for Christmas!!!

These are some of the bikes that I have built and repaired this year... i still enjoy it and always will just have to adjust to the new pace.

After 30+ years of building everyone else a bike I have decided it's time to take time for my own builds and creations and start my own collection of bicycles. I am presently in a on line national build off competition the first I have ever done and it's cool. It took a lot of thinking and hard decisions to come to the fact that I need to build my collection. So I have cut the number of repairs and builds by 85% I will have to say that all of my time in the hospital this year has influenced this decision too. I have to slow down a few notches. My customer builds are going to be 1 every 4 months repairs 1 customer a month. I hate to do this but I must my body is revolting to some scary levels. Please understand. I can give all the tech info you need till I'm blue in the face. And will be glad to help do so. I also have some new friends on line that are good friends and a great asset to the shop for parts location and tech support. Thank you all for being here. And I will keep you updated on the craziness as I can. -Todd

[12/19/14]   It's been awhile since I've posted anything here life has a way of flying buy sometimes there has been a lot going on. So folks here we go.

I think I need to build one.

Why is it guys always feel they have to impress the ladies with their bike riding skills? I know I'm guilty of it.....

Its never a good day when you break a ring on your cassette.

This is the North Trail at Glade Trails, this section plunges through the dual rock cut very fast, hold on !

This bike is for a 6 year old little man who wanted a green BMX bike. It's a 1982 Huffy Thunder 36 gusseted frame. Simple but solid.

I've been riding at Fairfield Glade Trails, the place is beautiful and the trails are fun. This is my KHS at the Overlook trail.

My wife Melissa and her not even close to stock Trek .

My wife's bike and mine kissing at the lake.

Fuss and her bunny ready to roll.

This is my quality riding time granddaughter rig a Old Giant Rincon with a Allen trailer. She loves the hills and always takes her stuffed bunny along too.

Yes, Rebuilt custom tricycles too. A little guy who needed wheels and a place for his stuffed froggie to ride along too.

Put hardwood floor in the shop from an old school house I dismantled in Rickman, TN. about 7 years ago.

This is a start of a chopper mock up. The frame is really unique. It's a limited frame from Canada is all I know for sure. It is a project bike but rides really smooth. More to come later on this build.

This one was for the cousin of the two sisters who had to have purple, two different shades.

Sister number two's bike she had a pink & black thing too.

This one is built for one of two teenage sisters who wanted bikes so that they could neighborhood cruze.

This was is a build for a beginner flatlander who loved pink & black .

This build was for a TTU student that needed a commuter bike to get around campus. A simple 7 speed .

This was a simple rebuild for a young lady of 8yrs. who loves purple.

Ya gotta love when you mother-in-law loves to race bicycles(or tricycles) too!

If Paul Bunyan was a MTB rider this would be accurate.

A prayer for a safe ride, and to give thanks for the gift of knowledge of bicycles and to say thanks and let God know that the bars may be in my hands , but he is in control.

this place looks so wicked, imagine the air time....

This is a bike from my personal collection a 1988 Haro Response. In the begining stages of rebuild.

Dug out my old and last race bike today. Melissa Gasaway bought for me over 10 years ago. ( I love that woman) I'm trying to decide the colors I'm going to use when restoration starts next month. It is still a beast and handled well in the air earlier today. : )

I thought this might be a good bike for the next time I want to go camping.... : )

these are so much fun if you can find one..... the sidehack

Just finished this Specialized hybrid 24 gears and low miles. appears to have spent more time hanging in a garage the on the road. Yes I am selling it.

This is a simple 6 speed for a local state park ranger.

Next Cobra from the ashes

A New huffy rockit from the grave

Father's Day is once a year being Dad is every day. Quality time with your kids is not something you by ; it is what you do.

[06/10/13]   Had a gentlemen ask me the other day how did you come up with the name for your shop? It is not a common name for a bicycle shop. I replied , I have been riding, working on and building bicycles for over 30 years. I have a unique knowledge of bicycles and a great affection for them. I am able to take the frame of a bicycle and use parts from many other companies to create a custom creation for anyone that has the desire to ride. I bring back to life what was left for dead. even my own personal bicycles are not stock. Nor will they ever be. Not everyone can afford a $500.00 plus dollar bicycle from a snob shop. Now days even a $ 100.,00 bicycle is hard for some families to afford. That is where I come in. I can build custom high end bikes if the person has the money to spend. But I get even more joy out of building one for a child who doesn't have much, who will treat the bike like their best friend. I also enjoy helping adults who want to spend time with their kids riding but. have not rode for many years, or they want to get it better shape. I am here to help. And my all time favorite movie is Young Frankenstein. So as a twist to a beloved movie and an even greater passion I came up with. Crankenstien Bicycles. If anyone has ever seen the movie Young Frankenstein they will understand the reason I spelled it the way I did. - Todd

[05/30/13]   Email Crankenstien Bicycles at [email protected] gmail if you have any questions about the Havoc FS.

Okay be on the lookout for these bikes. It is the Havoc FS series made by Hyper Bicycles. If you have any problems with it not staying in one gear. or the gears slipping. Email me asap. The bikes are sold at Walmart they have been a decent bike. But there are several that I have come across that are a possible danger. The Staff at Hyper Bicycles are being very good about getting to the heart of the issue with these bikes. It seems that the pivot bolt above the bottom bracket is wearing out extremely quick or even breaking. one of the biggest warnings is the gears slipping under load or during up hill climbs. Hyper Bicycles is a good company that has been around since the 80's . I am working with them to resolve this issue. Please contact me if you run into this . So far it seems to be the fall of 2012 builds, but that is not for certain. I am not degrading Walmart or Hyper Bicycles. Just trying to find a solution to a problem before anyone gets seriously hurt. Thanks for your help and time. - Todd

This is a set of Bikes that I just finished on Thursday. His is a 7 speed Schwinn with disc brake on the front fully suspended. Hers 18 speed Mongoose full suspension. Both are sporting 2.0 wide Kenda Tires for urban riding.

This is my 1967 Eliminator project bike . Paid $25 for it. It will be fun to restore.

This is one thing that no cyclist likes to when you ride because most drivers are too pre-occupied to pay attention to you riding.

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