Singletrack Stampede

Singletrack Stampede~Trail of the Ancients is 100% trail, 95% Singletrack race offering 10K, 22K and 42K distances brought to you by socalultrarunning.

Singletrack Stampede is a trail race offering 10K, 22K and 42K distances on nearly 100% singletrack trails. It will beheld on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Start location is the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District in Calabasas, Ca. The course will follow the New Millennium loop along the trails that were guided by Chumash Indainas in the 18th century. Every finisher will be awarded a medal with the "Horseman" sketch from ancient times. Registration is open at


Happy Friday Trail Runner Nation!
I hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy :)

Most days my mental health is great and I find joy in the simple things~liking running, talking with my girls or walking my dog. I have my health and for that, I am grateful.

Other days however, I wonder how my business will be after we get back to our "new normal" and with these thoughts I struggle.

If you haven't participated in my races, you may not know what the last 2 years at Socalultrarunning looked like..

In November 2018, the Woolsey Fire tore through Cheeseboro National Park 1 day before our 5th Anniversary No Name 5030 Trail Races were to take place. I was devastated to say the least, but responded with a Virtual Race. I mailed the beautiful hand crafted awards to the winners and offered participants their shirts and medals for pickup at Fleet Feet SoCal: Westlake. Those who didn't participate were offered a complimentary entry into any one of my 2019 Races.

Due to the Fire, both Singletrack Stampede and Phantom Trail Races were held later than usual in the Spring of 2019. With so many complimentary entries being redeemed and the delayed start to the racing season, Socalultrarunning struggled. By November 2019 however, I felt so blessed by our community. No Name 5030 Trail Races had more participants than ever! Allowing me to continue doing what I love most. Our Race Series party was a wonderful way to end a long year. Celebrating all of our victories!

In January 2020, tragedy struck again when the ill fated helicopter crash occurred on the trails of the Singletrack Stampede race course. I had to postpone our 5th Anniversary race indefinitely...I humbled myself knowing this was "only a trail race" and held no comparison to the devastation families felt who lost loved ones.

In March I kicked off our Race Series at Fleet Feet SoCal: Westlake announcing our HOKA ONE ONE Sponsorship and Brand Ambassadors ~ Alejandra Ruiz, Kenneth Ringled and Sparky Sparks. I also showcased the Singletrack Stampede awards and medals. Participants picked up their awesome sweatshirts and hats. We raffled off free entries too. It was a fun night, but within 2 weeks the Phantom Trail Races April race date was in jeopardy due to the Virus. Needless to say, I was unable to produce the races and feeling a bit defeated.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I read an article that resonated with me. It was just the message I needed to receive.
It reminded me that I too am Bold.
I am Strong.
I am Self aware and I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to. I will get through this next hurdle as I have in the past and the best is yet to come!!!

So if you struggle in these times or simply need a reminder about your "awesomeness", please take a few minutes to read the article linked below...because it's never too late to be your biggest cheerleader :)

Stay healthy everyone and I hope to see you all soon.
Big Air Hugs ~ Erica

****UPDATE****The Bark Park ~ where the doggies play ~ has reopened as of yesterday, March 3rd. However, the Millennium Loop Trail will remain CLOSED for at least 6 more weeks.
Mountains Recreation Conservation Authority ( MRCA )will not confirm a reschedule date for the races until the Las Virgenes View Park ( Millennium Trail Loop ) is reopened.
Thank you so much for your understanding and support! We will post updates here as we get them.
See you this Sunday, March 8th at the Phantom Trail Races training run! Visit our Facebook Events page ~ Phantom Trail Races for more details :)

It is with great disappointment, but empathy and understanding that we must postpone the 5th Anniversary of the Singletrack Stampede on March 7th.

For those of you who may be joining us for the first time on course, the Singeltrack Stampede race is the location of the ill-fated helicopter crash on January 26th that took the life of 9 people. It was a horrific accident that has taken several weeks to investigate, clean up and remedy the area. The resolution is ongoing.

We have been in communication with Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District and Los Angeles County Fire Department Station 125 every week for updates. The investigation has concluded, but an Environmental team was brought in several weeks ago to clear the debris field of any foreign objects including molten metal and take soil samples. So much jet fuel was left behind in the ground that the levels are unsafe. So until the samples return from the lab "acceptable", the Park will remain closed. Due to this uncertainty, we have decided to postpone the race.

In addition, the City of Calabasas and the local Sheriff's Department are working on a plan to mitigate the anticipated number of fans expected to visit the crash site once the Park reopens. This will have a major impact on the previously quiet hillside trail.

We are truly sorry :(
We know so many of you plan your Race calendars 6-12 months in advance. This was a tough call for us, but we feel it is the best choose given the information we have. Medals are ordered, awards designed, awesome sweatshirts enroute, so we'll have plenty to celebrate when we reschedule.

We will post here when we have been given the green light from MRCA for a new race date. A huge thank you to Scott Hughes at MRCA and Tim Foy at Station 125 for keeping us so informed.

Next race will be the Phantom Trail Races on April 4th. Registration is open at UltraSignup:

Please SAVE THE DATE of Thursday, March 5th for our Trail Race Series kick off party!!! HOKA ONE ONE and Altra Running will be in store! We'll also have your Singletrack Stampede sweatshirts on hand and hats for pickup along with a few other surprises. So we hope you can make it to Fleet Feet SoCal: Westlake to help us celebrate! See our Events page for more details.

Thank you to our amazing Sponsors, Partners and Ambassadors for your continued support and understanding: Fleet Feet SoCal: Encino & Westlake, HOKA ONE ONE, JOi Cafe, Fluid Sports Nutrition, Naked Running Band, Vision For Enrichment, Run Vertical Productions, Nicolas Cabeza-Lion and Sparky Sparks!

Welcome back Rich Lorton and his A-MAY-ZING crew to the Socalultrarunning Trail Race Series!!! Rich joined us last year and we haven't looked back since. Vision For Enrichment adds that "extra element" to our Runner experience and we couldn't be more thrilled. Huge thank you to Ro Suma for the introduction :)

Cheers to these awesome athletes for committing to Race #1 in our series: Maribel Garcia, Renee Bache Funt, Theresa Protter, Adam Fitzpatrick, Erin Brunelle, Shari Thron DeLuca, Dena Kosche, Ashley Duck, Neil Viner, Jacob Cunha, Patricia Costales and Susan Park.

Haven't registered yet? It's our 5 year Anniversary...what are you waiting for???


10K, 22K and 42K Distances. See you at the Races!


We are OVER THE MOON announcing HOKA ONE ONE's 2020 Sponsorship of Socalultrarunning's Trail Race Series!!!!

What this means to YOU?
This means you'll have opportunities to demo HOKA ONE ONE sneakers at all four races and accompanying training runs; Special invites to HOKA ONE ONE infused Socalultrarunning parties and events and much more throughout the year!

A huge thank you to Alison Horton and Fleet Feet SoCal: Encino & Westlake's Jeff Vannini and Renee Bache Funt for their enthusiasm, trust and pursuit of making our trail running community the best place to be.'s Time to Fly!!!

Happy Tuesday Trail Runner Nation!!!! If you'd like to guarantee your sweatshirt size ( included with your registration fee ), you'll need to register before this Thursday~February 6th. These sweatshirts are super cool, so don't get stuck with a size that's too small!

We're also adding an option on the registration page to purchase one of our awesome "Anniversary Run Hats". We LOVE these hats. It's a smaller fit, so if you dig the lower profile hats rather than the trucker hats...these are for you. Check out the sneak peek below. ONLY $20 :)

Let's put our hands together for these amazing athletes who will be joining the 5 year Anniversary par-tay: Amanda Paules, Gabriele Vajente and Heather D'Anna. Cheers to you all!

Register today at UltraSignup:

10K, 22K and 42K Distances.

Don't forget to add on your Post Race meal from JOi Cafe when registering and please consider donating to Apollo's ARC Animal Rescue & Care. There's no better feeling than helping an animal in need. Be their voice :)

As many of you know, the tragic helicopter accident that took the lives of 9 people on Sunday crashed on the Singletrack Stampede course...

I am in communication with the Park Service and a close friend who was a First Responder. The Investigation has concluded and removal of the debris has started. I have chosen to cancel the training run this Saturday allowing more time to process and heal. We will post here if/when we reschedule.

However ~ the race is still scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 7th. We will know in the coming weeks if we need to change the course at all, but I promise to bring this community together and do what we love most...and that is run! What better way to celebrate life than run some miles with friends :)

So please welcome "my friends" to the 5 year anniversary Stampede: Sarah Dephouse, Janise Wismar, Caroline Shahin, Andrew Darrow , Mallory McCormick and Dan Cerny.

Register today and bring a friend, because the miles are always better with friends:

10K, 22K and 42K Distances.

Due to the tragedy that occured yesterday on the Singletrack Stampede course, we will not be conducting our training run this Saturday, February 1st.
We will post when/if we reschedule for later in the month.
Thank you for your understanding.
Hug your loved ones a little longer today...

Only 6 more weeks until we kick off our 2020 Socalultrarunning Trail Race Series!!!

If you haven't heard, we're celebrating 5 years at the Stampede! It took us nearly 2 years of meetings and letters to HOA's to get permitting approved for this special race and here we are 5 years later!!! Woo~hoo. Persistance pays off :)

Please put your hands together for these awesome folks who have committed to the Stampede and will receive our gorgeous Anniversary edition medal: Dustin Lange, Sandy Adams, Kenneth Ringled, Kim Holeman, Annette Harndon, Warren Selko, Kay Mac, Alexa Labianca, Sarah Wood, Bill Clarke and Alyssa Solis. A special shout out to Alyssa and Kim for donating to Apollo's ARC Animal Rescue & Care!!!

Haven't registered yet? Here's your invitation, click below:

10K, 22K and 42K Distances.

It's simple, we won't let you quit!
To help you keep your 2020 Fitness #Goals, we're offering a 1 day discount code to keep you accountable.

Register today with the code: NOQUIT

You'll receive $10 off any distance and best of all, you'll feel awesome about your commitment.

We're all about making you feel good :)

So grab your coffee, sit down at your computer and register today. This code expires at midnight tonight:

10K, 22K and 42K Distances.

~ with Sparky Sparks, Nicolas Cabeza-Lion and Holly Gagas

We are Over the Moon excited to announce a "First" at the Singletrack Stampede Trail Races. In celebration of our 5 year anniversary, we wanted to "Up our Runner Experience" by offering you more.

So we sat down with one of our favorite Sponsors ~ JOi Cafe and talked about bringing more "JOi" to our races.

On March 7th, you can complete your running experience by celebrating your accomplishments and feeding your body with one of JOi's most popular dishes. Enjoy a handcrafted Breakfast Burrito, tasty accompanying Side and special Recovery Drink post race. Simply select the Add-on option " JOi Cafe Caters!!!" when registering and we'll have your meal waiting for you at the Finish Line!!!

Already registered? No worries ~ we'll be sending out an email via UltraSignup for those who would like to opt in on JOi Cafe's catering. We've got you covered!

Thank you so much to Joi Stearns and Nicholas Johanson for your continued support of our athletes. Cheers to you both :)

Register today:

10K, 22K and 42K Distances available.

Trail Race Series kick off Par-tay!!!

SAVE THE DATE!!! Thursday ~ March 5th!!!

Join us at Fleet Feet SoCal: Westlake for our Trail Series kick off Par-tay. Awesome reps from Altra Running and HOKA ONE ONE will be in store to answer all your running questions :)

We'll be toasting and tasting to our Series. So bring your bad a** self to celebrate. Bring your moola too and stock up on your favorites for Race #1 that following Saturday, March 7th ~ Singletrack Stampede.

Haven't registered yet? Click here:

10K, 22K and 42K Distances available.

Bibs and swag will be in store also, so you can pick yours up at the party! See you there:)

Good Morning Trail Runner Nation!!! We hope you had a fabulous weekend~the trails are alive with grass and wildflowers starting to pop. We are so excited for a year of running in the Santa Monica's.

2020 brings awesomeness to all of Socalultrarunning's events. For starters, we've included our super schnazzy Race shirts with every race entry! We get so many compliments, we decided to share the love and include them rather than make them an're welcome:)

We'll also be creating a "buy in" option for some tasty food post race from our runner favorite ~ JOi Cafe. Soon as we've chosen the menu, we'll share it here!

Next month we'll be hosting our on course training run ~ February 1st. Check our "events" tab for more details.
We will also be kicking off our Race Series at Fleet Feet SoCal: Westlake in February. Stay tuned for the Par-tay details! See our poster with all 4 Series dates:)

Last year's "Ruffie's Run" and fundraiser at the No Name 5030 Trail Races was a huge success. Raising thousands of dollars, we donated to several non-profits helping Homeless Animals in our area. One of those non profits is Apollo's ARC Animal Rescue & Care. Apollo's ARC assisted in finding Ruffalo ~ the inspiration for the charity run ~ his furever home. We LOVE Apollo's ARC. So we've added a DONATION option to our race registration page on their behalf. Allowing them to continue making miracles happen! Please consider making a donation when you register. If you've already registered, you can go back to UltraSignup and simply donate.

Haven't registered yet?
What are you waiting for...we'll be celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary this year!
Choose from 10K, 22K and 42K Distances:

Happy Tuesday Trail Runner Nation!!!

Put your hands together for these amazing athletes who have secured their spot at Race #1 ~ the Trail of the Ancients ~ Singletrack Stampede.
We're turning 5 this year and WE'RE SO EXCITED!!!

Cheers to Marisa Ledina, Ryan Hogan, Steve Ryne, Eric Wostenberg, Dan Brown, Roger Rutz and Steve Wiesner!!! We can't wait to celebrate with you :)

Haven't registered yet, here's your link:

10K, 22K and 42K Distances.

Race #1 in our Series is only a few months away and registration is open!!! Choose from 10K, 22K and 42K distances. It's our 5 year anniversary, so we'll be celebrating!!!

Cheers to: Christophe Stahl, Sirous Shahin, Holly Spohn-Gross and Michael Digiovanni who secured their spot!

What are you waiting for? This is your personal invitation :)

Click here:

Happy Holidays!!!! As we celebrate this holiday season, some of us are looking ahead to 2020's Race Calendar and SOME OF US have already committed.

So cheers to these fine folks who will be toeing the line on March 7th: Sparky Sparks, Ruby Yeh, Melanie Alvarado, Ramtin Riahi and Marci Salk.

10K, 22K and 42K Distances available.

Registration is open at UltraSignup, so treat yourself this holiday with the gift of fitness. Register before midnight on Christmas Day and we'll take $10 off your registration fee!!! Simply use code: JUSTFORME

Happy holidays to me:


It's November 1st and we're so excited to announce Registration is open for 2020!!!

So grab your coffee or tea and pull up a chair :)

We'll be offering the same 10K, 22K and 42K Distances. Race Day is Saturday, March 7th, 2020. We're bringing it back to it's original month rather than April this year due to the Woolsey Fire.

Oh ya...did we mention, we're turning 5 next year??? YEPPERS!!! Singletrack Stampede will be 5 years old.
Come out and celebrate with us!

Register at UltraSignup:

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Saturday 07:00 - 15:00
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