Cambridge Salem Youth Football League

Cambridge Salem Youth Football League


Coach B HAS service so he has the official parade info too!

Cambridge parade at 4pm meet at Cambridge school.

Salem parade will follow and we will meet at Salem Firehouse.
How is the Cubs game going ????
Good luck to everyone, have a blast and bring it home!🏈🧡💜🖤🏈
A HUGE shoutout to all the Cubs and Tigers players, coaches and parents!! What an awesome season this has been! Congrats to all on the WINS today and best of luck at the Super Bowl!! ❤
Good luck today, player, coaches, cheerleaders, and parents!! 🏈🧡🏈💜🏈🖤
Black or purple socks tonight?
Cubs vs. Vermont! Playoffs here we come!!
Cubs vs. Greenwich 43-0! (Group 2)
Cubs vs. Greenwich 43-0! (Group 1)
Thank you for the team meal last night for the Cambridge Salem football team. All your support is greatly appreciated.
Cubs vs Granville 33-6!! Great job!! (Group 2)

Competitive youth football program.

[10/08/21]   Flag schedule change!
SATURDAYS GAME IS AT 10AM, please arrive at 9:30.
We will provided printed directions at photos tonight.

[10/06/21]   Weekend Schedule:
Friday: Flag photos at 5pm. Practice for Cubs and Tigers.
Saturday: Flag game in Poultney for red and yellow teams 10:30 arrival time.
Sunday: 10am Cubs at Manchester and 10am Tigers at Schuylerville.

[10/05/21]   Flag photo night is Friday at 5pm, at the practice field.

Cubs vs. Schuylerville 10/3 10/04/2021

Cubs vs. Schuylerville 10/3

Cubs game photos are up!

Cubs vs. Schuylerville 10/3 28 new photos · Album by Rebekah Watkins


Cubs found themselves outscored against Schuylerville today but these guys are already making a plan for the week ahead. Our program is lucky to have community members willing to give up their time to build a successful program. Thanks Coaches!

Cubs found themselves outscored against Schuylerville today but these guys are already making a plan for the week ahead. Our program is lucky to have community members willing to give up their time to build a successful program. Thanks Coaches!

[10/01/21]   Tigers! Some good news! We have a scrimmage with Hoosick Falls at 12pm, Sunday October 3rd. Scrimmage will be held at the little league field in Hoosick Falls.

[10/01/21]   😥Tigers game is canceled for Sunday October 3rd.

🏈Cubs will play Sunday and a parent meeting for Cubs only will be held Monday October 4th at 6pm.

Northeast Youth Football League 09/30/2021

Northeast Youth Football League

🏈 Flag: All players, red and yellow, are welcome at the Saturday game. Lower Willow Park field, Bennington, VT. 9:30 arrival time.
ALL flag players, red and yellow, are invited to the last game of the season against Vermont. Plan accordingly. Details to follow.

🏈 Cubs and Tigers end of season schedule:
OCTOBER 3rd- at Schuylerville
OCTOBER 10Tth- Cubs at Manchester
OCTOBER 17th- playoff games
OCTOBER 24th- semi- final games
OCTOBER 31th- Superbowl

🏈 Season standings are listed on both teams are still very much in the running. Go Cambridge-Salem Youth Football!!! Finish strong.

Northeast Youth Football League Join Your Community Football Team.

Tigers vs. Vermont 9/26 09/27/2021

Tigers vs. Vermont 9/26

Tigers photos are up!

Tigers vs. Vermont 9/26 67 new photos · Album by Rebekah Watkins

[09/26/21]   📣 A win for Tigers today!

📣 Practice schedule for the week:
🏈 Tigers: M, W, TH 5-7
🏈 Cubs: W, TH 5-7 provided you have been released from any quarantines.
🏈 Flag: M, W 5-6

📣 Please turn in raffle tickets to the snack bar. If you can sell a few this week, we'd be grateful.

[09/22/21]   SATURDAY flag schedule change:
Red team plays at 8:30am. Please be present at 8am.
Yellow plays at 9:30am. Please arrive at 9 am.

Tigers vs. Manchester 9/19 09/22/2021

Tigers vs. Manchester 9/19

A happy football update. Tigers vs. Manchester photos are up!

Tigers vs. Manchester 9/19 50 new photos · Album by Rebekah Watkins

[09/20/21]   Due to COVID restrictions now being enacted. Cubs football is canceled through the 27th.

[09/20/21]   Reminder: Practice for Tigers and Flag tonight at 5pm!

[09/20/21]   More updates!

BBQ is canceled and photo night will be rescheduled when we can ALL be in attendance.

[09/19/21]   Cubs football practice is canceled until further notice. We will update when we can.

Flag and Tigers may continue at this juncture and practice has moved to 5pm.

Stay healthy football family and please reach out if we can help.

[09/19/21]   Tigers find themselves with the win again! Way to go!

[09/18/21]   Juniors-Cubs game with Manchester has been canceled.

Seniors-Tigers game is ON and begins at 12pm, Sunday.

[09/18/21]   57 Seminary Ave. Manchester VT, is the address for Burr and Burton and Sundays tackle games. Manchester does not have bleachers at this field so bring your own chairs!

[09/18/21]   Brunswick flag games have been pushed back an hour...yellow team can arrive at 11:30am. Enjoy some extra time this am. We appreciate everyone's understanding.

[09/18/21]   Chicken BBQ tickets are on sale NOW. Please pre-order your meals at the snack bar or by calling 518-677-3022. September 26th and $13 per meal. Pick up is 12pm and 2pm.


Pictures are Tuesday September 21 at the American Legion. Salem's open house is virtual and will not interfere.
Cubs - 5:30
Flag - 6:00
Tigers -6:30
Please be on time.

September 20th will be the start of 5pm practices. We are chasing daylight!

[09/15/21]   Practice is canceled for Wednesday evening and rescheduled for Thursday at 5:30.

Tigersvs. Granville 9/12 09/13/2021

Tigersvs. Granville 9/12

Tigers find themselves with a Win over Granville! Photos of today's game.

Tigersvs. Granville 9/12 67 new photos · Album by Rebekah Watkins

Cubs vs. Granville 9/12 09/13/2021

Cubs vs. Granville 9/12

Cubs take the W over Granville today. Check out these photos!

Cubs vs. Granville 9/12 42 new photos · Album by Rebekah Watkins

[09/12/21]   Taking on Granville today at our home field.

Cubs play at 10 and Tigers at 12.

See you at the field!

[09/11/21]   10 am flag game against Granville is Canceled!

ALL players are welcome to attend the 11am game and coaches will filter them in. We apologize, but the Granville team just let us know they aren't coming down.

Cubs vs. Greenwich 9/5 09/07/2021

Cubs vs. Greenwich 9/5

Cubs vs. Greenwich 9/5 56 new photos · Album by Rebekah Watkins

Tigers vs Greenwich 9/5 09/07/2021

Tigers vs Greenwich 9/5

Tigers vs Greenwich 9/5 69 new photos · Album by Rebekah Watkins

[09/06/21]   Practice is ON for tonight at 5:30pm for all!

[09/05/21]   Both Cubs and Tigers get the W today over Greenwich!! 🏈🏈🏈

[09/05/21]   It's game day ya'll!

Cubs play at 10 and Tigers at 12. Players need to arrive 1 hr early.

GOOOOOO Cambridge!

[09/03/21]   Flag practice for next week will be 5:30-6:30pm Monday and Wednesday only! This will be the new schedule going forward!

[09/03/21]   A few notes:

Please be at the game field at 9am for Cubs and 11am for Tigers.

Next week practice will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5:30-7:30pm. 5:30 will be our new start time now that school is in session.

See ya Sunday!!!

[09/02/21]   Reminder! Practice tonight!

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In case you haven't heard, we swept the titles today! Superbowl trophies for both teams!!! What a season and what a fun ...
Welcome back to Cambridge! Thank you Cambridge PD, FD & EMS for your support!
Thank you Salem and Shushan FD for the escorting our little champions through Salem!
Parade through Salem celebrating!!



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