Cape May Whale Watcher

Cape May Whale Watcher


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Cape May Whale Watcher

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So many wonderful memories to be made onboard this special boat!
WHALE LOVERS: Very interesting whale info on National Geographic! Secrets of the Whale. It makes Cape May Whale Watcher trip even more interesting than it already is. Such an exciting creature!!!
What a day!!! Thank you to the captain and crew! We had a great day. We are cold, wet, but very happy with our trip! Thank you!/
The dolphins today were out of this world! We had such a great time with our children, thank you Cape May Whale Watcher!! Canโ€™t wait to make the trip back!
Our 2022 Summer Raffle is here! Stop by the Camp Store to get your raffle tickets($10 each)!! Benefits Cape Regional Medical Center.

1st Prize: 4 Passenger Custom EZ-GO Golf Cart! (Value $9,595).
2nd Prize: Weber Spirit E-210 2 Burner Propane Grill w/ $500 Gift Card to Gaiss' Meat Market! (Value $1,009).
3rd Prize: Cape May Whale Watcher Buffet Dinner Cruise for 2 paired with a Wine & Snack Basket! (Value $210).

Thank you to our sponsors: South Jersey Electric Vehicles , Anco Ace Hardware, Gaiss' Meat Market & Cape May Whale Watcher!
Cape May Whale Watcher is always a GREAT trip to take the entire family on!

See the front desk about discount coupons for their Sunset Cruise!๐Ÿ˜Ž
If only...
โœจ๐€ ๐˜๐ž๐š๐ซ ๐ข๐ง ๐๐ฎ๐ฆ๐›๐ž๐ซ๐ฌ โœจ
We are proud of all we accomplished this year! Check out these stats for our Atlantic companies.

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Are your trios handicap accessible? I have two granddaughters in wheelchairs
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Some great photos from over the weekend! Cape May Whale Watcher found a few hungry humpbacks off the New Jersey coast. ๐Ÿคฉ

Thanks for giving these whales space to chow down!

The Largest and Fastest Whale and Dolphin Watching Boats in all of New Jersey and the only boats to truly Guarantee Marine Mammals. Since 1993, the Cape May Whale Watcher, with the Stewart Family has remained the leader of their industry in both eco tourism and first rate boat tours in New Jersey.

The boats are the largest and fastest of their kind as well as the cleanest. Our Guarantee is unrivaled in the North East. In the event Marine Mammals are not sighted, this mean whales dolphins or porpoise, we issue a free pass to ride again free. This can be used on any of our regualarly scheduled marine mammal watching trips, and it never expires. We have taken customers out on trips this year for free with free passes from 1993.

Operating as usual


After wind, wind, and more wind- reports are coming in of Humpback Whales moving into the area. We are getting back to our daily cruises! We look forward to seeing you aboard ship!

Check out the schedule


Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms and caregivers out there! We all would be lost without you! Here are some of the moms of Cape May Whale At her Crew that keep us going and going and going!
If you are lucky enough to be with your Mom today, hug her extra tight and treat her right! And that goes for everyday! โค๏ธ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿ‹

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Cape May found its way onto another awesome list.

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Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 04/29/2022

Happy Friday! The weather is much improved from the chill of the week- we look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Check out Naturalist Kristenโ€™s photos of Bottlenose Dolphins from this past week-

We are cruising daily with some exceptions


Virtual Whale and Dolphin Watch aboard the 125ft High Speed Atlantis.

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 04/23/2022

Finally got to editing some of our Humpback Buddies from this past week! The whale reports keep coming in and the Bottlenose dolphins have been plentiful and widespread!

We look forward to seeing you aboard

Check out the schedule with weekday and weekend trips available

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 04/22/2022

Happy Earth Day ๐ŸŒŽ

โ€œPeople ask: Why should I care about the ocean? Because the ocean is the cornerstone of earth's life support system, it shapes climate and weather. It holds most of life on earth. 97% of earth's water is there. It's the blue heart of the planet โ€” we should take care of our heart. It's what makes life possible for us. We still have a really good chance to make things better than they are. They won't get better unless we take the action and inspire others to do the same thing. No one is without power. Everybody has the capacity to do something.

-Sylvia A. Earle

We do our part to help all living things by reminding our patrons that the ocean is not infinite. It is not this vast nothingness where itโ€™s ok to dump or forget trash. All the trash remains there. Especially balloons!

- we encourage our customers to think about where balloons go when they are let go. They donโ€™t magically disappear- they end up somewhere on earth and much of that somewhere is the ocean. Once there- they easily are ingested by animals- like the Mola Mola pictured here. We pick a few up- but we cannot get them all. So we ask that you do your part- and make good choices- think about alternatives for decoration that do not fly away from you.

There is something each and everyone of us can do to help Whales and Dolphins, which helps the ocean, which in turn helps all living things on Planet Earth. Over 50% of the worlds oxygen comes from the worlds oceans. Every time you refuse, reduce, reuse, or recycle โ™ป๏ธ you are helping dolphins and whales and our Mola Mola friend, you are helping the ocean- YOU ARE HELPING YOURSELF

Be good to the Earth ๐ŸŒŽ ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿงœ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ


Hoppy Easter from the Crew of the Cape May Whale Watcher and the Stewart Family!

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 04/15/2022

We had the most excellent afternoon trip any whale watcher could ask for today!!!!

Kudos to Denise Marconi for having the camera focused in the exact right spot right time- all elements came together for her today! We got one breach and Denise made it count!!!!!! Thank you oh so much for sharing with us.

2 Humpback Whales and 200 Dolphins made for a magnificent afternoon.

We are sailing daily through April 24 and everyday starting May 1

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 04/14/2022

Happy National Dolphin Day! ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿฌ

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 04/12/2022

In addition to high levels of Humpback Whale activity- the Bottlenose Dolphin sightings have been at near Summer Time peak season levels!!!! Check out these photos from photographer Jerry Meyers on a chilly Sunday!

Warmer temps ahead- heading out Weds, Fri, Sat this week and Sunday to Sunday next week-

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 04/06/2022

We had an amazing weekend! Still processing all the photos from our four Humpback Whales, hundreds of Bottlenose Dolphins and thousand of Northern Gannets- here is a sample of a Lobtail or Fluke Slap photographed by Naturalist Kristen Ritchie! Way to go!

We are ready to go for this upcoming weekend- check out the full schedule and purchase tickets at


Virtual Whale and Dolphin Watch with three Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins and Gannets just offshore of Wildwood Crest, NJ.


Virtual Whale and Dolphin Watch with 40 foot Humpback Whale next to and around the boat at McCries shoal with Bottlenose Dolphins and Gannets too!!!!!


Virtual Whale and Dolphin Watch with Bottlenose Dolphins at Cape May Inlet and Diamond Beach!

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 03/31/2022

Many Bottlenose Dolphins have returned to the area to feast on the plethora of fish present around Cape May! This selection of photos is from last Saturday. We are cruising this Saturday and Sunday have trips available for Spring Break.

Check out the schedule here


Thousands of dive bombing Northern Gannets are around Cape May Inlet!!!!!!

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 03/28/2022

We had an awesome weekend of whale watching! Northern Gannets, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Grey Seals, Bottlenose Dolphins and Humpback Whales! Check out photos of our 40 foot Humpback Whale buddy taken by Naturalist Kristen Richie! Despite chilly temps Kristen got a partial fluke which may be one of our local cataloged Humpbacks! Great Job!

We are cruising weekends and the full schedule is available for purchase here


Virtual Whale Watch aboard the High Speed 125ft Atlantis off of Wildwood, NJ with a 40 foot Humpback Whale and some wind. Also had a Grey Seal, dozen of Bottlenose Dolphins, hundreds of Northern Gannets, a Bald Eagle, six Great Blue Herons and several Osprey. Lots of life around for the Spring Migration season!

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 03/25/2022

It was a bit foggy on our shakedown cruise! Thank you to Tommy Peters on Cool Cape May for the haunting images!

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 03/25/2022

Some sites from last trip. Many Bald Eagles, Osprey, and hundreds of Northern Gannets! Thank you Jerry Meyers for the photos!

We are heading out weekends and our Spring Break 2022 and full calendar of trips are available here

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 03/22/2022

Despite a very grey day, this past Sunday had some awesome sightings. Jerry Meyers got these great shots of the elusive Humpback Whale as well as Bottlenose Dolphins, and Northern Gannets. If you enjoy Jerry Meyers photos, check his other work out available for purchase at Cape May Snaps in downtown Cape May.

Our full schedule is available

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 03/20/2022

40 Foot Humpback Whale, 50 plus Bottlenose Dolphins and hundreds of Northern Gannets. The weather held up and the Humpback Whale was elusive in the end, but all together it was a fantastic weekend!

We are running weekends throughout the Spring- check out the whole schedule at



Happy First Day of Spring!


Virtual Whale and Dolphin Watch with Bottlenose Dolphin off of Diamon Beach and Wildwood Crest, NJ.

Photos from Cape May Whale Watcher's post 03/19/2022

Looks like perfect forecast this weekend! We look forward to seeing you aboard.


Latest Report: large numbers of Northern Gannets along with Bottlenose Dolphins and a Humpback Whale reported off of Wildwood Crest. We are headed out to investigate today!

Check out the Spring Break Schedule along with the rest of 2022 here!

Our Story

Cape May Whale Watcher has been dolphin and whale watching March-December on the New Jersey Shore area since 1993. We have the largest and fastest marine mammal watching boats in New Jersey, and we are the only boats with the never expiring "Marine Mammal Sighting" guarantee. We also offer a variety of day and special event cruise packages, including a Sunset Dolphin cruise, a Prime-Rib Dinner cruise, and a History cruise in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts.

Captain Jeff Stewart started the Cape May Whale Watcher in 1993 at the Miss Chris Marina. Captain Stewart had been working in whale and dolphin watching as well as sightseeing and half day fishing in Wildwood Crest since 1973 with Captain Ron Sinn.

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