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Our programs are customized to each individual by offering education and layers of support to be successful from nutrition, training, and the mindset. Flexible-dieting is a lifestyle and educational approach to dieting that allows for eating carbohydrates, eating in restaurants and eating pleasure foods without worry and stress. This structure offers strategies and skills necessary for permanent weight loss and commitment to one’s health and fitness goals with longevity. Please message us for a consultation!

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#transformationtuesday of a former client @body_by_bess that absolutely crushed his prep a few years back. We ended up qualifying for nationals locally and taking 3rd at Nationals 💪🏻⁠⠀
This prep was a whole new approach for Dave and I had a lot of fun watching him grasp the concept of flexible dieting and actually enjoy life while doing it 🙌🏻⁠⠀
We gave ourselves ample time to prep and wanted to make sure he came in lights out with enough time to fine tune things and fill out more for the national stage. This allowed him to eat more food, do less cardio overall, and stay patient along the way.⁠⠀
First show we knew we had to come in much flatter to qualify (he's still a monster flat 🤣swipe right 👉🏻) locally and we pushed to fill out much harder for the big stage knowing the judges he'd be in front of favored the bigger look.⁠⠀
I couldn't have been more proud of how hard he worked, how much he immersed himself to learn a whole new approach, and had a huge smile the entire time! ⁠⠀
Good times and hope we get to do it again, Dave!⁠⠀
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On the outside, competing seems like a fun and healthy hobby! 😶But....the deeper you dig into the sport and the process of contest prep the more it becomes apparent that there’s soooo much more to the stage than the shredded bodies, the shiny trophies and the seemingly glitzy appearance😬
Watch this video and find out what we mean.......🙈 If you’ve competed and relate to what we’re saying, let us know your experience and if you agree/disagree!💪🏻👇🏻

Another episode of our Macro Hack Radio podcast is out!

In episode 12 Tyler and Lee Ann tackle one of the TOUGHEST things people go through - and that is maintaining.⁠

Sounds strange, right? But the reality is, learning how to successfully maintain weight is one of the most important and also most difficult things many people will do on their fitness journey.⁠

Make sure to give us a "Subscribe" and leave a rating and/or review so we can keep spreading the word to our community!⁠ We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Let us know down below - do you have a hard time with maintenance? 🤔

Bringing back some unforgettable memories with a #throwbackthursday of some of our badass clients 🙌🏻⁠

We nearly swept the show and grabbed 3 pro cards that night. Cool part was watching 3 our bodybuilders take each class and battle it out in the overall.⁠

We really miss going to shows this season and looking forward to creating more memories with the TNT fam and many other competitors!⁠

What's your favorite show memory? 👇🏻⁠

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Training Tip #8: Drink your water!⁠⠀
I know it's something we preach all the time, but how often do you say to yourself 'I really SHOULD drink more water!'⁠⠀
Well, you're right, you should. 😉⁠⠀
It has a ton of benefits, but we know remembering to drink water actually is something a lot of us have an issue with.⁠⠀
We recommend setting a timer, a reminder, or tracking it on your phone or smartwatch to stay on top of things!⁠⠀
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Knowing the calorie content of your food is so important to making food choices that will not only keep you satisfied, but also not going way over on calories without even realizing it.⁠

Many foods are higher in carbs and fats than what is marketed, and that is why learning how to track macros is so helpful! You actually learn what is in various foods, and can make educated decisions about what you eat.⁠

If you are trying to be calorie conscious, whether you are trying to maintain, gain, or lose weight, make sure you aren't being duped by these 'healthy' foods.⁠

Why? Because HEALTHY does not always equal LOW CALORIE.⁠

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We want to give a big shoutout and congrats to our TNT athletes that competed at the OCB Scorcher!

We had a blast watching so many great athletes and pros in the show come in looking incredible!

Everyone on the team came home with some hardware and was well deserved. We grabbed many spots across top 5 and took home a couple more pro cards as well 💪🏻🏅

So many of our athletes have completely transform their physiques and it was pretty neat to watch it all unfold. More on that in another post 🔜⁠

Congrats to @tesshelene @rkraft355 @shannonmaves @caitiecanacakosfit @lanie_mc @clburson1 and @caleb7733 for kicking butt and taking names at this show--we're all really proud of you! 👏🏻👊🏻⁠

Big thanks to @ocbwestcoastnaturals Putting on another badass show and we can’t wait for the next one!

TNT Coaches: @boomgoesthedynamite20

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We want to make something clear.⠀

We GET that life happens! Your kids get sick, you get stuck at work, you need to go to grocery store, a last minute appointment for something opens up and you take it.⠀

We understand.⠀

Your life should NOT revolve around fitness, but fitness should fit INTO your life.⠀

So if you miss a workout because of life, it's OK. Tomorrow is a new day! 😁⠀⠀

Let's talk about WEIGHT GAIN.⠀⠀
There is not one single specific food that will instantly make you fat if you eat it.⠀⠀
There is also not one single specific food (or list of foods) that will make you skinny if you eat them.⠀⠀
What you TRULY need is a balance of calories - to maintain weight, eat what you burn. To lose weight, eat more than you burn. To gain weight, eat less than you burn.⠀⠀
So then why the heck do we count these things called 'macros?'⠀⠀
Because the correct macro ration will impact body composition (along with training and other activity). So if you are looking to be more muscular or 'toned,' then tracking macros is a great way to use a specific macro ratio to get to a specific body composition.⠀⠀
Need help with YOUR specific macro ration? We may know someone who can help 😜

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What is macro portioning? And how can it help you meet your goals?⁣ And maybe survive the treats this holiday weekend?

The basic concept is taking a food you like, and pre-portioning out the servings so you can enjoy it throughout the week. This is usually meant for foods you might consider an 'indulgence,' but fits in your macros with some planning and preparation.⁣

An example of this might be if I bought a bag of potato chips, and I don't trust myself to just have one or two servings in one sitting if the bag is just sitting there open in the pantry. For macro portioning, I would take that bag of chips, grab some baggies, and portion out the entire bag! A sharpie is an easy way to mark on the baggie how many servings of chips is in each baggie, and then it's already packed and tracked for me when I want some.⁣

Why does this help? It gives you a visual of how many servings of that 'treat' you have in your pantry, you don't have to think about measuring it out when you want some, and it's easily trackable. Also, being able to visually see the serving you've portioned may help you decide in that moment if that's something that's going to satisfy you, or you want to eat something higher volume because your hunger is rampant that afternoon!⁣

While this isn't a strategy everyone needs to use, it can be helpful if you find yourself eating maybe just one or two bites more of those treats than you really intended, and can help curb snaccidents.⁣

We also have an article on this on our blog, so click the link for more info!⁣


It can be really easy to lose sight of our end goal, or get discouraged by small set-backs, or be frustrated with things not moving more quickly in terms of our fitness goals. Here are some things to remember to encourage patience while dieting...⁣⁣

✅The scale will fluctuate. Look at averages, not daily weight!⁣⁣
✅You will make mistakes on your journey, it's what you do in the long-term that matters.⁣⁣
✅If you have a training or nutrition setback, get right back on track the next meal or the next day.⁣⁣
Sustainable results won't happen in 6 weeks, 8 weeks, or even 12 weeks.. Give it time for results that last!⁣⁣
✅Your goals can, and will most likely, change. That is OK!!!⁣⁣
Use this as a reminder that you CAN accomplish your health and fitness goals, and that making this a lifestyle versus temporary experience will yield the long-term results you will want.⁣

Are you ready for MONDAY?

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Let's face it... Christmas may be over, but the holiday season isn't! So many of us have belated holiday get togethers, more parties to attend, and with NYE coming up there is still a lot to navigate.

So how do we avoid sabotaging ourselves? Click to find out!


As we get closer to 2019, many people may be working to set goals - and one of those goals may be competing in a show! Before you decide to complete, there's some things you should really consider in order to set yourself up for the best experience possible.


We often get asked what really IS the difference between a Meal Plan and IIFYM? Here's a great video breaking it down for you!


Almost everyone who has been on a diet has been here - when you're working and working but the weight just doesn't budge! If this is you, there are 4 things you may want to consider before making any other changes.


Can we really get even more precise with our already precise level of tracking? The answer is YES, and it's not quite as tricky as it may sound and it can actually make a huge difference in your satiety and allow you to satisfy cravings before they turn into an all out binge-fest.


To cardio, or not to cardio... that is the question!

And if you do cardio, what is the most effective method to go about it?

Check out this article for some more in depth info on various types of cardio and what might work for YOU!



Have you ever wondered about the connection between Flexible Dieting and Intuitive Eating? Are you still counting macros, thinking "I'll never get to the intuitive eating stage?" If that's you, maybe you're closer to that end goal than you think... 🤔



The Holiday season should be filled with fun, family, and amazing memories. So in order to keep the "diet blues" from ruining your holiday season, here's how to avoid sabotaging yourself during this holiday season!



Ladies! Listen up!

It's not news to us that weight loss fads and crazy diets have more-so been aimed at women over the years. So, how has this possible impacted women specifically reaching our fitness goals?



Hosting for the holidays? Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away!

Here's some healthy recipe substitutions for you to make your holiday recipes delicious AND nutritious! 😁


With all the holiday treats and temptations in the grocery store, it's easy to shop and fill your cart with things that may derail your progress.

Don't make shopping any more difficult during this time of year by going in hungry!


Here's another one of our badass transformation/competitor clients, Stephen Todd, crushing the stage a few weeks ago at the Phoenician Classic! Last time Stephen competed was 15 years ago and this time he came in looking his best. He dropped 45 pounds (from 220 lbs to 175 lbs) and taking first place in bodybuilding & men's physique classes! 🏅
Stephen gave it his all since day one and never looked back. He crushed every macro, every workout, and every cardio session to drop the 45 pounds since February and I couldn't be more proud of the outcome.
Flexible Dieting at its finest with no gimmicky water cutting, ridiculous sodium/potassium manipulations, or drastic measures to hit the stage. It was time, consistency, and patience that got him there. And a good attitude ;)
Coach: @you_fit_my_macros_so_i ⠀
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Meal prepping doesn't need to be difficult or overly time-consuming.

Here's you're guide to Meal Prep Made Easy!



Don't let the craziness of the holiday season derail you from your goals! And meeting your goals means starting the day off on the right foot. Setting yourself up for success can start with something as simple as breakfast! 🌞


Do you need some 'macro treasures' to fit into your daily intake? Then you NEED to check these out! Don't struggle to fit in the regular version of this food if you can sub it out for a lower-calorie version.

This is especially helpful for those who are on a lower macro intake currently, and don't want to give up some of their favorite food staples.

What are you doing today to improve upon what you did yesterday? This can be a physical/tangible goal, or a mental one. Maybe you were more kind to the people around you, or more disciplined with your work to-do list because some of these healthy habits are now crossing over into other areas of your life. How can you be better today than you were yesterday? 🤔

Are you worried about over-doing your alcohol intake this weekend? Good news, it doesn't have to be that way! There are some specific strategies you can use to enjoy a drink here and there without derailing your progress!

Remember: You DESERVE to be healthy, happy, and fit. It's a privilege to be able to train and fuel your body in a way that meets your goals. You ARE strong, you ARE capable, and you ARE worthy of reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 🙌


Flexible Dieting Expectations For Tracking Accuracy | Flexible Dieting

If you're tracking but not seeing the results you want, one of the first things to evaluate is the accuracy of your tracking skills. 🤔

flexibledieting.com "How precise do I need to be with my numbers?" The answer is deceptively simple. It depends. Learn how to track your food with this blog post!

Wanted to share a little #mondaymotivation perspective with you all today... now go crush it 💪🤣

Our Story

Our programs are customized to each individual by offering education and layers of support to be successful from nutrition, training, and the mindset. Flexible-dieting is a lifestyle and educational approach to dieting that allows for eating carbohydrates, eating in restaurants and eating pleasure foods without worry and stress. This structure offers strategies and skills necessary for permanent weight loss and commitment to one’s health and fitness goals with longevity.

If you are interested in 1-on-1 coaching, please fill out a coaching application by clicking - https://teamtnt.typeform.com/to/fbwFw3 Feel free to message us if you have any questions otherwise we’re looking forward to meeting/hearing from you!

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