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Are you an ADHD professional that’s interested in using social media to grow your audience, but feel overwhelmed at the process?

Join us for a learning program designed to help coaches and service providers overcome perfectionism, imposter syndrome and other road blocks that get in the way of showing up in social media spaces.

This program combines both mindset support and practical knowledge to demystify content creation.

We start January 9th. Find out more by visiting the link in my bio.


There are many reasons ADHDers are prone to large energy swings.

Hyper focus can allow us to be intensely productive…but it can keep us up at night and delude us into thinking water and food are just a distraction.

Hyperactivity and impulsivity can bring bursts of energy, but it often if accompanied by an energetic demand.

We often step up to the plate in crisis situations and can power through with grace, but when the calm returns, our resources are depleted.

Our unique relationship with energy can help us at times, but only if we avoid the trap of trying to operate at the same pace every day. If we resist rest, or worse, shame ourselves for needing it burnout is inevitable.

What is your relationship with rest like?


Are you attending the International conference on ADHD in Baltimore this week? If so I’d love to connect.

I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on Thursday at 8:30 a.m. on Social Media for ADHD Coaches: Integrity, Influence and Imposter Syndrome. You don’t want to miss this discussion with , , and .

I hope to see you there!

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RSD is an overwhelming experience for many ADHDers year round…but the holidays have the potential to amplify it.

Do you struggle with RSD during the holidays, how do you cope? Share with the community below.


What else is on your list this year?

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ADHDers may get a bad wrap for being late, forgetting to return texts and interrupting conversations but our strengths can also make us a great friend to have.

In what ways are you a great friend? Shout yourself out in the comments or share with a friend that you appreciate.

If you are looking to meet more friends with ADHD my membership for adults with ADHD reopens 12/7. Visit my bio for more info.

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We don’t think we can start a project unless we can guarantee the circumstances are perfect for focus.

We can’t figure out how to fit an hour workout in 5 days a week so we give up on movement as a goal.

We can’t struggle to see others point of view and categorize people as “good” or “bad”.

These are all examples of how all or nothing thinking can show up. People with ADHD can be more susceptible to these thought patterns and can benefit from learning to notice and challenge their own thinking.

Where have you noticed “all or nothing” thinking impacting your life?


ADHD struggles with working memory, time percentages and impulsivity can make the holidays extra expensive.

What ADHD taxes have you paid?

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My tendency to not be able to handle a job for more than a year even when it was going “fine”…

Feeling the urge to move anytime life felt a bit mundane…

Being able to handle a high energy event at work but struggling to start boring tasks…

All of this led to a lot of shame around “not being able to be content” .

Understanding the impact of boredom on my ADHDer brain was the information I needed to stop shaming myself and make changes that prioritized learning and interest as part of my lifestyle.

How does boredom impact you? What do you do to address it?


Hey ADHD friends, this is your friendly reminder to transfer that abandoned load of laundry.

What else belongs on this list?

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What do you want others to know about how ADHD impacts you during the holidays?

Share below and join therapist and I tomorrow 11/10 at 8:30 a.m. for an Instagram live on communicating boundaries and navigating challenging family dynamics during the holidays.


Join us this Friday as and I discuss ADHD, boundaries and strategies to navigate the holiday season.

We’ll be going live here on Instagram at 10:30a.m. EST. What questions would you like us to address on this topic? Share below!


Our intense emotions, our fast moving thoughts, the fact that things that are easy for others can be so hard for us….it’s all overwhelming.

What do you find most overwhelming as an ADHDer? Comment below and let us know what helps.

If you need help understanding and working through ADHD overwhelm visit my bio to download a free resource on this topic.

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After my child was diagnosed with ADHD I began deep diving into learning as much as I possibly could. There was so much more to ADHD than I had ever realized. I’m grateful that this information is becoming easier to discover but there is still work to be done.

What do you wish you had learned about ADHD sooner?


Today is my 44th birthday. Over the last several years I’ve created a habit of carving out time to write my reflections on my most recent trip around the sun. Each year there seems to be a lesson that stands out and I thought I’d share this years with you.

My 44th year has been one of the best and worst of my life.

Just a few weeks after my birthday I attended the international conference on ADHD. It was at that event that I said out load for the first time that I wanted to write a book on ADHD.

A few months later I found myself writing my first book proposal and my the end of March I received my offer. On May 3rd I signed my contract and we made plans to celebrate that weekend. Instead, the next day my husband, completely unexpectedly, was admitted to the ICU and had emergency brain surgery.

Six months later my husbands recovery has gone well, I managed to complete the first draft of my manuscript, and on the outside things are “fine”. Yet, the last two months have felt hard in a way that won’t make sense to most.

My ADHD brain thrives in the highs and the lows of life. When I’m running towards the bottom my brain is activated and feels alive with immediate needs to respond to. When I’m climbing towards the peak the anticipation of the rewards at the top flood my brain with dopamine and motivation comes easily.

It’s the stretches of even ground where I struggle to find my footing. It takes me longer than I want it to to catch my breath, the monotony of normal leaves me feeling apathetic. More open brain space is an opportunity for more negative rumination.

I know from the past that these times can be beautiful too but I have to work harder to see it. I must prioritize re-establishing the routines around movement, nature, nourishment and connection that I know help me thrive.

My first few months of 44 will be about committing to resetting my baselines, leaning into gratitude and learning again how to feel “fine” when things are actually “fine”.

Thank you all for being here and supporting this page through all the ups, downs and times in between. This community is such a gift to me.

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Hypersensitive can feel like…

Not being able to focus on anything but that one hair touching your face that you can’t find find.

Walking into an arcade and feeling immediately overwhelmed by the bright lights.

Knowing that too loose or two tight clothing is not an option for you.

ADHDers report hypersensitivity to stimulation at a higher rate than the neurotypical population. It can be challenging to navigate hyperactivity but there are steps we can take to lesson the impact.

What are you hypersensitive too? Any tips to mitigate the impact? Share with community below!

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As ADHD awareness month winds down I wanted to take a moment to shift from speaking about the struggles to acknowledge some of the incredible strengths that often present in ADHDers.

I asked my community what they loved about their ADHD brain and some of their answers are highlighted above.

Thank you to all the community members that have shared their stories and experiences throughout this month. I wish I could share all the strengths mentioned but there are just so many!

What’s your favorite ADHD strength? Share below ⬇️

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ADHD burnout is real. When I polled my audience 90% of you said you were experiencing it. I wish I could help you solve it with a simple post but the reality is that burnout is complex and often takes making small shifts over time to really break the cycle.

While I don't have a quick solution or an answer to all the societal issues that contribute to burnout, I can offer a few suggestions on changes to consider making in how you approach your capacity.

If burnout is severe, you may benefit the most from professional support.

Have you made any changes in your life to manage burnout? Please share with the community below!


Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 10/25/2023

In our modern world burnout is something we all need to be conscious of, but ADHDers are especially susceptible. 🔥

We struggle with executive functions, so many tasks that seem easy to others are hard for ADHDers. When you add these tasks to an already full plate it’s easy to see why burnout can be a big problem.

It’s important we recognize the signs of burnout so we can take early steps to adjust our capacity before we feel completely drained. 🪫

What sign of burnout do you experience most frequently? Share below ⬇️

Scroll through to become familiar with the signs of burnout in ADHDers and follow for part 2 coming Friday with ways to prevent and address burnout.


Burnout for ADHDers is about so much more than just the societal factors that are weighing on us all.

Our emotional regulation struggles, can steal our focus and energy, leaving us feeling exhausted and behind.

Hyper-focus can help us be incredibly productive but without strategies to manage it can lead us to neglect our biological needs like sleep and nutrition.

We struggle to estimate time leading us to be chronically overcommitted .

Even trickier is that sometimes it’s not that we just have too much on our plate…but it’s the wrong things. If our interest driven brains are faced with too much boredom we might be exhausted and not even understand why.

These are just a few reasons ADHDers struggle with burnout. I’ll be sharing more on this topic this week so make sure you follow and stay tuned for a free resource on burnout coming soon.

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Why is ADHD advocacy important? There are many reasons we need to keep talking about ADHD, but one that is often overlooked is the erosion of self-esteem and development of a poor self-concept that often accompanies living with undiagnosed or unmanaged ADHD.

Which one of these slides do you relate to the most? What has helped you rebuild your self-concept?

One of the most common things I hear from adults with ADHD is that they feel chronically overwhelmed. To help with this I have created a guide to understanding and overcoming ADHD overwhelm. Visit my bio to download it for free.

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An ADHD diagnosis in my late 30’s explained so much for me, but it also came with some things that were hard to except.

As challenging as it was to face these things, it also was freeing. It took me time to process through my diagnosis and the healing journey is one for me that will always be ongoing. What has helped me more than any hack, strategy or system was leaning into my strengths with the support of a nonjudgmental community.

If you are looking to find a space for support and connecting the Hummingbird Hive membership community is enrolling through 10/21. We would love to get to know you there.


When I received my ADHD diagnosis I felt excited to finally have answers but at the same time overwhelmed by all there was to learn and the idea of rethinking my strategies.

I learned a lot from books and courses but what helped me the most was community with others. I am so grateful to be able to now offer that to other adults with ADHD.

As a member of the hummingbird hive you have access to…

💻 3-5 live optional meetings each week to learn, connect and support other ADHDers

👩‍💻 1 expert Q&A or webinar each month. You have access to all previous event recordings when you join.

✍️ Private group message boards.

All of this for just $35 month. October enrollment is open through 10/21. Link in bio with more info.


A mid-life ADHD diagnosis for me opened up a new path to self discovery.

What finally made sense to you after you realized you had ADHD?

Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 10/16/2023

I am not sure if the kitchen or bedroom is the scariest part.

What other scares would you add to the ADHD haunted house attraction?


Looking forward to connecting with this Monday at 2:00p.m. EDT here on Instagram live to talk about neuro inclusive workplaces.

What questions would you like us to cover on this topic? Share below ⬇️

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Shame can work as a motivational tool…but usually only in the short term.

Overtime shame builds barriers that only exacerbate the struggles we experience with ADHD.

Does fear of shame hold you back? What helps you move forward?

Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 10/10/2023

Before my ADHD diagnosis I was baffled by the fact that I was incredible in a crisis or managing a “high energy” event….but would fall apart when the little unexpected demands piled up.

The more I understood about ADHD the more it made sense and I was able to put in place coping strategies. Scroll through to learn about a few (there’s more!) reasons ADHDers struggle with unexpected tasks.

Do you struggle when things are added to your plate with little notice? What helps you cope?


Last day to sign up! We can’t wait to help more coaches feel comfortable showing up and sharing their message on social media.

Use code COACH20 for 20% off.


These things have always haunted me but I couldn’t really make sense of why until I was diagnosed in mid-life with ADHD.

My crushing fear of being stuck in a boring job? That was thanks to my interest driven ADHD brain.

Unclear feedback would dominate my thoughts for weeks thanks to RSD and rumination.

Projects without deadlines? They just weren’t getting done without the motivation a deadline provides.

Verbal directions? My working memory and attention issues made me anxious just thinking about trying to follow them.

Un-masking…this was my biggest fear of all. I had to pretend to be someone I wasn’t for fear of others seeing the ADHD symptoms I perceived as flaws.

ADHD can be overwhelming, but when we understand it better these things become a little less scary. If you are struggling with ADHD check out my free guide to understanding overwhelm in my bio.

Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 10/03/2023

If you are a coach, therapist or service provider that wants to reach more people through social media …”content creation for coaches” is for you.

This program aims to help ADHDers with both practical knowledge on how to use these platforms but also work through the common blocks like RSD, imposter syndrome and perfectionism that keep so many of us from showing up.

Three 90 minute sessions are included plus one 45 minute 1:1 session with either Ron or Meredith.

Use code COACH25 to get 20% off through tomorrow 10/4.

Visit the link in my bio or comment social media below if you would like me to send you the link with more information!

Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 10/02/2023

October is ADHD awareness month and in honor of this year's theme “Moving forward with ADHD” I asked members of the community “What changed for you after you learned you have ADHD”?

The answers were varied but I noticed the many had a common theme of self-acceptance and permission to move forward in a new way.

I wish I could share them all. I read every one and am so appreciative of your heartfelt thoughts and expressions. Follow my stories for more questions coming all month long.

Tell us below? What changed for you when you realized you have ADHD?

Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 09/29/2023

For many years I felt like I was just a flawed person because I didn’t feel content with what I had.

My lack of ability to cope with boredom was a big source of shame for me.

Realizing I had ADHD in mid-life made it all make sense. Our brains have a harder time accessing enough dopamine and are constantly seeking new information and experiences.

Understanding our brain wiring can help us create routines and goals that keep our brains feeling engaged and challenged in ways that support us long term.

Do you relate to this feeling? How do you cope?


(Link in bio) The past 3 years have been wild. From knowing nothing about social media, to "going viral", to facing imposter syndrome, to meeting amazing friends, to handling trolls (not always well), to dealing with burn out, to almost giving up on it entirely...

I never followed any path that was laid out for me because there was none and I really struggled to find any social media guidance from any of my coaching certification programs or even fellow coaches. The overwhelm and uncertainty was real.

My aim for this program is to give people the help and support I wish I had in the very beginning. This isn't a "here's how to go viral course/have a billion followers", but rather a "hey, let's figure out what works for you and what you need to get going" with a little tips, tricks, do's, and don'ts, along the way.

Also, I'm teaching this program with the brilliant and amazing Meredith () so you're going to get SO MUCH EXPERTISE. Not to mention we're throwing in a 1 on 1 mentor session with one of us so you will definitely get everything you need out of this.

ANY QUESTIONS don't hesitate to reach out through DM!!!

Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 09/26/2023

Does your brain keep you up in the middle of the night analyzing that one awkward interaction that happened 12 years ago? Yeah mine does too.

Scroll through though to read more on how ADHD and rumination are connected and what might help.

What helps you hear the rumination cycle? Tell us below.


Most of the time we aren’t ghosting you intentionally! 👻

Our ADHD brains struggle with working memory which can make communication difficult.

…and sometimes it’s the deeper things that get in the way… like rejection sensitivity Dysphoria.

Many ADHDers intensely value their loved ones but we may struggle with nurturing friendships due to our symptoms.

Helping our loved ones understand that our intent isn’t to ignore or cause hurt, can be the first step in developing more ADHD friendly communication strategies.

Share this with that friend you are realizing you didn’t reply to this week…and if you have any communication tips share below! 👻

Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 09/19/2023

For many years I took pride in the fact that I identified as a perfectionist. I thought demanding excellence from myself was the only way to “overcome” the symptoms of ADHD I did not yet understand.

But something happened when I started building more self awareness around ADHD and my approach to life. My eyes were opened to all the ways perfectionism was actually impeding me.

Once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it.

Perfectionism kept me stuck in the idea phase and prevented me from taking action towards my goals.

It impacted my daily habits.

It even impacted how I approached my hobbies and rest.

Working to reframe perfectionism has been one of the biggest paths towards living a fulfilling life with ADHD for me.

Perfectionistic tendencies can feel overwhelming to unwind so I created a free guide to understanding overwhelm and ADHD. You can download it here

How has perfectionism got in your way?

Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 09/15/2023

If you missed part one you can find it in my pinned posts!

Any other ADHD strengths are you planning to leverage during the zombie apocalypse? Share below ⬇️

Photos from Hummingbird ADHD coaching and community's post 09/13/2023

One of the most confusing things about ADHD is that most of the time we aren’t doing a task, it’s not because we simply don’t want to.

Sometimes we do avoid unpreffered tasks but often we REALLY do desire to get things done. Yet, we are blocked by barriers that we may not be able to identify or understand.

In this post I address three reasons ADHDers struggle with task initiation along with a quick tip to think about. Follow for part two with more reasons and strategies coming soon.

What is your biggest barrier to getting started? Share below and I’ll try to address it in future posts on this topic. ⬇️

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