Omni VBC, Chandler, AZ Videos

Videos by Omni VBC in Chandler. At Omni, rather than look for the 1 in 100 athlete, our focus is on the other 99. We see talent and

Happy 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July!

If you recall some months ago, Hayden underwent surgery to repair an injury she sustained at SoCal. That made this an ex...

Omni 14 vs EVJ 14 R1

Omni 18s vs Laguna Beach 17s

Omni 18 vs Nitro 18

Omni 14 vs Venom 14

Festival day three and owning it! Omni Eighteens winning all six sets, going 3-0, and taking their pool!

Omni 18 vs AVA 18 Blue

Omni 14 vs Az sky

Omni 14 vs storm boltz 14

Omni 18 vs Rouge 18 Sage

Omni 18 vs Xtreme

Omni 14 vs Surfside

Omni 14 vs Rush

Omni 18 vs Mana 17

Omni 18 vs T-Street

Omni 14 vs Empower

Omni 14-1 vs Next Level 14 black

Omni vs ACT

Omni 18 vs Beach Cities

Omni vs KCVA

Omni 18 vs AZONE

Omni vs monachina

Last day of festival for these girls, and this Dad understood the assignment! Omni has the best Dads. Good job Sean, hai...

… about yesterday! Omni Thirteen National with another 3-0 outcome on day two of festival. Outstanding work!

And another one … Twelve National taking home the wins yesterday! A great start to festival, great job ladies! #omnivbc...

Omni 13 National went 3-0 on the first day of Festival yesterday! The perfect Father’s Day gift! #omnivbc #club #volleyb...

Happy Father’s Day Omni Dads! There’s no doubt your daughters have incredibly proud and dedicated Dads! Some will even b...

Wishing you an amazing birthday! Aliyah dominated on the court with her 18s team, landing her a collegiate team spot. At...