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Porter's Athletic Performance specializes in training youth athletes via strength and conditioning, emphasizing athletic performance and injury prevention.

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Wow... where to begin? Last week was single handedly the best personal coaching experience of my life! It was an honor and privilege to represent the USA in the inaugural @internationalsoccafed World Cup in Lisbon, Portugal with @teamusa6v6 as the strength and conditioning/assistant coach.

We started training about 7 weeks ago and when we finally arrived in Lisbon we were met with zero respect, which to be fair in today’s political climate, misconstrued stereotypes of the US population exclusively consisting of cowboys, the notion of tanks being our only transportation mode, and the world’s view of soccer (futbal) in the states being an absolute joke, it was completely understandable. However, we earned every inch of our success with a tireless work ethic, never say die attitude, teamwork, talent, fitness, blood, sweat, tears, and shear love of the game, winning our group and losing to eventual winners (Germany) in the Quarterfinals! We were also the only team to go undefeated through the entire competition.

A massive thank you to our general manager, @adamthelwell! Adam selected our top flight manager in @tomhurdle, fundraised, booked travel accommodations, and was an endless source of inspiration!

@tomhurdle deserves a massive shoutout! His commitment to excellence, leadership, passion, and professional drive is class and he will achieve everything he wants and more as a coach!

Also, @aweber, who I have known since I was 14 years old, watching him break records @unmlobomsoccer, thank you! Congrats on receiving golden gloves in the tourney, you deserve it!

Lastly, Team USA, such a freakin pleasure and honor to work with you boys! Over the short time we had together through preparation and competition, you were simply amazing and never once questioned what was asked of you. In the words of @adamthelwell, this is a group of #winners! This experience will leave a feeling of pure joy, adrenaline, and love for multiple lifetimes.

Kyle ⚽️🇺🇸🙏 @ Lisbon, Portugal

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About 6 weeks left until the fall season kicks off and the @phoenixpremierfc #strengthandconditioning camp is a great way to get in your offseason fitness while also becoming more competent in the weight room. If your goal is to go on to play college or professional soccer this camp is a great introduction to what those programs are doing to develop the physical side of their players, including stability, mobility, speed, strength, power, cardio, and mental development. Our younger groups are also great for skill development. My systemized approach specifically targets the qualities needed as a soccer player and can take your game to the next level! Go to www.phoenixpremierfc.com to sign up today! Link in bio 💪

Low back pain "LBP" is estimated to occur in 10-15% of youth athletes from either acute trauma or more commonly overuse injuries brought on by a heavy The likelihood increases for sports that require high amounts of flexion, extension, and rotation, especially soccer. It is often a result of dysfunction and increased lordosis in the spine which is normally caused by an exaggerated anterior pelvic tilt brought on by inflexibility in the hip flexors, hamstrings, and thoracolumbar fascia. Other common risk factors include weak core strength and excessive kyphosis in the thoracic spine brought on by sedentary behavior. If you or someone you know is suffering from LBP educate them on the positive effects of increased flexibility in the hip flexors and hamstrings along with a solid core strengthening regimen to help prevent and/or treat LBP. See the blog post on the website for more information on the topic.

👍🏼 happy MLK day

We are proud to announce that @kyle.porter7 has been named the head strength and conditioning coach for @sportingazfc ! Kyle will lead the team through their preseason program for the next three weeks and will continue training the club throughout the 2018 season. Let's go Sporting AZ!

The difference between a good vertical jump and a great vertical jump is all about the ability to redirect force through the eccentric movement phase (downward movement) – amortization phase (transition period between downward and upward movement) – concentric movement phase (upward movement), minimizing the stretch shortening cycle to maximize the stretch reflex which allows for more efficient movement and greater jump heights. The faster the recoil from the eccentric phase to the concentric phase (i.e. the shorter the amortization phase) the greater force potentiation/jump height. Try adding depth jumps to your plyometric sessions to work on this element of jumping. Start small (12 inch drop) and build up.

Happy New Year!! 🎆 Cheers to 2018 and making this one your best year yet! 🎉

Merry Christmas! 💪🏼

Client: “how much protein should I be getting?” Answer: It depends on your status and what your goals are. However, the general rule of thumb for general population individuals trying to maintain is 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight for men and women. For an athlete it is much higher and should range from 1.5 – 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight, assuming that the caloric intake and protein quality are adequate. For more information on this topic check out our blog post regarding nutrition, which will be posted next Friday!

Client: “how much protein should I be getting?” Answer: It depends on your status and what your goals are. However, the general rule of thumb for general population individuals trying to maintain is 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight for men and women. For an athlete it is much higher and should range from 1.5 – 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight, assuming that the caloric intake and protein quality are adequate. For more information on this topic check out our blog post regarding nutrition, which will be posted next Friday!

Congratulations to all of the PAP athletes that made their ODP teams and will represent @aysayouthsoccer in the @odpregioniv championships in January! @cammibych @cassibych

Welcome back to all of our college athletes that will be training with us over the next month! The emphasis of their program will be strength/power, linear and multidirectional speed, and correctives for their post season recovery regimen. We are so happy to have all of you back! Follow us to see their progress over the next month.

Calling all college athletes! If you are coming back to Phoenix for Christmas Break and are a college athlete we are offering a special - $100 for unlimited training - over Xmas Break. Training will be held at 2pm Monday – Friday. We will focus on strength/power, multidirectional and linear speed, and corrective exercise to address movement dysfunction and muscular imbalances. If you are looking for a competitive group to train with over the break and don’t want to miss a step going into your spring season this is the program for you! We are so proud of our PAP athletes that participated in NCAA athletics in the fall season and look forward to training all of you over the next month. Sessions will be held at Scott’s Training Systems. Limited spots available so call today to reserve your place. All other athlete programs will continue to be held at 3:30pm and 4:30pm daily through the break. Contact for more details

Congratulations to @kyle.porter7 on passing the @nscaofficial Certified Strength and Conditioning Examination today! This certification is considered the gold standard of strength and conditioning and we are excited to continue the development of our programs and coaching abilities utilizing all that was learned throughout the certification process.

We are proud to announce that both @kyle.porter7 and @stacicox have been accepted to the Master of Kinesiology program @atstilluniversity . Staci will be pursuing a dual tract in Sports Psychology and Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation and Kyle will be pursuing a dual tract in Sports Conditioning and Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation. This program will allow us to continue working with our athletes and we are excited to learn and implement new ideals to upgrade our systems and continue to offer a premium product as a result of higher education!

The ancient practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years. Just recently has it gained growing popularity in the western world and our resident yoga instructor Staci is committed to bringing the benefits of the practice to our athletes.
Our goal when working with athletes, isn’t necessarily to make them extremely flexible. Yes, flexibility is gained through our sessions and also necessary for proper function, recovery and mobility. We also want to emphasize core stability and balance through multiple planes of motion using complex multi-joint movements and isometric holds for extended periods of time. All of which is important for a developmental youth athlete as they continue to grow and increase strength, ensuring they can maintain proper alignment through the body through basic human movement patterns while still utilizing their maximum power. With this structure we gear each session toward:
▪️Increasing Range of Motion (ROM)
▪️Reducing risk of injury
▪️Enhancing physical and mental performance

Over the past four years we have had the privilege of training one of the best @aysayouthsoccer club teams in Arizona history (AFSC 99 Girls) and one of the best coaches around (Barb Chura). Our coordinated efforts with Coach Barb Chura (head coach) and her knowledge of the game and coaching ability coupled with our training system and experienced staff lead to amazing success on the pitch.
Here is what Coach Barb had to say about PAP: “Strength/Conditioning/Fitness is essential and every competitive athlete needs a good program. I know that my soccer players have a great program and excellent instruction in Kyle. Kyle has so many good qualities but the ones that first come to mind are: professional, experienced, and reliable. He takes his job very seriously and takes a great interest in each athlete. I am a witness to that. The results are visible. It is so gratifying to see my team competing against the best teams in the country and winning. I truly believe that we have won so many more games because of Kyle's program. In two years only one player sustained a season ending injury. The most recent club team (AFSC 99s) I coached are players that are entering their first year of college and that team finished their youth career as 5-time state champions and were ranked as high as 15th in the nation. I truly believe that their talent combined with Kyle's program directly correlated. As long as I am coaching, I will continue to work with Kyle.” From the AFSC 99 Girls original State Championship team there are eight now playing collegiately; including 2 @sundevilsoccer (ASU), 3 @nauwomenssoccer (NAU), 1 @uhwahinesoccer (University of Hawaii), 1 @regiswsoccer (Regis College), and 1 @wouwolves (Western Oregon University). The remaining individuals from the team are all in college pursuing academic endeavors. We are so proud of all this group has accomplished and we look forward to continuing to work with Coach Barb in the future!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Porter’s Athletic Performance !

One of the biggest issues we see in youth developmental athletes is their inability to fire their glutes, which leads to dysfunction and over compensation in other areas of the lower extremities, increasing risk of injury. This is not surprised considering most lead a sedentary lifestyle outside of sport – go to school and sit in a desk, go home and sit on the couch, sit, sit, sit. This type of inactivity can lead to weakening of the glutes and they lose their ability to fire correctly.

Glutes are the largest muscle in the human body and are responsible for hip extension, abduction, and internal and external rotation of the hip joint. Dysfunction of the glutes can potentially lead to low back pain, hamstring injuries, knee pain, and more. One great tool that we use daily in our warm up to ensure glute activation prior to activity is the mini band. You can use one around your knees, ankles, or both, depending on your strength and goal. Try this regiment in your warm up.

Two mini bands (one around the knees and one around the ankles): Straight leg walks x10 each foot – forward and backward, straight leg lateral walks x10 each foot – right and left, bent knee walks x10 each foot – forward and backward, and bent knee lateral walks x10 each foot – right and left.

Meet Andrew Weber (@netkingselite). Andrew has been a client of Porter’s Athletic Performance for a few years and has had a very successful soccer career. He grew up playing soccer locally with the Tempe Pros (winning seven @AYSA State Championships). After his club career he went on to play for @unmlobomsoccer on athletic scholarship and with several teams in the MLS in the ten years thereafter, including the 2015 @MLS Champions, Portland Timbers. He came to PAP after suffering a season ending injury with the @timbersfc and began training through our soccer specific strength and conditioning program with @kyle.porter7. This past season, Andrew played with @fcarizona in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League). We helped him and the team prepare through their offseason, preseason, regular season and post-season. FC Arizona won the @NPSLsoccer Western Conference Finals going undefeated in the regular season and was eventually eliminated in the quarter finals of the national tournament. Andrew won the Golden Gloves award and was also named to the All-NPSL First-Team after the season.

Here is what Andrew said about his training throughout the season in his latest testimonial: “Kyle has always strived to be the best at what he does and as a professional athlete you want to train with the best. So, for the past few years I have been training with Kyle in my off seasons. His training has not only allowed me to maintain my fitness but has also allowed me to make huge strides in my overall strength, flexibility, and health. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone back to my teams for preseason and felt prepared but even the coaching staff noticed how fit and ready I was. Besides the fact that Kyle is a top trainer the biggest thing that continues to impress me about him is that he is so well rounded and continues to educate himself to push his career in sports training to higher heights. Whether you are a youth athlete, collegiate athlete, pro athlete, or the person that wants to make a change and improve their overall health I highly recommend that you reach out and contact Kyle. It will be one of best decisions you will ever make.”

Congratulations on all your success on the pitch! We look forward to training you in the years to come. For the rest of his and some other success stories of our clients/athletes check out our testimonials page and to see our soccer specific strength and condition programs on our website: https://www.portersathleticperformance.com/soccer
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What do you do for recovery? A question we frequently ask our athletes and we almost always get the same response - "I stretch a little bit here and there." One method that we use at Porter's Athletic Performance is self massage by way of foam rolling. This wonderful (affordable - ranging from $5-$100 depending on quality) tool is an excellent way to reduce your risk of injury and aid in recovery. We know what most will respond with - "it hurts," but instead of avoiding it, athletes must recognize that pain or discomfort while foam rolling is often a sign of tension/imbalances elsewhere in the body, which is all the more reason to make it a staple of your practice to help correct these dysfunctions. By rolling out the entire length of a muscle (i.e. point of origin through the muscle belly and to the point of insertion) you actively lengthen and straighten muscle fibers, thereby aiding in the alignment of the muscular system for proper function not only in sport, but also in every day life. Self massage (e.g., foam rolling) also increases blood flow to the area delivering a larger concentration of oxygen and nutrients used in a faster recovery. We use the foam roller with all of our athletes before and after their session daily. **Note: not all foam rollers are created equally and you should do some research prior to purchasing one. A key characteristic of note is the firmness of the foam roller. First timers are likely better served to start with a softer foam roller and progress to a more firm model. ** We use the @tp_therapy (Trigger Point) 12 in Grid Foam Roller with our athletes.
Try this before and after your next workout and let us know what you think!
Foam Roll:
Calves - 8x each calf (Keep your ankle dorsiflexed and roll from the heal (base of the achilles tendon) up to the top of the calf (gastrocnemius))
Hamstrings - 8x each hamstring (Keep your ankle dorsiflexed and quadriceps engaged and roll from the point of insertion of the hamstrings (behind the knee) to the point of origin of the hamstrings (below the glutes))
Quadriceps - 8x each quadricep (start at the point of insertion above the knee and roll up to the hip flexor com

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