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RedLine Athletics is a sport-specific training facility focused on training athletes of all sports, ages and ability levels.



Great article. Movement variability and competency are paramount to developing athletes.

Many young golfers still believe they need to early specialize to play elite golf, but history suggests they are wrong. 08/02/2018


Not all hitting coaches are equal! Are you looking for a coach that understands the science of hitting, can connect with athletes of all ages, oh, and by the way has been a MLB hitting coach for years? Ask about hitting instruction with Ralph Dickinson at Redline. Professional hitting instruction by Major League Baseball hitting coach Ralph Dickenson. Providing professional swing instruction for all ages of softball and baseball from little league to the big leagues.


1st session at 1pm/Last at 7pm
Friday last session is 5pm 07/25/2018

The Surprising Benefits of Training in the Heat

Since its are the BENEFITS of HEAT training!
Studies have found that, in addition to an increased rate of perspiration, training in the heat can increase an athlete’s blood plasma volume (which leads to better cardiovascular fitness), reduce overall core temperature, reduce blood lactate, increase skeletal muscle force, and, counterintuitively, make a person train better in cold temperatures. In fact, heat acclimation may actually be more beneficial than altitude training in eliciting positive physiological adaptations, says Santiago Lorenzo, a professor of physiology at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and a former decathlete at the University of Oregon. “Heat acclimation provides more substantial environmental specific improvements in aerobic performance than altitude acclimation,” he says.

Source: Is heat better than altitude? The science seems to say so.


I talked to a former MLB player and current coach. I didn't ask his permission to quote him so he will remain nameless. His quote, "as baseball coaches we are not teaching kids to be athletic. We are teaching them baseball and we are seeing the impact (negative)." At Redline we supplement your skill work by helping athletes move in many ways..developing ATHLETICISM!


RedLine Athletics Informational Video

We plan, program, and guide youth athletes so they can perform their best, gain confidence, and grow in their sports! See the video below for a peak at what we do! 06/06/2018

The Right Way to Hydrate Before, During and After a Workout | MyFitnessPal

A friend of mine in Atlanta was recently interviewed for an Under Armour Fitness blog about hydration. She shares some data that should help your athlete understand the importance of good hydration.
Not drinking enough water can also affect your athletic performance, particularly if you have a hardcore cardio workout lined up. “Entering into an activity with a mere 2–3% level of under-hydration has been shown in research to reduce strength by at least 2%, power by approximately 3% and high-intensity endurance by around 10%,” says Jennifer Novak a strength and conditioning coach and founder of PEAK Symmetry Performance Strategies. When and how much H2O active people need. You know you’re supposed to drink water when you work out. After all, not being properly hydrated can put you at risk for dehydration, cramping and lack of energy as well as other serious health issues like heat stroke, especially during the hotter months.


See previous post for hrs


Proactive Coaching

Going into Middle School or High School? Consider how you will show up in the fall. Talk with your RedLine Athletics Chandler West coaches so we can help you show up and SHINE!

As the summer is about to be upon us, recognize that it is what you do over the next few months that will lay the groundwork for what you will be during your fall, winter, and spring sport seasons next year. While you need to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit, you also need to commit to working hard to become the best athlete you can be. Make sure you are consistently giving great effort to your strength training, putting in time on your individual, sport-specific skill development, and working with your teammates to maximize your team's potential. Your teammates are counting on you to do your best this summer to be your best next season. 05/09/2018

How to Avoid Burnout in Youth Sports

It's so important to develop all types of movement. If you are specializing in 1 sport, consider performance training. A well thought out program helps athletes develop in all types of movement, not just those that "look" like their sport. We know the injury data...we want to help turn those numbers around. Ask us about our program and use of Fusionetics for injury prevention. If children are to be successful at a sport, the drive to specialize and succeed must be of their own choosing.


Gravity Extreme Zone – The most extreme indoor park in the world
Just around the corner from Redline! Mention REDLINE ATHLETICS and receive 2hrs of time for just $15. Normal price is $14 for the first hour, $8 for the second! Some challenging attractions that will test your athleticism! Welcome to the most exciting extreme adventure park on the planet. Gravity Extreme Zone is your #1 place for parties, jumping, climbing and more!




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