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Alec's Chess Club


Thank you to another group of community partners for meeting the moment and transitioning to online programs to support our students!

Alec's Chess Club / Woodland Opera House / The Coder School / Capital City Fit Club
Youth & Adult Checkmate Chess Club please come Saturday and support our program. All ages and skill level are welcome. Saturdays 1pm to 3:30pm.
Have you ever wondered just how many rated chess players are in the world? How many of them are women and what titles do they have? This infographic has the answers:
Dada's Birthday Invitation! (Conceived and executed by Dada w Alec's from Alec's Chess Club thoughtful help)
Thought this would make you laugh. Cheers! -Tony Sullivan
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Thank you Alec! A wonderful game and place for children to safely grow, learn, and just frankly be happy. I appreciate it greatly.
Am I too old?

Alec's Chess Club exists to help children reach their highest potential through the game of chess. Alec's Chess Club: Helping Children Reach Their Highest Potential Through the Game of Chess.

Operating as usual

The 7th Annual Chess Tournament For a Cause 06/05/2022

The 7th Annual Chess Tournament For a Cause

Save the date! Saturday, August 20th - Charity Chess Tournament, in person, in Studio City. All proceeds go to...

Sign up here:

The 7th Annual Chess Tournament For a Cause Please join us for our annual charity chess tournament benefitting Children's Hospital Los Angeles. We are excited to announce the chess tournament will be HELD IN PERSON THIS YEAR! To register please fill out this form below. Also, to register it is required that our participants pay the registrati...


This past weekend, Daryon Bush competed in the Middle School National Championship in Texas. He won an amazing 6 out of 7 of his games and came in 3rd place for his division!

Way to go Daryon!!!!

Photos from Alec's Chess Club's post 11/29/2021

More pictures from our Thanksgiving get together! 


So great to see all of you in LA this week!!! (More pictures to come.)


Chess & Pizza at Studio City Park. Friday, Nov 26, 12p-2p. FREE. See you there! Contact Alec for details.


One of my favorites.

Thanks Laura W. for sharing this. hahahahaha!


Save the date: Saturday November 13th!

Thanks again to all of you who played in & supported this cause. Hope to see you again next year!


Thought this was awesome. The following was written by one of my students: Ro Saravana. Great writing Ro! :)

Question 8. Beyond what has already been shared in your application, what do you believe makes you stand out as a strong candidate for admissions to the University of California?

I was about to march forward, but I, I couldn’t do that. Galloping across the field seemed more practical, and I felt confident for a split-second before my horse was shot down. Another loss.

Most of my regular chess games went like this. One day, my chess teacher taught us Blitz chess, which has a shockingly measly time limit of five minutes--or less. Blitz seemed intriguing and lively, so I immediately dove into it.

However, my problems with time-management were suddenly exacerbated. I’d start a game slowly, then as my time chipped away, I’d move more erratically, trying to conserve it. I almost quit Blitz, but how could I make excuses for struggling in regular chess when others could win in 300 seconds?

Blitz was, therefore, an opportunity to put extra pressure on myself--constructively. I focused more on moving quickly, without completely compromising my ability to plan; by playing more Blitz, I trained myself to balance being a deep thinker and a decisive one. I was pushed to take advantage of each second, while simultaneously spreading out my limited time across the entire game, and moreover, with a plan in mind.

Another impediment I faced was my tendency to only make moves with immediate benefits. Other times, I was overwhelmed by the possibilities and made game-ending mistakes. The key to winning chess is to imagine and play out multiple scenarios to determine the best outcome. To accomplish this in Blitz, my visualization focused on the most vulnerable and advantageous pieces on the board. Though this risked an incomplete analysis, it was usually effective and saved me time. With vigorous practice, I achieved more wins. These visualization skills acquired from Blitz allowed me to take full advantage of the extra time in traditional chess to foresee a more complex web of scenarios in any game.

Playing Blitz to improve my chess skills was me preparing for a war by training under the most extreme conditions. Blitz’s rigid limits surprisingly produced enhanced forecasting, time management, and the wit to outsmart the enemy, yielding me a “big-picture” mindset.

The best free, adless Chess server 04/11/2021

The best free, adless Chess server

LOL! I just saw this on and had to share.


Lichess OTB Mode (not really)
Apr 1, [email protected]
Back to basics?

[EDIT - 2/4/2021] We were just kidding! April fools!

With so many people kept away from over the board events by the pandemic, we've been doing our best to fill the gap. But something, something is missing from that true OTB experience. A few things actually. As such, we have decided to implement "OTB mode" on Lichess, bringing a number of innovative features to make you feel you're back in the club.

Touch and piece move rules! Everyone knows the thrill of seeing your opponent accidentally brush against the wrong piece, or pick a piece up and immediately see the refutation to their move. Online, we miss out on gleefully forcing them to go ahead and make their move anyway, but now any clicks registered on the board will lock in that piece for your turn. No going back now.
In order to help enforce this rule, player cursors will be visible to both players at all times, and pre-moves and keyboard move entry will no longer be possible. If a player cursor is visible on the board during the opponent's move, it will be considered distraction and an arbiter may be called to dispense justice.
Piece placement! We're spoilt by having no need for "j'adoube"-ing in the online world. Now, wherever you place the piece, that's where it will stay until it is moved again (or captured). However, if you type "j'adoube" in chat the pieces will automatically be re-oriented correctly. We will also, naturally, enforce 3D pieces for all users, and require manual setup at the beginning of every game.

Example of the new board with 3D pieces and realistic piece placement.

Clocks! Of course, we would be remiss not to include this. The hearty thunk of the rocker, striking fear into your opponent. We have added a press clock button (complete with sound effect for players and spectators alike), don't forget to hit it!
Move legality! A crutch of online play, allowing us to brazenly toss about our pieces willy-nilly, safe in the knowledge that the computer will prevent us from playing illegal moves. But no longer! Any illegal move will cause the invocation of established time penalties, and repeated illegal moves will forfeit the game. There is some safety though, an illegal move will only be counted as illegal if you hit your clock!
Voice chat! We've had this feature for a long time already but to get the true experience we will be enabling voice chat by default for all games. Spectators will also automatically be added to voice chat, but if they speak above a certain volume the automated LiShush technology will remind them to lower their voices.
Finally, last but not least - in the spirit of the classic club versus club OTB matches, a new arena mode where you must use the board and piece set of the opponent in half the games.
We hope you enjoy the authentic OTB experience, or at least the closest we can get to it, and we also hope you enjoy this April fool's day, have fun!


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Tournament Results for January 30, 2021.

Congrats Martin!


Tournament Results for January 23, 2021:


Tournament Results for Jan 16, 2021. Great job Gabe!


Mate of the Week. Good job Kaleb!


Tournament Results for January 9, 2021. Congrats Gabe!


2020 Student of the Year: Daniel Herrera. Highest point total in the history of the club. Way to go Daniel!!!


FINAL: 2020 Contest Winners! Great work guys!


Tournament Results for Saturday, December 19, 2020


Updated Leaderboard as of 12/19/20


Mate of the week. Nice job Jon!


Tournament Results for December 12, 2020!


Leaderboard as of 12-12-20!


Thanks again to all of you who played in & supported this cause. Hope to see you again next year!


Tournament Results for 12/5/2020

A lot of excellent games today. Great job guys!


Updated Leaderboard. Less than a month to go!


Tournament Results for 11/21/20!


Updated Leaderboard as of 11/21/20!


Tournament Results for 11/14/20


Updated Leaderboard! 11/14/20


Updated Leaderboard as of Nov 7, 2020!


5th Annual Tournament for a Cause!

All Proceeds benefiting Los Angeles Children's Hospital. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success!


Homeschool Tournament Results! 11/2/20


Leaderboard as of 10/31/20


Tournament Results for 10/31/20. Great job everybody!


Homeschool Tournament Results for October 26, 2020:


Updated Leaderboard!

Helping Children Reach Their Highest Potential through the Game of Chess since 2004

About the Owner:

I am a USCF certified chess coach with over 14 years experience teaching children of all ages. I first learned the game of chess at 12 years old. I had 2 different teachers that had a huge impact on me. The first one made the game challenging for me. He really pushed me to be the BEST I could be. My 2nd teacher knew less about the game...but showed me how much fun it could be. My goal is to combine those two styles, helping kids to grow in their love for the game, be the best they can be at it, and at the same time have a lot of fun. I hope that I am able to do this [teaching chess] my whole life. It is thrilling to me to watch my students progress and mature into young adults.


Although the business was officially established in 2014, I have been teaching Group and Private lessons since 2004 on a part-time basis. Now, I am very grateful to say it is my full time work. I love teaching Chess while at the same time building relationships with my students. This is my life's passion and there is nothing I would rather be doing!

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