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If you’re looking for high quality and personal instruction, you’ve come to the right place. At the North West Survival School we’ll give you the attention and personal training you’ll come to expect and enjoy. Every aspect of survival is what we teach, we leave no stone unturned, you will experience the NW wilderness like never before. We offer the best in (Survival Training). Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way. NW Survival School has been located in Spokane since (1996). Let us put our experience to work for you. Over 25 years of minimal survivalist experience you only get the best instruction offered, We take regular expeditions to the cascade mountain range and other great locations to train you in real life situations.

Mission: Education through direct learning via qualified instructors

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I saw this memory, it's from about 5 years ago!

"Talking with a old student of mine which works for a global research firm who is leaving for the Arctic this spring 2016. He told me today: "You are a very important factor to folks like myself in our line of work, with the education that you teach us on survival especially for us- is the cold weather survival it allows us to step into environments not meant to be inhabited by humans and permits us to carry out studies where we may have to be on location for weeks at a time. The safety of our crews and their well being is greatly attributed to the training provided by you and your staff at Northwest Survival School"

Tomas Riddell
GRI 2015

Awareness is everything!

[11/26/20]   Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family :) enjoy your time with your family and be thankful for what you have and who you have in your life!

Book your January Cold-Weather Survival Class now! Offering 1 and 2-day classes. Bring a friend, spouse or any family member and get 25% off of the tuition for yourself & everyone attending with you. Offer valid until
Feb-15th-2021. Certain restrictions apply. Contact us here or via our website for prices and class availability and scheduling.

Day Classes | NWSS This class focuses on the foundations of survival in the wild that can be built upon and used anywhere in the world. This is more than just a chance to learn, but to survive as a part of a tribe.

Day Classes | NWSS

CLASSES OPEN!! Book now and save your spot!

Sign up for a 1-Day on June 20th, a 3-Day for June 25th-27th, or our Summer Special 5-Day held in western WA from July 10th-15th! This class focuses on the foundations of survival in the wild that can be built upon and used anywhere in the world. This is more than just a chance to learn, but to survive as a part of a tribe. 

It was a great class we had a awesome father son team build some awesome things together, more pictures to come from other classes

Northwest Survival School Survival Gear Store
Welcome to the store for outdoor and survival gear and equipment, more products being added daily! Gear for survival and the outdoors, hiking, camping, hunting, anything outdoors wilderness clothes

Reserve your class now for a future date and save!
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Snow shoes! Wilderness comfort and efficiency is key.

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"The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival." Aristotle
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Northwest Survival School

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Northwest Survival School Wilderness Survival Skills-Guide Services Spokane, WA. USA

Cold weather Survival classes going on now at

Tuition costs:

1-day intro cold weather survival class
$280.00 per adult (on sale for November and December $180.00)

2-day basic cold weather survival class $425.00 per adult

3-day basic cold weather survival class
$585.00 per adult.
(2 dinners included, survival gear, and more.)

All class graduates receive a certificate of completion, lifetime membership to our student portal on our website where you can download all the infomation you learned in class plus more to make a manual or refresh what you learned.

1 day classes take place north of Spokane Wa 20 miles.

2 and 3 day classes take place NW of Ione Washington in the very corner of NE Washington. Northwest Survival School Wilderness Survival Skills and Guide Services

Click here to support Volunteer mission to locate a missing Airman organized by Travis Johnson

See the go GoFundMe page for our latest project as well! Travis Johnson Volunteer mission to locate a missing Airman We are raising money to help cover the costs associated with the following subject. In 1962, aPilo

Contact us Northwest Survival School

Setting up a fully funded Expedition to the Olympic National Forest for some research to be done deep in the wilderness, We are in need of the following people for the group I'm leading:
Drone pilot/Videographer, and or photographer, Expedition Medic, Geologist. Plus some other positions may be available. Contact me on here with DM or email us at our schools contact page on our website:

Needed ASAP
When we start the expedition is still being decided will be before fall, and the time frame we will be away is still be decided!

Thank you! Northwest Survival School Contact us Page

Midwest Survival Guide

Contact us Northwest Survival School Northwest Survival School Contact us Page


Katahdin Crossing

I Love Nature

Yes we do

Pictures from (part 1 of the Private Custom Hunter Gather 19th to the 21st Survival class. Part 2 of this class is 7-days living off of nature with very minimal gear away from Civilization with just your Survival skills, happening Aug 18th - 24th be ready group.

Had a great class this weekend Congratulations to the students who completed the 2-day survival class, they came all the way from China to experience our school as well as the Northwest! They were a awesome little group! More pictures to come and they come to me!

I Love Nature

Great tuition deals going on for all (CCRS) Civilian Combat Readiness Survival Classes, we have 2, 4 and 7 day classes available all summer and fall.
Think of it as Air Force SERE Incorporated with the Marines Mountain School but with a earthy wild twist.
These classes take place in a very remote 700 acre, wilderness region of the PNW with live fire tactical natural range. Now you too can learn some of what the top Militaries in the world teach their troops.

Our most popular class is the 4-day lvl-2 intensive Class $1400 on sale the rest of the summer for $1200.00 including some awesome gear!

Contact us today:

Northwest Survival School Wilderness Survival Skills-Guide Services Spokane, WA. USA

Schedule your survival class today before Fire restrictions go in effect in the Northwest wilderness, We have awesome deals like bring a friend or relative and you both get 30% off your tuition on any class offered all summer long plus many others contact us for more details,
Contact us or go to our website at: Northwest Survival School Wilderness Survival Skills and Guide Services

Gardena hiker, 73, missing for a week in Angeles National Forest, is found alive

Take survival training so you don't get lost in the first place! Eugene Jo was taken to a local hospital after he was found in Devil’s Canyon. He was in good condition and was discharged by Saturday night.

Come check out our Civilian SERE Classes or (CCRS) Civilian Combat Readiness Survival Classes both 4 and 7 classes are available.

This July only all classes are 15% off tution, and bring a friend or partner and you both get a additional $75.00 of both tutions! Check us out we are rated number 3 in the world for our SERE classes!

College Dose

Want to learn skills like these?, Then you need to take a Civilian Combat Readiness Survival Class at Northwest Survival School... We offer 3 different courses;
(CCRS lvl-1, 2-day class) (CCRS lvl-2, 4-day class) (CCRS lvl-3 7- day class)

For more information please email us at [email protected] or


[06/01/19]   Thinking of moving to a new state with Northwest Survival School perhaps Oregon :)

Happy Monday to everyone! If your not in the woods go there!

Great info shared years ago!

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