T. McD's Guide Service

T. McD's Guide Service


we are planning to come down the weekend that Anita and Bill come down at Easter.We will be pulling our camper and need to know if there is a place we can hook up to electricity at your place or not .let me know please cause we really want to meet your wife and our Great-Nephew and see you(cause we haven't seen you in awhile.our camper is a pull behind 21 foot and need to know if we can get it into your place all right.please let me know .love you Aunt nell
Tommy - Jonathan and I had a great time today. Thank you for making it special.

We are full service fishing guide

I had the pleasure of taking the Borden family out today, very late in the Spring season but we were able to throw some nice fish in the boat!! The weather was perfect and the fish did their part. Thank You guys for choosing me to take you fishing!!!

As the Spring Paddlefish season comes to an end here in Oklahoma I was blessed to have a couple of great repeat groups out with me this weekend. Leighton Gerken and Matt took a break from Turkey hunting to slam some big fish with me . We hauled booty through the fog, fishing multiple spots and putting tons of fish in the boat the whole time. We lucked into one double up and put Matt on his biggest fish ever! As we chased the paddlefish into the lake you could tell the fish are almost spawned out. Thank You guys for all the Laughs and choosing me to take you fishing!!!

I had the privilege to take Wesley King the youngest angler to complete the Oklahoma Fishing Trail “Grand Slam,” featured this month in Outdoor Oklahoma magazine. His 5th fish was a 30lb tagged male and he decided to keep it which completed the challenge. What an amazing experience for this young man, birthday party, first paddlefish “tagged”, completing the Grand Slam all in the same day! Thank you Kelly and Alan for contacting me and letting me enjoy this experience with you all!!

Donnie and Megan wanted to catch their personal best. Donnie with a 60 pounder and Megan catching a tagged one, they walked away impressed with how much fun we have fishing for paddlefish. One of the funniest moments I’ve ever had on the boat was when Donnie didn’t want to be outdone by Megan so he showed her how to lose a 80 pounder before we could get in the boat. 😂 Thank You guys for choosing me to take you fishing and all the laughs!! See you again soon!

The fishing has been nonstop the past couple of days!! Ron and Cindie came to Oklahoma to see what all the hype was about paddlefish. They were not disappointed and couldn’t believe the power these fish produce. Completely worn out when they got off my boat and so happy they made the trip! Thank You guys for choosing me to take you fishing and see you next year.

It’s an absolute pleasure every time the Hall Family is on my boat!!! Today was perfect, cold, a lot of fish being caught and Creed the spoonbill catching machine showing off his muscles, also getting to be the Captain for awhile. With everything being flooded I’m constantly changing up the strategy to put people on the fish. Some amazing people right here teaching their son what’s most important in life, I couldn’t be happier to have the privilege to be part of it. Thank You both for choosing me to make memories with your family while we catch some monster fish. The season is coming close to being over for different reasons, anyone looking to have a great time on the water give me a call.
Tommy 918-694-7077

Saturday was a great day with the Saunders Family on their annual paddlefish trip! We caught them casting and trolling while doing everything to put fish in the boat. 5 straight years catching monsters with me and I’m so thankful for your confidence in me! This has been one of craziest years any of us have went through, I’m thankful we’ve been able to help feed the families that love fishing!! Hopefully everything will work out perfect for the next few weeks to continue catching monsters, everyone stay safe out there.

Well Saturday March 21st will go down as one of the hardest days on the water catching spoonbill I’ve ever had. But Thanks to Mick and the guys hanging in there with me we were finally able to get some fish in the boat. We traveled all over and tried different techniques trying to accomplish our goal, with the water being 20 foot above normal and the river flowing extremely hard. We finally got it done! Thank You guys for letting me take you fishing and can’t wait to see you guys again. A big Thanks to Nate for helping out. When this water subsides some and you wanna get out of the house, Please give a call and I will take you fishing. 918-694-7077 Tommy

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!! These two on Sunday made us laugh so hard, with their inability to pick up a fish. They keep trying to convince us they workout but it doesn’t show, lol. At the same time they grabbed the fishing poles and just kept chunking fish in the boat. With some High Flying Action with one of the males clearing 4 feet out of the water. Call me if you need a break from the national shut down and wanna relax. Let’s go fishing 918-694-7077

I had The Tony’s on the fish slaying machine today! We took a little ride to see what all was out there fish wise, and the streak is alive and well. Plenty of fish hitting the deck and with the wind trying to mess everything up we lost almost as many fish as we caught!!! We watched Big Tony’s banded fish swim away right at the boat before I could get my hands on it. Thank you guys for for choosing me to take you fishing, I’m pretty sure everyone was worn out for the ride home and impressed with the amount and strength of the PADDLEFISH!! If you would like you chance to catch some giant fresh water fish Please give me a call. Tommy McDonough 918-694-7077 

Saturday’s afternoon trip was right back into the fish, a little double up action! I had the fathers and son’s trip, catching as many fish as they could handle! The young boys needed a nap and the fathers needed a work out!!! The action was nonstop with plenty of fish cleaned for their fish fry. Thank you Brett Hindman, Jordan and David Vanhoose for letting me take you fishing! Until next time. We ended up catching 40 plus spoonbill between the 2 trips today!!! Let me know if I can take you fishing, Tommy 918-694-7077

The Cummins Boys were blown away by the size, strength and tons of fish that we landed today! While the wind was doing everything it could do to blow us off the lake, we still were catching a lot of fish. We ended up trying some different spots and was able to use the terrain to block the wind, and amazed the fish were stacked in there and instantly started throwing fish after fish in the boat again! Thank you J.W. and Lester for choosing me to take you guys fishing! See you guys back soon. If you want your chance to catch the biggest freshwater fish you’ve ever caught, give me a call. 918-694-7077 Tommy

Well Sunday was one of those perfect days!!! DaphneTroy Hall and the boys rolled into town and put the hammer down on so many fish we lost count!! Troy catching his first banded paddlefish which happened to be a 52 lb male!! Randall and Skyler catching their first great white monsters with a bill and they couldn’t believe how fast and furious the action was. Thank You Troy for all your support and choosing me to take you guys fishing! We can’t wait to see you guys in April! My weekends are filling up, so if you wanna book a trip give me a call. The spoonbill fishing is incredible right now!

Well this morning started out just like yesterday, first fish in the boat in less than a minute! The young guns out of Texas tore em up today and according to Logan it was the best guided trip he’s ever been on! That means a lot to me because that’s what I strive for every time I have people out with me. Thank you guys for making the trip up and choosing me to take you guys fishing, see you soon! If you’re wanting the chance to catch some of the biggest freshwater fish you’ve ever seen, Call Me 918-694-7077.

Nonstop laughter when this man and I are chasing the Spoons! Fastest hook up today in my career 3 seconds flat, right out of the gate. Previously it was 6 seconds. 

Absolutely hammering the Bills Today!

Back At It Again with Tammy, Reggie and Jake and they were having so much fun catching these massive fish! The fishing is nonstop right now, give me a call 918-694-7077 to book your trip.

Thank You Jake and Nate for choosing me to put you guys on some fat fish yesterday, Jake was a spoonbill catching machine right up until the wind tried pushing us off the lake. We boated 13 quickly even with tons of debris in the water from all the rain and the high winds. It turned out perfect, if you want to get on the water and catch some powerful fish please give me a call 918-694-7077.

Merry Christmas from the staff at T.McD’s Guide Service! Have a wonderful time with your family and friends this Holiday Season!!!

Absolutely a wonderful day chasing the big girls with these guys! Thank You Justin for protecting our country, we are so Thankful for your sacrifice!!! Thank you guys for choosing me to take you fishing today!!!! Please let me know if you want to get on the Fat Girl Action!!! We’re out breaking records and putting you all on the biggest fish you ever seen.

I was out today with my friends and ended up catching my personal best 90lbs. It was a perfect day to be on the water, cold, rainy, just plan nasty. You should have been there! Give me a call to book a date and maybe I can help you beat your personal best.

Round 2 of pictures, continued from the previous post!

I would like to say Thank You to everyone who decided to let me take them fishing for spoonbill this year, a lot of personal best with the biggest fish I’ve guided people to 84, 80, 64 and tons of 40-60 lb fresh waster Giants!!! It was an absolute pleasure meeting each of you. Until next spoonbill season.... party like a rock star!!

Some youngsters aren’t sure what to think about these huge fish! Roy Vanhoose and I went out Sunday to chase some fish down, Adian was afraid of getting slapped from the tail Chris Saunders! Thanks Roy for chasing the fish with me!


Paddle fishing with Arms Family Homestead and Keeping It Dutch. What did we catch???

https://youtu.be/fkG6jz4S4UU Pure Living For The Outdoors/ check him out on YouTube, Like, Share, Subscribe! Awesome crappie Fisherman!

Had the oppurtunity to do some fishing with some great friends. It is always a great time with these two guys! Glad we are making this a annual trip! Please ...


How Does Dutch NOT Know How to Do THIS?

Check out this video, From the river to the frying pan!

In the last video we went Spoonbill snagging and Houston promised you a cooking video! Today we are at the home of Keeping it Dutch and I really don't think ...

Saturday afternoon I had the second crew from Sioux City in the boat, being a perfect day to fish so there was a couple hundred boats on the water. We had to search for the fish but we were able to find them, John Klemmensen pulling in a 60 pounder! Lots of sunshine, big laughs and fish! Thank you Bryan Klemmensen, Brad and Bill for coming back year after year to fish with me!! See you guys soon! If you want a chance to beat the 60 pounder give me a call 918-694-7077 Tommy McDonough!


I Went Fishing With ARMS FAMILY HOMESTEAD & Got The Game Warden & Cops Called On Us!

Keeping It Dutch! Arms Family Homestead! Pure Living For The Outdoors! Check out all these YouTube Channels! Follow, Like and Share their videos please!

Got the game warden and the cops called us today when I was fishing with Arms Family Homestead. They was watching us the whole time. Went to go catch some Ok...


6 Year Old Catches Monster Fish Bigger Than Him!


It's time for our annual paddlefish/spoonbill fishing trip! Catching these monster fish is like catching a dinosaur! T.McD's Guide Service: https://www.faceb...

My Sunday afternoon trip I had Jason and the boys running around with me. Started a little slow but ended up catching good numbers, we had Kiss A Fish For a Prize, Name Your Pole, Double Up Spoonies. Needless to say these boys were tons of energy and full of questions. Their Minds were Absolutely blown away with the size of these fish!! If would like to get be part of the fish frenzy give me a call! 919-694-7077

Sunday morning we had the Father/Daughter Combo of Tate Tungl and Maddy seeing what chasing these beautiful fish is all about. Maddy caught the first and biggest fish as soon as we got the hooks in the water, weighing in at 56 lbs she kept reminding her father that she had caught the biggest. It was a beautiful morning on the water with lots of fish and some much needed sunshine. Thank you Tate for spending your family traditional Spring trip catching fish with us. The season is almost over, if you would like book a trip call me. 918-694-7077

We Absolutely Slammed the fish today, boating 30 in just a few hours!!! I had DaphneTroy Hall on the boat with Creed “The Spoonbill Slaying 7 year Old Monster - #56lb Big Fish Catching Machine”!! Thank you guys for making the trip and creating lifetime memories with us! Can’t wait to have you all back (call me if you need help chasing some big deer)! Our family is officially growing! Thank you Seth Ross for the recommendation. If you would like to jump in on the action please give me a call! 818-694-7077 Tommy

Please Like and Share, I have this Sunday afternoon trip open. 1-5:30 and can take 4 people, if you want to get on some big fish! Call me 918-694-7077

Well Kevin Wehrer, Leighton Gerken and Colton went out last Saturday with me from Colorado. They tore up the spoonbill and followed that up with calling in some Big Turkeys! Kevin also brought me some awesome Decals for the boat and truck, attached is his business card please give him a call if your need of any Decal work! If you’re interested in doing any fishing give me a call Tommy 918-694-7077

A Solid Weekend of Poles Bending!!! I Absolutely Love seeing all the smiles and fish ripping line, Thank You all for going fishing with me!!!!!!

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