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Congratulations to our tenant Body by Brii & Studio B in their expansion at Chelsea Creek!
Becca Lee said she’s missed the “dead”mill.
** Summer Challenge **


I started, again 🤪, with Body by Brii, in January. I can not say enough amazing things about Brii and this studio. The friendships, I never knew I needed.

Started today with B***y Blitz. I LOVE this class. My inspirational quote was perfect for today, “ Be a bad ass with a good ass”. Sorry for the language 😬😬😬

Meal prep for the week was shorted, as we are going out of town Friday. Don’t worry, I’ll post my good snacks for the plane ride later 😎😎

Bring on this challenge as I’m in it to win it, lol

I am captaining the struggle bus this week guys! Thankfully I have protein shakes to keep me from totally defeating my macros 
I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but after the workouts yesterday and today, I’m barely moving.
Build and Burn tonight was challenging but fun! Last week, I had doubts about it because I struggled to keep up. I gave it another shot tonight and really enjoyed it! This group forces you to push yourself to the limit, which is exactly what I need. If you’re on the fence about trying it, do it anyway! You’ll be glad you did 😊 Thursday nights @ 6 PM! 💪🏼
When it's spooky season,but you still gotta put in work! Lol

Nice walk with a friend this am!!
Brii- delete this if not allowed to post here.
Anyone know someone who would come take Laurel 1.5yo on a stroller ride or play with while I work out. Every other Monday, Thursdays and Friday’s. I usually work out around 9-10 am. Easy way for young girls to make easy money. $15
Saturdays are for getting things done!

✅ Open House prep
✅ MLS homework (gotta stay sharp in this market)
✅ Update buyer clients
✅ Three miles of cardio
✅ Hard sweat session with Body by Brii

Now it’s time to refuel and relax. ❤️🧡💛💜
Been sick but trying to get back at it.. better than nothing!

Better late than not...

Instagram @bodybybrii
Email [email protected]

Operating as usual


This recent review made us 😍 and 🥹!

“For three years, I worked out at home, trying to get my mind and my body into good shape. After not having a lot of success, because I really needed accountability in a community that supported me, I joined Body By Brii.

I’ve been working out here since October, and have experienced so many great changes with my body with my stamina and with my strength.

This is a great gym for any woman who is ready for a change! I absolutely love the variety of classes and the support of people around me!

When I first started, it was hard for me to even do one sit up. Now there’s so much that I’m capable of doing because I’ve had people cheering me on as I work hard.”

We are so proud of you and excited to be part of your cheer squad, Amanda!! 👏👏


It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game—when the only comparison that matters is who we are and who we want to be.

What are your goals this week?


Happy International Women’s Day! 💖

The older I get the more confident I am in being the woman I am, even if I’ve upset others for being me along the way. In today’s society it’s easy to get caught up in people’s opinions, their expectations of you, and their down right ruthless ways of making you feel beneath them. Well, I say screw them.

As a woman, be proud to be YOU.

Your choices in life have made you become who you are today. OWN THEM!

Your mistakes have taught you to know better in the future. EMBRACE THEM!

Your achievements have created pride and drive to achieve higher goals. SET THEM!

Your failures have made you humble and hungry for another chance. ACCEPT THEM!

Your good days have made you thankful they aren’t bad. LOVE THEM!

The bad days have made you more appreciative of the good. FORGET THEM!

There is no “perfect” anything in life. It’s just a matter of handling what’s thrown at you with originality and grace. There will always be someone who thinks you should have done something differently.

There will always be someone with something to say.

Just love your life and be YOU with zero regrets. 👏👏


Raise your hand if you've recently spent more dinners at the ballpark bleachers than at the dinner table! 🙋‍♀️ ⚾️🥎

We get it. Life is BUSY. That's one of the reasons we love being a pickup location for Fit Five Meals --making your life (and healthy eating goals!) a bit easier.

If you've been wanting to try-remember the Wednesday midnight deadline!


Snuggling pups and pumping iron since….can you guess how long we’ve been training ladies?

Hint- we talked about it in a recent post! 😉


Sometimes it's hard to get started, but it's even harder to stop 👏👏


Perks of being an all-female gym.. every day can be hat day.😉

But really, imagine a space that is judgment free, surrounded by supportive women, AND snuggly puppies.

clients chime in…what’s your favorite aspect of coming to an all-female gym?

Sound off below👇


This right here!


I mean, really. Is there more to be said?


Ok, we’re in week two of February—how are those New Year’s resolutions going?

Speaking of, what changes are you hoping to see for yourself this year?

I want you to imagine yourself one year from today. What does she look like? What is she able to enjoy? What challenges her?

Now I want you to imagine one thing you can do today, that is for her.

Maybe you saw a mom who could run around with her kids without getting winded. Today you can choose to take a few extra steps, and tomorrow a few more.

Maybe you saw a wife celebrating her anniversary on a tropical beach, feeling comfortable and confident with her husband next to her.

Maybe you saw a Grandmother strong enough to lift that big new baby in the family.🥹

Whatever you’re seeing, we hope to help you get there.


It’s no secret that every woman needs a little bit of the right motivation and encouragement to keep up their fitness journey even when that negative self-talk can kick in.

Which is exactly why our gym exists.

We're here to encourage you to change your life.

We're here to be the game-changers for you.

And we're going to have fun while we do it.

Ready for some of this magic in your life? Then hit up the link in our bio or drop us a DM to get your consultation scheduled.


Looking and feeling strong after a great workout that's our goal.

Women of all ages and sizes can benefit from weightlifting - it's never too late to start.

At Body by Brii, we believe strong women lift each other up!

Tag a friend in the comments and take a minute to encourage her.


We've been honored to win this award for the last two years, and we'd love to claim the crown again!👸🏼

Submit your nominations today for Best Personal Trainer & Best Fitness Center!


There is nothing better than receiving love notes from happy clients (except maybe wine & puppies comes close, but we're only human, right?)

So when I opened this love note? Well, safe to say it made our day!

We are especially proud to hear that our commitment to accommodations is being noticed-because we understand that everyone is at different places in their fitness journey.

Do you need 1-1 accountability? A place to start? Drop us a message to schedule your consultation.


Everyone may be slingin' Stanley cups around--but we know the real iconic beverage holder. 😉

Honestly, we're fans around here, too- I've noticed I'm drinking more water than before, thanks to mine. It doesn't hurt that we've got filtered water at the gym, always at the right temperature.

You know you need hydration to be at your best fitness levels. Still, if you need more motivation, here are three ways to keep yourself from dehydrating.

1. Keep it accessible. If you can reach it, you're more likely to sip it. Find a cup you love (Stanley or our Body by Brii bottle. Both work!) and take it everywhere you go.

2. Keep it tasty. If the taste of the water isn't doing it for you, find a way to sneak in hydration.

3. Make sure it's ACTUALLY hydrating you. Natural spring water and mineral water contain the minerals your body needs. Some people prefer Acqua Panna, and some ladies spring for the Evian, but as long as it's from a clean, natural spring water source, it's a good option!

What do you think? Do you have a preferred water brand/type?


Still some spots open for Build and Burn this Friday at 4!

This hour long class is two killer workouts combined into one.

Weights and machines to build and HIIT to burn, this boot camp style workout is a sure way to become lean and mean!

Want to try a class? Send us a DM!


Why does this testimonial have us happy dancing in the gym (more so than normal if that is even possible 😂)?

Because from day ONE we've set out to create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and builds women up.

A fitness family.

PS- want to experience outcomes like this yourself? Schedule your consultation today!


These ladies absolutely kicked some tail last tonight in Power Hour!

We're so proud of each and every one of you! ❤️❤️


We know it's about more than just the gym equipment.

Our clients love getting a workout in, then going to work, thanks to our shower access, and all the puppy snuggles are definitely an added bonus. 😉

Which amenity do you love most? Any you'd like to see us add? Let us know! 👇


New equipment Spotlight!

The SkiErg helps you build strength and endurance by working the entire body in an efficient, rhythmic motion.

Skiing is a low-impact, high-calorie-burning exercise suitable for all ages and abilities.

We already are loving/hating this thing. 😉😉


The BBB pups are wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Who’s headed over the river and through the woods to family’s homes for the holidays?

Don’t forget— we’ll see you at the gym on Tuesday!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Photos from Body by Brii & Studio B's post 12/21/2022

Send this to your husband- you know he still needs to buy your Christmas present.😉

Offer only available for new clients, expires January 31, 2023.


Raise your hand if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed leading up to Christmas..🙋‍♀️🎅

If I could offer some advice—I know this week is crazy busy for all of us, but the one thing you can do to help yourself feel better (and saner 😅) is to show up for yourself.

It’s one hour a day. Let’s make it count!!

Also, we have an incredible offer for you that will only be around from now until the end of January.

$75 for unlimited classes for the first month, then goes to Regular price of $95 every month there after. 🤩

New members only. Send us a message to set up your consultation today!


Ok, real talk. How often have you felt frozen in place because there’s this goal you want to achieve, but it seems too big, too scary, or there are some elements you’re unsure of.

So instead of leaping? You lock those feet to the ground and don’t move an inch.

Maybe you want to get stronger?
Maybe you want to lose a few pounds?
Or maybe you want to just figure out what it's like to live a truly healthy lifestyle?

Whatever it is, I want you to know I get it. And I get why you could be frozen in place.

But here’s the realest talk I can give you.

You don’t have to have it all figured out to completely transform your body and mind.

You just need to start heading in that direction. And like anything, the closer you get to that “end” goal, end thing, the clearer it becomes.

So today? This is your nudge to take that first step.


Be honest, how many times have you seen the Amazon truck in your driveway this month? 😉

Let's play a game..if you had to do a squat every time a package arrived at your doorstep, how many squats would you be doing each day?

Let's say.....we'd have some burnin' buns....🤣

Photos from Body by Brii & Studio B's post 12/01/2022

This is your reminder that there are going to be times where you feel like you are not making progress on your journey in health and fitness. And while it sucks, it’s normal, and you are NOT alone.

What you are feeling is so normal. And while it doesn’t make it easier in the moment, know it’s part of the journey.

Today, take the inspiration you need. Share it with a friend in encouragement. Tag someone who could use a good reminder of how strong she is.

And if you need a helping hand? We are here to chat. Our DMs are always open.


Raise your hand if you can't make it through the day without a stop at Starbucks or the Nespresso machine.. 🙋‍♀️

Lucky for you-- espresso actually has several health benefits.

Here are a few of our favorite "perks" 😉

1. Helps with fat loss! Espresso triggers a spike in two hormones that alert your cells that it’s time to break down fat for energy.

2. Boosts your energy & attention. We love a little energy used efficiently!

3. Research has shown that those who regularly drink espresso and other caffeinated drinks are at a considerably lower risk of being afflicted by Alzheimer’s. We love a healthy brain!

4. White Chocolate Mocha. Enough Said. It brings joy, which makes me happy. ☕️Happy people lead happy lives. That's the ultimate benefit.

We don't recommend drinking a sugary, creamy mocha every day-but a treat every so often is absolutely OK. 😉

What's your go-to espresso drink?


This is your reminder that you DON'T need to spend hundreds of hours on the treadmill to get the results you're wanting. 😉

In fact, we recommend varying your cardio + strength training days, unless you are working toward a goal of building endurance.

If you want to grow muscle and lose fat, switch up your routine a bit. One day you could do BOSSFIT to build those muscles 💪; the next, you could take a Dirty Dozen boxing class for heart-pumping cardio. 🥊

How often have you struggled with the repetitiveness and tiresome cycle of treadmill, elliptical, bike, repeat?

If you answered "ummm, all the time!" then this is your love note that there are other options!

100 hours on the treadmill is NOT the only way. Promise.

Photos from Body by Brii & Studio B's post 11/15/2022

I'm repeating this all day...who needs this reminder along with me?!

"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." - JK Rowling

It's easy to get in our heads and tell ourselves we "can't" do this. We don't have time. We don't have the capacity.

But we do. We just have to gather our nerve and show up.

It may not be pretty, but every step forward is just that FORWARD.

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