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Guys we have two specialty classes happening this week. Feel free to share with anyone you know that may be interested in the variety of classes we are offering this month!

Tuff Dawg tomorrow night @ 6:00 pm
$25 per handler/owner & dog ($5 fee for those that bring two dogs)

Cardio Boxing Wednesday @ 5:30 pm, followed by Strength Yoga at 6:45 pm.
$20 per class

Please register through the website ASAP
Payment will be due at check in for the classes


Tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for Cardio Boxing with Tiana Mutts this Wednesday evening!
To reserve your spot, shoot me a message at 513-319-5413.

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Our first Cardio Boxing class was a big success!

I want to give a shout out to Tiana for bringing your awesome energy, knowledge and vibe to run a great class. Another shout out goes to Parry for once again capturing some great shots of the layout of T’s class.

*Introduction and a get to know followed by “Boxing Basics 101”
*HITT stations include bag work combos, striking to mitts, resisted shadow boxing, battle rope-TRX-slam ball movements to enhance performance
*Cardio Blast circuit
*Cool down & stretch

Finally, a shout out to everyone who joined us last night, and left MPT with a good sweat, feeling energized, and hopefully some take aways from class!

Thank you to all who participated 🥊👊💪

Next class: Wednesday, April 27th 7:45-8:45 pm
Openings are still available, contact 513-319-5413 to reserve your spot


April 1st is tomorrow and I’m very excited to announce my first MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC client of the month pick!
Brian has been working with me for nine months now. I remember the day he walked up my stairs back when I was in the very beginning stages of opening, he asked what it is that I do and we talked for a good 20 minutes or so. That was where his journey started! He made a solid commitment to train with me, change his lifestyle and stay on point with meal prep and hard work. I’m actually a little emotional writing this because I’m so proud of his results.
He started off with two days a week training, January he gave up his beer and now he has bumped up to four workouts a week (three with me and a yoga with Lori). He came to me unbelievably tight all over due to redundant movements required at his job day in and day out. He could barely lift his hands over his head without pain. My initial plan included hammering the mobility, opening up his body and allowing him to move better. From there I started increasing his strength with functional full-body movements that forced him to acknowledge his core with every exercise and rep he performed.
Here are some of my absolute favorite attributes about Brian. He’s consistent, hard working, focused and driven to improve with every workout he does. He takes what I teach him in training and practices at home!
I want to thank him for trusting me to guide him on his path. I throw new exercises at him every workout, he asks me plenty questions so he can learn his body mechanics and initiate a mind-muscle connection.

MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC

Another thank you to Parry Stover and LiveLifeStudios for the work on this video and more to come.


Moving your body is a non-negotiable for all humans. We are made to move! The days you lack energy, make it a point to do some kind of physical activity and that energy will be quickly renewed mentally & physically! 😊




Who’s in tomorrow for Adult Group at 8:30 am, Youth Group at 9:30 am and Happy Hour Yoga at 3 pm?
Please comment or message me to rsvp your spot.


MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC

President’s Day is around the corner and MPT is the perfect place to fit in your plans for the day. Here is the itinerary of fun fitness activities we have in motion and ready for folks to add in your calendar!

8:30-9:30 am
Adult Group Training with Jen
Dynamic & interactive warmup, followed by a full body strength circuit
$20 per person

9:30-10:30 am
Youth Group Training with Jen
Fun and functional warmup, followed agility and strength circuit
$20 per kid (ages 8-14)

12:00-2:00 pm
booked for GYM RENTAL-Birthday Party & Soccer Skills Training

3:00-4:00 pm Happy Hour Yoga with Lori
Followed by the best part…
4:00-4:30 pm Adult Social
Coffee will be provided from the best coffee shop in town, Saylor Park Coffee Shop ☕️

4:30-7:30 pm
Booked for privates!

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MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC
-No sessions at MPT today.
Given two days of cancelations, we will have some options tomorrow. Saturday’s training schedule as follows..

8:30-9:15 strength circuit with Jen
The circuit will be written on the workout board and demonstrated. The goal will be to complete as many rounds as possible following a group warm up.

9:30-10:30 am Strength Yoga with Lori
Lori will guide us through a series of flows that will challenge your mind, balance & mobility.

10:45-11:30 strength circuit with Jen
The circuit will be written on the workout board and demonstrated. The goal will be to complete as many rounds as possible following a group warm up.

-Drop in rates per class listed above is $15 and you are more than welcome to double up on a strength and yoga. 😉

11:30-12:30 *reserved for any regular privates that would like to work in a semi-private session. Max available spots up to four regular clients..please message me to reserve your spot for this time slot!


I’ve had a number of requests for this, figured I’d give this a go for February! The pass is available for $100 and good for 10 classes. Make sure to keep the card with you each class you attend and the instructor will initial per class. It is wallet size so you can keep with you at all times.
Deadline to purchase a class pass is by Tuesday, February 1st.

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So I have to give a HUGE HUGE shout out to this man. Remarkable changes since he came to me in August to inquire about training. His name is Brian and he is a live example of what hard work, consistency, clean diet, resetting focus with his training program and lifestyle change will do for you.
First of all I had no idea he was documenting his own progress from when we started until one day after one of our sessions he told me he’d been taking some pics. He doesn’t have any social media accounts and is a pretty private guy, so I never thought in a million years he would be okay with me writing a post on his journey, but I’m so proud to tell his story.
He has been training with me twice a week since August of last year, he works long hard hours and drives a long way in to work everyday! I can’t tell you how many sessions he’s walked up my stairs with circles under his eyes, stiff, achy and tired as hell bc he woke up at 4/4:30 am to get to work by 6, only to finish his day with me at 4 and knows he’s going to get his ass kicked. So it’s a 4 am to 6/6:30 pm day by the time he’s finally home eating his dinner. But he never bails on me and for that I’m truly thankful and this is why I give him all of my energy and attention every time he walks up my stairs. Every session we do something different and I challenge him with a new movement. We have revamped the entire way he trains, focusing on a ton of mobility, back and legs with proper form. There is an endless amount of exercises in my brain and it’s so much fun with him bc he’s game for anything I throw at him and I know he would’ve quit a long time ago if our sessions ever became redundant.
The layout below is a picture of when he started with me (I’m sure you can tell who took this one 😉😂..), then there is a picture from Monday this week along with some clips from parts of our training session that day.
I was trying to wait to post this, but I was too excited and couldn’t wait..I have so much respect for this man! You are killing it Brian 💪💪💪


MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC

Hi everyone! If anyone is interested in attending Strength Yoga with Lori tomorrow 9:30 am, please let me know by end of business day. I have a couple regular attendees out due to other commitments, so I want to make sure we have enough to run a class.

Happy 2022!


Looking for a last minute gift idea? How about a gift of fitness and giving a friend or family member a jumpstart to their New Year.
Happy Holidays and best wishes for a healthy, happy and successful New Year!

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MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC
Hi Folks! Happy Holidays!!
Here’s what’s on tap for the week, please see class schedule below. Plenty of opportunity to get a mix of training in.

Group Training with Jen
Monday 6:30 pm & Wednesday 4:00 pm

Mat Pilates with Karen Bergen
Tuesday 6:30 pm

Strength Yoga with Lori
Wednesday 6:30 pm

Friday Christmas Eve with Jen & Lori
8:30-9:15 full body circuit with Jen
9:30-10:30 Strength Yoga with Lori

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Hi friends! Alright there are plenty of opportunities to get some training in this week. Please make sure to read carefully as there are some changes to this week’s schedule

Class schedule for the week is laid out below..

Group Training with Jen
Monday 6:30 pm (full body circuit)
Tuesday 6:00 pm (45 minute session of mat work *emphasis will be core, mobility, foam lieu of no Mat Pilates on this evening)
Friday 3:30 pm (full body circuit)

Strength Yoga with Lori
Wednesday 6:30 pm
Saturday 9:30 pm followed by optional 30 minute cardio session which will be on the workout board and written up by Jen 😉
***Do not forget a stop at the best coffee shop in town for a post workout pick up! Saylor Park Coffee ☕️


MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC

9:30 am Strength Yoga with Lori tomorrow morning. We are truly blessed to have Lori as a teacher. She runs one of the best, if not the best Yoga class I’ve ever taken. I’ve benefited greatly for incorporating her class in to my own training on a weekly basis!
*& Don’t forget to stop by Saylor Park Coffee for a cup of the best coffee in town!


MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC

Hi everyone! There are some changes to our class schedule this week due to Thanksgiving. Please see below..

Groups w/ Jen
-Monday 6:30 pm
-Thursday, Turkey Day Workout 10:15 am
*for this workout, please message me to reserve your spot Wednesday prior to 6 pm.

Mat Pilates w/ Karen Bergen
-Tuesday 6:30 pm

Strength Yoga w/ Lori
-Saturday 9:30 am


I have to give a huge shout out to this guy. He has been so much fun to train and there isn’t one session he hasn’t come in and given his best effort & focus! He is truly a pleasure to work with because he has the drive to get results!
Today’s workout:
Mobility warm-up with foam rolling
5 rounds completed of the below circuit! 💪
-500 meters on the rower, dropping 100 down to last working circuit.
-DB squat to press x10
-DB walking lunges
-side plank with weighted rotation x10/side
-ab wheel x10
Stay tuned for pre & post photos from when he started training with me. We will be posting after “no alcohol December”. I have vowed to ride the wave with him in December, can’t wait!!!!


MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC
Classes running this week..

Mat Pilates with Karen Bergen
$12 per class
Tuesday 6:30 pm

Strength Yoga with Lori
$12 per class
Wednesday 6:30 pm

Jen’s group classes ($20 per class)
Thursday 10 am
Friday 3:30 pm
Saturday 10:30 am

Contact me if you want to reserve your spot!


Hi folks!
Come join us for a Strength Yoga with Lori @ MPT this evening 6:30 pm.
I took class last week and it was a reminder of how much I need to incorporate a yoga in to my own training program. We focused on balance, core and strength as we moved through some challenging yet exhilarating flows!
Still offering the $12 introductory rate


It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 30 minutes when your strapped for time. Today was speed work & intervals for my cardio. So I put the dogs in my office (because they would try to hop on with me) and went to work..
-1 mile warm-up 8.0 mph 1%incline
-10x10 second forward sprints w/ 40 sec rest @
12 mph, 15% incline
-backward pyramid runs 45 sec, 7.0 mph/ 30 sec, 8.0 mph / 3x15 sec sprints 10 mph / 30 sec 8.0 mph / 45 sec 7.0 mph
Finished that in under 30 with time for a quick cool down!

No excuses not to find time move your body at a higher intensity for at minimum 20-30 minutes daily. To clarify, when I say higher intensity, that is whatever works for you. Everyone is at a different fitness level, but everyone can reach inside and challenge yourself to actively move with intention and devote a half an hour out of your day to do so!

Photos from MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC 's post 11/02/2021

MPT Meiners Performance Training LLC

Hi folks! Quick reminder about about upcoming class offerings the next couple days..both are great classes ran by wonderful instructors!
$12 introductory rate is still running for both classes!

**Mat Pilates tonight with Karen Bergen @ 6:30

**Strength Yoga with Lori. Wednesday evening @ 6:30 pm

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