Bette's Blues Blueberry Farm

Bette's Blues Blueberry Farm


Are your Blueberries ripe today? Better than Sunday?
Approximately when will the berries be ready for picking? I have never gone picking, looking forward to it. 🫐
how blueberries looking today?
Hello! I have a friend from Montreal, Canada (import/Export) who is looking for a farmer where he is going to purchase your products that he can sell them in Canada. If yes, please respond.
Planning our annual trip to Bette’s - can you post an estimated harvest “window” to help us book our travels? Early April? Mid-April? Thanks in advance.
Good morning - just wondering the status of your blueberry bushes. Ours are very confused with the cold/hot/cold/hot weather it seems - have a lot of blossums so just curious if ours are the only ones not knowing what they are doing.
The season is almost over, but Bette's Blues Blueberry Farm still has some fruit left on the trees! Stop by soon to pick yourself some fresh fruit from the blackberries and peaches they still have left! 🍑
Are the blackberries ready to pick? I am needing several gallons. Thank you, Jackie
Could you please have Mr. Howell give me a call so we can set up a date and time for the survey. Thank you
Do you have berries left? Thank you!
Do you have peaches and blackberries also? If you do, how much??
This message is for Mr. Howell. Please give me a call regarding a property survey. Thanks. You should have my number. Thank you.

4752 West Abeline Drive
Citrus Springs, Florida 34433
(352) 746 - 2511

U-Pick Blueberry & Thor We are not a Commercial or Investment Farm.

Bette’s Blues Blueberry Farm is a family farm owned and operated by Willis and Bette Howell. We are a 10 acre u-pick farm dedicated to bringing you the highest quality most delicious blueberries and blackberries imaginable. Come out and visit us and have a fun day in the country as you pick our luscious sun ripened berries at the peak of flavor. Our farm has been completely planned, developed and

Operating as usual


Merry Christmas!


Welcome First Day of Winter!


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Happy Thanksgiving!


Veteran's Day!


Happy Halloween!


Loving this gorgeous Florida Fall weather!


First Day of Autumn!


Happy Labor Day! 🇺🇸
Enjoy your day! :)


WooHoo! July 11th! :)





Hello Summer!


Happy Father's Day!


Flag Day - June 14, 1777-2022


Memorial Day!


Our u-pick is closed for the season.
We want to thank all our friends and customers ( repeat and new ) who came to support our farm! We appreciate everyone single one of you!
We especially want to thank our u-pick station helpers, Heather and Eugene, with their ready smiles and assistance. We couldn’t handle the u-pick with them.
We would, also, like to thank Juan, Jose and their family for helping throughout the year.
We are excited and looking forward to our 2023 u-pick season! :)


This is our last week for u-pick. :(
Wednesday & Saturday. 7:30 AM - Noon or picked out.
You might find a few peaches, but, they are mostly gone for the season. We will have thornless blackberries.
2022 was a pretty good year, despite the numerous hard freezes, the overwhelming larger number of migrating birds that ate so many of the blueberries and wild hogs digging and damaging the rows of blueberries. :(
Hoping 2023 will be better.

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The blackberries are coming in nicely! :)


Our recommendations for picking and storing peaches.
Always pick the biggest, non-blemished peaches.
Upon returning to your home, remove the peaches from the plastic bag. All fruits and vegetables will perish, if left in a plastic bag too long without refrigeration.
Rinse your peaches with cool water. Although we do not spray anything on our fruits, dust, debris and spores may cling to the fuzzy skin of peaches.
Look for any blemishes from bug bores or bird pecks. You may have to deal with these peaches quickly as they will perish sooner. It is important to separate these peaches from the rest of the peaches.
If you would like your peaches to ripen a little more, leave out in the open at room temperature.
If you would like to preserve your peaches as they are, store loosely in the refrigerator.



Saturdays & Wednesdays
7:30 AM - Noon or until picked out.
You might still find some blueberries, but, we mostly will have peaches and thornless blackberries.
All fruits are $ 3.00 lb. We accept cash, check and credit cards.


Please note our u-pick days and hours are changing.
After today, Wednesday, May 4th, we will be open for u-pick only 2 days – Saturdays and Wednesdays. 7:30 AM – Noon.
You may still find some blueberries. But, we will mostly have peaches and thornless blackberries.
All fruits are $ 3.00 lb.
We apologize if you have tried calling us. Our phone line has been out of order since Friday. CenturyLink is working on this.


We are going into the 4th week of our Blueberry season. The blueberries are getting harder to find. :(
But, we still have peaches and our thornless blackberries are starting to come. :)

Photos from Bette's Blues Blueberry Farm's post 04/26/2022

Photos from Bette's Blues Blueberry Farm's post 04/26/2022

:) PEACHES! :)





Happy Palm Sunday to all you Lovers of Blueberries!


With the unusual crazy high inflation and gas prices, we are keeping our price for the blueberries the same as last year!
$ 3.00 lb. :)
We accept cash, checks and credit cards!

Photos from Bette's Blues Blueberry Farm's post 04/06/2022

Photos from Bette's Blues Blueberry Farm's post 03/30/2022

We are starting to see some color in the Blueberries! Yay!
I won't be long now! :)
The berries are getting some size to them now. :)
We still are not sure about the opening date.



Several organizations, hereunder, especially CLGE (Europe), NSPS (USA) supported by FIG have decided that it is very important for the world to reflect on the work that surveyors do. It is essential to know what impact all the many various kinds of surveyors can have all over the world.
In order to highlight the importance of a surveyor, their job and the work field, the date of March 21st has been chosen and named Global Surveyors’ Day.
Willis R. Howell of Bette’s Blues Blueberry Farm is a Professional Land Surveyor. It is Willis’ Land Surveying Business that made us “The Little Farm that Could “!


Photos from Bette's Blues Blueberry Farm's post 03/19/2022

Photos from Bette's Blues Blueberry Farm's post 03/19/2022

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Happy Labor Day!





4752 W Abeline Drive
Citrus Springs, FL

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