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Gunboat Outfitters (GBO) is a full time gunsmithing business established in 1994. Our work encompasses general gunsmithing, and a lot more. Gunboat Outfitters is your full service place for gunsmithing work and general shoot repair.

Whether it is; target, hunting, black powder justice department, home and personal defense, custom work, restorations,rebuilding, or rescues, rifle, shotgun, or handgun, the list of what we can do is comprehensive. Work is performed in-house and to the highest standards. We work with our customers, we do the work, we get the job done. We reserve the right to turn away work is considered unsafe or is contrary to federal, state, or local law.

Operating as usual

[11/02/20]   Hello everyone!
Our hours have changed a bit, beginning on November 2, we will be closed on Mondays and Fridays, as well as always, Sunday.
No worries, I'm just pumping the brakes a little to ease the backlog.
As we can all appreciate this has been a very unique and trying year for everyone.

Politically correct home defense. No black tactical or other stuff that gives sensitive folks the wobblies. A High Standard Supermatic Duck 12 gauge semi-auto 2 3/4" or 3". Since the supply of shotguns has evaporated, nothing wrong with working with something well proven. Barrel was shortened 10 1/4" to make it 19". Stock length was reduced 3/4" to give a length of pull of 13". Went through the insides, cleaned , refit, and repaired as needed. Handles smooth and quick with enough weight to keep your teeth in place when fired. Furniture grade walnut stock makes it a great accessory for the parlor.

Home Free - God Bless the U.S.A. (featuring Lee Greenwood and The United States Air Force Band) Many thanks to my great customers and wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday!

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A blending of generations.

This gun caught my customer's eye at a sporting goods store. As the caliber was unknown, missing the trigger assembly, glued on scope bases, and what seemed a mixture of parts, he got it at very low price. He wanted it rebuilt to what it must have been to an owner that has passed on to the Great Range.

It's common sense to check for proper ammunition before loading it into your gun, right? Here we have a .357 Sig vs .357 Magnum. It would be difficult to load a .357 Magnum round into pistol chambered for .357 Sig but it was sure easy stuffing some .357 Sig into a Marlin lever action. Thankfully when levered, even the the greatest of force, they never got past the carrier.

The customer came in saying he had some bullets stuck in the barrel but was able to get one out. Now this revolver is a Colt Python known for its quality and strength. This would have made a believer out of anyone.

Boo! Happy Halloween! My customers never get boring, this came in for one and I'm glad it didn't crawl out of the box on its own when checking the numbers. (SS Klaus might have had this on his MP44......) 😬

FN 1903 / Browning1900 firing pin repair

Remington 700 300 Winchester magnum long range custom.

Smith & Wesson 26-7 45 Long Colt scope base

Garand M1D

A Browning A5 20 gauge magnum that wouldn't feed, eject, or behave reliably for a host of reasons. One of which was the barrel going beyond battery.....

Kick-Eez patriotic pad on a Browning 625

Il Giornale di

Gli speciali auguri di #BuonNatale da parte dei #vigilidelfuoco #BuoneFeste #Natale2018 #MerryChristmas

If you do some shooting with a long gun you begin to realize that the stock should be as comfortable as a good pair of shoes. And not everybody has the same shoe size.
The stock could be permanently changed or in this case, adjustable.

Rizzini is a fine Italian gunmaker producing beautiful shotguns. This one had a break at the wrist of the butt stock. You can either buy a new one or repair the original.

This Batavia Black Beauty sidelock shotgun must have been all business back in the day. It had a short pull English straight stock and ejectors, not a typical rack grade gun found at the general store. Like the 1899 LC Smith, it is to be passed on as an heirloom. With the exception that it was grandmother's gun.

An 1899 LC Smith side hammer shotgun needed some serious cleaning and stock restoration. It was the client's grandfather's gun that had seen a lot of rounds through it. Although unsafe to shoot with today's loads due to short chambers and Damascus steel barrels it's a functioning heirloom meant to be passed forward.

Some things are VERY specific to the model of gun. A Remington 37 target rifle was a close contemporary to the Winchester 52. This Model 37 was acquired very reasonably as it had neither sights or magazine. The job was to fit sights so it could again be shot competitively. (Not a slam-dunk.)

Summertime brings in all kinds of work. Here is a Mossberg 26B bolt action target rifle that we restored. It was made between 1938 to 1941. There was nothing optional about this gun, this is the way it was made and sold. It was a rather common rifle back in the day along with Remingtons, Winchesters, and others. An honest gun for an honest shooter.

A simple problem as perceived, that wasn't. The H&R 199 is a great single action revolver, an honest good shooter. It was brought in because the cylinder wouldn't revolve.

Sometimes there are things that are astonishing when considering artwork in metal. Here are two examples that are more than 110 years apart. The first is a current Kreighoff K80, the other is an 1895 Leeson from London, England.

A gunshow special Mauser 98. It looked good on the table but the bore was dark and needed replacing. Ever see the infomercials for the Acme one shot miracle table finish? This was more than a simple rebarrel.

A side arm is often a reflection of its owner. We work with folks to help them achieve their goals. A client brought in a .45 S&W revolver that he had reshaped the pistol grip to a round butt, cut the barrel back to about 3" and slab sided it. Now he wanted an unmarked side plate so it could be custom engraved. The only issue was the side plate obtained didn't fit the frame.

Sometimes there are things that need correction, like a Remington 1100 receiver that was swiss cheesed for an older scope base. The owner wanted the holes filled and receiver blued. He had owned the 1100 since new and wanted it brought back to as original when he got it.

Again, there are times you have to make what is not available anywhere. A Noble 235 pump action .22 had a broken left hand extractor. Noble was in business from the 40's making decent arms until closing shop in 1971. The broken extractor prevented the rifle from ejecting the fired cartridge.

Sometimes you have to make parts. A Zoli O/U right hand extractor went flying while the customer was the range. Fortunately he was able to locate the extractor/ejector and it's spring, But the plunger was no where to be found.

Customer brought in an early Ithaca 37 20 gauge with little to no bluing, chip out in the wrist area of buttstock, and little remaining finish. It was his grandfather's gun and wanted it restored for future use. Wood refinished, recut checkering, metalwork cleaned, prepped and blued. Voila!

Customer acquired a Colt Huntsman pistol project for a $100.00. The Huntsman was a lesser expensive version of the Colt Woodsman, which is an excellent pistol and highly desired. The Huntsman internals are the same high quality of the Woodsman. After a bit of work, filling odd screw holes, installing a new recoil spring fitting replacement grips, applying a black CerroKote finish, and other work, the pistol was completed and returned to a very satisfied customer. It shoots like dream.

Wreck of the 586. Customer was shooting handloads and all was fine until the 5th shot. The rounds were loaded on a progressive press so the possibility of over charge is low. The reloader was not a newcomer to hand loading. The barrel was unobstructed at the firing of the 5th as all shots were hitting the steel plate target. The customer was very lucky that ALL he received was a very minor cut on his forehead. I have thoughts but what are yours? The blast warped and blew off the top strap, forced the cylinder down into the frame, deformed the bottom frame opening, and bent the yoke and locking rod. The cylinder showcases the direction of the energies involved.

Never, NEVER, be late for dinner....

Zoli Over/Under Surprise

Be aware of storage environments

Be aware of storage environments

Full custom 7x57 Mauser

Start to finish

Start to finish

A day at work, fashioning a cheek piece from the blank of English walnut stock for a custom 7x57 mountain Mauser. A lot more to come about this one.

Our Story

Gunboat Outfitters is your full service place for gunsmithing work and general shoot repair. Whether it is; target, hunting, black powder justice department, home and personal defense, custom work, restorations, rebuilding, or rescues, rifle, shotgun, or handgun, the list of what we can do is comprehensive. Work is performed in-house and to the highest standards. We work with our customers, we do the work, we get the job done. We reserve the right to turn away work is considered unsafe or is contrary to federal, state, or local law.

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