Synergy Personal Training by Jericho Mertel

Synergy Personal Training  by Jericho Mertel


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Since I'm not on FB, I am using my husband's account. I am a female healthcare professional who has been through several nutrition and exercise programs throughout my life. Just having retired, I found myself about 50 lbs overweight, out of shape and disappointed in myself. I contacted Jericho through Synergy Personal Training in mid-May 2017. I identified my goals, filled out paperwork, got weighed and measured (ugh!), and was given nutrition and diet information. Then I began an individualized exercise program directly taught and supervised by Jericho. The results? In three months I lost 25 lbs, numerous inches, 2 dress sizes and a double chin! So what about Jericho? He's probably the most intense trainer I have ever worked with. He is very knowledgeable about anatomy and exercise, passionate about physical fitness and is truly concerned and invested in his clients progress. He ensures that your form is correct and that you are doing everything properly. His workouts challenge you ( do they ever) and he gets more out of you than you ever thought you could bear! If you want to transform your body and your life, contact Jericho. You'll be happy you did! Kathy Palumbo

What seems impossible today... will one day be your warm up. Let me help you become the best you.

The Keto diet is a wonderful thing. Been doing it for 2 years so far and it’s done nothing but good things. Before you bash it or if you want to be more educated on humans nutritional needs, watch “The Magic Pill” on Netflix”. This is an egg and gyro meat omelet with American cheese, peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

*FOR 1, 3, and 6 month Training Packages. *Maximum of 3x per week. *Offer ends January 1st. All packages include personalized workout and nutrition plan geared towards your goals! All training sessions are 1 hour in duration. Happy Holidays!!!
Contact Jericho at 716-909-4862 for details.
Email: [email protected]

My little guy learning how to work out. Age 3, never to early to learn how to work out!

Gym Space for rent by Synergy Personal Training. Looking for Certified Personal Trainers to work as independent contractors. Need a place to run your training business out of? Look no further. Includes turf area, many machines, dumbbells, and everything you need to effectively train clients of all levels. Please contact Jericho for more details by Personal Message, Text Message or Phone call @ 716-909-4862

Keto Diet Seminar, Sunday March 25th @ 1pm!

Hey everyone! We've decided to do a sale... because, why not? From now until Sunday 3/11/18 we will give up to 20% off, a new personal training contract. Contact Jericho or Lisa for more details!

Powerlifting. Can’t even believe this

Arnold Classic

Synergy Personal Training by Jericho Mertel's cover photo

Synergy Personal Training by Jericho Mertel

Synergy Personal Training is expanding and currently looking for people to work independently out of a new location. Anybody in the Health and Wellness field. Examples includes but are not limited to, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist, Life Coach, etc. This is a great opportunity to enjoy being your own boss, and make your own hours with unlimited growth potential. If interested please reach out to Jericho Mertel through private message, or call 716-909-4862 for more information!

Synergy Personal Training will now be based out of The Hurt Locker which is located at 9992 Main St, Clarence NY 14031. With this new location, Synergy Personal Training will be offering up to a 15% discount on any training package purchase from February 12th to March 12th. Don’t miss your chance to get your body ready for this upcoming summer at a discounted price!!!

In order to strengthen Bobs underdeveloped upper back, I incorporated a foam roller so he can better retract his shoulder blades to get a better squeeze with the added resistance of the bands.

Synergy Personal Training by Jericho Mertel

*** Synergy personal training now accepts credit card payments***

Jamie performing 1 1/2’s. This is a great way to cause excess muscle trauma. This causes an excess of blood to flood the muscle by repeatedly causing the muscle to contract and keep tension, while coming out of the stretched position. More blood= more muscle growth!

Today and Tomorrow only

**Black Friday weekend sale**
for first time customers who sign up this weekend, you get:

*Your first week free
*The choice of 10% off the per session rate, OR if you choose to pay the total in one or two payments, you can get 20% off your contract total amount.


**For previous clients who choose to return, this weekend only when you sign back up, you will be honored your previous rate for training. THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

**Gift certificates are available for a special rate(message for details), and do not require a contract to use, so these are perfect as a gift, or for someone looking to try out training for the first time.

Current clients, we didn't forget you! Beyond our normal referral program, this weekend only, if you refer someone who signs up, we are offering you 15% off your next contract!!

Message me or Lisa Mertel if you are interested in setting up a consultation to discuss your options

This sale is only good until this Monday!! Don't miss out!

** Gift certificates are available!!

Sale sale sale!!

November 13th- November 20th
15% off the total of any package ( based on normal not promotional pricing)

** 8 session minimum
*** Limited time only special 2 month minimum contract

Please reach out to schedule a consultation this week to receive this special pricing.

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Sale sale sale!!

November 13th- November 20th
15% off the total of any package ( based on normal not promotional pricing)

** 8 session minimum
*** Limited time only special 2 month minimum contract

Please reach out to schedule a consultation this week to receive this special pricing.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for someone? How about treating yourself to a gift this year?

Have you been thinking about joining a gym? Maybe thinking of getting healthy I'm the new year? Why wait?!

Join the Synergy family and train with us! Get customized workout and nutrition plans, based on your goals.

But wait... There's more!

Holiday sales starts Monday November 13th and run through December.... With special 1 days deals throughout the month

Ever think about getting a personal trainer? Well... Now is the time!

** Details to come this weekend on sales starting 11/13/17.

Lunges hinging at the hip focuses more on glutes. Great job Becca Ortman

This goes to show you that age is just a number. Kathy works as hard as anybody I’ve trained and she is 63 yrs old. In this video, by placing 10lb weights behind her heels and giving her weights to counter balance, it allows her to keep all of her weight on her heels and keep her back vertical. This allows for all of the tension to focus on the quadriceps. By combining that with a 6 count negative or eccentric, it’s very effective at creating maximum muscle trauma which will lead to better gains in lean muscle mass.

Def sticking with this for post workout. The keto diet can be delicious. #fatforfuel #ketodiet #synergyphysique #synergypersonaltraining #willbeshowreadysoonjustwait #absaremadeinkitchen

All set up for the expo!

Synergy Personal Training by Jericho Mertel's cover photo

Been on a Ketogenic diet. Made Keto ice cream and it's delicious. Life without carbs couldn't be better. Losing weight while eating ice cream? Yep!

Losing weight doesn't have to be grueling. Look at my breakfast. Dieting down has never been so delicious. Want to know how? Message me!

[05/09/17]   Synergy Personal Training:

We would like to announce the start of our Online Training Programs!

After consideration due to high demand, Synergy Personal Training would now like to introduce our online training programs. Our clients have seen spectacular results and in order to change more people’s lives, we are going online to help coach people into reaching their fitness goals in a smarter, more scientific approach of diet and exercise which anyone from the beginner to experienced fitness enthusiast can understand with no long-term contract!

Packages include:

-Free video or phone chat 1 hour per week explaining program and providing Q+A’s.

-Workout program based upon client’s goals whether it be fat loss, bodybuilding and physique training, or overall health and well-being. Available from beginners to experienced fitness enthusiasts

-Diet Plans geared towards client goals and daily schedules to achieve maximum results.

- Detailed client progress expectation markers to keep track of client’s goals and keep them on track to avoid set-backs and break through training and diet plateaus.

Diet and Training package prices may vary. Please contact Synergy Personal Training through Facebook or by phone number (716) 909-4862 for details.

Word from the trainer:
The online training program idea came from the fact that not all the people that were interested in training with me could make it to the gym I train out of, Advantage Fitness LLC, 6161 Broadway, Lancaster NY. I wanted to have other people experience the results my clients were receiving. In order to make my programs more affordable and offer it to the general public, we decided to offer online training to people who didn’t live in the area, or simply didn’t have time to drive to the gym for 1 on 1 training. Take the first step to a better you! Hope to hear from you soon!

Jericho Mertel CPT, CNS, Co-Owner Synergy Personal Training

Took Nate through 2 NOS-X sets of leg extensions at the end of our quad day today. Hurts like hell but as effective as anything you'll ever do. Making sure to stay vertically seated to engage maximum quad muscle recruitment, you can see how even only do 25 lbs can be so much fun!

Big shout out to Devin today for crushing a tough arm and chest workout. Great job Dev!

By focusing on the eccentric (negative) portion of a movement, the muscle is experiencing trauma and calling on more fast twitch muscle fibers to work through the lift. The muscles will then respond by rebuilding more and stronger fast twitch muscle fibers. This improves overall strength in the muscle being worked. Those of you with egos... Don't use heavy weight for these. Everyone will think your dumb when you say you can do 6 plates but injure your rotator cuff.

Started my back workout today with Close Grip Rows, performing 5 partials at the end of each of my 4 sets. By driving the weight to my belly button and protracting and retracting my shoulder blades, I am activating the maximum amount of muscle in my lats. By always doing slow controlled reps, I keep tension on the muscle for longer and I don't have to use heavy weight that may risk injury. Partials help me keep all the tension on the muscle through the second half of the movement, which creates more muscle damage and blood to the muscle.

Please apply on under Synergy Personal Training

Another client who understands that DIET is also important. Angelina always works so hard when I train her. She has come a long way and loves the way I can make simple exercise more effective by just tweaking the angle, tempo, or by simply using some of my other training techniques. Good job!

I know I posted this on my personal page too but this is going to be the first of a handful of photos leading up to the 2018 Mr. Buffalo. I'm only entering if I feel like my physique is good enough to win. First time on stage but you gotta be in it to win it. ALSO starting this week, I will be posting videos of my workouts and giving general explanations of why I do certain things to help educate. Hope everyone finds it helpful. Also is going to motivate me more too.

Caycen is looking to get gains early. P28 bagels on the menu this morning with some peanut butter.

Bulgarian Split Squats. By putting your back leg up on a step-up or riser, you can get deeper into the squat, ultimately utilizing more muscle and getting a better stretch.

Synergy Personal Training by Jericho Mertel

Seems like every time I want to get an action photo... my client is at the end of a set, belly up, saying "this suuuucks". My workouts hurt and they do suck... But they work. Things I can do to Vanessa using no weight. #synergyphysique #synergypersonaltraining #advantagefitness

Supine rope pulldowns with intra set stretch. Great way to induce muscle growth in the back. #synergypersonaltraining #synergyphysique #backday

Seems like every time I want to get an action photo... my client is at the end of a set, belly up, saying "this suuuucks". My workouts hurt and they do suck... But they work. Things I can do to Vanessa using no weight. #synergyphysique #synergypersonaltraining #advantagefitness

Jolyne Chadwick after a killer leg workout and some ab exercises on the TRX. Good job, you killed it... or did I kill you?

Amy doing some sumo deadlifts.

Doing push ups on an unstable surface like a medicine ball or a bosu ball is a good way to strengthen your stabilizer muscles and lead to improved overall strength

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