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I am an ACSM certified personal trainer, NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist, and ISSN certified Sports Nutritionist with my Masters degree in Nutrition and Bachelors degree in Exercise science, focused on the goals of my clients, looking to help people in any way possible. I am a very outgoing, personable guy who loves to help people achieve their goals. I work with various age groups from teens to the elderly with everything from sports training to just making everyday activities easier. I currently work out of - LA Fitness in Clarence I take great pride in going above and beyond for my clients and I feel that this is what has made my clients as well as myself successful.

[11/09/17]   Looking for a change to your workout routine? Or maybe just a new challenge? Come check out Kretz Fitness boot camp!

The one hour workout contains weight training and cardio all in one high intensity, muscle building, fat loss workout!

When: 9 a.m Sundays
Where: Georgetown Fitness 5225 Sheridan Dr.
Cost: $10 - First class free!

Message me with any questions and I look forward to working with you soon!

[08/05/16]   Huge deal alert!!! ;-)

For the rest of August, yes the entire month; all Kretz Fitness services will be half off to new customers!!! This includes private one on one personal training, group training, boot camp classes, nutrition coaching, customized workout plans, and online coaching!!

What better time the now to turn your words into action with Kretz Fitness!!! Message me for details!

[08/05/16]   Huge deal alert!!! ;-)

For the rest Pof August, yes the entire month. All Kretz Fitness services will be half off to new customers!!! This include private one on one personal training, group training, boot camp classes, nutrition coaching, customized workout plan, and online coaching!!

What better time the now to turn your words into action with Kretz Fitness!!! Message me for details!!

Kretz Fitness 6 week transformation challenge!!! Message me with any questions and to get started!

Kretz Fitness

Please join us at Kretz Fitness in walking in memory of those who lost their lives while being cared for at Hospice as well as all the amazing workers at Hospice.

Hospice Memorial Walk

Please join us at Kretz Fitness in walking in memory of those who lost their lives while being cared for at Hospice as well as all the amazing workers at Hospice. Register for this event!

[05/12/15]   New research is showing the Intermittent Fasting may increase longevity by increasing the expression of genes that have been shown to be associated with a longer lifespan!

[03/28/15]   What are some topics you guys would like to see me address in a blog post? Top 3 responses will be responded to on my blog page!

[03/13/15]   Don't forget about our special this week to go along with local restaurant week! 20.15 per training session or for one month of bootcamp classes!

[03/05/15]   In the spirit of local restaurant week any training sessions or training packages until March 10th will only be $20.15 each! Get in on this great deal and start turning your words into action!

IForce Nutrition Max Out

My review of IForce Nutrition's Max Out Preworkout First off let me tell you that I have tried ALOT of preworkouts. I am a preworkout junkie and feel that I can give great reviews on preworkouts. So here it goes! Flavor - Blueberry pomegranate - 1...

[03/01/15]   New research is showing the Intermittent Fasting may increase longevity by increasing the expression of genes that have been shown to be associated with a longer lifespan!

[02/25/15]   Recently I had a client who had lost around 10 pounds on their own but then fell off of the wagon and was mentally and emotionally in a bad place because of this. This caused her to go back to her old ways of not exercising and eating out more often. Before she knew it she had gained her weight back AND MORE! She came to me completely distraught looking for answers. I sat down with her, talked to about her issues, refocused her, reminded her of her goals, and gave her a full plan to get there. Well, 2 months later I am proud to say she has lost 20 pounds, 14 inches and 5% body fat and is still going strong. I may only work with her one day a week but I make sure to contact her throughout the week to keep her motivated and keep her on track.

I am so happy for her and just wanted to share her story!

[02/23/15]   One of the best ways to boost happiness............ do something kind for someone else! Now that sounds like a great idea, if only more people did this when upset instead of taking their anger out on something or someone else

[02/14/15]   Soooooooooo..............resolutions have been made, how many are still going strong? If you have fallen off the wagon a bit or are stuck in a rut let me help you get back in gear. Let us make you a personalized training and/or nutrition program designed by educated, experienced professionals

[02/07/15]   FEBRUARY SPECIAL!

Sign up for a training or nutrition package and receive a free infrared bodywrap, spot reduction weight loss procedure, or a cellulite reduction bodywrap from Inner Health & Wellness AND a FREE Acupuncture session!

[01/19/15]   Who do you know who could benefit from one on one attention and a customized plan to suit their needs with constant contact to a professional in order to improve their quality of life?................ send the my way and let me help them turn their words into action!

[01/16/15]   always remember,every day is a chance to get better,and become a better person than you were the day before.Whether this is in fitness, health, or everyday life! Get out there and turns your words into action!

Review Martin Kretz - Thumbtack

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone that has worked with me in my business to leave a review on this site....thank you! This is what your review page looks like. You won't be able to leave a review for yourself, but this is what people who come to this page will see (minus this notice, of course).

Welcome to Acupuncture Works | Acupuncture | Massage Therapy


Starting immediately every personal training package purchased will come with a FREE consultation and acupuncture session with Andrea Schilling, owner of Acupuncture works!

Acupuncture can help relieve stress, relieve pain, treat headaches, and also help you sleep better.

Check out her website here for more information on Andrea and her business!

Don't let this amazing opportunity pass you by! At Acupuncture Works, our goal is to work closely with you in order to uncover the root of your ailments and put together a treatment plan. Contact us today.

[12/24/14]   I am thoroughly enjoying myself over the holidays (still eating good 80% of the time) and I am going to kick it up a notch on the January 7th with my next 24 day challenge!!! My only question.... WHO’S WITH ME?!?!?!?!

[12/24/14]   YESSS! Challenge ordered! I am psyched to get rocking January 7th! My personal goal is to increase my energy levels and get stronger. Who is going to watch and keep me accountable?! All of you, right?! HERE WE GOOOOO!!!!

[12/24/14]   2015 is going to be a AWESOME!! The magic starts on January 7th. Thousands across the country will be joining together to take part in the largest GROUP CHALLENGE in our history!!
Our goal is simply to focus on our personal health and wellness to get 2015 started off right, and this time with even MORE tools and support than ever before so results can go through the ROOF!
Free stuff, free shipping, and the chance to win up to $1000 along the way. I’d say we’re off the a good start.

Kretz Fitness Holiday Specials!!! Give the gift of health to a loved one or use them as a kickstart for yourself!

[12/13/14]   Holiday and New Years Special!!!!

Buy any personal training, nutrition coaching, or group fitness bootcamp class gift certificates and receive 5 free group fitness bootcamp classes!

[12/06/14]   When it comes to the debilitating disease, osteoporosis (porous bones), many individuals are advised to take vitamin D and high doses of calcium. As one who had to diagnose issues with commercial aircraft avionics and ground based radar systems, I was trained to consider every link in the chain. With this in mind let us consider a few additional links in the chain for bone health.

- Magnesium activates vitamin D to absorb calcium. It is also one of the building blocks for bone structure and density.
- Vitamin D gives you the ability to absorb large amounts of calcium.
- Calcium is a core building block for bones, teeth, and other tissues.
- Vitamin K2 activates proteins that bind calcium to your bones, and protects your arteries from hardening due to calcium buildup.
- Potassium is directly associated with bone mineral density, yet most people consume less than half of their daily requirement. You need roughly 4000 mg every day. If you drink a lot of water and/or exercise intensely, you need even more (low sodium V8 and coconut water are packed with potassium).
- Zinc has a restorative effect on bone loss and increases bone mass.
- Taurine enhances bone tissue formation and retards bone loss.

Give your body the raw materials it needs to keep you healthy and strong for decades to come.

[12/02/14]   What better gift than the gift of Health and Wellness this Holiday Season? Show your loved ones how much you really care about them and their quality of life!

Contact us today for Gift Certificates for any of our services and bootcamp classes!

Kretz Fitness is now working along with WNY Bootcamp in Tonawanda. Check out their page and get to know them. Going to be a great team! This also allows us to reach more clients in the City of Tonawanda area and help them turn their words into actions!

Are You Ready to Lose Weight?

Are you really ready to lose weight? If you are serious about losing weight inbox me and lets get started! Losing weight is a commitment to diet, exercise and behavioral changes. You know you could stand to...

[11/18/14]   With more snow comes the need for more patience while driving..... remember, getting somewhere faster is not worth your life, take the extra time to drive safe!

Top 10 Iodine Rich Foods -

As many of you may know, the thyroid is responsible for producing thyroid hormones that play a huge role in your metabolic rate. Iodine is an essential nutrient for proper thyroid function and therefore a speedy metabolism. Here are 10 great food sources of iodine! Benefits of iodine include healthy hair and skin and a healthy thyroid gland. Try these Top 10 Iodine Rich Foods to get your daily dose today!

20 Nutrition Facts That Should be Common Sense (But Aren't) Common sense is surprisingly rare when it comes to nutrition. Here are 20 nutrition facts that should be common sense, but clearly aren't.

[11/06/14]   Awesome new from Kretz Fitness!!! We will now be offering services at a new location!!! The new location is on Main street in Tonawanda right off of the Delaware exit. We will also now be accepting insurance and credit cards!!! Spread the word and give the gift of health to yourself, friend, or family member!

[11/05/14]   In spirit of the local elections today lets have a little vote :-)

What is your favorite type of workout?

1. Circuit Training ( one exercise followed by another and another with limited rest)
2.Bodybuilding style (various rep ranges with shorter rest periods and focus on tension on the muscle)
3. Powerlifting style ( heavy weight for lower reps mixed with speed work with submaximal weights lifted for speed)
4. Crossfit ( huge variations but most commonly a certain amount of repetitions of various exercises performed in the fastest time possible or as many rounds of a circuit of exercises in a given time.)
5. Cardio only (eww)

[11/02/14]   The best question is not what is the best trainer designation or certification, but who is the best trainer for you? Recommendations of others is a good start, but successful training relationships may be most dependent on a good relationship between you and your trainer. Do you believe your trainer? Do you like them? Do they motivate you? Most exercise programs will get results if performed consistently over time. Often the basics are enough. But few routines will get performed consistently over time without confidence in the trainer.

I believe this is one of many reasons that sets me apart from others. I am able to connect with my clients and help them get the results they desire.

[11/01/14]   PLEEEEEASE READ!!!

PTDD, Post Traumatic Diet Disorder is a term that was used recently describing the state of “chronic dieters” in our western culture today. The amount of people who struggle with weight after a diet and continue to try different “diets” for the remainder of their lives is insanity…and quite sad to say the least. Its a self punishing tool that becomes so ingrained that people don’t even see it as such any more. It appears to be the quick fix solution that offers it all : hope, confidence, health, energy, freedom, happiness, and beauty….

A diet can be described as “nothing but a TRAUMA” !(‘The Globe and Mail ,BC Edition’ – 2014-08-11

Every diet includes a self sabotage system which begins with a fast or restriction of some kind, an element of under-eating, over exercise, calorie counting, obsessive mirror checking, daily weigh in’s, and of course the almighty gold star at the end of the day for a job well done…or that dreaded black X. The most insane part about all of this is that DIETS DON”T WORK and leave the individual feeling defeated, exhausted and starving!

The result is what has been described as Post Traumatic Diet Disorder, whereby human beings are living in fear of food. People are left confused and devastated when they gain all the weight back after the” successful “diet and are left to the only possible conclusion…they didn’t do it well enough, they didn’t try hard enough…they simply are not “enough.

“Diet failure” mentality has lead to insecurity, a loss of hope and depression amongst millions and yet, as a culture we are still caught up in this idea. Diet comes now under new, more hip “code” words such as “cleanse”, “fast”, or ” way of life”. New “organic” extreme eating methods are all the rage and are even trendy in high school and amongst pre-teen children! Society is obsessed with “skinny” and people younger and younger each year are becoming afraid to eat!

This interplay on words DIET and TRAUMA are nothing show of brilliant in my opinion. Diets do nothing but create an ongoing self defeating story of defectiveness. I am in full agreement with Freedhoff’s recommendation to this self induced trauma: to embrace our humanness, and accept our own unique bodies as well as committing to a journey of self love, without restriction.

The following are some simple steps for a problematic eater to begin just that:

1. Throw Away the Scale- Using a scale to determine how ” good” you are is only adding to the negative self talk and only creates more of a division between your ability to trust yourself and your connection with your own body. Let it go- its just not important.

2. NEVER Skip a Meal -This is a big one and I don’t think I can stress the importance here enough. Eat breakfast within 20 minutes of getting up and never skip a meal in the day. If you have a “slip up” with food in the day, just get right back on track at your next meal.

3. Save the Cleanses and Detoxes for Somebody Else-.This is a “diet in disguise” for a problematic eater. If you are someone who struggles with eating “normally” then its best to leave the extreme health trends to others.

4. Plan your Meals- NOT “DIET “YOUR MEALS ! - This is an important step that is often confused with “dieting”. A food plan is simply having an idea what your day around food will look like.

5. Re- Vamp your Inner Perfectionist Thinking- Looking at the THINKING that is creating your problematic eating is especially important for long term healing. Write the negative thoughts down with an affirmation that you believe to be true for each thought. Repeat until that thought looses its edge and the anxiety passes.

Learning to live without the should’s, the restricting, and the inner perfectionist is a journey. Be gentle and trust that you absolutely can heal FOR LIFE. This has been my experience- there truly is a solution.

Did you finish the candy you didn't pass out tonight?! Come to Bootcamp Saturday 9:30am Work it off!!

[10/28/14]   Quick update on your journey to 500 likes. We are now up to 335. Remember our goal is 500 by the end of November so spread the word and one lucky person will receive a free month of training and nutrition coaching!!!

[10/27/14]   Amazing client spotlight tonight!!! Ryan Hildebrand has been working with me for 7.5 months now and has lost 100lbs!!!! He has also gone from 34% Bodyfat to 15.8% ! Kid looks great...great work Ryan keep up the work. Also, a side not, he went on vacation for almost 3 weeks and still managed to lose 10 lbs this month ! A true inspiration!

[10/24/14]   My Kretz Fitness client of the week is my Grandmother Nancy Wissing. She has recently been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. She has never been a huge fan of exercise but even through this diagnosis she continues to come to my bootcamp class at Lift Fitness every Saturday morning and put forth great effort. She is truly a fighter. I will be there every step of the way to help her in any way I can and I hope she can inspire others!

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