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My sole-soothing therapies bring clarity and pain relief throughout your body. Call me at (717) 269-5481 for a healing experience like no other.

Born from a search for soothing therapies to help her battle breast cancer, Jannette Kortman founded Cleanse Your Soles with the philosophy that the body heals when in a state of rest. Her therapies focus on the area of your body that supports you every day: your feet. She combines the timeless wisdom of foot reflexology with detoxifying treatments like ionic foot baths to create a relaxing experi

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[04/13/21]   Yoga, spirituality, and relaxation are examples of mind body therapies that use the mind to effect positive change in the body to alleviate symptoms and restore health. Mind body therapies take a holistic approach to healing that utilizes the connection with the mind, the body, and the spirit.

[04/08/21]   In treating a patient, a holistic practitioner is going to look at the whole person in order to make a complete evaluation and recommendation for treatment. Common imbalances that may be causing illness and symptoms include unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, too little sleep, or stress.

[04/06/21]   Once the imbalance that is causing your problem(s) has been diagnosed, we will recommend an appropriate mixture of herbs to treat it. It is important that you pay attention to our instructions and prepare and take them as we suggest.

[04/01/21]   Did you know that tinnitus is a common condition that affects approximately 50 million adults in the U.S. alone? There are some natural approaches that can assist with this chronic condition. Ask your natural well-being practitioner for advice.

[03/30/21]   We recognize that not everyone responds well to having a doctor dictate the nature of their treatment of symptoms. Let’s talk about how the holistic healing experience is more of a partnership between your mind, body, spirit and the holistic practitioner.

[03/25/21]   In traditional Chinese medicine there are five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each one relates to different organs and areas of the human body. Every element carries a particular energy and has distinctive characteristics -it’s fascinating.

[03/23/21]   Anytime you purchase a loose crystal or a piece of crystal jewelry from our store, it’s wise to cleanse it before you start using it to remove any residual energy from other people who have handled it. If you aren’t quite sure how to do this, we’re always happy to provide guidance.

[03/18/21]   Are you one of the millions of people who believe in spiritual wellness and working to reach that goal with the help of tarot readings, astrology and other metaphysical sources? If so, we can help you achieve spiritual wellness.

[03/16/21]   One key belief used in holistic medicine is that every person is equipped with his or her own healing powers and that every patient is an individual person, not a disease. Healing is a collaborative effort that involves both the patient and the doctor and that considers all of the aspects of the patient’s life.


We recognize that some people can be more sensitive to the vibrational energy created by large numbers of crystals than others. For best results, try to avoid coming to our location on an empty stomach, as eating is a grounding activity that can help.

We recognize that some people can be more sensitive to the vibrational energy created by large numbers of crystals than others. For best results, try to avoid coming to our location on an empty stomach, as eating is a grounding activity that can help.

[03/09/21]   The fundamental ideas of living in harmony with nature and the environment and that all living things are connected forms the basis of TCM. The use of herbs is extensive and has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

[03/04/21]   One of the most popular healing crystals is pink in color. It is said to enhance self-love, inspire forgiveness and foster inner peace and tranquility. Can you name this important crystal? If you guessed that it's rose quartz, you're right.

[03/02/21]   When you’re trying to lose weight, it can seem easy to turn to turn low calorie snacks that are filled with artificial sweeteners. These can do more harm than good though. Instead, keep fresh fruit on hand to satisfy a sweet craving.

[02/25/21]   Chinese herbal medicine, which include ginseng and ginkgo, are meant to treat the body as a whole, not address a specific ailment. They come in many forms such as pills, teas and powders. Ask us if these remedies could be a right fit for you.

[02/23/21]   Remember, some people can be extremely sensitive to the energy put off by large quantities of crystals. If you find that you experience headaches after leaving, try to eat something as soon as possible, as eating is a grounding activity.

[02/18/21]   Did you know that holistic treatments have been shown to be very effective for weight loss? A personalized nutrition program and addressing the mental factors (stress, for example) that might be preventing weight loss are two common methods used by holistic practitioners.

[02/16/21]   Professional massage has been shown to have a variety of health benefits. This includes improved immune function, pain management in diseases like cancer and conditions like fibromyalgia, and reduction of stress.

[02/11/21]   Did you know that the Chinese were one of the first to have an organized medical culture? In fact, Chinese medicine is over 5,000 years old and distinguishes itself from other types of medicine in that it is comprehensive. In Chinese medicine, diagnostic methods are used as well as herbal remedies, exercise, and an in-depth knowledge of medical science.

[02/09/21]   Holistic healthcare treats the causes of an illness or condition, not the symptoms. Treating symptoms masks a greater issue and can get in the way of getting better. Suffer no more than you have to suffer.

[02/04/21]   Do you ever notice that you have a slightly amped or jittery feeling after being in our store for a while? It could be your energy reacting with that of the crystals. Typically, eating something afterwards will help you ground again.

[02/02/21]   In ancient China, acupuncturists defined 14 different lines (known as meridians) in the body. When the life force (known as qi) becomes blocked, acupuncture frees it, relieving pain, discomfort, and any other symptoms the person may be experiencing.

[01/28/21]   Want to supercharge your diet? Try juicing! Not only will you be consuming more nutrient-rich veggies, but the juicing process pre-digests the veggies for you, meaning you will absorb more of the nutrients available.

[01/26/21]   It’s important to remember that alternative medicine doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. Depending on the nature of your health condition, it may be advisable to continue you with your traditional medicine treatments while supplementing with holistic measures.

[01/21/21]   Leech therapy is far from a new medical practice. The concept was so popular in the mid 19th century that France important as many as 40 million leeches a year, while leech therapy was extremely popular in England, Asia and the Middle East.

[01/19/21]   Why is it important to consult with an alternative medicine professional before beginning any type of herbal regimen? Because herbs need to be used in the right amounts, and some with care, to ensure the best results and to avoid interactions with prescription medications.

[01/14/21]   The term "arthritis" literally means joint inflammation, which explains why leech therapy is often used on someone with one of the many different forms of arthritis. Leeches have a natural inflammatory in their saliva that can lessen joint discomfort.

[01/12/21]   Did you know that Reiki and other types of energetic healing have actually been in practice for thousands of years? When modern medical therapies simply aren’t able to help you, we’re always ready to help you explore your alternative options.

[01/07/21]   Are you concerned about whether your children’s finicky taste buds are making it impossible for them to get the right level of nutrition to thrive? In some instances, it may be possible to introduce supplementation into their daily routines.

[01/05/21]   So what exactly is a Neurolink treatment? This is a type of energy treatment that leverages the brain’s ability to take control of the body and actually make necessary repairs to each of your body’s systems.

[12/31/20]   In 1926, Jan Christiaan Smuts coined the term “holism” to emphasize living creatures were “entities greater than and different from the sum of their parts.” By the 1970s the term “holistic” moved into common usage to describe integrated approaches to health and wellness.

[12/29/20]   Orange healing crystals are used to both focus and project your creative energies. Indeed, orange crystals, such as Carnelia, are all about inducing warmth, inner harmony, and enthusiasm, and promoting effortless vitality.

[12/24/20]   Products made from conventionally produced ingredients can have a negative environmental impact. The manufacturing of chemical-heavy health and beauty products puts chemicals into the air and water, and even the human body.

[12/22/20]   Let's see how much you know about crystal maintenance. Crystals may seem indestructible, but they still need cleaning or "clearing" of negative energies. How often should a crystal be cleaned? If you guessed after each use, you're right.

[12/17/20]   Acupuncture is used to successfully treat a wide range of medical and psychological conditions, either on its own or combined with traditional medical or alternative treatments. This includes everything from low back pain to stroke rehabilitation and stress and anxiety.




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