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[08/15/14]   Hello everyone and hope your summer has been great. We just wanted to remind everyone about fall ball this year. Sign ups are going on now. This starts first week of September and runs for only 5 weeks on Sundays. If interested please contact Jeff Hellcamp for further information.

Minors pictures team :Highline Painting

10u travel game

Girls Minors softball pics - Awards By Walsh's

I have a great group of kids.

I have a great group of kids.

[04/01/14]   We are happy to announce that South Colonie Girls Softball is now back into travel softball for the 2014 season. After a lot of thought and seeing that we are losing some great families to other leagues due to not having this. It is a great addition to an already rising league and also a great opportunity for our girls to play at that next level if that's what they want to do? The opportunities are there for our girls to play rec from end of April/June travel ball July/August and then fall ball in September /October. Let us who may be interested in travel at the 10u and 14u levels as we are going to fill our teams first with our kids and if we are short we will open tryouts to girls from Westland hills possiblely to be sure we make this happen. Thank you, Dave Koonz VP South Colonie Girls Softball

This Saturday we will be having our yearly bottle drive from 9-12. Please gather up all your bottles and cans. You can either drop off down at the park or just leave a message and we will arrange to pick them up from you. Thank you in advance for your support. Please attached flyer.

[01/08/14]   We will have our first in person signups this friday night at shaker el from 6-8. During that time if you are already signed up from the website or sign up that night we will be having our first league practice of the season in the gym from 6-8 also. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the website is now open for early signups. We will have the early bird special until February 11th saving you $20.00 on the registration. The website for signups is
Everyone tell your friends and family about our league. Thats how we will continue to get stronger as a league. We will have a level of play for everyone. We will have a regular rec ball league where kids will learn the game and play against other teams of even level. For the more advanced players that want to see what the next level is all about we will have tryouts for a travel team as well as in the fall we will be doing fall ball again. We are looking forward to another great year.

[12/28/13]   Hope everyone had a great holiday season. We will be starting our winter gym time very soon. The website should be up and running inJanuary for early signups. This is the only requirement to be able to participate in winter gym time as you need to be signed up for insurance purposes. So get the word out and emails will be sent out shortly when the website is ready.

These are some photos from our softball clinic we did at frozen ropes on December 21st. We hope to do a few more there this winter

[09/27/13]   Alot of kids and parents asked me to let them know when our 9/10 yr old fall ball team is playing at home. Well it is this Sunday games at 1 and 3. We play a double header. Its a lot of fun and very competitive play. Hope to see some of our friends come out.

[09/24/13]   A word from our president!

Hello Softball Parents,

Hopefully your summer went well and your players had a great season.

As Softball President my goal for this year was to preserve our league numbers and begin to establish a foundation from which to build up our league to where we were just a few short years ago. I think we made some good strides in maintaining our player numbers, improving our uniforms, promoting team work and bringing the Girls Softball program some recognition as a league.

With that in mind, it has now come time to begin the process of planning for the up coming 2014 season. This Wednesday night 9/25 @ 7:00PM at the Shaker Elementary cafeteria the South Colonie Board of directors is having an open invitation meeting to explain what the board does and attract new members to the board. For those who don't know, the board membership is responsible for the actual governing and day to day operations of the Baseball and Softball leagues at West Albany.

I myself joined the board about four years ago by being part of the equipment committee which oversees the replacement or repair of all the playing equipment for the league. From there, I helped where I could, eventually picking up some of the knowledge I would need later as President. For you it can be that simple as well. Keith Herrington from baseball just sent out a committee list with some of the committee's we need help with. They range from opening day planning/concession to simple field maintenance.

Not to diminish the baseball side and their needs, I can honestly state that the Softball program needs more membership on the board. We have been running the program with about three to four members the entire year. We have had to wear many hats during the season and at times we have just barely kept up. Some of the big areas we need help are recruitment, uniforms, field improvements, website maintenance and concession operations. The work itself isn't difficult but its the work that needs to be done well.

Please consider attending this meeting and see if you could be part of the league leadership. I have met many of our parents this year and received many suggestions about what they would like to see for our league. That is exactly what we are looking for as a board member. Some fresh ideas and a willingness to follow through to make these ideas succeed. I hope to see you there.

Thank You Jeff Hellkamp

[09/18/13]   South Colonie Baseball and Softball Families,


With Summer coming to an end it is once again time to start planning for the 2014 season. This coming Spring season (2014) our League is facing a challenging situation. This past year, many of our valued members have either moved away, have resigned due to other commitments, employment and/or personal demands. This has created a desperate need for more involvement from new adult volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors and other committees. (please see attached list of committees)

While there is a certain amount of commitment accompanying the Board member position, there is also a sense of accomplishment and reward to witness the joys of our kids playing Baseball and Softball here in our park.

There still is a strong desire in this community to have kids play baseball and softball, but we need adults who are willing to volunteer their time to help our kids in our baseball and softball programs. Our desire is to keep baseball and softball a reality for our kids in our community.

Please consider volunteering. You do not need to have children involved in the program to be a great member. With that being said, there will be an open meeting to all interested families and individuals on Wednesday, Sept 25, at the Shaker Road Elementary School at 7pm. The meeting will be held in the cafeteria. If you are interested in volunteering but can't make the meeting please send an email and we will do our best to get you on the committee.

Hope to see you there

Keith Herrington

South Colonie Girls Softball leading Take Me Out To The Ballgame at the Valley Cats game. Special thanks to the league for buying tickets.

South Colonie Pitching Clinic

Thank you to Quinn Hodson and her dad Jim for conducting a pitching clinic for our girsl minors and mini minors divsion. We hope the girls practice the drills they were shown and continue to progress.

Thank you to Quinn Hodson and her dad Jim for conducting a pitching clinic for our girsl minors and mini minors divsion. We hope the girls practice the drills they were shown and continue to progress.

Thank you to Arianna Young who volunteered her time today in the rain to teach pitching to our mini minors division.

Bottle & Can Drive 4/13

[04/04/13]   Meet & Greet Tuesday 4/9/2013 6PM players & parents, at the minors field. Rain date 4/10/2013 6PM.
Field prep this Saturday morning. Please come and help us out!

Will Rowan

[04/03/13]   Just a quick reminder for all kids ages 5-8 in mini minors we are having our kickoff of the season practice this Saturday from 4-6. We will be on the big softball field (located just past our regular field on the right when walking into the park) for this practice due to the amount of kids that usually attend.

[03/26/13]   Hi All,

Just an update for this season. Myself and the board met tonight to begin putting together teams for the upcoming year. As of tonight we have four Mini-Minors Teams, Two Minors teams, Two Intermediate teams and One Majors team. This week we will hopefully conclude a schedule and team assignments. Practice announcements will begin after that depending on when our winter weather breaks.

We do have some concerns however... At the Mini Minors level we need two managers / coaches to take a team each. Since Mini Minors is the beginning level, experience isn't so much needed as much as a willingness to help out. Just a simple understanding of the game, and the ability to keep the players focused will carry you far with a team. Mom's and Dad's really shine once they take the field and guide a team. I myself just started by helping out and now I'm in my fifth year of coaching a team. Please consider becoming a coach as I don't want to have to limit a teams practices or games due to not having a coach available..It's not fair to the kids.. Anyone interested please let me know.

Second, our Minors teams (10u) are currently at eighteen players which provides for two teams of nine. This really isn't enough for two teams as a full team has ten players on the field plus some extra players on the bench. There are two solutions for this. First we wait and see if we obtain, via registration, anymore players for these teams which isn't a sure thing. Second we move four players up from mini minors to help fill out the teams. I would like to see if we can get four of the older more experienced players (8year olds) to volunteer to move up to minors. The difference in competition is not that great and I have spoken to the coaches who would personally oversee these players till they got acclimated to the new level. From what I saw at the recent clinic there are several players who would excel at the Minors level. Please let me know if your player can help out.

This year looks to be a good one for softball but it can only get better with parents and relatives stepping up to help out. The softball board only has four members: Myself, Dave Koonz, Will Rowan and Jim Ryan. We have been working hard to put a season together and could use some additional help. Enough said. Thank You.. Jeff Hellkamp

[03/26/13]   Great news, SCSB has been offered and accepted a great opportunity. Many leagues in the area including ours are short players. We are scheduling home and away games just like the pro's. We have lined up games with Westland Hills, Rensselaer, Cohoes and Colonie and others. We are and have worked hard in getting a fun, full season of softball for the girls. This is a great opportunity to play on new fields and build our league. We are very excited and understand travel makes it tough. After all it is all for the Kids!

[03/25/13]   Please get the word out for the bottle drive. Drop off is Saturday the 13th from 9am - 1pm.

First official work day at the Park (Banners hung, Nets up, Field Prep, etc.). Division Chairs - get the word out to your managers to let the parents know that we need their help getting the fields and park ready (each division responsible for their respective field). The more help we have the quicker we can get this done. (NO PRACTICES SCHEDULED) Bring shovels, hard rakes and gloves.

First official work day at the Park (Banners hung, Nets up, Field Prep, etc.). Division Chairs - get the word out to your managers to let the parents know that we need their help getting the fields and park ready (each division responsible for their respective field). The more help we have the quicker we can get this done. (NO PRACTICES SCHEDULED) Bring shovels, hard rakes and gloves.

[03/17/13]   Lady Wraith 16U mini minors clinic was a success today. We are hoping to post some pictures soon. Registration for all levels is still open so please spread the word.

[03/14/13]   Hi All,

Just a reminder that this coming Friday will be the last indoor practice before the start of the season. It is this coming Friday March 15th at the Shaker Elementary School from 6:00PM - 8:00PM. We certainly have some room for some additional players. Thanks Jeff Hellkamp

[03/14/13]   Hi Mini-Minors and Parentsl,

Just a reminder that Coach Malin's clinic this coming Sunday is quickly approaching. So far we have eleven spots filled out of the twenty four available. It would be nice if we could sell out the event a its is a nice opportunity. Below is the original announcement with the date, time and location. Please E-mail me if you plan on going so I may keep track of the number attending. Thanks Again Jeff Hellkamp


We will be holding our annual preseason REC clinic on March 17th at 9:30am at Allstar Academy. Lady Wraith 16U Coaches and Players will interact with and teach the Mini Minors players at different stations including Pitching, Catching, Fielding, Hitting and Throwing. There is no cost to the players and every girl will get a T Shirt. We are limited to 24 players so we can have enough time with each player. You have to be signed up with South Colonie Girls Softball to participate.

The last years have been a lot of fun, so come be a part of it!

Contact SCGS President Jeff Hellkamp at [email protected] or Wraith Head Coach Gene Malin [email protected] to signup.

Allstars address: 198 Troy Schenectady Rd Latham

High school basketball player passes ball to mentally challenged player on the other team so he can. See the full video on

[02/25/13]   Hi All,

There has been a change of the date for our next practice. Shaker Elementary needed the gym on March 1st and so the new date is now March 15th. The times won't change and are still 6:00PM - 8:00PM.

Registration has continued well but please remember that we need the support of all the girls who wish to play this year. The more players we have the better and more competitive our league will be. I have spoken with numerous parents who have verbally confirmed their daughters wish to play but I know that there are many others who still need to sign up. Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me so we can discuss the upcoming year.

Take Care

Jeff Hellkamp

[02/12/13]   Last chance for the "Early Bird Special" $20 off registration Tonight in person at the Midway Fire house next to Taft. Checks only please!
6pm -8pm.

[02/11/13]   Hi Again,

It was brought to my attention that since our Early Bird Registration ends the night before why not carry it one more day for the In Person registration event. I agree completely.

So, for anyone registering at the In Person Registration this Tuesday night you will receive the early bird discount for the duration of the event. That applies for existing as well as new players. This will really be the last chance to get the discount so if you haven't registered on line by Monday then Tuesday will be your last opportunity.

Thanks Again Jeff

[02/11/13]   Hi All

Just a last reminder that the early bird discount ($20.00) for Girls Softball ends after tomorrow Feb 11th. Please take advantage of this chance to save on your registration...

As a side note, There will be an in person registration table at the Midway Firehouse on Central Ave for those who would like to speak to board member about the league or register your child. It will take place from 6:00PM - 8:00PM this Tuesday the 12th.

We are also looking for adult volunteers for the coming season for coaching or managing a team. Even just field help would be appreciated.

If you wanted to see what the South Colonie Board (Baseball and Softball League Meeting) is about our next meeting is tomorrow night the 11th at the Shaker Elementary School starting at 7:00PM. We meet in the library and feel to stop in. We can always use more board members or someone willling to help.

Thank You..Jeff Hellkamp

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