The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships

The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships


What security precautions are you taking to make sure that the following doesn't happen to/at your event?? With out some kind of announcement, our group will not attend.

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Slayin’ it MX style ! ❤️
#whosreadytobecrowned Kelsie's ready to be crowned!!! 🧡💙
#thisISspiritwear #whosreadytobecrowned
Cheering on CEA Silver Obsession and waiting for the crown!
Addy is ready to take the crown! #whosreadytobecrowned
#thisisspiritwear #whosreadytobecrowned
#thisisspiritwear #whosreadytobecrowned #synergyenergy Jessica Knight Dana Sisson Margaret Mathis William Hensley William Mathis

The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships is excited to be hosting LIVE events during the 2020-21 Season! Visit us at for a list of dates and locations!

Operating as usual 03/19/2021

The Hoosier Crown Championship (Cheer & Dance)

Remember if you are joining us tomorrow for The Hoosier Crown, don't forget to skip the wait and get your tickets online at the link below! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Grand Wayne Convention center!! The Hoosier Crown Cheer & Dance Championship is one of the region's premier events. Come check out these amazing athletes!! 02/25/2021

The Smokey Crown Championship (Cheer & Dance)

If you are joining us this weekend at The Smoky Mountain Crown, be sure to get your tickets here to help eliminate the wait. The Smokey Mountain Crown Cheer & Dance Championship is one of the region's premier events. Come check out these amazing athletes!!


Hopkins County Central Varsity Hip Hop killed it!!

Saved the best for last? Hopkins County Central H.S. Varsity Hip Hop squad closed out the event with a bang last night in Paducah!


[02/20/21]   Virtual award ceremony starts at 6 PM. That’s 6 minutes and counting. 


Playing it safe! We are excited to be hosting fun (and SAFE) LIVE completions again! #thecentralcrown #safetyfirst


How do you get ready to go rock the floor? Infinity Cheer & Tumbling Sunburst likes to shake off the nerves with a little dancing!


Paducah, are you ready to be crowned? #Fitforaqueen

[01/31/21]   The Crown and all of our staff would like to THANK ALL the coaches and athletes who came out to our Bluegrass Crown yesterday in Owensboro, KY. It felt great to be back to in-person events. Even if it looked a little different. It was so great to see all these kids BIG smiles as they took the floor.

And a HUGE shout out to all the parents and spectators who came out and followed the COVID guidelines and followed the schedule of entering and exiting timelines to help ensure we stayed under capacity and followed the health department guidelines.

It took everybody being understanding and flexible to make this event happen. So from all of us here...THANK YOU and we look forward to hopefully seeing you at another Crown event this season!


Session 5 Awards start very soon!


Lets hear it for your Level 2 Crown Champions here in Owensboro. Elite Cheer Radiance from Clayton, IN! Congrats ladies!!!


Session 4 Awards for the Bluegrass Crown starts real soon!


Session 3 Awards starts soon!


The Bluegrass Crown Session 2 Awards start in 2 minutes!


Who’s ready to be CROWNED??


The Bluegrass Crown Session 1 Awards!!Starts now!


And.... There OFF!!!

The Bluegrass Crown is off to a great start this morning in Owensboro, Kentucky!


Wishing everyone a safe and blessed holiday season!


The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships's cover photo


The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships


We are excited to announce that The Crown will be coming to Fort Wayne, INDIANA!!! Mark your calendars and don't miss out on the Hoosier Crown March 20, 2021! LIVE and in-person!




Wanted to share our great news with everyone here first!

[07/13/20]   OUTLOOK FOR THE 2020-2021 SEASON (updated 7_13_20)

We at The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships would like to take this opportunity to reach out to the industry and share our views and feelings on how the upcoming 2020-2021 season might look. We first would like to say that we hope this finds everyone healthy and safe in such an unprecedented time for our country. While everyone is planning for the upcoming season, we would love to be able to tell you that we have a definite plan for the new season. Unfortunately, that is just not the case. We do however have a bunch of contingency plans and scenarios that have been worked up depending on how we will look as a country in handling this pandemic once it comes time for the season to start. So, we wanted to share with you the 3 major scenarios that we have been mainly focusing on. Again, these are the more likely scenarios that could play out in our eyes however they are not the only ones. Each state may be at different levels of opening which as well could lead to a combination of different scenarios. But these are the 3 that we are for the moment settling in on.

Scenario 1 (Best plan option)
In this scenario it will be business as usual and we will be allowed mass gatherings. We will run events like always with the addition of adding any CDC recommendations that might be available at the current time to follow. We will also take extra measures in sanitizing and working with the facilities to provide extra cleaning schedules to areas of higher traffic.

Scenario 2 (Back up plan for smaller gatherings)
In this scenario, if gathering sizes are limited to certain numbers and not open to full mass gatherings, then we will run competitions by program. What this will entail is bringing in athletes by their program and teams rather than by divisions. You will come in with your Program and the only people in the venue other than the Crown staff will be your program (ABC All Stars). You will run your teams thru competition, and we will usher parents for the performing teams in and out to watch their athlete’s performance. In between teams we will sanitize and clean the viewing area. After all your teams in your program have competed, then we will have your program exit the venue and we will clean and sanitize for the next program to enter. We will provide areas for the coaches to remain at the event but with adequate distancing so that they may view other performances in their divisions and are able to watch their competitors. After all the programs have performed, we will invite the coaches back into the arena for the awards ceremony which will also be streaming live for the athletes to watch. This way coaches can get their awards. We will have coaches social distanced during the awards and only have our staff bring your awards to you.

Scenario 3 (Virtual Championships)
In this scenario, if larger gatherings are not allowed, we will offer virtual competitions. Unlike our virtual championships in the past, we will stream each team’s performance live from their home facility. This will add a bit of responsibility to each team to be ready and on time to perform. Judging will be done in real time just as if you were at an event. We would have all our judges on site at one location just as if they were at an event. Deductions and ranges would be emailed following performances and challenges would be limited to a certain amount of time just as you would at a live event. After all performances, we would do a virtual awards show from our offices for all divisions at once. Awards would then be mailed out to each team.

Again, these are not every scenario that we have worked up, but they are the most popular now. We all know that anything can change in the blink of an eye in today’s current climate. So, we ask that everyone as an industry please be flexible and understand that even though these are the best options we see today, they might change and vary between now and the start of the season. Also depending on the state you live in, we might end up implementing multiple scenarios. Some states may have severe spikes and be on a tighter lock down and are only able to do virtual, while others might be wide open doing full mass gatherings and yet some still might be in the middle somewhere. So, we could see a combination of these plans. It is also highly possible that we start out the season at Open 2 or 3 and work into option 1 as things improve with the pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to help any way we can and are always here for the industry we love. We know this season will be challenging and will look a little different; however, we will get through this and we will get through this TOGETHER!


The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships


In honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice!


[05/01/20]   If you're a dance team that competed in The Best of 2020 Virtual Championship, tune back in around 5 pm. Big Dave will be back on with another announcement for dance teams.

[05/01/20]   Get ready! The Best of 2020 Virtual Championship awards coming up in 20 minutes!!


The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships is proud to partner with CMF Music to bring an alternative to the athletes who have missed events and also help do our part in giving back to the people affected by this pandemic. If you're looking for a virtual competition why not go to one that's giving back. ALL proceeds from this virtual competition will be donated to the COVID-19 Response Fund.


We wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of the initiatives taking place on behalf of The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships to combat the flu as well as COVID-19 (coronavirus). This is something we have been monitoring and working on for some time now. Obviously, with the coronavirus now showing up in the United States, we have to be even more vigilant in our efforts to keep our athletes and spectators safe. We have spoken to many different Health Departments in various states where our events are located and they have been very helpful in assisting us with a plan to assist in these efforts. The health of our athletes and spectators are always our number one priority, so we will be utilizing all resources at our disposal to help make our events as safe as we can.
We are increasing our cleaning regimen and using advanced hospital-grade cleaning supplies on all of our equipment and in areas in which athletes gather. We have purchased equipment and supplies that are effective against flu type of virus. We are working with our venues to be focusing their efforts on all high-traffic, high-contact areas as well as all other areas that they disinfect. We are encouraging athletes to wash their hands multiple times at events and encourage you to discuss with them the best hygiene practices to avoid becoming sick.

In addition to all of the efforts we have mentioned, we need your help as well. Please take a moment to read the preventative measures listed below as outlined by the Health Departments and the CDC (Center for Disease Control).
• Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
• Utilize hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) when soap is not available.
• Avoid touching eyes, mouth, and nose.
• Stay home when you are sick. Please keep children home when they are sick as well. The CDC recommends staying home for at least 24 hours after no longer having or showing signs of fever or chills.
• Cover coughs or sneezes with tissue or elbow (not hand).
• Discard all used tissues immediately.
• Clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces.
• Take anti-viral medicine as prescribed by a health-care professional.

The Health Department here in our home base state of Kentucky is sharing this number for questions related to COVID-19 (1-800-722-5725). You can also go to your states own Health Department page and they will have a list of resources as well.

Thank you and know that we are taking this current outbreak very seriously and will continue to monitor it and keep you updated on any changes.


NEW LOCATION! Hey all you Midwestern Teams! We are excited to announce that we are moving our Kansas Crown on March 28th to the Century II Bob Brown Expo Hall! If you haven't registered hurry up and do so right away! Can't wait to bring the Crown to Kansas!


Glow Party is in full swing at The Central Crown!


Intensity rocking the floor at The Great Lakes Crown!


Almost time to take the stage!

The Crown Cheer & Dance

The Crown Cheer and Dance Championships was created to provide a Quality Event at an affordable price. We have the most Unique awards in the industry today with our coveted CROWN AWARDS! You can literally take home the Crown! Our team has over 30 years of experience hosting incredible events for the cheer and dance industry. So if you haven’t been to a Crown event, register today to see what everyone is raving about!

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Hopkins County Central Varsity Hip Hop killed it!!
And.... There OFF!!!





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