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For Questions & Comments, please email: [email protected] TCSA is a non-profit organization promoting youth athletics in Corbin and the surrounding Knox, Laurel and Whitley County areas.

Operating as usual


Some of the more pleasant faces of TCSA.. we are very grateful to have cheerleading in our program ...


A few of the faces of TCSA...

[10/21/20]   Thursday Playoffs

Patriots vs Bears of the 3/4 grade league —6:00 on Thursday

Bell Co vs titans of the 5/6 grade—7:15 on Thursday

Flag games will play as scheduled ...

[10/13/20]   Beginning on Thursday, each person that enters the gate will have a temperature check and will need to have a mask to attend TCSA games. This is a mandate handed down to us that we must follow. Also, we will request social distancing with those around you.

Please ensure that you follow our guidelines to continue to play as scheduled.

TCSA staff

[10/13/20]   URGENT POST.....

We are all trying to navigate through these difficult times, so please help us comply with what is being passed down to our league. WE MUST WEAR MASK...

We did cancel one game tonight due to confusion with scheduling as Knox County had to suspend their youth athletics. We intend to continue our season with precautions that we all need to adhere to for the safety of all involved.

We will mandate mask going forward so please understand that we are being asked to do this and it is important to continue to operate to allow our participants to enjoy football.

Thank you for your understanding....

[10/12/20]   PLEASE wear a mask this evening while inside the football facility ....





[10/01/20]   Tri County Sports Authority will continue to delay youth football games until Tuesday, October 6, based on the recommendation from the City or Corbin. Our field is owned by the city and therefore we must adhere to their recommendation as they make community safety a priority.
Going forward, we will have to ensure the use of mask. In order to keep our league operating, we must ensure that all safety precautions are met and enforced including those for our coaches and staff.
We will update the schedule soon to reflect these changes and keep you updated on changes that may arise. We anticipate moving Monday's games to Tuesday.
At this point, we expect to resume normal play and hopefully will play uninterrupted through the conclusion of the season.

We will update you are we are notified....

TCSA Staff

[09/28/20]   Tricounty Sports Authority is has suspended games through Friday, October 2nd in conjunction with the decision handed down via the KHSAA and Corbin High School. Teams will continue to practice and we anticipate a quick return to our football season.

We will keep you updated as it is received.

Please note the following:

****Please do not park in handicapped parking spots unless you have a visible permit. We need to leave this area open for our elders.
****Please do not stand on the walkway fence area. It obstructs the view for many that are seated in the stands and in their own personal seating arrangement.
****Please assist the city workers with discarding trash in the trash cans. They have to devote many hours to picking up trash that could have easily been placed in the proper receptacles.

We appreciate the respectful behavior that has been demonstrated thus far. We would also like to thank our volunteers for being devoting their time and resources to the league.

With gratitude,

[09/28/20]   TCSA games are canceled due to expected storms and heavy rain...

We intend to play on Thursday as scheduled ...

[09/25/20]   The TCSA staff would like to thank each person in attendance last night for the exemplary behavior and the consideration for the others around you.
Please continue to social distance and wear a mask while at the facility.

TCSA staff

[09/20/20]   On Thursday, the gate will open at 5:00 so that we have our workers in place. TCSA teams can use the adjacent fields to prepare until the gates open.
3 Players and coaches will be admitted free of charge.

3.00 for ADULTS 18 AND OVER
Children get in free

WE will follow KHSAA guidelines and mandate that mask must be worn so that we can enjoy our season.

More to follow...

[09/20/20]   TCSA SCHEDULE UPDATE...

Due to the number of participants playing in state Little League tournaments, we are delaying our opening games until Thursday, September 24, 2020. The coaches have agreed that it is best to spend a few more days in practice time with a full team and to give our baseball players a few days to transition to football. We will make these games up with a double header on a Saturday in mid season.

Also, we have a few FLAG participants to place on a team. We are searching for a coach to add a team to the league to keep manageable numbers on each roster. If you would be interested, please send us a message. Late signup REALLY put us in a tough position however we will place each player that has signed up.

If you have not turned in a medical physical, that participant is suspended until we have one on file. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Cheerleaders will begin practice soon. Our cheer ladies will reach out soon with details.

TCSA Staff 09/17/2020

TriCounty Sports Authority – Corbin, KY – Providing sports to the Tri County Area in Southeastern Kentucky » Calendar

The schedule Is posted online. There may be a few minor changes but it will be a close fit to what we are trying to accomplish this year. 09/17/2020

TriCounty Sports Authority – Corbin, KY – Providing sports to the Tri County Area in Southeastern Kentucky » Calendar

[09/16/20]   Players that are in the 3rd- 6th grade leagues must have a medical physical turned into their head coach ( by Friday ) or their participation will be suspended on that day.

TCSA Staff


[09/15/20]   ******Cheer Update *****
We have a volunteer to organize cheer for the 2020 season. So we need to act fast, and I mean really fast.

Use a football application and simply mark CHEER on the top. We need grade, TShirt size, contact phone numbers, and siblings that are currently in the league MOST importantly but complete the application fully.
Please drop the application in the drive through at the Hometown Bank Branch in Cumberland Falls Highway next to Pepsi Cola by noon on Thursday.
We are trying to have shirts made for the Opening day next Monday.

More to follow..
TCSA staff

[09/15/20]   TCSA signups will end tomorrow at noon. At that point, it does not matter if you are related to Elvis Presley, we are closing signups. You have one last opportunity to drop applications at the Hometown Bank Branch on Falls Highway by noon tomorrow.

Seriously, Thanks to all but we have ordered jerseys and need to move forward with rosters.

Thank you,
TCSA staff

[09/12/20]   We have had a few inquiries regarding cheerleading offered by TCSA. In the past, we have had cheerleading but were unable to find the proper personnel to stay with the demands until the end of the season. We have had a volunteer to lead the efforts of restoring cheerleading during our youth football games if we have enough interest in restoring cheer during each game of the season. So, if you have a child that would be interested in cheering, place a comment below so that we can determine the possibilities of cheer taking place of such short notice. We will assess the need and determine if cheer is feasible with the Covid restrictions this season.

Looking forward to a successful TCSA season,
TCSA staff

[08/31/20]   TCSA applications can be picked up at the Corbin/Princess McBurney Recreation Center tomorrow. Please take a completed application to the Hometown Bank Branch on Falls Highway before 5:30pm.

Thank you,
TCSA staff

[08/30/20]   Final sign up date----

The final TCSA sign up date will be Tuesday, September 1, at the Hometown Bank branch on Cumberland Falls Highway. They will accept drive thru applications only that are completed and have full payment. They are allowing us to use their branch as a drop off for those that couldn't attend on Saturday, so please have the applications completed and drop them off at the drive thru. The bank will accept applications from 9am-5:30pm. They will accept applications for all age groups, K-6th grade.

Hometown Bank
1030 Cumberland Falls Highway
Corbin, Ky

Please forward our post as we have many who have stated that they were not aware of the signup dates. We appreciate all that forward our post to enhance our communication with our participants.

Thank you,
TCSA staff

[08/30/20]   TCSA UPDATE...

1) We have submitted our COVID precaution plan for city approval.
2) We will ask that mask be worn at TCSA functions, social distancing is exhibited, and ALL practices will be closed to players and coaches only.
3) We will have an additional signup day this week. PLEASE spread the word as we need to start as soon as possible. This will be the last signup date for applications. The date will be announced later today.
4) We will be starting soon. Please schedule medical physicals for players that participate in contact football leagues ages 3-6 grade.
5) Please read our post as so that we can minimize so many duplicate questions.

More information will be posted soon...

[08/29/20]   Regarding TCSA signups..
When you drive onto Civic Center Drive, coaches will be waiting for completed applications at the gate closest to the concession stand. Please drop off your application through the window and continue on around the property so that we keep the process moving.

Thank you,
TCSA staff

[08/28/20]   •For players in a contact league, please sign up on Saturday even if you do not have a completed medical physical. We will collect those later before practice begins. If you have them, please bring them Saturday.
•We do offer sibling discounts, that information should be on the 2020 application.
•If you are new to the league, please review the website for information relevant to the league.
•We will not have a schedule until signups are completed. We expect to play Monday, Thursday’s, and a few Saturday’s due to shortened season based on the Covid delay. We usually start our flag and contact weekly league games at 5:30 pm. Saturday games will start at 10:00 am. The game schedule us dictated by the total number of teams in each league.

More info to follow..

[08/27/20]   The 2020 application is now available at

[08/27/20]   2020 TCSA signups will take place Saturday morning, AUGUST 29th from 10:00 am-11:30 am.
2019 Applications are on the website to be downloaded and can be used. Please prepopulate the application and bring full payment to be dropped off at TCSA field. Only applications with full payment and fully completed will be accepted. Coaches will be waiting to accept applications in a drive thru process therefore, no one will need to exit vehicles for any reason. Please bring a completed medical physical for grades 3-6 if you have them.

Pricing for 2020 is the same...
85.00 for flag
100.00 for contact football leagues.

There will be no refunds this season due to the fact that we could be suspended or canceled for reasons out of our control. We must order equipment either way therefore we will have a no refund policy this season.

More information to follow..

[08/20/20]   TCSA will begin to prepare for a youth football season immediately. We will follow KHSAA guidelines pertaining to football rules and safety precautions. We will be having signups very soon and will start quickly.
More information forthcoming this week..
Stay Tuned..

[08/04/20]   TCSA will delay signups for a short period of time until the Covid-19 numbers decrease in our area. We will post as we get closer to a signup date when we feel that it is time to move forward...

Thank you,
TCSA staff

[10/10/19]   Please remove all stickers before returning helmets to close out the season....

[10/07/19]   Coaches overwhelmingly want to play tonight- all games are a go for Monday night ....

[10/04/19]   TCSA Schedule for next week ...


Monday 6pm Falcons v Cowboys
Monday 7pm Patriots v Giants

Pats vs jets 7:00
South vs bengals 8:00

Giants vs Colts 6:00

Super Bowl

Tuesday 6pm Falcons/Cowboys Winner vs Bears
Tuesday 7pm Patriots/Giants winner vs Steelers
Super bowl at 8

Championship at 7:15

Championship at 6:00

[10/01/19]   PLEASE READ....

Each year our league attempts to help others in difficult situations. This year, the board has elected to take donations for Toby Curry and his family. Some time ago, Toby became ill and found himself in critical condition shortly there after. Toby has endured significant travel, a lengthy rehabilitation process and is still in the process of healing today.
Toby had coached in TCSA for many years and had devoted many hours to assisting us in any means necessary. He recently retired for Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement as is working himself back to full health.
We did not ask for the Curry's approval to assist them as it comes with the right intentions. So, On Monday and Tuesday of next week, bring a few extra dollars to drop in the donation box and all money raised will go directly to Toby and his family.
We thank you in advance for helping others. We have a league full of generous people and that is what allows us to continue to survive in the area of youth football..

[09/25/19]   Corbin Police will be will be checking for vehicle handicapped permits in handicapped parking areas on Civic Center Drive. Please leave those parking spots for those that need them.

Thank you,
TCSA Staff

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