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Bravo Concealment Holsters

This is very cool...

[01/01/18]   If your New Year’s resolution involves getting your CCDW, and you have some folks who want to do it with you, send me a message and let’s see if we can work something out. Happy New Year!

Movement, distance, and cover are your friends. But, you got to practice with them.

Cover vs concealment and how to use. Post questions, comments below and thanks for watching.


Great video to check out. If you have taken a class of mine you learn about squib loads, but this is a great video that discusses them. Follow Hickok45. He does a lot of good videos and seems like a genuinely good guy out of Tennessee.

A Squib Load "Ain't" anything good!

How to perform a malfunction drill (when your semi-automatic gun doesn't go "bang!"), the biggest reason it happens, and a little trick to fix it (thumbs up and forward). Just for those safety people out there: I'm using inert safety, or "dummy," rounds that do not shoot. They are great to practice with. However, I still have my gun pointed in a safe direction at all times!

Post any questions below! Don't forget to like and share and give me suggestions of videos if you have any!

My take on protecting your castle at night. In my humble opinion, it is absolutely imperative to put steps between your deep sleep and your hand-held bullet launcher. I've heard this from people much more experienced than myself, but as with everything else, everyone has his/her opinion, this is just mine. Hopefully, it will give you something to think about and get the wheels turning in your head. Post any questions, comments, or suggestions for videos below.

Happy Independence Day!

[06/25/17]   Great class yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Hope they enjoyed it as well. Very blessed to always be around such good folks.

Happy Father's Day to all the good fathers out there! Like, share, and post any questions and/or video suggestions below. My take on he draw stroke. Enjoy!

[06/16/17]   Hey guys and girls. CCDW class on June 24. Still have a couple open spots. Message me if you might be interested. Please bring protective eyes and ears, lunch, firearm and at least 20 rounds. It is $55 per student. Can't wait!

[06/04/17]   Have a CCDW class on June 24. Message me if you're interested or know someone who might be. $55 per student.

Awesome range day with a couple of the best dudes I've been blessed enough to know.

Practicing shooting is great, but not every threat is nail that needs a hammer. Sometimes you might just have to use your hands. Have you ever practiced that? You must be ready for anything.

My take on ankle holsters. Thanks to Larry for the suggestion. As always, research and draw your own conclusions! This is just mine. Have a great evening! Post any questions or suggestions below.

[04/26/17]   Had another great class this weekend. Rain didn't even stop us! Didn't post a video this week due to the class, but we'll have one coming in the next couple days.

HELLLLOOOOO!!! Quick video with just a little opinion about some holsters. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! The bad news? There is a pretty good possibility you might end up spending as much on a bunch of holsters than you will on your gun. You're not crazy if you have to buy several to try, perhaps in different carry positions, before you get what you like. He good news? There are a ton of really good ones out there.

Short video I just did. Revolvers do recoil, by the way, just different. Please don't send me comments about how I said revolvers don't recoil...I promise I know, I just didn't feel like shooting the entire video again and was talking about the slide slamming back. You should get the gist of what I was talking about if you watch it. Anyway, enjoy!

Bravo Concealment Holsters

Great company if you're looking for good holsters.

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Winner will be announced this Friday April 7

[03/19/17]   General CCDW class on April 22! Send me a message or a text if you want to come! Only a few seats left.

He's getting ready to be the protector of his family someday. When is the last time you practiced?

[03/06/17]   Had another great class this weekend! Just the first step in learning knowledge to protect yourself and your family!

First Class

It was cold, but it was awesome. Everyone did great!

It was cold, but it was awesome. Everyone did great!

Kentucky: Constitutional/Permitless Carry to be Heard by Senate Committee

Guys and girls, this is a bill that would allow permitless concealed carry in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. I will be honest, I like anything that moves us in the direction of liberty and more freedom. You will still have to get a permit to carry in a state that grants reciprocity to Kentucky CCDW licenses. (Without a license, you couldn't carry concealed all those times you go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee!)

However, with liberty and freedom comes responsibility. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to learn how to handle your firearm. Just because you might not have to get a permit does not mean that you carry something you have no idea how to use. Just because I can get a scalpel doesn't mean I'm going to carry it around and pretend I know how to do surgery.

Learn. Train.

I cover a lot of information in my CCDW class. If you are a beginner, whether you want your license or not, and you are looking to learn, I'd love the opportunity to teach you, your family and friends how to actually use something that might save your life, and how to do it safely. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to contact their state Senator and politely urge them to SUPPORT Senate bill 7.

[02/01/17]   What a great class this weekend! Eager to listen, great questions, and I had a blast. Will be doing another one sometime next month and I can't wait!

Practical Tactics and Defense's cover photo

Practical Tactics and Defense's cover photo

Practical Tactics and Defense

Practical Tactics and Defense

Practical Tactics and Defense's cover photo

Practical Tactics and Defense's cover photo

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