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in beautiful Coronado. Massage and bodywork, 1:1 pilates and plantbased lifestyle coaching.

Operating as usual

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in with my love, then sunset in to bring the day celebrations to an end. Now onto the night time shenanigans! Thank y’all for all the birthday messages, texts, voicemails and e-cards. My heart is full! ♥️♥️💃🏽💃🏽


That after glow hits hard on your birthday!!😂 Now some yoga with my man, a sunset and loving up!!


Being and for two years is now just a way of life. Finding a partner who also eats this way is such a gift. Last nights dinner, like most of our dinners, are tasty, quick to make and easy. We get our tortillas from @traderjoes (the handmade tortillas, bomb AF) and I did a sauté of sliced portobello mushrooms, red onions, yellow peppers, and thinly sliced hatch peppers. Seasoned with cumin, black pepper, smoked paprika and kosher salt. In the ramekin is black beans with chopped red onions and yellow peppers with smoked paprika, cumin and kosher salt. 😋😋


Some of y’all act like s**t is going to magically happen in your life. I recorded this a few days ago when it truly dawned on me how far I’ve come. I quit fu***ng around with me life and claimed it. I want the same for you.


If you can’t play, what’s the point?


Two days ago the orthopedic surgeon said get that left leg straight and get that knee to bend. said bet, man, we got this!


16 days ago I had major surgery. One month ago I couldn’t do this exercise. Three months ago I couldn’t walk more than a block once a week. Two years ago, I was using a walker to get around my 720 square foot condo. Five years ago I was 230 pounds with migraines that lasted a week and were debilitating; I was aching in my spine, wrists, jaw, feet and ankles and taking medication that had a black box warning of non-Hodgkin lymphoma after my rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. Next Tuesday I’ll be 49 years old. I have lost more than half my weight. I’m currently taking a 200 mg ibuprofen before bed or maybe one after exercise. Food is my medicine as I eat food that only needs the diet washed off, as my beloved will say. I’m often told by folks that “everybody can’t do what you do.” That’s a lie. Every fu***ng one of us is blessed with breath. Every day we can choose to find comfort in our aches, pains and extra weight or we can do the work to feel good. It’s a journey, no doubt about it. Choose your hard. I choose joy. I choose less pain. I choose love of this life and being able to experience all that it offers in a body that is still blessed to be able enough to be used. Your reasons are yours alone. 🥰🥰

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When your beloved snaps a sneak pic of you while y’all are enjoying breakfast on the patio. I send it to my cousin because I know she’s going to claim that I look like my granny. Welp! Granny was 50 something in this pic, so, good genes, take me away!😂


We came to my and we both do the work. I fu***ng love being able to share my love of with my beloved. does a body good and couples who together move better!♥️


to the rescue. It was so nice to be back in the studio. Working to get that left leg straight after the so I don’t have to wear a brace. Here we go!

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post op update: As a Virgo, I am pleased to report that all is going better than expected! The one hang up is that my knee is not as straight as my surgeon would like, so I return in two weeks in the hopes that it’s straight. Otherwise, I wear a spring loaded brace😱😱 And looks like the right knee will be done by the end of this month, beginning of October.🎉🎉

Sooo… right after the appointment beloved and I headed to my and I got to work on getting this leg straight.

No bruising ever; minimal inflammation and kind of walking with a cane but moving way quicker than I have in about a year.

After crying in the car, I am nothing but pleased. Y’all, what you want in your life is within your reach if only take action in the direction of your dreams. 💪🏾🙏🏾💃🏽


Home PT just left and I’m so fu***ng stoked to share the update!! Again, if you’re putting off a because you’ve heard it’s painful…. Put in the work for yourself and start a strengthening program. That’s what I did and it’s paying off! Happy to answer any questions but don’t delay your life, y’all! This is it!♥️♥️


Day 10 of the first and I want to talk to you about bowel movements.

Your daily poo is ever so important on a normal basis but after a it is supreme.

Actually, for me, going 💩 was a big concern. As a I often go two or three times a day. After the surgery, when they send you home they advise to have a bowel movement within 72 hours. With the anathesia and opiates, you may find it difficult so here’s what’s helped to get me back on track.

We eat a high fiber diet and supplements are part of our daily lives. What I didn’t realize and maybe you won’t either is that I didn’t have much of an appetite after surgery. It’s taken about seven days to get my appetite back, actually. So I am so indebted to having this wonderful man feed me and keep on me to eat at all.

I’m not interested in taking stool softeners or chemical OTC crap just to take a crap, so these supplements, which are part of our routine anyway, are a game changer. MSM helps with inflammation and possibly bruising. In fact, I have had no bruising at all. Along with that I take moringa powder, probiotic, vitamin D3 and magnesium. The first four days or so after surgery, beloved gave me magnesium and probiotics at night too, so you might try that as well.

I got my poo on day 3 due to high fiber fruit and lots of water since eating wasn’t yet a priority. Watermelon, mango, banana and bland meals of brown rice, leafy green vegetables and veggie stir fry.

If you are a meat eater, consider holding off on meat since meat takes longer to process and might keep you constipated longer than necessary. Remember, you’re not doing a lot of movement after this surgery and what you eat needs to easily keep moving along.

Hope this helps and please share what tips you found helpful to keep the bowels moving after surgery.


Day 8, post video. When I was furtively searching the interwebs to see if other healthy for folks have shared their journey I didn’t really find what I was looking for. Photos, yeah. But I want the real s**t. What’s the feelings? What’s the emotional journey? Not pain p**n. Just sharing the odd tidbits like when can s*x happen, a good icer, the effects of the pills, losing weight and being constipated. So, like so many things, I’m making my own. If you’re having a or thinking of one, maybe you’ll find it useful. Even if you’re not in line for replacement, you might find it useful. Love to hear your feedback! Here’s to healing in every aspect of your life.

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Day 9 after left and this is how it’s going.

Todays the first day without narcotics. No tramadol, no Percocet. Moved up to just Tylenol this morning and probably another before bed.

Yesterday, I realized that I’ve been high as f**k! My nerve block was gooooood! A delicious mix and fentanyl and versed had me feeling good up until Tuesday. There was pain so if that cocktail curtailed what it could have been, please and thank you!

Home PT never happened, so I’m grateful to be a and more than thankful for that we attended a few weeks ago. Moving and stretching is a must after and having patience to stretch every few hours is what I learned.

Recovery is Groundhog Day. Having planned for this surgery, having this 3-4 months off from working to truly focus and dedicate to healing is a gift. Yesterday was the first day where it all hit me that the healing journey can’t be rushed; the work needs to be done, every day. Period. Full stop.

My post-op is Monday and I’m doing a cash pay PT assessment right after that. Hoping that the knee looks good and the X-ray shows a good hold for the prosthetic and minimal adhesion issues. Next surgery maybe a few days after my birthday on the 20th??🙏🏾

This ice cooler is a game changer and I highly recommend it if you’re getting a to keep swelling and pain down. A friend lent this to us and lord! Never knew about it but grateful to have it.

Till the next time! 🥰🥰🥰


For real! @femininefunk 😂😂


Let the healing begin!! I had a lovely cocktail of versed and fentanyl AND a nerve block (highly recommend if it’s offered for your knee replacement) and it took me about three hours to fully recover. Been in observation since 11:30/12 and finally home by 7:30pm. Outpatient for the win! I am so pleased thus far. The nurses and CNAs at were absolutely fu***ng amazing. My surgeon and the team were stellar and the newer prosthetics are rated to 25-30 years. That’s decades of joy I’ve added to my life instead of crippling pain and immobility. When the OT and PT came to check my walking metrics, I was beyond their expectations. Mine as well, y’all! I cried multiple times today. My expectation for same day movement was simply to be able to stand. I walked with the walker around the nurses station. My pace was unlike anything I’ve done in more than a year. Now, the nerve block is blocking pain, I know. However, the ABILITY to move is due to my keeping my muscles activated through the pain I’ve had for almost three years! I am beyond grateful to what has done for my life and my strength. I am thankful that I decided to choose to be consistent for a minimum of a year to find out if change could happen for my health and my weight. I am so, so humbled by all the love and prayers that so many of you lifted up in my name. I thank you more than words can say!!🙏🏾🙏🏾 I know the next months will be challenging but real talk, the last 12 years haven’t been a cake walk so whatever it is, I have history of making it through, so I’m ready and focused on the after because that’s my goal. As I often say, what’s the best that can happen if you choose you??♥️♥️


Surgery done. 👍🏾


We went to the beach the last two days cause I just could rest anymore. I am so thankful for this wonderful man that is in my life. He’s been my rock the last few weeks and driving me on these “I don’t want be on the house on the couch” random drives. Yesterday was Pacific Beach and we sat right at this point, people watching and then he walked to the water to dip his feet in. Tomorrow is the first surgery and I’m ready. It’s an odd ready since it’s the first of two however, I’m ready. Will update on Wednesday. Here’s to taking steps toward a more mobile future. 💪🏾💪🏾


This guy!!♥️🔥🔥 Friday I was able to get beloved in to the studio for a session. He is so strong and I love his determination. 🥰🥰


eating offers the most delicious options, y’all, I swear to you! Dinner was fresh greens seasoned with fresh Meyer lemon juice (from his tree) dry mint and thyme zaatar. I made a shirazi from Persian cucumbers, onions and two Campari tomatoes and seasoned with chili oil, dry mint, thyme zaatar, cumin, white and black pepper, coconut amino and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Topped with falafel and creamy hummus sprinkled with Aleppo pepper. Hooney!! We had this twice this week cause liked it so much. 😋😋


It felt so good to move my body on the today. Truly nothing else aligns and elongates your body in such a wonderful, joint-friendly way as does. I’ve worked with many clients over the years who have undergone surgery so I’m eager to either find an instructor to assist me in my recovery or get even more experience by assisting myself. Whichever way it goes, I know one thing: will save your body!💚💪🏾

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Grateful and happy. How you doing?


This woman was my first San Diego friend and our love is still going strong! Our monthly dates at my condo make my heart so happy. Plus I make treats for her which she loves! Tonight’s date was a hummus and vegan pesto on pita topped with sautéed red onions, yellow peppers and mushroom. Dessert was vegan strawberry ice cream with minis. ♥️😂

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