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Woodward Performance Haflingers located in Coshocton, Ohio features Registered Haflinger Horses, who are professionally bred, sold, trained, and shown all over the United States.

Operating as usual

Update on the weanling tarp training....day 3 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🤷‍♀️🥰🦄

We are so excited to announce that the Austrian import, and multiple US National Jr Champion filly, Flyaway, will permanently make her home here at Woodward Performance Haflingers!
I can't thank Patti Montoya enough for allowing us to own all of Flyaway. Patti and I had a unforgettable time in Austria in 2014 when we picked out our girls (me with Sinna, her with Flyaway) When the 2015 World Haflinger Show happened in Austria, Mike showed Flyaway while I showed Sinna. The girls were then imported to the US with 3 other fillies. Fly and Sinna have never left our farm in Ohio (Patti lives in Kentucky) and Patti has trusted us with all of Fly's training and upbringing as well as showing. Fly has won numerous National awards with us and we are thrilled add her bloodlines (Reserve Jr World Champion stallion, Amerigo and the F mare line Fruhlingsduft!

When it’s a remote learning day Ty gets to help! Here he is with our weanling colt N’Credible MJW ‘Neal’. Plus we introduced the babies to the scary tarp today. And Mia HFB doesn’t care lol

Working 4 instead of 1 😂😂😂😂🦄

Getting 4 worked instead of 1! 😂😂😂😂🦄

First picture is Ty showing for the first time he had just turned 3 at our county fair. Second picture is Ty showing his first year in 4-H at the county fair, he just turned 10. Same horse, tucker! He is the best!

What a great way to end our 2020 show season! I took Sinna for her Western dressage First Level test and decided to bring Mia HFB out for some WDAA Intro tests. Had a blast with Kendall and Stewie and Tara and Canoli! Sinna ended up winning today and ended up taking Western first level year end champion! Mia HFB held her own with solid scores and also brought home 2 blues! Super proud of my girls and a fantastic show season!

This handsome boy is available! Sired by our stallion N’Vincible MJW (Nordtirol x La Dot HFB) and our of Brandy BHF (A Rock) this weanling is a stunning combination of looks and athleticism! Located in Coshocton Ohio 43812 paid up for Haflinger Breeders Co-Op and is American Haflinger Registry futurity eligible. Price includes AHR registration, transfer and gelding process. 3k

Mia HFB is enjoying the sunny day! Last show of the year coming up!

All about the mane! Our weanlings have very different manes.
Fontis CCF colt has the dramatic double mane! 💕 given the sire is N’Vincible MJW we can only imagine how long it will grow!
La Dot HFB colt x Nordtirol is currently sporting the 80’s rocker spike vibe while
Brandy BHF colt has the classic ‘Mom, they cut(ate) my mane but I told them not to’ look
Which mane would you want to tame?!? 😂🦄

It’s a little loud in the barn today with the official weaning of the babies! More photos soon!

What a great day! Today Kendall Vaitkus and I saddled up to film our entries for the 2020 Western Dressage Association of America World Show! It seriously took a village and can’t thank Joe and Gwen Wells, Mike, the boys, Tara Williamson, and Amanda George enough! Kendall competed in Amateur Basic tests 1, 3 as well as Amateur Level 1 test 1 with Will beat the Storm ‘stewie’. I competed in the same tests only the Open division with Sinna!

Ty ended his 2020 Show year at the Coshocton County Fair jr fair horse show! He took Tucker and Skippy! Great day with firsts in in hand trail as well as pleasure driving 50” and under

A great Friday!

Love this photo of Patricia visiting us from NC and Neal! Reminds me of the alps!

Please consider bidding on Johnathan’s Grand Champion Turkey and Ty’s Reserve Grand Champion turkey this Thursday October 8th

Support our Jr. Fair Youth by becoming a Buyer for the 2020 Coshocton County Jr. Fair Livestock Auction. This year the Auction will be completely online due to the Pandemic. Not comfortable bidding online? No Problem. Please visit http://www.coshoctoncountyfair.org/auction.html and click on the Buyer Letter link. This will give you more information about how representatives of the Auction Committee can do the bidding for you. Pre-Bidding opens Tuesday October 6th at 5:30pm. The Auction will go live online with an auctioneer on Thursday October 8th @ 5:30pm at which time add ons will open. Add ons can be placed until the following Thursday. We appreciate your support of the Coshocton County Jr. Fair Livestock Auction.

Yesterday I brought my 4 year old mare, Mia HFB in from the big pasture. I had turned her out for several weeks after her last show to give her a bit of a break. I brought her in, worked her in the roundpen, saddled her up and away we went.
Today I started with the same, got on and within 15 minutes found myself wanting more. More bend, more flex, more consistent speed, more try.
Luckily, I caught myself rather quickly and stopped my ‘more’ mentality. Here I had a sweet, and willing 4 year old who has been out in pasture doing nothing for almost 2 months. What the heck should I expect?!?! I climbed on her and she didn’t throw me into the ground. Isn’t that enough?
I think many of us get into the ‘more’ mentality with our horses (and ourselves) before we are set up for success. It’s always a process and when there is time off, a longer process. We aren’t always going to pick right back up from where we ended, and that’s alright. As long as we realize it and can find the silver lining. I have a happy, sweet, and refreshed 4 year mare who is trying. We are at a great place to head into our fall trail riding time and lots more hours under saddle. It will all come, I just need to remember to enjoy the journey.

Starting to store things going into winter and I found a great hack, Hefty jumbo bags! Put items in, suck the air out either by pushing on it or using a vacuum hose attachment. Boom! More space! See the photos!

This week should mark our county fair. Some memories pop up in my newsfeed and they are just to precious! Ty showing on his 3rd birthday with Tucker!! Then JD and the best pony Wiz Bang LMP ( whonis now 25 years young and doing second level USDF recognized shows! ) 💕

First horses in the new stalls!

Out with the old, in with the new!!! So exciting! Thanks to mike and joe for working all day to put them in!

Such an amazing time attending the world filly sale! Hard to believe it’s been 6 years since we picked Sinna and Flyaway out of all those fillies!

Today I decided to head out into the yard to practice on the trail course Ty has set up for his miniature horse, Tucker. You may be wondering why I would be taking my first level western dressage mare over a trail course. Well, simply put, there are parts of Sinnas training that need refreshed in a different way, apart from the normal arena. Like most smart Haflingers, Sinna has learned to anticipate movements, and in her zest to show me, she is starting to do them on her own, before I ask, causing problems and lower marks on our tests.
So, this pattern was a great experiment to see how much Sinna listens to me. And I decided to ride it one handed to encourage myself not to micromanage her.
It took all of one pattern completion for Sinna to figure out the pattern and in typical fashion as we got to the back through portion, she started backing and turning on her own, without waiting for my cues. So I stopped her, and asked her to back the opposite direction. Well, that didn’t go over well. We worked on her backing one foot at a time and I worked on turning her hind quarters and then forehand, alternating what I was asking for. It got ugly quick, I’m not going to lie. Miss anticipation, I know what I’m doing, and me, I only asked for one step from your hindquarters, it proved to be a good lesson in communication, waiting for cues, and being very careful where and when I placed each cue with my legs and seat.
We finished in the arena with the normal routine and I was very happy that Sinna was much more attentive to my cues and waiting until I asked.
What can seem like a simple thing (like a 9 year olds in hand trail pattern) can turn into a great learning opportunity for everyone! Give it a try!

Sinna and I Finished our 2020 show year by attending a Western dressage Association of America (WDAA) rated show. We had some really nice moments and she handled everything like a seasoned pro that I am really proud of. It has been extremely nice to have that mare I can saddle up and sit on and she falls asleep before her ride times as I rarely have that luxury with al my different levels of horses in training. Friends Kendall and Tara and Tara’s mom, Hope joined together again which is a blast along with another Haflinger and Chelsea so fun to see her again!
While 2020 had ups and downs we have been very fortunate for the shows that were able to happen and thank everyone involved!

MY NEW CUSTOM STALLS HAVE ARRIVED!! (Insert little girl squeal!)

Congratulations to Pat from Michigan on the purchase of Sernas Patriot! This lovely mare has been in training with me and we are so excited for this new pairing!

Tonight on the farm. Bridling without being tied. A very persistent 9 year old and a very patient Skippy. Patriot herding the geese. Sinna and I riding with the geese and tucker 😂🦄🥰

So excited for our remodel to start!!!!!

Another show in the books! This time Sinna and I moved up to first level western dressage and I am thrilled with her first score! Best thing was again riding with friends Tara and Emmers, Kendall and Stewie, Hannah at her first show and Jody brought Abner along (I see western dressage in your future!)

Love this photo of Ty and Autie!

Tonight ‘Streak’ (N’Vincible MJW x Fonti CCF) graduated up to the rope halter for his in hand lessons. He is learning more everyday and is fun to work with. He worked on a lot of desensitizing and grooming, disengaging his hindquarters, and a bit of lunging both directions (although most of that was due to the fact he found the desensitizing boring) 😂. Finish the lesson for some thinking time in front of the fan and then tied

Sinna was my last ride tonight and I seriously thought about skipping her and riding her first in the morning. But then I know it would put me behind tomorrow and that isn’t a great way to start a new day, with yesterday’s worries. So I saddled her up and we worked on our new western dressage first level tests. She was keen to try the new movements and I am so happy with her try! 💕🦄

So, I did a thing today....I actually went through some old saddle pads, fleece blankets and ‘stuff’ and I put them in the burn pile. Every equestrian can relate to the agony of throwing something away that you may one day ‘need.’ It’s been years in the making of a cycle of buying, showing, everyday use, re washing, fixing, hoarding, donating, and there just isn’t another pile for this stuff to go into. Of course as you can see, it’s in the burn pile, but not lit yet....the dilemma...😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Totally enjoying my horse trail riding weekend! This time with my college buddy, Jody Briggs and her mom Marie Gerken at AEP/Fallon Park for a morning ride! Today I rode my great boy Autie! (Authentic Rock MJW ‘A Rock x Anna SFF’) Normally Autie is the horse I give to everyone to ride so I was happy to have my boy out today!

Another fantastic day on the trails! This time at Mohican with Kendall and Stewie and Tara and Von while I rode Sinna and we hit our 50 hour trail mark today!

Teaching horses to tie starts young. I can’t stress how important it is for their minds and well being. In any situation or discipline, learning to stand patiently and quietly is a needed and many times overlooked foundation. Here our N’Vincible MJW x Fonti CCF colt is doing a great job!

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Working 4 instead of 1 😂😂😂😂🦄




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