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Woodward Performance Haflingers located in Coshocton, Ohio features Registered Haflinger Horses, who are professionally bred, sold, trained, and shown all over the United States.

Operating as usual


Snow day at the farm! Love when the boys can help me!

[02/01/21]   We have started to reach our busy time in the winter at the farm. I know, how can we be busy in the middle of winter? Well, this is actually our busiest time to sell horses. It appears that when the winter hits, everyone has plenty of time to sit on their computers and stare through the endless photos and videos of golden beauties for sale all across the country. While we love and appreciate all the phone calls, emails and farm visits, we must note a few things:
Horses will no longer be held without the normal, non refundable deposit. This should be a easy one, but I am finding myself 'making exceptions' from people I know, or have purchased before, or we have been messaging forever and I have been letting it slide. I am no longer able to do this. Guess why?!
No vet appointments for prepurchase exams, coggins, or health travel papers will be made until deposit is in hand (via paypal or cleared through the bank)
We are happy to assist in finding commercial transport, and can send quotes back and forth, however you are required to make the actual arrangements and payment
If you have to sell another horse before you buy, want to purchase in the summer, talk to your husband/wife/significant other, or wait after school is out, or whatever holiday and time you are ready to purchase, PLEASE contact us at that time. More than likely the horse we have for sale now in the winter, will already be sold by that spring/summer/fall/next year next year when you are ready to purchase and it will not be at the cheaper/winter market price. However, we will have more available at that time!
We do offer payment plans on our horses, however they do not leave our farm until paid in full, and board is charged while they are here, waiting to be paid off.
Thank you for your understanding and happy shopping!


To all the little girls who galloped instead of skipped.
To all the young women who never sold their saddle even when life took over,
and to all the women who never let horses be just a ‘phase’.
Keep the passion!


All ready for the Ohio winter storm moving in tonight!


Pretty girl Fonti CCF took over Sinnas stall for the day. Her 2020 c**t N’decent Expsore MJW has both her beautiful locks as well as dads! (N’Vincible MJW)


Sooo my new project boy arrived this weekend! I’m so excited to work with him! A little bit about him. He is a 5 year old registered gelding, 60 inches (15 hands tall). Was started driving in multiples a few years ago and has t done much since, he was bred and owned by some Haflinger friends of ours.
First let me just say how nice it is to buy from a breeder and know his history. Even though I am starting him from the ground up (as I do all my horses) I don’t have any questions or need to guess as to his health history, or previous treatment. I know he was treated fairly, and honestly and that is a huge obstacle I don’t have to overcome as when I have bought at other places.
I’m still thinking of his name. Right now I like Asti or Remi. He is very curious, alert and friendly and while he may be scared and look at things, he, (like so many haflingers) is extremely food motivated. So it goes like this ‘oh I’m not sure of this grooming area, I may be scared! Oh wait, you have a cookie, well I’m a good boy and will stand here all day!’ 😂. ‘I’m not sure I know how to lunge and stop and disengage my hindquarters, buuuutttt I’m guessing you have a cookie, and Tada! I can learn!’
And while I’m not one to give out a ton of treats (one at the end of a lesson) if a new horse is motivated and polite about it, but may be uncertain, I will use them to my full advantage.
First few days just feeling each other out. Lots to progress and lots to learn with. The goal is to start riding, hopefully trails and show a bit this year depending on how he excels and then find him a great new home to move onto! It’s what I love to do!


As a breeder, trainer, and seller of Haflingers, I get asked lots of questions. One that I get asked often is 'Have I ever purchased a haflinger sight unseen' The answer is YES! In all honesty, more often than I probably should admit! In recent years, though, I have at least been able to see photos, pedigree and short videos. In essence, going to auctions is almost the same, you have a limited time to sort through all the horses, look at the ones you think you may be interested in, and hopefully can afford.
Have I been burned before? I don't think so. As we have been doing this long enough, we know the questions to ask and we know what we are looking for. And most of the time, we purchase project horses from Haflinger breeders who know us and know what we are looking for. Good Haflinger Breeders truly do want what is best for their horse and want the partnership to work out.
Have they all worked out for what we originally intended? Heck no! But we are usually able to find the correct discipline to help the horse become their best self and help the new owners enjoy their horse. A horse that hates driving may be a fantastic Hunter horse. A horse who is sensitive and quick may not be the best trail horse, but may excel in dressage. The goal is for us to help the horse reach their potential that is best for them, not best for us.
We do look hard at the pedigrees and while some will disagree, we have had the opportunity to train and show enough bloodlines to know what we like and don't like in our program, or if the horse will be suitable for what we are wanting it for. It doesn't always work perfectly of course, but it is a huge indicator for us.
And, of course life happens. Our stallion, Vince, was my next dream classical dressage horse. But he got seriously hurt as a weanling and after all the work, wait, vets, and worry, it was determined that he shouldn't be ridden, so we started driving him and he is Mike's favorite driving horse! Red is the best western pleasure horse and trail horse, and takes care of anyone. But he just stands still when it comes time to drive lol Has no desire to pull a carriage. Skippy is the best kids horse, but if I get on him he hate me lol.
I write this as we are getting ready to pick up a new horse tomorrow, that yes, I haven't seen. Well, to be honest I saw him 3 years ago as a 2 year old lol. I'm ready for a new project and can't wait to share it with you all!


Here we go, the info for the Women and Horses weekend! Thank you to Sue Morisse for agreeing to be our clinician for this great event! Those who have expressed interest from previous post have first option to commit and reserve with your $50.00 non refundable deposit. I have a list started, so if you are interested please message me!


With the rain today, the weanling geldings got to stand in the cross ties and play beauty day! They weren’t impressed with not heading out to their pasture 😂. They have grown so much!


Love my boy!


Alright horse lovers! I am hard at work at a new event for a women and horses weekend. I really want to have horse enthusiasts come together in a fun and positive, self building and learning, non judgmental weekend!
Right now it is looking like the event will be held at the Coshocton, Ohio 43812 fairgrounds the weekend of July 24-25. For those who said they were interested, is this date alright? Now is the time to let me know!
So far I have scheduled:
** horse and you Yoga
**essential oils learning and creating specific oil blends for you and your horse, and we will make oil rollers
**Golden Horse Pulse Therapy will be talking about how to help the horse and rider have increased comfort through drug free Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Field Therapy.
**Wine and cheese tasting
**Round table discussion on reducing anxiety and building confidence in life and in the show arena
Still working on the clinician for the weekend for classicial/ western dressage (so any ideas please let me know!) for lessons
This will be a welcome place for those new to showing/learning and for young unsure, horses/riders as we will have both the outdoor and indoor arenas available all weekend.
It will also be great for those advancing that want to have a nice weekend to continue to improve in a non judgmental and friendly, positive environment as well all work together to support each other in our horse goals!
I'm working on a price once I secure the clinician! Ideas and suggestions please let me know!


I can’t forget about Sinna! 2020 was such a great learning and bonding time with my girl. We trail rode, did boot camp, participated in classical and western dressage (including the World Western Dressage Show) as well as did the Haflinger breed shows.
Sinna won the Overall Mid Ohio Dressage Association Open Division Western Dressage Basic Level. She was named Reserve champion in the classical Dressage (Open) Division in Training Level!
She also won her first belt buckle in the Haflinger Championship Challenge Western Division, being named champion
Sinna is on maternity leave for 2021, in foal to our stallion N’Vincible MJW for a April baby and I can’t explain how excited I am!


Congratulations to Mia HFB on being named overall champion in the Open Division Western Dressage Intro Level with Jacque Woodward riding in 2020 for the Mid Ohio Dressage Association awards! This lovely filly is now owned by Steph Rath and we couldn’t be more proud to have raised, trained and shown her last year! we took it slow with this filly and I wasn’t sure I was going to put her in the ring for 2020 but sooo glad I did!


Congratulations to Jen on the purchase of Brandy BHF 'Brooke' Brooke will be heading to her new home in Wisconsin!


Congratulations to Ty and Skippy for winning the year end open division walk/trot at the 2020 Haflinger Championship Challenge! The buckles arrived today!


We are excited to start planning our 2021 breeding season for our stallion N’Vincible MJW. We can offer some packages for our own personal mares in utero options also.
We would like to mention however that we only stand Vince to registered Haflinger mares. We do not outcross or breed unregistered mares. Thank you!


Happy New Year! Whew we made it through 2020 and looking forward to seeing 2021 and the (positive) things it has in store for us!
All our Haflingers turn a year older today which leaves us with 18 horses ages 1 year to 27!
Working on new horse goals which includes a new saddle today (thanks Julie tack)! Sinna is on maternity leave and wasn’t impressed with her blanket being pulled off to try it on but deep down I know she loves it! 😂 more Western Dressage for 2021 with Autie or Red or Fly, Haflinger Shows And would like to host a woman’s weekend getaway focusing on horses/women and learning and growing! What are your plans with your horses for 2021?


Photos from Woodward Performance Haflingers's post


Received Sinnas World western Dressage Show items and score sheets today!


I LOVE beautiful awards and am so thrilled with this 2020 Best of Show trophy from the Buckeye Haflinger Show! It is of our stallion N’Vincible MJW!


Thanks to the Slater family for letting Belle stay with them for a while! While Belle isn’t for sale, I felt she needed a girl to do all the girly things with her. She was lagging behind in the big pasture with the Haflingers and I think she was just needing additional love and attention only little girls can provide! Think we found it!


Flyaway isn’t sure she enjoyed her spa day 😂

hfbhaflingers.com 11/24/2020

For Sale

We have updated our sale website! Several Haflingers offered! Coshocton, Ohio 43812

hfbhaflingers.com Brandy BHF ‘Brooke’ Brooke is a 13 year old 14 hand tall mare sired by our late, Gold Rated and Austrian Imported stallion, A Rock. Her Dam is the imported B line mare, Belinda. Brook…


Delivered my beautiful Mia HFB to her new home today. So bittersweet. Love this mare and how she is coming along. Congratulations to Stef!


Our stallion N'Vincible MJW (Nordtirol x La Dot HFB 'A Rock') driving with Mike at the 2018 American Haflinger Registry National Show in Kentucky. Vince won several driving classes at this show!


Socks decided to give Brandy BHF and I a lesson today. Except he just sounded like he was screaming ‘more bend, more leg, SOFT hands!’ I’m not sure if he was proud of us at the end or not...😂🤦🏻‍♀️ 🐈 #judgycat


Gelding day at the farm. All 3 boys did great and also had their wolf teeth removed. Dr Amity is the best vet!


Our three weanlings are doing great with their foundation training! They are learning to move each part of their body as we ask. Today this was tested with introducing a ‘wooden bridge’ and putting first their front feet and then hind feet as we asked. They did great! Pictured is our N’Vincible MJW x Brandy BHF c**t!


Love more memories! This one is of me showing the Elite mare, Mandolyn RVRW at the New York Gold Classic. Mandy was named overall best of show! She is now owned by Duane Stutzman and has a lovely 2020 fIlly by our stallion N’Vincible MJW!


One of my favorite photos, our family at the Kentucky Horse Park. Mike driving the elite mare, Mandolyn RVRW with Johnathan and I!


Dragging the barrel for the weanlings


In this crazy year with all the ups and down, my friends and horses have been there. Goals I never knew I had came to light this year. One being competing in the Western Dressage Association of America World Show. Sinna and I received respectable scores in the Open division and I competed at the level I am currently training, I didn’t go down a level as many do.
I’m so proud to say that Sinna and I placed 18th out of 75 entries in the Basic Level test 3! This amazing mare and I have had quite the journey in 5 short years and while she is all mare and the Queen, she has made me a better Horseman and partner.
My friends and family have been so supportive in the highs and the lows and I’m so very thankful!!


Congratulations to Stef on the purchase of Mia HFB! We have so enjoyed working with you and Mia!!


New obstacles introduced today! Pool noodles! The kids aren’t as excited as we are!


Taking full advantage of the perfect Ohio weather! Thanks Hattie for joining me today!

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Working 4 instead of 1 😂😂😂😂🦄




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