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After waiting 3 months for the tent, it finally arrived today! Except it's the WRONG size tent!!! I ordered the Series Pro 6 19ft w/ 6' opening and you sent me a 16 ft tent with a 5'6" opening! I cannot believe I've waited this long for you to not even fulfill the order correctly! So frustrating! Please contact me ASAP to ensure I am sent the correct tent immediately.
Love my stout
Would rather be in my tent
Where can i get myself some stout clothing? T-Shirt or hat or something??
We we able to modify the stove jack of our new Overland 5000 to fit the Colorado Cylinder Spruce stove with nested pipe! Taking the whole set up out next weekend for it’s maiden voyage! Only a month and a half until it’s elks hunting time.
My wife and I love our 5m Pro. It withstands rain and wind and just shrugs it off. Best tent we have ever owned.
Hi! Do you have any active coupons right now?
Someone must be advertising, saw this in a Google search about Sen. McCain...
Campfire coffee and contemplation.

Stout Tent canvas bell tents have set the industry standard. Better tent. Better adventure. To learn more, head to our website -

We have guides to help support you in long-term use and maintenance, not to mention stoves and other accessories to help you stay comfortable, warm, and dry. Stout tents are high quality and unique; a statement piece in any setting. We guarantee the finest craftsmanship, and pride ourselves on treating our customers as family. To see photos of the events we’ve been a part of or to check out how so

Operating as usual


Happy 3-day weekend, campers!


Get 25% off select items. Better tent. Better holiday.


Head outside with the peace of mind that only great gear brings. And do it while saving $300 on select winter-ready tents! Shop now:


Happy Thanksgiving and an adventurous holiday season to all of you! We can't wait to see where you head next!

Backpacking Recipes: Thanksgiving in a Collapsible Bowl | REI Co-op 11/23/2022

Backpacking Recipes: Thanksgiving in a Collapsible Bowl | REI Co-op

How about it? Wanna spend your Thanksgiving outside?

Backpacking Recipes: Thanksgiving in a Collapsible Bowl | REI Co-op This meal is designed to help those bold and brave Thanksgiving backpackers enjoy the comforts of a home-cooked meal out in the backcountry.

Timeline photos 07/02/2022

Have you considered offering glamping accommodations as a part of your wedding? Let your guests celebrate you safely into the night! Check out our website for info on all your large events!

And - if you're an event or pop-up company using Stout tents, send us a message, we're creating a directory so our customers can find you for their smaller, local events!

Timeline photos 06/29/2022

Some of our favorite views these days are coming from , located along the Knik River in Palmer, Alaska. If you can't get there in person, we recommend heading over to their page to enjoy the incredible scenery these glampers get to enjoy!

Timeline photos 06/27/2022

We're just in love with the incredible vision .mcmorrow has laid out for her Stout Tent Stargazer. Here's a snippet from her page:

"The Prayer Tent is an invitation to come into the center of yourself, a place for solitary meditation, or a place for connection with a beloved friend. It is offered as a reverent experience of being seen + surrounded by these Sacred Beings and receiving their messages along with the messages of your own heart for yourself and the world. A sound healing music experience created by my beloved, is part of the installation.

As a visitor, you are welcome to rest inside, listen, feel, and pray from your heart. There are materials to create prayer ties to leave as offerings inside should you wish."

Head to her page for more incredible follows and to follow the work of this amazing artist and healer. We're honored to play a role in your work .mcmorrow!


Ready for a completely immersive glamping experience? The has partnered with Stout Tent to allow attendees the opportunity to glamp onsite for the duration of the show!

That's right, you'll get to expand your glamping business knowledge during the day, then retire to your spacious, fully furnished bell tent at night.

There's even a VIP glampers-only party complete with live music, food, beverages and more! 🥳 But the 40 available tents are getting snapped up fast so don't wait to book.

Timeline photos 06/17/2022

Happy Friday!! Assuming you ordered your Stout Tent in time to enjoy it this weekend, where are you headed? 📸: , making the woodlands of Maine looking mighty tempting indeed!
(If you haven't ordered yours yet - head to our website while we've still got some in stock! New lower prices make this a great time to buy!)


If you're not following yet, we're really gonna need an explanation... these folks are design inspo for days! And, y'all look at this DECK! 👀😍

Want to build a platform for *your* Stout Tent? We've got the guide to get you started! Drop your email in the comments below or send us a message and we'll get you the info you need to begin!



Keep an eye out for Stout Tent’s new road dog, Mannie at this year’s festivals! Named after Manchester, the town where she joined the crew! Just look at that face! 🐶

Friday Fotos: Darkness Sets In 06/04/2022

Gorgeous picture, Patrick! You sure know how to dress a tent! 🤩

Patrick Rapps | McDowell Mountain Regional Park


Heather’s down to the business of cleaning and maintaining her Stout Tent fleet before a new season! How about you? Need any tips?

Timeline photos 05/30/2022

“How important it is for us to recognize our heroes and she-roes.” (Maya Angelou) 🇺🇸 In remembrance of our heroes on this . 🇺🇸


Glamping Market 2022-2032: Market Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Threats – Market Research Blog

The Glamping Industry just keeps growing and growing and.... well, you get the idea. Want to know more? Check out the research in the article below.

WANT TO GET IN ON THIS SUPER FUN, BOOMING INDUSTRY? Reach out to us to learn more about our wholesale pricing and the amazing support we offer our clients year-round!

Glamping Market 2022-2032: Market Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Threats – Market Research Blog Glamping Market 2022-2032: Market Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Threats Posted byeditor May 13, 2022 Leave a comment on Glamping Market 2022-2032: Market Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Threats The glamping market is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 10.6 Bn....

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Wedding in Westhampton Beach, New York 05/12/2022

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Wedding in Westhampton Beach, New York

We love seeing all the ways our tents are used! Check out this awesome wedding!

A Wes Anderson-Inspired Wedding in Westhampton Beach, New York Nicole and Bryan turned to summer camp for their wedding inspiration. As an homage to Nicole’s childhood summers spent in Westhampton, the couple created a weekend- long celebration complete with yurt accommodations and Moonrise Kingdom touches at every turn. Nicole and Bryan, who met working for ...


What could be better this Earth Day than just getting out there in it?! Get outside and play, see what this big beautiful 🌎 has in store for you!

Photos from Ouachita Wilde Luxury Tents's post 04/02/2022

Ohhh, we can't wait till the days are this warm and sunny here in Vermont!


Happy retirement to America's oldest active National Park Service Ranger, Betty Reid Soskin. 👑

Happy retirement to Betty Reid Soskin, who retired today at the age of 100 after serving as America's oldest active National Park Service ranger for the past fifteen years! Soskin began her career as a ranger at age 85 at the Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park — a park that she had helped plan in its early stages years earlier. As a ranger, Soskin led a popular tour called “Untold Stories and Lost Conversations" during which she gave a tour of the park, shared her personal WWII story, and encouraged others to contribute their own stories to the park's collection of oral histories.

When Soskin joined the planning committee for the Rosie the Riveter Park years ago, she brought a unique perspective: she was the only person of color at the table and she was one of the wartime workers the park aimed to remember. Soskin’s wartime work began when she was 20, when she became a clerk for the boilermakers union. Like many unions, it was segregated; she was hired by the African-American auxiliary. In an interview with the Department of the Interior, she said, “When I graduated from high school as a young woman of color, my chances for employment were limited to two — working in agriculture or as a domestic servant... my job as a clerk in a Jim Crow union hall was a step up; the equivalent of today’s young woman of color being the first in her family to enter college.”

Soskin reflected that, for many of the 'Rosie the Riveters' who went to work during the war, “those years were a high point in their lives.” She further observed that when elderly “Rosies” visit the park, “they express much pride and often great frustration at having been turned loose at the war’s end for the sake of returning veterans to the workplace.” And she expressed her hope that the park captures some of that experience for younger visitors. In reflecting about her own time as a ranger, Soskin said that working at the park gave new meaning to her senior years: “To be a part of helping to mark the place where that dramatic trajectory of my own life, combined with others of my generation, will influence the future by the footprints we’ve left behind has been incredible.”

Betty Reid Soskin is the author of an inspiring memoir, "Sign My Name to Freedom," at

For a fun doll for aspiring young rangers, we recommend the 12-inch Park Ranger Doll for ages 3 and up at

To introduce young readers to the true story of how millions of real-life "Rosie the Riveters" during WWII forever changed women's role in society, we recommend "Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II," for ages 10 and up, at

For an excellent book for teens and adults about the contributions of African-American women during World War II, we also recommend “Double Victory: How African American Women Broke Race and Gender Barriers to Help Win World War II” at

There is also an inspiring picture book honoring the women who supported the war effort during WWII: "Rosie: Stronger than Steel" for ages 4 to 8 at

For more books, toys, and clothing celebrating Rosie the Riveter, the famous WWII icon, visit our "Rosie the Riveter Collection" at -- and for teens and adults, there's a 'Rosie the Riveter T-Shirt" at

For books for adult readers about more heroic women of WWII, we've featured the best in historical fiction and biography in our blog post, "Telling Her Story: 40 Books for Adult Readers About Women Heroes of WWII," at

And, for more inspiring stories of pioneering girls and women throughout history, you can sign-up for A Mighty Girl's free weekly email newsletter at

Photo credit: NPS/Luther Bailey


Want to spend the summer traveling the country via music festivals?

Are you Young, Hungry and Ready to Work?

We are putting together our Summer Festival Field Team ASAP.

The Team will start this month and travel from festival to festival setting up and breaking down tents through the middle of October.

Pay rate is from $180 per day--all travel and stay accommodations are provided.

We are willing to train the right person, but our ideal candidate will have:

* Prior experience with on-site delivery or setup at multiple locations [such as festival crew, party rental or special events, construction, military]

* Experience meeting deadlines

* Prior experience on a team

* Clean driver’s license and valid passport/ enhanced driver's license

* A desire to learn a new field and to have an opportunity to be a key part of a growing company

If you think you would be a good fit for our team, please copy and paste the link below into your browser to apply!


Gorgeous! Glamping season has arrived!

It’s a beautiful weekend for Glamping!

4 Plants to Avoid on Your Next Camping Trip | Tonto Rim Christian Camp 02/18/2022

4 Plants to Avoid on Your Next Camping Trip | Tonto Rim Christian Camp

Most of us in nature have seen these before, and are sadly aware of what happens when we accidentally brush against them or pick them unknowingly - if you are fairly new to adventuring (WELCOME!) But, before you get out on a hike or decide to pick a bouquet of wildflowers, we suggest that you check this article out and take note!,what%20you%20are%20looking%20for.

4 Plants to Avoid on Your Next Camping Trip | Tonto Rim Christian Camp Unless you are camping on a sandy beach, you will no doubt come across as sorts of plant-life. Many plants you will encounter are completely harmless, However, there are also many that you will want to avoid. Coming into contact with them could bring your camping trip to an early conclusion.


What's your park ranger name? 🤠

Park rangers are an iconic symbol of the National Park Service, but there are many types of “rangers” in parks! There are mechanics and museum curators, data analysts and landscape architects, engineers and educators, law enforcement officers and firefighters.

Want to learn more about working in the National Park Service? Find information at

Timeline photos 02/12/2022

Anyone planning a romantic getaway for Valentine's Day?
📸 :little schooner studios

Photos from Stout Tent's post 01/28/2022


Don’t just dream it, live it.

We are giving away over $2500 in outdoor accessories for you to create your own glamping and grilling experience
One lucky winner will take home the prize package below featuring the legendary Barebones Cowboy Fire Pit Grill & and a Stout Tent Pro Series Double Wall Bell Glamping Canvas Tent. Plus a few other awesome complimentary products from our partners to make your experience complete.

✔️ 30” Cowboy Grill & Cowboy Grill Tools ($810 value)
✔️ Pro Series 5M Double Wall Bell Tent ($1359 value)
✔️ .beef 15 lb. Cowboy Special ($245 value)
✔️ Blanket and Happiest Camper Hat ($180 value)
First, comment & tag a friend below and share this post to your IG story. When you’re done, click the link in our Insta profile and then click "giveaway." Enter there so we can contact you if you win. (Easy!)
Giveaway ends 11:59 PM MST 1/31/2022. Winner will be announced the following week via Barebones’ Instagram Stories. Open to US residents only. No purchase necessary. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram.
📸 :

True Survival, from Rwanda to a Bell Tent 01/13/2022

True Survival, from Rwanda to a Bell Tent

Our Outdoor Living Educator is up to pretty cool stuff, and as inspirational as ever. Check her out!

True Survival, from Rwanda to a Bell Tent Living unwalled and simplistically helps teach true survivalism. It develops an understanding that I didn’t need what I thought I needed.

Camping app born out of Telluride accelerator raises $11 million 01/12/2022

Camping app born out of Telluride accelerator raises $11 million

Want to know the dirt on where you're camping before you get there? This app is for you!

Camping app born out of Telluride accelerator raises $11 million The Dyrt was born out of the 2015 Telluride Venture Accelerator and founded by husband and wife, and avid campers, Long and Sarah Smith after they grew frustrated over not being able to find adequa…

Jupe wants to solve for X, where X is the 1.5B people without adequate shelter – TechCrunch 01/11/2022

Jupe wants to solve for X, where X is the 1.5B people without adequate shelter – TechCrunch

Is the future of glamping to solve the housing crisis? Jupe believes yes! Having spent no small amount of time living in our tents, we support this vision!

Jupe wants to solve for X, where X is the 1.5B people without adequate shelter – TechCrunch “We’re not making fu***ng glamping tents for bros at Coachella,” Jeff Wilson, co-founder and CEO at Jupe is eager to reassure me, as he outlines his vision for the company. “At this point, food is a distribution problem, clothing is largely solved. There are about 1.5 billio…

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Gorgeous Glamping Backyard Getaway
Frozenman 2021: The Wild
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