JAM - Indoor Family Entertainment Center

JAM - Indoor Family Entertainment Center


2/14/21 - What a fantastic game! I loved it! Speaking of love, it was another Valentine's-themed game that included Funkshunel, Five Weeks Later & Disfunkshunel-- three veteran teams who have been with us for quite a while. I'd bet that, between the three of them, they've played well over 500 Beach Bum Trivia games.

Disfunkshunel started out on top & stayed strong throughout the game, missing only one question, all night. Heading to the Final Answer, here’s what we had: Disfunkshunel-810, Five Weeks-680, Funkshunel-550.

Five Weeks came up empty, for the Final Answer, and wagered nothing. But both of our other teams had the correct answer. Funkshunel bet 366 to finish at 916. And Disfunkshunel, with their brains hanging out for everyone to see, risked 681 for a final score of 1491 & the win. Congratulations Pam, Taylor, George & Nancy!

Join us next Sunday at 7. Prizes for our winners. And our DOUBLE SECRET BONUS CODE WORD will be “strip”. Write that word on your Line-Up Card & we’ll give you 50 extra points. And don’t forget-- 10 extra points (per player) just for showing your face in the place. Hang loose, Ho-Dads!🤙
Don't forget to join us for another rockin' night of trivia, Sunday night, Feb. 14 at 6. Bring your sweetie because it's a very special Valentine's edition of Beach Bum Trivia-- if you've got the heart for it. Hang loose, ho-dads! 🤙
Fun, fun night.... Definitely do again.
1/31/21 – Last game of January & we were celebrating-- not because the month is over, but because of Pam & Taylor's (from Disfunkshunel) birthdays! Also partying with us were the Scallywags, Five Weeks Later & Funkshunel.

As usual, Disfunkshunel & Five Weeks were neck & neck, but by the end of regulation play, Five Weeks had pulled ahead by 105 points. Disfunkshunel was at 675, Funkshunel at 530 & Scallywags at 450. Funkshunel missed the Final Answer & bet all but one point. But the other three teams nailed it & bet it all. Disfunkshunel wins it. Nice job, Josh, Pam, Jessica & Jonah!

No game, next Sunday, due to the Super Bowl, but we'll be back on Feb. 14 with a special Valentine's Day edition of our game. Yep! Love is in the air. See ya, then!
1/24/21 - Another big show, but we had a little conflict, didn't we? A certain local football team was playing in the NFC championship game which didn't end until about 6:30-- a half hour after our game was scheduled to start. So, here's what we did. We delayed the start of our game until 7 to give our players a chance to enjoy the Bucs win & still have a chance to notch their own win at trivia. Frankly, I think our game was more fun-- and I threw three fewer picks than Brady.

Congrats to Five Weeks Later (Josh, Pam & Jonah) on their win. Disfunkshunel was second. We'll crank it up, again, next Sunday at 6, with a movie-themed game, by popular request. At that time, our Double Secret Bonus Code Word will be “LOVIN'”. And keep your eyes peeled for details about our big Super Bowl party, the following week. Hang loose, ho-dads! 🤙
Another big Beach Bum Trivia show, tonight at 6. But we have a little conflict, don't we. A certain football team is playing in the NFC championship game, this afternoon. So, here's what I'll do. For anyone who's planning on a 6pm start, I'll do a game for you, then. If you're a Bucs fan & want to watch the game, I'll do a second show at 7. You just might get a double-header.
1/17/21 – New night & time & we had a very nice turnout! Six teams! Funkshunel, Five Weeks Later, Scallywags & Disfunkshunel are regulars, but I didn't think three of those teams would make it for this one. But there they were. What a nice surprise! And only one of my Inverness teams showed up. Welcome back, Team Heidi's. I love & appreciate all these people. But that's just five teams. What was the sixth? It was “Whip It Good”-- a new team that was so excited to play our game-- and then, left after one round.

BTW, I thought I was seeing double. We had two Nancys, two Georges & two Pams. Three pair? Too bad we weren't playing Six Card Stud. 😄

So, the average score for Round 1 was 146 out of a possible 150. Pretty sharp, but Round 2, not so much. They averaged 110. After three rounds, Disfunkshunel, at 790, had just a 10-point lead over Five Weeks. Heidi's were at 635, 'Wags at 545 & Funkshunel had 380.

Disfunkshunel's Pam said they would learn something new, this night. And they did just that in the Final Answer. The question was, “What is the least populous state capital in the US?” And we gave a hint: It's in the least populous state, east of the Mississippi. Ding ding ding....Montpelier, VT is 100% correct!!! And no one got it. In fact, Pam said, “We had four intelligent people & immediately wrote down.......Anchorage! Now, that isn't even a state capital, let alone EAST of the Mississippi. We wagered all but 9 points and still ended up in 2nd place!”

So, who got 1st place? Well, Five Weeks bet all but five, Funkshunel bet all but one & Heidi's went for the whole enchilada. That left one team that had no clue & no wager. Yep, the Scallywags risked nothing & win it. Pretty shrewd! Way to go, Donna & George!

“See how much fun we have?” says Pam. “It really isn't hard at all. Y'all should come out and play with us!!”

Next chance is next Sunday at 6. We'll even give you 50 extra points if you write the Double Secret Bonus Code Word on your Line-Up Card. Next week, it's “ELATION”. We'll see you then. Oh, and don't forget to come out to JAM, this Friday, for DJ Donna's Karaoke at 7. I'll be there & we be wailin'. 🧑‍🎤

We're now playing Sunday nights at 6. We hope you can join us for all the fun, tunes & prizes.
1/12/21 - Joining us for the Nature Coast's "funnest" night out were some of the usual cast of characters-- Scallywags, Funkshunel, Five Weeks Later & Disfunkshunel. But wait! Look who's back! After about a month's hiatus, it's DNT! Welcome back.

It started off, once again, as a dogfight between Disfunkshunel & Five Weeks, but watch out for DNT. After three rounds, here's how we looked: Five Weeks-620, Disfunkshunel-530, Scallywags-420, DNT-410, Funkshunel-350. All within spitting distance. Ewww!

All but Funkshunel had the correct Final Answer-- and they all went whole hog. Congrats to Josh, Robin & Dan-- Five Weeks Later-- on the win. Disfunkshunel got 2nd & Scallywags were 3rd.

Next week, we crank it up, again, but on a new day. Starting Jan. 17 at 6pm, we're doing Sundays. Hey, want some extra points? Well, then, just write our Double Secret Bonus Code Word on your Lineup Card & you'll get an extra 50. The word is “SENSATION”. Until Sunday, hang loose, ho-dads.
Beach Bum Trivia (plus a little Name That Tune) tonight at 7:30.
JAM – 1/5/21 - Ahoy! It was another Trivia Tuesday &, in memory of Dawn Wells (Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island) who passed away, last week, we did a Gilligan-themed show.

Real tight game, but congrats to Pam, Taylor, George & Nancy-- Disfunkshunel-- for joining us for this one-hour tour (one-hour tour) & winning. Scallywags were 2nd. Five Weeks Later got 3rd. They took home the prizes.

Ready or not, we'll be back, next week, and we'll be theme-less. Just general knowledge. Fifty extra points if you write the Double Secret Bonus Code Word on your Line-Up card. It's “WORLD”. Hasta la vista, babies!

Just Amuse Me Entertainment Center is located inside the Crystal River Mall. With great things to do like Axe Throwing, Kubb Courts & Arcade Games.

Currently open for special events such as concerts, comedy events & private parties!

Operating as usual

7 Bridges Eagles Tribute with special guests The Bearded Brothers Band 01/06/2022

7 Bridges Eagles Tribute with special guests The Bearded Brothers Band

Just a few more days until 7 Bridges is rocking the stage! Don’t forget to get your tickets! 🎶🎸

7 Bridges Eagles Tribute with special guests The Bearded Brothers Band America's BEST Eagles Tribute, 7 Bridges, recreates the experience of a live Eagles concert!

7 Bridges Eagles Tribute with special guests The Bearded Brothers Band 12/04/2021

7 Bridges Eagles Tribute with special guests The Bearded Brothers Band

Saturday January 8th, 7 Bridges "America's Best Eagles Tribute" will be playing LIVE at JAM! Tickets just $20 and can be purchased at the link below!


7 Bridges Eagles Tribute with special guests The Bearded Brothers Band America's BEST Eagles Tribute, 7 Bridges, recreates the experience of a live Eagles concert!

NEW YEAR'S EVE AT JAM!!! 12/03/2021


Come ring in the New Year with us! 🥂
🎉 The party starts at 8:00PM!

📍 1801 US Highway 19, Crystal River, FL 34428

NEW YEAR'S EVE AT JAM!!! Party at JAM with STONEGREY and DJ DIORIO!! Hors d'oeuvres, party favors and a champagne toast!


5 days until The SNL Comedy Debate! 👊🏼💥

2 ways to buy tickets:
•Stop by Hunter Springs Kayaks & Tours at 36 NE 4th St. Crystal River, FL 34429
•Click on the link in our events tab to purchase online


5 days until The SNL Comedy Debate! 👊🏼💥

Ways to buy tickets:
•Stop by Hunter Springs Kayaks at 36 NE 4th St. Crystal River, FL 34429
•Hop on over to our facebook events page to order tickets online!


Debating on going? Well you have 1 week to decide!

Tickets can be purchased in person at Hunter Springs Kayaks & Tours 📍located at 36 NE 4th St, Crystal River, FL 34429

You can also purchase them easily online at the link below 👇


The future of JAM!

💥 Important Announcement regarding our hours & events! Please take a moment to listen to Dave discuss the future of JAM! 🪓

Check out the comments below for upcoming special events! 👇

JAM - Indoor Family Entertainment Center updated their business hours. 11/02/2021

JAM - Indoor Family Entertainment Center updated their business hours.

JAM - Indoor Family Entertainment Center updated their business hours.


Only a few hours until this AWESOME band is on stage! 🎸🎶 We’ll still have some tickets at the door! First come, first serve until they’re gone! 🎫

⚡Crystal River⚡

You're up next 👊 We'll see you TONIGHT-10/15/21
at 6:30PM. Event details below 👇👇

STONEGREY LIVE - at JAM (Crystal River) w/ Never Stop Believin' (Journey Tribute)


Just A Reminder! We are CLOSED today to the public.


⚠️ JAM will be holding a PRIVATE event this Saturday 10/9 and will be CLOSED to the public!

We are however OPEN:
•Friday 10/8: Family Fun Karaoke by DJ DiOrio Entertainment from 6-9pm! 🎙🎶
•Sunday 10/10: - Early bird special from 11am-12:30pm, just $5 per person for 30 minutes of axe throwing and Teachers throw FREE 1-4! 🪓

The Underground Cantina is open Friday & Sunday serving up some of the best tacos, nachos, wraps, and more! Booze and beverages too! 🍕


Calling all BAD AXES 💥 Today’s BOGO Axe Throwing from 4-9pm! 🪓

Booze and Beverages available to quench your thirst at The Underground Cantina 🍻


Sunday Early Bird Special! 💥 Just $5/person for 30mins of axe throwing from 11:00AM-12:30PM

🍎 TEACHERS throw FREE from 1-4PM

Food available at The Underground Cantina 🌮
Sushirittos, Nachos, Tacos, Pizza & More!

Full liquor bar is OPEN with our NEW drink specials! 🍹


Never Stop Believin' - Journey Tribute w/ special guests STONEGREY 09/19/2021

Never Stop Believin' - Journey Tribute w/ special guests STONEGREY

Live music returns to the Naturecoast's new home for entertainment... JAM Entertainment Center located at The Crystal River Mall!

🎸 Journey Tribute w/ special guest Stonegrey!
🗓 Friday, October 15th
⏰ Doors open at 6pm, Music starts at 7pm!
🎫 Tickets just $15!!
🍺 Food, beer, wine and liquor available from The Underground Cantina. No outside food or beverages allowed.

Hope to see everyone there!🤘🏼
Spread the word! this post!

Never Stop Believin' - Journey Tribute w/ special guests STONEGREY Never Stop Believin- America's Ultimate Journey tribute. Their singer looks and sounds like Steve Perry backed by an amazing band.


Gypsy_Sparrow will be on stage this SAT NIGHT!! 🎸🎶

The Underground Cantina will be open and serving their full menu! Tacos, Sushirittos, Nachos and more! 🌮

🪓 Axe Lanes, Kubb Courts and lots of other fun games for the whole family to enjoy!

Come on out to JAM, the place where fun always wins!
📍1801 NW US HWY19, Crystal River, FL. 34429


Yes, we’re OPEN! 💥 Axe lanes, Kubb courts, and other games are back in action!! 🪓

Hours of operation
Mon-Thurs: 4pm-9pm
Fri: 4pm-Midnight
Sat: 11am- Midnight
Sun: 11am-9pm

However, The Underground Cantina is still only serving food on the weekends.. But the full bar & beverages are available daily! 🍻🥤

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 📞 352-228-8228.

Located inside The Crystal River Mall
📍 1801 NW US-19 , Crystal River, Fl 34429

Photos from JAM - Indoor Family Entertainment Center's post 09/13/2021

Thanks to everyone who came to the Bring It Bash last night! It was one for the books for sure!
Let us know if you’d like to see more fight nights!! 💥🥊

Special thanks to those that tagged us in photos, checked in on facebook and left reviews! If you missed the fights, be sure to scroll through the photos! Tag your friends and family if you recognizes any of these faces!


🥊 Tickets on sale tomorrow (Sat 9/11) until 3 pm at Hunter Springs Kayaks & Tours!! Make sure you get yours, you don’t want to miss this!!

General Admission: $30 VIP: $60

Doors open at 5pm, Fight starts at 6pm! 💥


Grab your Bring It Bash tickets today at Hunter Springs Kayaks & Tours
📍36 NE 4th St, Crystal River, FL 34429

Or stop by Buti Bik Combat Sports
📍 8303 Crystal St Crystal River 34428

The big fight is Saturday September 11th @6pm 🥊


Nature Coast Fight League 🥊 Bring It Bash tickets can now be picked up at Hunter Springs Kayaks & Tours located at 📍36 NE 4th St, Crystal River 34429!

Just a reminder JAM is currently closed for remodeling in anticipation for the bash on Sept 11th! Hope to see you all then! 💥


LIVE music tonight featuring Charlie D! 🎶

🪓 Axe lanes and Kubb Courts available! as well as other fun family games!

Our full food menu and liquor bar open at The Underground Cantina located within! 🍻🌮


JAM will temporarily be closed starting this Sunday 8/29 to remodel and prepare for the 🥊BRING IT BASH, we will be reopening soon! Date to be announced!

Nature Coast Fight Leagues BRING IT BASH is being held on Saturday Sept 11th at 6pm! Don’t miss out, tickets on sale now! 💥 Pick yours up today at Hunter Springs Kayaks & Tours!

📍 36 NE 4th St, CRYSTAL RIVER 34429

Photos from JAM - Indoor Family Entertainment Center's post 08/26/2021

Fridays are for the Families! 💥

Come join us for some karaoke fun from 6-9PM with DJ DiOrio! 🎶

The Underground Cantinas Friday night special is 2 pizzas & 2 pitchers for $25! 🍕🥤
(choice of pepperoni or cheese!)

🪓 Axe lanes and Kubb courts available!


Tickets are now Available: 3 ways to get them! 🎟
1)At our location, JAM! at The Crystal River Mall
2)Stop by Buti Bik Combat Sports at 8303 Crystal st Crystal River.
3)Ask your local fighter 👊

$30 General Admission; $60 VIP

Ringside Tables Available (message Nature Coast Fight League)

Sept. 11th is gonna be 🔥 Be Part of the Action!


FRIDAY NIGHT KAROAKE 6-9PM with DJ DiOrio Entertainment 🎙🎶

Get 1 🌮 & 1 🍺 for $4 at The Underground Cantina

Axe lanes & Kubb courts available!

Photos from Bad Luck Penny's post 08/17/2021

S A T U R D A Y ! 🎸


Pizza, pizza! 🍕🍕

Todays Cantina Special is 1 Pitcher Soda & Pizza for $12! 🍕

🍎 Teachers throw free 1-4PM!

🪓 Axe Lanes available! Open until 9PM!


Come by JAM and get your AXErcise in!🪓

✨ Early Bird Special: Axe throwing from 11AM-12:30PM, just $5 per person for 30 minutes!

🍎 Teachers throw FREE from 1-4PM!


Taking Anderson Live is back on the JAM stage tonight at 7PM! 🎶

The Underground Cantina is open slinging drinks 🍹 and serving up some of your favorites! Tacos, nachos, sushirittos, & more!

We’ve got an axe lane waiting for you! 🪓

Open until Midnight!

Photos from JAM - Indoor Family Entertainment Center's post 08/13/2021

The Battle Begins:

Recently we came forward to inform you of a clandestine organization we were tracking known as The Dark Suits and their mission to eradicate joy and fun everywhere.

A few days ago, our inside agent tipped us off to a large shipment of ‘Mundanium’ 🧪

Our current mission: To acquire a sample and impede their progress on ruining fun for all!

Lets go! 💥

If you or someone you know has encountered one of The Dark Suits, we have the cure. We are Headquartered at the North end of the Crystal River Mall. Visit www.JustAmuseMe.com “The Place Where Fun ALWAYS Wins”❗️


T O D A Y ❗️

🍎 Teachers come sharpen those skills and have some fun before returning back to school! You get FREE axe throwing between 1-4PM on Sundays! 🪓

👉 TAG a teacher below and let them know about this awesome deal!!

Only at JAM! 💥
We’re inside The Crystal River Mall located at
📍1801 NW US HWY19, Crystal River, FL 34429


Chris Patti LIVE! Tonight at 7PM 🎸🎶


📢 Calling all Parents! Friday nights the last TEEN NIGHT before school starts! Come join us!

DJ DiOrio Entertainment will be playing the hottest tunes for dancing and also taking request! The stage is always available for those who sing karaoke! 🎶

Food and drinks not included but are available at The Underground Cantina 🍕🥤

Friday, August 6th @7PM
📍1801 NW US HWY 19, Crystal River, FL 34429


Due to short staffing at this time, we have chose to CLOSE our Cantina kitchen Mondays-Thursdays, although the bar will still be serving beverages daily. 🍹 Axe lanes, Kubb courts and games still up and running!

The Cantina kitchen will be OPEN on weekends and we will be announcing specials soon! Stay tuned 🌮

💥 at The Underground Cantina


Think you're an AXE-pert? Come prove it! 🪓
Take advantage of our BOGO deal & SAVE $20! Open Mondays 4-9PM! 💥

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The future of JAM!



Smiles, Laughter, Joy and Forever-Memories



1801 US Highway 19, Crystal River, FL 34428
Crystal River, FL

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