Jazzercise Citrus County Fitness Center

Jazzercise Citrus County Fitness Center


Miss all of you! See y’all in a couple of weeks 😘 Enjoying the mountains ⛰
I just found a post from my very first day of jazzercise. My journey started in Jacksonville, Fl when my oldest son was a year and a half years old. I have being going on and off for 11 years and I absolutely love jazzercise. Thank you to all the instructors that give us so many class options to fit in our schedule. Pretty sure I have only done one song ever with jazz hands! Lol
Is the 5:30 class tonight still a GO????
In case you have any doubts about Adrienne as an instructor - this morning I swore it was YOU TRINA - IN DISGUISE - kicking our ass on the floor!!!! I mean this in a GOOD way ☺️
SO - I start to read my paper and get to the end of the comics and who is looking at me with a BIG SMILE?? TRINA!! Looking good just wondering why you are in the comic section - something we should know about you?? PLEASE LADIES - LAUGH!!! 27 YEARS WITH THE PAPER - LUCKY THEM!!
I got the moves and a few tricks up my sleeve.
Friday Jazzercise complete
Thursday Jazzercise- photobomb by Laura.
Tuesday Jazzercise complete
No matter where I live there is one thing I MUST have!

This is my Chesapeake Virginia group and now I have the Citrus County Jazzercise ladies!

Good friends! Great work out! Can't live without it!
Started my friday workday with an early jazzercise. Great workout Mae!
Holy Moly I always need a filter 😱! (post workout selfie)

Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program that gets you results…

Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program that gets you results…fast. It’s a calorie-torching, hip swiveling dance party with a hot playlist to distract you from the burn.

Operating as usual


Christmas Eve⛄ Saturday morning class, a perfect combination for a great class with friends! 🎅 Join us for a 90 minute super session starting at 9am Saturday morning.🎄 Family in town? Bring them for free!


Beginning Dec. 19th we will have an adjusted holiday schedule for two weeks. Please review your calendars. 🎁
For these 2 weeks 8am & 3:30pm will be suspended to allow students and instructors more family fun time. 🎅🤶🎄
Don't worry, we'll return with a full schedule in January! 💪
Also, only one 90 minute class on Christmas Eve and NY Eve! 9am-10:30am


Your Weekly Workout Schedule!


Jazzercise thru the end of the year for only $20.22! What? Crazy! Don't delay, this deal it won't last!


Jazzercise thru the end of the year for only $20.22! What? Crazy! Don't delay, this deal it won't last!


Your Weekly Workout Schedule!


Holiday Schedule change this weekend!
🎄Friday 12/2 schedule: 5:45am, 8am, 9am - No 4:45pm
🎄Saturday 12/3 schedule: 9am, 10am chair - No 8am
🎄Sunday 12/4 schedule: 9am


Your Weekly Workout Schedule!


We're grateful to have Melissa Andrews Sutherland in class this morning!

At Jazzercise this morning Mae challenged us to think about 21 things about our workout today.

21 things is HARD but I love a good challenge. And I decided to focus it on gratitude because a grateful heart is a happy heart.

1. I’m grateful for my neck and shoulder feeling better than Thursday and being able to do more.

2. I’m grateful for sweat even though it means my face turns red.

3. Speaking of sweat, I’m grateful that it’s actually good for your pores (as long as you practice good skincare).

4. I’m grateful that these workouts are getting easier because it means I’m learning some of the songs and getting stronger. Choreography has always been a challenge for my brain, learning the moves makes me happy.

5. I’m grateful for tender glutes because it means my b***y is getting stronger and firmer.

6. I’m grateful for sweat (again) because it makes it easier to get my water in for the day.

7. Sweat again because all that rehydration flushes your organs and that’s good for you too.

8. I’m grateful for good music, because any work out should include Pitbull.

9. I’m grateful for the ”peer pressure” of the group because at home Id only do 30 minutes but in class I hang for the full hour.

10. Instructors that make you laugh are life. The workout goes so much faster when it’s fun.

Holy crow… 21 is a lot 😂

11. I’m grateful for leggings that hold my jiggle when I wiggle 😜.

12. And bras that do the same.

13. Good shoes. My feet are a challenging situation and hurt least when I’m barefoot but since shoes are necessary, good shoes are a must.

14. I’m grateful for good stretches.

15. and challenging ab tracks.

16. I’m grateful for getting to see my friends even if it’s just in passing.

Almost there 😂

17. I’m grateful for fans because getting too hot is overrated.

18. I’m grateful for not having push ups today because I did lots of them yesterday 💪

19. I’m grateful for a short drive home because I’m usually starving after class.

20. I’m grateful for the variety of instructors and music because there’s no time to get bored.

21. I’m grateful Mae gave us this little challenge because it made me stop and spend time in gratitude and reflection ❤️


Happy Thanksgiving! We "huffed" before we "stuffed" ourselves with turkey! Whatever you're doing today we hope it is great! 🍂🍁🦃


Thanksgiving Week Schedule: 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃
Wednesday: Usual schedule + 4:30pm 'Shake Before You Bake'
Thursday 9am-10am 'Earn That Pie!' Only 1 class - 8 Instructors!
Friday 9am Only 1 class
Saturday 8am, 9am, 10am
Sunday 9am


We're celebrating this week with Friendsgiving! Invite your friends for free classes all week AND if you're bold enough dress for the occasion! Here is a lineup of themes for the week! 🦃


One Pan Clean Out the Fridge Fried Rice


New Format: Stretch

Try the new Stretch format every Monday at 6:30pm and Wednesday at 5:30pm!


Your Weekly Workout Schedule!

Jazzercise donates to help others 11/13/2022

Jazzercise donates to help others

Jazzercise donates to help others Citrus County Jazzercise regularly supports the community. A Diva Night event was recently held to raise donations for Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation.


Saturday mornings are something special at Jazzercise Citrus County Fitness Center Come dressed in your patriotic best! 8am, 9am, 10am with some of your favorite instructors. ❤️🇺🇸


Thanking all you served and there families today and everyday. America strong 🇺🇸


It might be rainy outside, but inside our center is gonna get HOT tonight! 🤩 Thursday line-up: 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm All your friends will be there so get off the couch!


Weekly Workout Schedule!! Let's go!! 💪


Your Weekly Workout Schedule!


Halloween evening classes on Monday. 🎃 Come have fun with us! 🍂 3:30pm Theresa H, 4:30pm Laura L, 5:30pm Trina & friends, 6:30pm Laura L (stretch)


Today is National Cat Day. As we celebrate our furry felines we think that invites the question, “are you a cat person or a dog person?”


Your Weekly Workout Schedule!!!


This Saturday is B.Y.O.P. 🎃 One of the best classes of the year so don't miss it! Pick up a smaller pumpkin and head to class on Saturday for 8am, 9am, or 10am class! Dress in all black. Don't want to bother with a pumpkin? No problem, just come!

Photos from Jazzercise Citrus County Fitness Center's post 10/19/2022

Citrus County Jazzercise supports our community! In just a few weeks we donated a huge box of supplies for Hurricane Ian relief then on Friday night we raised $1,613 for Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation. It was a great night! Thanks to all who helped make this happen! 💪

Oral & Facial Health: Mitochondria, the key to a healthier life 10/18/2022

Oral & Facial Health: Mitochondria, the key to a healthier life


Here's a great article written by a local Dr. Rushi Patel that speaks directly to the work we do each day at Jazzercise. "Zone 2 training will help you to live longer and fuller with fewer health related complications" THAT'S why we do what we do! Tell your friends, Jazzercise is the fountain of youth!

Oral & Facial Health: Mitochondria, the key to a healthier life Today marks my entry way into becoming “middle-aged,” and thus I feel as if I have a new perspective to focus my current articles on what it means to live


Monday is coming. In order to get fit the first person you have to inspire is yourself. Jazzercise can help. Unlimited classes through the end of the year for only $99.


This week's Workout Schedule!!!

Diva Night event slated Oct. 14 10/12/2022

Diva Night event slated Oct. 14

Diva Night this Friday!

Diva Night event slated Oct. 14 Citrus County Jazzercise will host "A Diva Good Time" event at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 14, at Citrus County Jazzercise, 6604 W. Gulf-to-Lake Highway, Crystal River.


This week's Workout Schedule!! It's a new week with several opportunities to take time for you!


Diva Night at Jazzercise this Friday night! 😍 @ 7pm, dancing 👗 shopping 💄munching 🧀 raffle baskets 🍹 diva fun! Join us! $5 admission, all funds donated to Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation. 6604 W Gulf to Lake Hwy, Crystal River, FL

Photos from Jazzercise Citrus County Fitness Center's post 10/08/2022

Great morning to provide examples of what we do best. Thank you Florida and The Citrus County Chronicle for the beautiful weather and venue.

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2 months for $99




6604 W Gulf To Lake Highway
Crystal River, FL

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 8pm
Tuesday 5am - 8pm
Wednesday 5am - 8pm
Thursday 5am - 8pm
Friday 5am - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 1pm
Sunday 8am - 1pm

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