Florida Bowfishing Adventures

Florida Bowfishing Adventures


Had a great time last night thanks again Justin Dymond

Florida Fishing Trips with Capt Justin Dymond offers fishing, scalloping, bowfishing, and alligator

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Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 09/19/2022

Went out Thursday afternoon for a gator hunt and about 5 minutes in my sunset gazing was interrupted by a gator swimming along the water. I quickly hooked him on Tatered Gator Hooks and began the 45 minute battle of slashing and runs through deep waters. Once he settled down in shallow waters, I whipped out the trusty Vader Bows and took a shot using AMS Bowfishing big game retriever pro reel and Innerloc Broadheads gator grappler points. Once we got a few hard lines in, the battle came to a close and we reeled him on in. It’s not the biggest gator I’ve ever killed, but he’s the heaviest of the year so far! Another great night on the job site! 🐊

Photos from Extreme Decalz's post 09/18/2022

Thank you Extreme Decalz for getting us in, and laying out the decals. If your ever needing them, this is the place for the job! 👍🏼

Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 09/16/2022

Last week I got to take my buddies Victor McNew from 5 Star LED and Rick Michaels up to Apalachicola Florida to some new waters for a short vacation of gator hunting. After 20+ hours of nonstop rains, we got a gator just short of 10 ft and another just short of 9ft. Gator 1 was caught on baited line while gator 2 was caught after glassing with the binoculars, and snagged on my trusty Tatered Gator Hooks. These were some of the hardest hunts I’ve ever done, due to weather conditions and the environment, having to work every minute, pulling all the tricks out. Victor couldn’t resist letting some arrows fly at some fish while gator searching. It was all around an exciting Florida experience for all! I also got to take the new rig out for its first gator hunt!


Here I have been cleaning sting ray barbs for past clients. It still amazes me that out of all the things that could of taken out the legend crocodile hunter, it was one of these things right here!

Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 07/28/2022

Surprise! Elizabeth’s husband has always wanted to go Bowfishing so, she surprised him with a birthday Bowfishing trip! All the way to the boat ramp, he had no idea the adventure that was waiting for him. We got a mixed bag of fish, saw sea turtles, and watched my dolphin partners show off! 🐬

Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 07/25/2022

These college students wanted to go bowfishing for the first time. My first break down in years happened, with my high pressure fuel pump going out. Instead of calling sea- tow to come tow us back, I push polled for 5 hours while they bowfished. This way I was able to avoid an unsuccessful night and they were able to get lots of shots in!


Here’s a couple clips of my dolphin hunting partners working around the boat, rounding up fish. Despite the murky water from all the rains, your still able to see them!🐬🐬


This was the second night out of three for my Wyoming crew! It was an action packed night for 4 hours non-stop. The weather was great with the tide and visibility being perfect. It was all around an epic night and they got lots of groceries for a family event! Our third night trip was just as successful however, we weren’t able to take any pictures since they had to leave early for the airport.
AMS Bowfishing Innerloc Broadheads 5 Star LED

Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 07/17/2022

This couple from Michigan came down to go after long nose gar for their first time out bowfishing! I don’t tend to go after gar very often due to them being difficult to clean, however it’s always nice to switch it up!


This is one of my good buddies who has been building gator hooks for me and my fellow guides for years as his passion! We have been able to catch some of the biggest gators in the state with his hooks. We even got to play with them in Africa on some crocs! He finally decided to open his own business doing what he loves. If you're looking for some great hooks for this alligator season, definitely check him out!


Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 07/14/2022

This duo from the other night were repeat clients coming from Wyoming! Last nights moon was a super moon, being the brightest out of the year! With that, the tides were extremely low which caused the fish to pour into pockets. The giant moon brought out the monster fish, and we were able to shoot the largest black drum of the year! We also got our limit on sheepshead.

Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 07/13/2022

This group from Tennessee came down to Florida to have a weekend adventure. For the first part of the day, they went scalloping with my friends at Tried and True Outdoor Adventures and got plenty of scallops! After a two hour nap, they came with me, and we had an action packed evening of Bowfishing! Each got to shoot their goal of a trophy drum and some sheepshead to take home! Successful night!!!

If you are ever wanting to have an adventure, give us a call! 352-651-8886🏹🐟


For all my clients and friends that enjoy blowing up and de-railing my bows 😁, I finally got a product in the boat that won’t take time out of your Bowfishing to rebuild. My buddies over at Vader Bows have designed the first ever bow that can be dry fired and won’t blow up or de-rail! 🤯


This couple from Alabama were celebrating their 24th anniversary! As a gift, he surprised her with a trip to Florida to do some Bowfishing! To make the night better, her first fish on the bow was a trophy drum! The high tide made a stressful night, with windy conditions. I worked my magic and got us a mixed bag of fish, resulting with a happy couple!

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Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 06/19/2022

These guys have been trying for years to get trophy Black Drum. They finally decided to hire a charter guide and were able to achieve their goal! The first half of the night was slow due to low tide and some winds. However, in the second half, everything fell into place. The water came in and the winds calmed down, and each shot their trophy drum, personal beat stingray, and a mixed bag of fish! We are living the dream out on the nature coast!

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Here are my hunting dolphin helpers working off of my boat, keeping the fish along the sides. This night, there were two sets of calves learning from their parents the tricks of the trade, rounding up the fish. It’s amazing to watch animals adapt their younger generation’s hunting techniques so early on! These are the best hunting partners you could ask for! 🐬

Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 06/13/2022

These fish biologists from South Dakota wanted to head out, all with the goal to chase big sting ray. After a bit of searching, passing up smaller rays, each got a shot at their prize fish! If your looking to go out for sting ray, now is the prime time to do so!
Vader Bows AMS Bowfishing 5 Star LED

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Got to take my friends from Omnivore's Homestead And Quivers out for a quick night of bowfishing. They got lots of shots in and each reached their limit for black drum. The kids had a blast, from seeing dolphins to helping wrangle in the fish! Be sure to check out their page and see how to make their killer recipe for “Black Drum Chowder”!

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Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 06/06/2022

As the rest of south Florida was dealing with tropical storm Alex, we got to go out and sling some arrows! It’s always a pleasure to take out first time bowfisher men. This crew had me crying of laughter with great shots on the smaller fish, with fish fever kicking in on those bigger fish. They wouldn’t let each other live it down for those missed shots!

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Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 06/02/2022

This group booked a trip on a night with some bad weather. To keep from cancelling, I offered we stay close to the boat ramp and they agreed. Despite the unfavorable weather, they got lots of shooting in and shot some trophy gar along the way! It’s not everyday you get to teach the Team USA Olympic archery coach and the archery team from the University of Pikeville how to shoot an arrow! You have to adjust to water refraction because you have to shoot lower than what you are seeing. Hopefully during their tournament, they don’t keep shooting low! The next day for dinner, we went to Blackwater Grill Yankeetown where they cooked up our catch! We also had soft shell crab sandwiches prepared for us! It was as great as always!

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Memorial Day, a day to remember and thank those who served! Hope all have a good time, stay safe and shoot straight! I finally got the new production model 2022 Vader Bows Carbon Saber! Great things are worth waiting for! I had a last minute cancellation and got to take one of my local Captain friends out and see what the new Vader was all about! Captain Carlos shot this perfectly tuned bow straight out of the box, penetrating this stud drum in 5ft of water! A nice touch to this bow is that every inch is titanium hardware, so it will stay corrosion free all the while being extremely light weight! My favorite part about the bow is if a client does happen to dry fire, it does not derail or blow the bow up. We tested dry firing numerous times last night and it is the only bow that hasn’t derailed or blown up on me. I definitely will be placing a huge order to add to my arsenal!

Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 05/28/2022

Hey y’all! Sorry for being less active on my social media. I have been running lots of trips and using every extra second to work on the wiring and rigging to finish the new boat. I took this group from North Carolina out, who were down for the biggest archery tournament of the year at the Gator Cup, and they wanted to give Bowfishing a try during their stay. They each shot their personal best fish on the recurves! I hope it goes this well for them at their tournament!
AMS Bowfishing Innerloc Broadheads 5 Star LED

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Photos from Southern Cooler & Marine's post 05/07/2022

New update on the new Uncle J Custom Boats LLP bowfishing rig! This weekend, a couple buddies and myself went to Louisiana to pick up the boat from getting its final motor installed. We took it to Pro-Drive Outboards where they installed the new Bowfishing Kicker Series motor. We then took it to the best SeaDek Marine Products installer, Southern Cooler & Marine. I added upgraded HD sea-dek for easy cleaning. These guys all did an outstanding job and the 12 hour drive was worth it to have the best in the industry do top notch work on the rig. With only a little bit of rigging and the installation of the power poles, it’ll soon be time to sling some arrows and paint the boat red!

Photos from Florida Bowfishing Adventures's post 04/28/2022

This crew was from Colorado and are avid archery hunters. They requested to shoot a recurve bow so, I got to bring out the AMS Bowfishing Water Moc recurve bow! They wanted to chase after sting ray for their first bowfishing experience. The first half of the trip was slow as the winds were not favorable along with the tides working against us, but we managed to get a pending Florida state record for a Hound fish! During the second half of the trip, the winds calmed and we had clearer waters and all fell into place. We found the rays and made up for the first half of the trip! They took their fish from their pervious flats trip and this bowfishing trip to Blackwater Grill Yankeetown where they cooked it up for us. It was a 5 star meal as always!

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Here’s a couple clips of my dolphin hunting partners working around the boat, rounding up fish. Despite the murky water ...
Here are my hunting dolphin helpers working off of my boat, keeping the fish along the sides. This night, there were two...
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