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1 Sport of LIFE - Elite Health & LIFE Performance Services added a View Shop button to their Page. 01/23/2021

1 Sport of LIFE - Elite Health & LIFE Performance Services added a View Shop button to their Page.

1 Sport of LIFE - Elite Health & LIFE Performance Services added a View Shop button to their Page.


Over-The-Counter pain medications are NOT the simple solutions for #chronicpain , you may think. Like “Doctor Prescribed” meds, OTC’s also come with a complicated dark side that exposes some of the very problematic health issues some of us are or may yet to experience on a chronic (recurring/on going) level and haven’t had the slightest idea why.
Although it may or may not require a prescription, that doesn’t make it safe. Dr. Edgar Ross, director of the Pain Management Center at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital says, “...there are some long-term health risks,"

“As a Naturopathic Medicine researchers and Natural Health Advisers here at 1 Sport Of Life Global Health Empowerment, we encourage those we work with to understand that it is the science, chemistry and bio interaction potential we must educate ourselves on, NOT just the MD Doctor consults and Pharmaceutical marketing we see on TV and Print”.

Explore Holistic (Non-Chemical / Non-Synthetic) Alternatives

PainAway ~ Natural Pain Relief Solution from 1 Sport Of Life ~ WellNaCeuticals.

Physical therapy: Stronger muscles help absorb pressure on the joints.
Devices: Splints and braces can immobilize joints and relieve pressure on nerves. Canes and walkers allow you to redistribute your weight away from painful joints.

Acupuncture: Evidence about its effectiveness is mixed, but many randomized controlled trials have suggested acupuncture helps reduce chronic pain.

Therapeutic massage: Massage performed by a therapist trained in pain relief helps to reduce anxiety and relax muscles, tendons, and joints.

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[01/14/21]   Royal Star Caribbean Sea Moss Gel
A Royal Beauty Secret !

Spreading Holistic Wealth Globally...
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$2500 JMD
$17 US
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Irish Sea Moss vs Caribbean Sea Moss

✅【Irish Sea Moss Is NOT A Complete Food]

Don’t be fooled into believing that the human body ONLY needs #92MINERALS

✅ You should know that there are at least over 100 more additional #nutrients known to modern #Health sciences that our bodies ELITE HEALTH functionalities depend on greatly.

✅ There are 60-70 different species of #seamoss and they are not all created equal. Some are best served for people of different religions or for different health benefits.

✅ #irishseamoss is from "IRELAND", NOT the Caribbean. Irish Sea Moss doesn't get nearly as much sun as Caribbean Sea Moss, as the Sun is the master precursor to EVERY single Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme etc; so that they perform OPTIMALLY in the body.
Neither is Irish Sea Moss as biologically conducive for Optimal benefit of ALL BLOOD TYPES, due to colder costal waters.

✅ Irish Sea Moss lacks and has fewer vital components (such as B1,B5, B6, B12, D and Fats, just to name a few) for total optimization of mitochondria signaling.

So 1 Sport Of Life has formulated a Superior Sea Moss product for you. With these formulated additions, ROYAL STAR CARIBBEAN SEA MOSS GEL, is INDEED a more Complete Food Product.

✅~ Royal Star Caribbean Sea Moss ~
is “Nutrient Complete” with NOT ONLY 102 of the reported mineral factors, but also a host of Additional infused #Vitamins , #Antioxidants , #Enzymes , #Flavonoids
and #Prebiotics such as; B1,B5, B6, B12, adequate C-complex, (with J-P and K Factors) D, E, G, K, #AloeVera , Pomegranate and FAR too many other MACRO & PHYTO - Nutrients to mention here. CLICK LINK https://www.1sportoflife.com/product-page/royal-star-caribbean-sea-moss-complex-gel

Simply put, this Superfood Gel is PURE CELLULAR REVITALIZATION!

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Check out this amazing article detailing the Research backed Functionality of the amazing mineral silver and how you can use it to aid in your fight against not only COVID 19, but hundreds of other pathogens as well.


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In Conjunction With "AMINO SURGE ELITE PERFORMANCE" Pre-Performance Formula, @official_ampedupwrestling Has Another EXCITING Family Entertaining Event For You This Saturday The 14th At 505 W Laurel St, #compton CA 90220, 7pm. $15 Entry, Bring A $10 Dollar Toy, Get In For $5... @ Compton, California


"AMINO SURGE Elite Performance" Formula!!!
Pre-Workout / Pre-Performance Energy Fueled By Amino Acids. https://www.1sportoflife.com/product-page/amino-surge-elite-performance
* Low Calorie (0 Sugar)
* More Servings (40)
* Cleaner Formulation (No Dyes, Like Red #40)
* Longer Lasting (Features Heart Healty Theobromine)
* Muscle Waste Filtration (With 2g Of Prebiotics)


We're Excited About Our New Promotional Partnership With (www.SoCalCollegeSports.com)
A Live Stream College Sports Broadcasting Network @ www.Youtube.com/SoCalCollegeSports1
That's Helping To Connect Smaller College Programs In The SoCal Region To The WORLD.
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Grab New Amino Surge Elite Performance Formula, NOW...!!!


#Family, Like #GoodHealth, Is An Essential Component Of #Life.
Take Care Of Them And Discover A Level Of Health, That Only A #Healthy #Family Can Ensure...
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Sponsored Collegiate Athlete Spotlight: @bg.da_problem
19yr old / 6'2 / 240lbs / 4:60, LB, TE / Brannen Goodman Jr. Is in his 1st yr @antelopevalleycc as a Sports Medicine - Kinesiology Major.
1`Sport Of Life ~ Elite Health & Fitness's "1Sport Elite" Performance Division, is proud to support this Christmas Lead, Intelligent and Well Mannered amazing young man in his NFL & Physical Therapy Career pursuits.
Pleases Go Follow Him, Root Him On & Keep In Your Prayers.
If you would like to offer any Media or Marketing Design services to help support this young man's Recruiting campaign, please contact us here.
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[01/10/19]   Successful Business Owner & Long Time Surfing Enthusiast, Experiences The "BEST OF THE BEST", In Performance Training Specialist Trey "Warrior" Goodman.
Read His IG Review..

1sportoflife.com 07/22/2018

Elite Health Foods and Supplements Store West LA

Vitamin A Facts:
#Food4Knowledge #1SportOfLife #FoundationsOfLife

Vitamin A is an important vitamin for healthy vision, immune system function, and cell growth. It works synergistically with a number of other vitamins and minerals, including vitamins D, K2, zinc, and magnesium, without which it CAN NOT perform its functions.

"Vitamin A" actually refers to several different but related nutrients that can be divided up into two main categories:1,2

Retinoids; (aka retinol), the bioavailable forms of vitamin A found in Animal Foods
Carotenoids; A previtamin found in Plant Foods

The ONLY type of vitamin A your body can READILY use is Retinol, (as found in animal foods like liver and eggs). When you get carotenoids (pre-vitamin A) from plant sources, your body must convert the carotenoids into bioavailable retinol.

NOTE: When fighting infections or diseases, the less CONVERSION PROCESS the body has to ex-pend energy towards, the more efficient energy your cells have to regenerate HEALTHIER CELLS.

Although considerably less than beef liver, several other animal sources provide plenty of retinoids such as eggs, cod liver oil, shrimp, fish, fortified milk, butter, cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese. For example, one large egg provides 303 international units of vitamin A.





Prescription Drugs: OUR STAND !

How many of you are aware, that although Pharmaceuticals most certainly have their place in healthcare [I.E; exhibiting High rates of success in relieving the suffering of those in acute and chronic pain] it is obvious however that we (particularly here in the US) put too much faith in drug therapy. Even the supposed founder of modern medicine, Hippocrates, has been quoted; "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food"...
Americans spend close to 200 billion each year on prescription drugs? ... and this astounding number doesn't even include over the counter medications prescribed by medical Physicians. here in the United States We are the world leader when it comes to popping Pharmaceuticals. According to research, in 1986 there were fewer than 900 prescription medications in existence, currently there are over 9,000. there is literally a drug for everything. the natural medicine Advocates Community argues that new disease labels are being created under the influence of pharmaceutical companies so that pharmaceutical Markets expand.

It is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, an eye opening report stating that; 106,000 patients die each year from adverse reactions caused by drugs administered by western medical professionals. although it has been documented that 5% of Hospital admissions are due to adverse drug reactions, many researchers believe the incidence is very much likely to be considerably higher.


Foundations Of Life ~ Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula is @ 24Hour Fitness on Slauson...


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Here's How To Get Your's:

"Follow" On IG
"Like" & Follow On (Facebook/1SportOfLife) Next, "Share" with 7 People on both IG & Facebook, using @1SportOfLife "#" your selection. I.E; #BioCleans7
Then, DM Us Your Shipping Info.

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Instagram post by Traquio Goodman • Oct 23, 2017 at 12:42am UTC

#Road2AnOlympia Not going to say when just yet, but I will step on stage eventually. #ifbb… https://t.co/TwBRohN5OK

instagram.com 0 Likes, 1 Comments - Traquio Goodman (@7godscreation) on Instagram: “#Road2AnOlympia Not going to say when just yet, but I will step on stage eventually. #ifbb…”



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#Protect Our #Queen 's !
It's What I Do Best... #bodyguard to the… https://t.co/qDfRuzU4Wz


gofundme.com/elitehealthfoo… 05/06/2017

Click here to support Save Health Food Store From Closing organized by Demond Logan

1`Sport Of Life's Elite Health Foods would like to send all contributors of $20 or grea... https://t.co/IdwNmJVEEf

gofundme.com/elitehealthfoo…                                        PLEASE HELP US:     Our Founder, Mr. Wayne Douglas, sadly passed away this year. Wayne was a world-renowned biochemist, lecturer, educator, and a former nationally ranked miler and 1500-meter runner.     Wayne had been operating the store, its consulting ser...


1 Sport of LIFE - Elite Health & LIFE Performance Services


Stop On In And Have All Of Your Nutritional Questions Answered...
~We're Here For You~

[04/22/17]   NOW OPEN!
1`Sport Of Life's, Elite Health Foods & Supplement Store @ 10738 Jefferson Blvd, Culver City, CA. 90230
(310) 559-9739

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Instagram post by Optimum Health & Performance • Mar 12, 2017 at 4:17am UTC

Aside from the growing concern, illustrated in this caption above, we must also be aware of the… https://t.co/iVaPajmL8V

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Get The BEST Multivitamin Supplement Anywhere...!!!

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Instagram post by Optimum Health & Performance • Feb 28, 2017 at 8:41am UTC

Here Is A Quick Introduction To Our Amazing New Nutritional Product
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Best Multivitamin Formula, Natural Healing & Weight Lost Coaching

12 Reasons Why You Need More Then Your Store Bought Produce, For Optimal Health.

In Concurrence With My Colleague, Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD

Sponsored by 1' SPORT OF LIFE Nutrition's, NEW...
Foundations Of LIFE, Liquid Multi`Nutrient Formula and True LIFE'ULTRA Meal (Organic Meal Replacement).

1) Most People Today Are Born Depleted And Toxic
Even if one eats the best food, and one’s health were perfect, most of us are born today with nutritional deficiencies, thanks to deficiencies in our parents. Both nutrient deficiencies, and toxic metals that require extra nutrients for their removal, are passed from mother to child through the placenta.

2) Today's Soil Is Depleted
Many soils are low in zinc, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, calcium and magnesium. This means that although one eats anexcellent diet of organic foods, one will not obtain all the nutrients oneneeds.

3) High-yield Crops Are Deficient In Many Nutrients
Ten times the amount of wheat is grown on the same land aswas grown 100 years ago. Today's wheat contains about 6% protein where as 100 years ago it contained 12-14%. Trace mineral levels are similarly much lowerdue to high-yield farming methods.

4) Modern Fertilizers Do Not Supply Enough Trace Elements
One hundred years ago, manures were used extensively forfertilizer. Today, super phosphate fertilizers have largely replaced manures.These contain mainly nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and are deficient inthe trace elements contained in manures. Super phosphates often act more as growth stimulants. This has contributed greatly to depletion of the soil andcrop minerals. This includes organically grown food, although it is much better..

5) Pesticides And Herbicides Kill Soil Microorganisms And Affect The Nutrition OfThe Crops And Your Cells
Soil microorganisms are needed to make minerals and other nutrients available to plants. The result is lower nutrient content. Also, our bodies require extra nutrients to process pesticide residues that remain inside the foods. Many pesticides are deadly chemicals that severely tax the human system. Some contain lead, arsenic and other toxic metals that slowly accumulate in the body unless and until one follows a health program designed to remove them. Our laws currently allow sewage and factory sludge to be soldas fertilizer that contains significant quantities of toxic metals. These add greatly to our toxic metal burden and require extra nutrients to help remove them from the body.

6) Long-Distance Transportation Of Many Foods Diminishes Their
Nutrition Many foods are grown thousands of miles from population centers. They may spend a week on trucks or trains to reach you. As soon as afood is harvested, the levels of certain nutrients begins to diminish. This is another factor that reduces our nutrient intake and increases the need for quality nutritional supplements such as True LIFE ULTRA Meal by 1' SPORTOF LIFE Nutrition.

7) Food Processing Can Drastically Reduce Nutrient Content
Refining of wheat to make white flour removes 80% of its magnesium, 70-80% of its zinc, 87% of its chromium, 88% of its manganese and 50% of its cobalt. Refining sugar cane to make white sugar removes 99% of its magnesium and 93% of its chromium. Polishing rice removes 75% of its zinc and chromium. Canned foods are old and can contain contaminates from such cans. Frozen foods are nutritionally better but still inferior to fresh vegetables, meats, dairy and other products.

8) Food Additives Often Further Deplete Nutrients
Thousands of artificial flavors, colors, dough conditioners, stabilizers and preservatives are added to many foods. While some are harmless and may increase the value of food, many are toxic and can deplete the body of nutrients. For example, EDTA added to some frozen vegetables to preserve the color of the vegetable does so by removing vital minerals from the vegetable soit does not “tarnish”.

9) Poor Digestion & Assimilation Due To Years Of Waste Accumulation Result In PoorNutrient Absorption And Utilization
A result of years of low-quality, processed & refined, foods with hundreds of various additives, the use harmful food prep methods like Frying, Microwaving & in some case Boiling, impairs our entire digestion efficiency. This further impairment of nutrient absorption thus increases our nutritional needs. This is why Top Nutritional Balancing Programs, include vital organ detoxification agents and digestive aids like those found in the; 1' SPORT OF LIFE Nutrition System;
Cellular Cleansing Alkaline Water
Total Body Ultra Cleanse

10) Stressful Lifestyles
They deplete many nutrients including calcium, magnesium and zinc. Zinc begins to be eliminated from the body within minutes of astress. This is why many people have white spots on their finger nails, for example. Stress causes excessive sympathetic nervous system activity, which reduces digestive strength. This, in turn, reduces nutrient absorption and utilization even further. Thus, anyone under stress will need even more nutrients than those that live a very peaceful and quite existence.

11) Nutritional Supplements For Healing Illnesses
The use of food extracts, isolates and even synthesized vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements for healing is extremely well-documented, even if it is denied by some “health authorities”. Literally millions of pages of research document the benefits of supplementary nutrient therapy for a wide range of illnesses. Much more is written on this website about these methods. Here I just want to introduce the concept of using isolated nutrients, plant extracts and other supplements for healing.

12) Supplements For Mental And Emotional Healing
Many mental, emotional problems and neurological conditions such as depression, anxiety, epilepsy and many others also respond very well to nutrient supplementation programs.


1sportoflife.com A Very infromative 1~STOP W/ The Best Multivitamin Formula, Natural Healing Info, Weight Lose, Personal Training & Sports Management. The Answeres Are Here !

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1 Sport Of Life Elite Health and Fitness provides nutritional supplements, physical training, sports training, martial arts training, and health coaching to the Los Angeles and Lancaster CA areas.

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Foundations Of Life ~ Liquid Multi-Nutrient Formula is @ 24Hour Fitness on Slauson...
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