Jubilee Riding Academy

Jubilee Riding Academy prides itself in providing a fun safe and educational environment for students of all ages to learn how to ride and care for horses.

We are currently looking for someone who wants more time in the saddle

Someone to help lunge a recovering herniated horse and ride others.
Not a paid position. May need to clean a stall here or there depending on herniated horses needs.
Must be advanced rider

Horse is very easy to lunge with voice commands and horses that need to be ridden are simple lesson horses, I just don't have time while I'm planning my wedding.
Perfect for the up and coming rider who wants more time in the saddle.

[09/11/17]   Hello everyone! I hope everyone is well and dry with no major damages from the hurricane. We do not have any significant injuries and all the animals are well.
Due to cleanup and repairs on the property I am canceling all lessons until Monday the 18th (hopefully). The horses will remain at another property until we have all fences fixed and water.
I believe this delay is the perfect time for daylight savings time rescheduling. Since we will soon have less day light, I would like to move all hour long lessons from the half hour to the hour. (Saturdays and weekdays before 2 pm will not be effected) 30 minute long lessons will be fit in open time slots. I believe this will allow more lessons to be scheduled after school. Please contact me to schedule in your weekly lesson as soon as you are available. I understand everyone is a little frazzled so let me know if you are having difficulties.
Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon!

[09/08/17]   Lessons and mock show are cancelled due to evacuation to move horses to a safer property.

[07/27/17]   Camp is over and all of our campers had a great time. Parents, don't worry, pictures will be available soon!!!

[06/14/17]   We are pleased to say that all summer camps are completely full! We are excited to enjoy a fun horse summer! Stay tuned for pictures!

Tara working on wide oxers! We got all the the way to 3.5 ft wide! Good job Tara!!!

Summer Camp calls are coming in! Spots for sessions 2 and 4 are already limited. Advanced sleep away camp only has one horse-provided spot available. Call us today and send a deposit asap to reserve a camp session!

Calls are FLOODING in! Call NOW if you are interested in summer camp! Spots are expected to fill very quickly, call Morgan at 813 777 4179 and reserve a slot!

One of our students Paige and her favorite horse Gigi. They're moving up, working on bending lines and larger jumps. 2'3 - 2'6!

[03/06/17]   Jubilee Riding Academy is looking for a working student to help ride and exercise horses for summer camp. We are looking for an advanced jumping rider that will be open to working and training horses in a particular manner to best prepare them for our summer camp children and lesson program. You will get to ride two to three horses a day. We are looking for someone who can come out three to five times a week or more than one person to come out part-time. Riders should be able to complete occasional barn chores such as grooming, barn prep, trough cleaning, ect. Chores will be relatively rare. This position is NOT a paid position but if you prove to be a hard and effective worker we will be looking for someone to do barn chores during summer camp and this position will either be paid or exchanged for lessons.
If you are interested or have any questions you can PM us or text Morgan Fuchs at (813) 777-4179.
We are located in DADE CITY, just a few minutes from San Antonio. A few minutes from I75- SR 52 intersection.


This year we have added Advanced Camps and Young Children's Camps to the schedule! Please Read Below to find out more!

Regular and Advanced Camps:
$75 a day or $350 weekly.
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
$5 early drop off or $5 late pick up
Lunch will be provided on Fridays, drinks and snacks will be provided every day. Each Session will have a pre-assigned curriculum; these curriculums will be described below each week.
Advanced Camps: Students must be 8 years or older and must be jumping at least 2 ft jumps. Schedule will be provided upon drop-off.

Young Kids Camps:
$100 each session
9:00 am to 12:00.
Lunch and any drinks or refreshments will be included.
Sessions will have 1 hour of riding, 30-minute lunch and an hour of games and fun activities. During riding campers will learn basic riding skills and fun arena games such as; sponge-in-the-bucket, ring-grab, egg game, dollar game or other fun activities.
“Art” session’s activities will be decorating horseshoes and painting horses.
“Water” session’s activities will be slip ‘n slide, water sprinklers, and painting horses.

June Camps
- Advanced Camp I - June 1st-2nd (R-F) (9am-4pm)

- Session I: Intro to Horses - June 5th-9th (M-F) (9am-4pm)
Curriculum: Parts of the Horse, Parts of the Saddle and cleaning, Parts of the Hoof, Common Horse Colors and markings

- Young Kids Camp I: Art Session - June 10th-11th (S-S) (9-12pm)

- Session II: Intro to Equine Sciences (Veterinary Concentration)
June 12th-16th (M-F) (9am-4pm)
Curriculum: Bones in the Horse, Body Weight, food & H2O, Basic Health, Basic Conformation

- Session III: Intro to Equine Sciences ( Horsemanship Concentration)
June 21st-25th (W-Sun) (9am-4pm)
Curriculum: Common Breeds, Bones in the Horse, Common Bits and Parts, Riding Protection

- Young Kids Camp II: “Water” - June 28th-29th (W-R) (9am-12pm)

July Camps
- Session IV: Equine Sciences: Veterinary Practice
July 10th- 14th (M-F) (9am-4pm)
Curriculum: Diseases, Digestive System, Nutrient Requirements, Wound Care

- Session V: Equine Sciences: Horsemanship Practice
July 17th-21st (M-F) (9am-4pm)
Curriculum: Buying a Horse, Boarding Facility, Riding Equipment and cleaning, Caring for the "sick" horse

- Advanced Sleep Away Camp - July 25th-27th (T-R)
Advanced Sleep Away Camp is $270 for the Session. All food and drink will be supplied. Campers will need sleeping bags, their own helmets, riding clothes for each day, bathing suits, boots, extra clothes and any toiletries necessary. Schedule and itinerary will be provided to both parents and campers during drop-off.

HORSE Birthday parties and other celebrations! We would love to host your special event. Have a day on the farm or have a themed birthday party like unicorns, cowboys, Indians and much more are all possible. Different Packages are available to help you give your child the perfect day! Horse decorating and Riding as well as cake time and one fun activity will be included in every package. You can upgrade your package to include; more than one additional activity, an additional pony, or longer party time. Additional activities at Jubilee Riding Academy include; pool time, zip-line time, or fun arena games. Packages can also include decorations, cake, and supplies or you can choose to provide your own. We can do all the work so you can relax or we can just be the venue, it is up to you!

Located in Dade City, a few minutes from I 75
Call or text Morgan at (813) 777-4179

[02/16/17]   Summer is approaching quickly! Our Camp Schedule will be out soon so keep your eyes open and be prepared to sign up before spots are filled!

Young children's camps for ages 5 years to 7 years will be available for the first time this year!

Advanced camp for anyone jumping over 2ft will also be available!

Spots filled up incredibly fast last year so make sure you sign your child up so they don't miss this opportunity!

Jubilee Riding Academy

Paige learning to ride Pi while Gigi takes a break. She's learning to really like him!

A few of our lessoners have really taken to each other and now are besties. Let your child come join in on the fun and be a part of our very own Saddle Club!

Does your child want a PONY for Christmas? Give them the next best thing! We are excited to start our Christmas Special Lesson Package! This special offer is for a limited time only until December 23rd. Pay upfront for 4 lesson and get 2 for free! You will receive an adorable Gift Card to put on your tree or in your child’s stocking. Call Morgan at (813) 777-4179 as quickly as possible because these packages are limited! Don’t forget to ask about Holiday camps!


commission me.

deloiseinamerica.com What is exactly in a commission? Your child wants a horse. You have been taking your child for lessons from a trainer down the street. That trainer has been teaching your child amazing things. Your…

Jubilee Riding Academy is happy to announce that spots for Christmas camp are now available for reservation! Camp is two days, December 28th and 29th from 9am to 4pm and $60 a day. Festive elves can come dressed up, a few of our advanced riders will be dressed as elves and will be dressing up their horses. Don’t let your child miss out on the holiday cheer! Spots are VERY limited because of the holidays so call Morgan at (813) 777-4179 as soon as possible to reserve a spot for your child! Children must be 8 years or older to participate.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are most thankful for our wonderful students and horses!
One of our wonderful students sent us this today! Adorable things like this remind us why we do what we do. We love our students so much and we are wishing them and everyone else a Happy Thanksgiving! ❤🐎🦃🍂🍁🌾🍗🍷🍾🏇


Jubilee Riding Academy is now opening up
Thanksgiving Camp Sessions for reservation! Camp is limited to children ages 8 and older but no prior horse experience is necessary!
Two Sessions are available:
-November 19th-21st (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) $150 for the weekend or $50 a day
-November 26th-27th (Saturday and Sunday) $100 for the weekend or $50 a day
Camp will be from 9am to 4pm, campers will have two riding sessions, time on the zip-line, an educational hour and fun activity! Spots are limited so call Morgan at (813) 777-4179 to sign up

We are expecially proud of Paige and Emma! Both of you are doing amazing and are really developing as riders!

Some pictures from lessons today. Good job to every one! Each student put in 100% and they are all progressing. We are so impressed!

Jubilee Riding Academy

Jubilee Riding Academy is now opening up new lesson times on the weekends! Our trainers design lesson programs individualized for each student! Lessons for ages 5 to 7 year old are $20 for 30 minutes. Lessons for ages 8 and older are only $30 for an hour and includes learning how to tack and care for the horses. Lesson packages are available. Our most popular package is the 5 for 4 package, an upfront payment for four lessons ($120) and get one for free! We are also proud to announce that we will be starting unmounted equine care and educational classes.

More Exciting News,
Thanksgiving Camp Sessions are now available for reservation! Camp is limited to children ages 8 and older but no prior horse experience is necessary!

Two Sessions are available:
-November 19th-21st (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) $150 for the weekend or $50 a day
-November 26th-27th (Saturday and Sunday) $100 for the weekend or $50 a day

Camp will be from 9am to 5pm, campers will have two riding sessions, time on the zip-line, an educational hour and fun activity! Spots are limited so call Morgan at (813) 777-4179 to sign up or Find our page at

Jubilee Riding Academy prides itself in providing a fun safe and educational environment for students of all ages to learn how to ride and care for horses.

Halloween Camp 2016! Featuring Emma M, Emma N, Olivia and Paige! The girls did an AMAZING job on their costumes; Emma M. and Remix were indians, Emma N. and Pi Were Batman and Robin, Olivia and Red were Dorothy and the Scarecrow, and Paige and Gigi were Pumpkins. Great Job girls! We can't wait to see you all in Halloween camp next year!!

Halloween Camp was a BLAST, pictures will be up soon!


Two Sessions are available:

November 19th-21st (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) $150 for the weekend or $50 a day

November 26th-27th (Saturday and Sunday) $100 for the weekend or $50 a day

Camp will be from 9am to 5pm, campers will have two riding sessions, time on the zip-line, an educational hour and fun activity! Spots are limited so call Morgan at (813) 777-4179 to sign up!

Summer Camp Summary! As you can see we had many repeat offenders who wanted to attend a second week of camp. Many campers are now taking lessons too! We are so glad our kids had such an enjoyable time they are planning or are currently on coming back!
We are going to set up a HALLOWEEN CAMP! We are only having one and some spots are already full! Call NOW if you are interested for more information!

Let's take a minute to pray and thank Good for cold water troughs

Jubilee Riding Academy

Sign up today while spots are still available! New Camp is ALREADY almost full!

Call us and put down a deposit ASAP and let your child join the fun!

The campers got the baby kittens and started to show each other pictures of their pets at home! Love for ALL animals here! :)

Two of the girls picked on their favorite camp counselor, poor Julia got a cupcake to the face!

Call us and put down a deposit ASAP and let your child join the fun!

[07/02/16]   On the last day one of our campers and their mother spoke with us about attending a second session this year! They couldn't attend the original date because they believed they were going to another horse camp. This little camper said that she didn't WANT to go to the other camp! Ours was Better!
Guess who's coming for a second week!
We are SO very pleased that we can provide a quality camp that the kids adore so much, 3 of our campers this week are returning for a second session!

There is a new special because the demand has encouraged us to open up TWO more weeks of summer camp! There is a $15 discount for attending a second session!
July 25th-29th (already almost full) and August 1st-5th
Call while space is still available, remember that space is already limited! Let your child have this experience too! ALL of our campers are asking us to save spots for them next year!

Camp session two was amazing! We just loved these kids! We were over booked and weather wasn't agreeing with us but the kids still had fun! One of the kids even said we were better than the other camp they attend! Can't wait to see these kids again because some of them even signed up for our new session. July 25th-29th. Pool, zip line, fun Friday, trails, jump grids, the money game, bareback! The fun doesn't end! !

[06/19/16]   Happy Father's Day to those dads out there! Don't forget to say thank you for those horseback riding lessons!

[06/08/16]   Camp is almost full! Call us to reserve your spot! The first week only has one spot left!

Horseback Riding Lessons!
Good Grade Discount!
Two hour long lessons at $25 with Good Grade Discount!
One hour long lesson at $25 with Grade Improvement Discount!

Here at Jubilee Riding Academy we believe school and good grades are very important! We are proud to say that we will be giving a “Good Grades” and a “Grade Improvement” Lesson discount! Bring in your child’s straight “A”s (or equivalent) report card and receive $5 off of TWO lessons! Bring in a previous report card and a new report card that shows grade improvement and receive $5 off one lesson! We want our students to take pride in good grades and strive to improve grades that could be better. Call us today to take advantage of this discount!

Normally one hour lessons are $30, save $10 on two lessons with straight A's and save $5 on one lesson for grade improvement

Tara's first verticals! She's learning so quickly! Red is the best little lesson pony. They both are so impressive!

Jumping Fox Farm is proud to announce Jubilee Riding Academy's Summer Camp Schedule!
Summer Camp is $295 Weekly or $70 Daily
Sign up before:
May 14th and get a $50 weekly Discount (or $10 Daily Discount)
May 28th and get a $25 Weekly Discount (or $5 Daily Discount)
*Early Registration require 50% Deposit
Jubilee Riding Academy prides in providing exceptional care to horses and riders, 8 years old and up, from beginner to Advanced. Walk, Trot, Canter, and Jumping! In this English-based summer camp your child will be placed on a safe and fun horse suited to their riding ability. Professional trainer Jan Uiterwyk will train intermediate through advanced students.
Camp is from 8am to 5 pm. Early drop off and late pick up options available! Supervised sleep-over option is also available for an additional fee (Breakfast/lunch/dinner provided for sleep-away option.)
Camp is riding and learning based! Campers will get TWO riding sessions each 2 hours long. POOL time will be available and on some days ZIP-LINE will be an alternative to pool time. One hour a day will be dedicated to learning fun and educational information about horses like Breed, Conformation, Color, Tack, and More!
FUN FRIDAY! Will include fun RIDING games including Relay Races, Bareback Riding, Team Jumping and more!
Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day, Lunch included on Fun Friday!
June 13th - June 17th (Mon-Fri)
June 27th - July 1st (Mon-Fri)
July 8th - July 12th (Fri-Tues)
July 18th - July 22nd (Mon-Fri)
August 8th - August 12th (Mon-Fri)
Call Morgan at (813) 777-4179

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