Kids Fight Club

Raising awareness of this childkiller that is Childhood Cancer

We have launched this site in honor of our grandson Preston who died from Rhabdomyosarcoma and was Autistic. Our intention is to raise awareness of both childhood cancer and autism in hopes that more will be done to research and find cures. We are also here to support child cancer & autism victims and their families, as well as various organizations that support those families.

Mission: We are here to support child cancer & autism victims and their families, as well as various organizations that support those families.

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Kids Fight Club

Kids Fight Club's cover photo

Chicago Cubs' Anthony Rizzo helps raise more than $1M for children's cancer research Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo and his foundation held the 8th annual Walk-Off for Cancer in his home state of Florida Sunday.

Trump signs $1.8 billion autism funding bill

Good news President Donald Trump signed the Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support Act into law Monday.

Cash Settlements Available For People Affected By Roundup Time is Limited - Act Now

The U.S. Is Running Out Of A Critical Childhood Cancer Drug And There Is No Suitable Replacement. Supplies of vincristine, a crucial drug in the treatment of several childhood cancers, are running critically low after one of the two manufacturers of the drug ceased production in July.

Stella Swift, Leukemia Warrior - Help Stella record with Taylor Swift

Stella just started her Junior year of High School! She’s expecting to be there all day for a full schedule of classes. Of course she’s nervous she won’t have enough energy for being there the whole time but I think she can do it if she makes up her mind to, because when she makes up her mind about something NOTHING will stop her! ❤️ Now for me to run some errands and start picking up things neglected over the summer.

Pediatric cancer providers give medical marijuana a cautious thumbs-up New research by Yale Cancer Center (YCC) researchers shows a majority of pediatric cancer providers endorse the potential use of medical marijuana for children with advanced cancer, although providers who are legally eligible to certify its use are more cautious than those who aren’t. The findings...

Dick Vitale

“We need your help! Join us in supporting the legacy of Tyler Trent and have your donation matched until my gala on May 10!


Childhood Cancer Awareness

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Linked With Liam

It’s May, which means it is brain cancer awareness month! Please, learn the signs of brain tumors in children, wear grey to support the cause, and donate for a research to find a cure!

Tell Your Congressional Representative: Join the Cannabis Caucus - NORML - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws With public support for reforming marijuana laws at an all time high, key Congressional allies have formed the first-ever Congressional Cannabis Caucus to develop and promote sensible cannabis policy reform and work to ease the tension between federal and state cannabis laws.

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Brain Tumor & Cancer Awareness

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Prayers for Elijah

The Pop Warner Odell Eagles Football and Cheer Organization will be hosting The Elijah Bowl on November 17th. There will be 4 games at Cox Mill Elementary School.

During the games we will host a vendor fair, sell concessions, and have bounce houses for children.
If you are interested in setting up a table during the vendor fair you can contact Amanda Manforte at [email protected]. We are requesting a $50 donation to the Prayers for Elijah Foundation from our vendors.

We are very excited about The Elijah Bowl and wanted to share some photos from our last Bowl game which was held two years ago!

Prayers for Elijah

Rhabdomyosarcoma-Taylor's Hope

Some people say social media is fake. That people post the “highlight reel” of their life. You did not get that from me in recent weeks for Childhood Cancer Awareness month. For the first time, this cancer mom was transparent and often times my posts were raw. Even so, it was only a small glimpse into our world. If you read my posts, I hope that what you came away with these 3 things. 1...That so many more kids have cancer now than ever before and we need to do more about it. Donate to pediatric cancer research. It is horribly underfunded. 2...These kids truly suffer physically and emotionally. It is hard on their family as well. If you know a child with cancer, reach out to their family and bring a meal, attend a fundraiser, send them a note of encouragement...pray for them. 3...Lastly and most importantly, and I cannot emphasize this enough...we need the Lord in this life! For 15 years I have watched countless families touched by childhood cancer, many who lost their children, and the difference between those who know Jesus as their Savior verses those who don’t is enormous! I’ve heard some say, “Well that’s great if you believe in something that you think will help you through that.” Like it’s psychological. I can tell you first’s supernatural! Countless others can tell you the same. And there is no religion that can do that...only Jesus! We are ALL going to die someday. It’s as if we are all in a burning building, destined to die a horrible death, and some of us know the way out while the rest do not. Everyday of our lives we are in that burning building and the danger is REAL! My prayer is that through my posts you now know the way is Jesus. He died in your place, paid for your sins, and set you FREE! We don’t have to earn our way into heaven. We just have to love Jesus and believe He is our Savior. He came to save us from eternal fire and give us comfort and strength as we navigate through life’s flames.
“ I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 ♥️

After Two Bone Marrow Transplants This Young Hero Will Make Your Day Always, ALWAYS be grateful for what you have right now. It's OKAY to want more, but it's a blessing alone to be alive on this beautiful word.

Children's Cancer Cause

Stop by and say hello if you're at CureFest today! Children's Cause is proud to be a bronze sponsor of this annual event on the National Mall. #CCAM #CureFest2018 #GOLDSTRONG

Rhabdomyosarcoma-Taylor's Hope

There was one thing more difficult than hearing the words your son has cancer. It was 2 days later on my knees on my laundry room floor saying, “God...he is yours, not mine. If it’s your choice to take him home I will understand...but I’m going to need your strength.” I remember it taking forever to get the words out. I member it being hard to breathe between each word as I spoke. ARMS is an aggressive cancer with a very high reoccurrence rate. I’ll be honest, I planned Taylor's funeral. At the time this picture was taken, I already knew what outfit he was going to wear. What songs were going to be sung. And that his favorite blue blanket would be placed next to him in his little coffin. No mother should have to do that. No mother should have to bury their child like so many who I’ve been blessed to meet along this journey. But it does happen. Why? Because we live in a fallen world. Because the only thing perfect is the One who came to save us from eternal suffering when He died on the cross. It doesn’t mean we won’t suffer while we are here, but it means that the terrible things we experience here cannot compare to the joy believers in Jesus will experience in heaven when our time on this earth is done. He will dry our every tear and the pain will be no more. My’s in more than a cure for cancer. The cure for eternal suffering is Jesus. It’s my hope that others will find it also. I have quoted this before, “For the believer, this life is as close to hell as we will ever experience. For those who don’t trust Christ as their Savior, this life is as close to heaven as you will ever experience.” Please don’t let this be your heaven! He loves you more than anyone ever will and He died in your place so you can enter heaven when you die...nobody is good enough...that is why we need a Savior. Being here can be scary, sorrowful, and exhausting. There is so much more than this life! I’m so glad. ♥️

Joy for Jade

A Princess With a Purpose ~ fundraising, leukemia fighting little princess

Well this is pretty awesome!

Forever Fierce Foundation

Last weekend we were honored to go to New York and present a check to Children's Hospital at Montefiore, for childhood cancer research.
David Loeb MD, PhD who is now the chief of the division of pediatric hematology, oncology, marrow and blood cell transplantation at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, previously practiced at Johns Hopkins Hospital, in Baltimore.
Three of his former Johns Hopkins Sarcoma patients, Team Ella, Issac Anderson, and Prayers For Claire together raised $10,000 to be given as a grant for Sarcoma research.
Claire, along with her brothers Cohen & Cooper, were excited to visit Dr. Loeb's (affectionately known to them as "Loeb Dogg") lab, and even see Ewing's cells under a microscope. While David Loeb is no longer officially Claire's doctor, we are honored to call him our friend. We are so thankful that Claire has been given this opportunity to "fight back" against the cancer that tried to take her life.
So many people (like us previously) are unaware of the vastly small amount of funding that is given to those seeking better, safer treatments for childhood cancer. Doctor's who run labs like these have to spend absurd amounts of time applying for grants to fund their research. Foundation's like ours that rally support from the community are critical in the advancement of childhood cancer research.
We are so thankful to Ella, Issac, Claire, and everyone who donated to their fundraisers. You are helping these kids to fight back, not for themselves, but for children diagnosed with the same disease in the future.

Prayers for Elijah

We are nearing the end of the week. Friday Pizza night!!!! Football Saturday is always Pizza day!!!!! Papa Murphy's has your back!!!Great Pizza great Cause!! #childhoodcancerawarenessmonth #prayers4elijah #papamurphys

September 2-8, Papa Murphy's will give the Prayers For Elijah Foundation 20% of all online purchases that use the promo code ELIJAH when placing your order.

Kids Fight Club

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For Nearly Half Of All Cannabis Consumers, It’s Not About Getting High As cannabis legalization spreads across the nation, noticeable trends are quickly developing.

Prayers for Elijah

Joy for Jade

Rhabdomyosarcoma-Taylor's Hope

🎗”Who am I, that the voice that calmed the sea, would call out through the rain, and calm the storm in me.”🎗
The Lord strengthens us in our deepest valleys. He never leaves us.♥️

Kids Fight Club's cover photo

Kids Fight Club

The Truth About Cancer

BREAKING NEWS: A California jury has found Monsanto guilty of failing to warn consumers of its cancer-causing pesticides.

Read the full article for more information. 👇

The Truth About Cancer

Prayers For Claire

The mind is a powerful thing. I come to this hospital nearly every Friday. I hear these sounds, I walk these halls...and it’s no problem.
Every six months I come for a different reason. Today I’m not here as a volunteer with our foundation. I’m here with my baby for her twice yearly scans and check up.
These times everything is different. Today these sounds and halls take me back to the hardest year of my life. I fight back tears at every corner. Seeing her in the CT machine. Standing in the room where I was told my four year old had cancer. Seeing her cry getting an IV. Walking the same halls I walked endlessly in circles one night while she was sleeping, praying over and over that the lump we found on her back wasn’t a relapse. Seeing the room where I heaved heavy tears of joy when told it wasn’t.
These memories will never fade. These check ups will never get easier.
I try to remind myself, this is a blessing. A reminder that where we have been is SO FAR from where we are now. A reminder to never forget to be joyful on what may feel like bad days, because in the grand scheme, I haven’t had a bad day in over 3 years. Every day that I have three healthy children, is a good day.
A GREAT day.
So today I pray again that this little powerhouse gets to continue to live a life outside of this hospital. That this place remains the place that once saved her, that she comes to by choice on Fridays, not out of necessity.
That she grows up to tell her story. A story that says while she’s been through hard things, she’s lived one amazing life.

#curechildhoodcancer #ewingssarcomasurvivor #foreverfierce #johnshopkins #blessed

For Nearly Half Of All Cannabis Consumers, It’s Not About Getting High As cannabis legalization spreads across the nation, noticeable trends are quickly developing.

That's Love (Sounds from Home)

Johnny Shelton, my son, just released this song across multiple streaming platforms and music purchasing outlets. From "America's Got Talent" here is a full studio version of "That's Love" and it's only 99 cents. Show him some "LOVE" and purchase one today! That's Love (Sounds from Home)

Prayers for Ellie Walton

I’m so proud of this community. Standing up and fighting for kids like Ellie and Preston. I’m in awe of the mountains we can move together. I’m grateful and blessed. Team Ellie raised $3,048.11 all for Preston and his sweet daddy! You all should be proud. God bless you all!

FDA approves first cannabis-based drug The FDA approved a cannabis-based drug for the first time, the agency said Monday. Epidiolex is approved for the treatment of two forms of epilepsy.

Team Brantly

Brantly is in PICU, finally settled down.
Things didn't go quite as planned- the cyst filled with fluid in his left ventricle has attached itself to the wall of his brain which made it very difficult to do the procedure to let the fluid out of it.
The surgeon was able to make a few holes in the cyst to get it to start draining but when making the holes in the membrane that separates the ventricles, he wasn't able to visualize the shunt catheter as he was hoping. Brantly also had some bleeding in his brain while in surgery...

He is stable. He is in PICU. He has an external ventricular drain in his head to monitor the pressure in his brain and to monitor for bleeding. If there is bleeding, they will be able to irrigate the fluid to keep it clear. If his pressures stay good and no more bleeding, they will remove the drain after a couple days. If he has high pressures still, they will have to address it in a different fashion.

I will update if anything changes this evening. Otherwise, I will be right by his side, holding his hand!

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Marijuana compound removes toxic Alzheimer's protein from the brain.



On the same day that Melania launched "Be Best," Trump calls for $7 billion in cuts to children's health care.

Jackson and Riley Cate's Journey

Good morning. Riley has a restless night. She is, overall, trending upward. They are attempting to wean her off high flow and onto regular oxygen. She is satting around 90. We received some very unexpected news yesterday afternoon. Her echo shows 3 small holes in her heart. I don’t have any other information right now. Jacksons cardiologist is coming to see her today and I will know more then. Thank you for praying for her. Jackson and Elijah are missing their mommy while I am here with Riley Cate. Please keep the boys in prayer too. Blessings, Kim, Jackson and Riley.

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